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Rising to the Top of the Credit Repair Industry With No Prior Experience - Ashley Massengill

By: Daniel Rosen March 03, 2020

Are you still worried about starting a credit repair business because you don’t have the “required” education or experience? Well, for this week’s episode, I invited a guest that’s going to help us set the record straight once and for all.

So let’s hear it for this week’s Credit Hero - Ashley Massengill!

Just a few years ago, Ashley was working a regular 9 to 5 job at the post office. She was having trouble buying a house because her credit score was too low so she decided to do something about it. And after sharing her success on Facebook, hundreds of people stormed her chat, asking for advice. 

Ashley saw an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a business owner by helping others and changing lives in the process. Today, she is a proud member of our Credit Repair Cloud “Millionaires Club” and she is using her story to inspire others to go after their goals.

Her success has also led her into the fields of mentorship, coaching, and philanthropy. Last year, she even published her first book! It’s called First Class Credit: Don't Leave Your Credit On Standby and you can click here if you want to check it out!

Tune into this week’s exciting new episode of the Credit Repair Business Secrets Podcast and hear all about Ashley’s amazing journey to the top!


Overcoming a Series of Low Points to Reach Her Success 


Ashley’s journey is all the more inspiring when you consider where she started. During our conversation, she openly shared about her struggles before jumping into the world of credit repair.

For instance, a long time ago, when she was just 19 years old, Ashley was taken into custody for selling drugs. Thankfully, she was able to expunge those charges from her record so that she could have a clean slate and never be bogged down by her past again.

Back in 2013 when Ashley got evicted from her apartment while she was at work. She came back home to find all of her belongings out on the sidewalk. These types of situations in life can make or break a person and Ashley has had to go through more than her fair share.

One of the reasons why people are drawn to Ashley’s story is because she was able to rise above anything that tried to drag her down. Struggling with depression, domestic violence... She was molded by these adversities but didn’t let them define her. 

Ashley picked herself up to overcome everything life threw her way. She worked hard and created a life she’d always dreamt of. Now, she tells her story of hardship to inspire others who are finding themselves going through similarly tough times.

“Your past doesn’t define you unless you allow it to.” - Ashley Massengill


Jump-Starting Her Credit Repair Business by Harnessing the Power of Social Media


Like so many of our success stories, Ashley first got into credit repair because she was trying to fix her own credit issues. And in just 6 months, she was able to improve her credit score from 499 to 721! When she shared her story on Facebook, she realized she was not alone. Hundreds of people were contacting her to get advice on how to repair their own credit scores. 

Ashley Facebook Post

Ashley was able to quickly figure out the benefits of using social media for her business and it’s still her number one marketing method for getting new clients. It’s how she was able to make a whopping $10,000 in the first month of running her business! This method had worked so well for her that she never even considered paying for ads. That’s incredible!

She believes her social media success has a lot to do with storytelling. Even when she was just starting out, Ashley was able to tailor her clients’ stories in a way that speaks irresistibly to a particular segment of her audience.

But one of the main reasons why people are drawn to Ashley is because of how open she is about sharing her journey. She is effortlessly genuine and transparent when speaking to her audience. On her Facebook page, you can clearly see just how much she loves what she’s doing and how much she enjoys changing people’s lives. That’s a message that simply can’t be told through paid advertising.


Changing Lives Beyond Credit Repair


Ashley first got hooked on changing people’s lives through credit repair and today, she aims to do so in other ways as well. Whether it’s through mentorships or philanthropy, she’s made it her mission to reach out to as many people as she can and help them create a life they’re dreaming of. That’s why I jumped on an opportunity to invite Ashley to speak at Credit Repair Expo 2020, which will be held in Dallas, Texas, this May.

Her number one tip for all the entrepreneurs out there is to seek out guidance and mentorship. She recalls being so frightened and lost when she was just starting out because she never had any entrepreneurship experience. Knowing what she knows now, she feels like having someone to guide her through the process would have been particularly useful.

However, if you caught our last week’s episode, you know that there are a lot of scammers out there who are looking to make a quick buck by offering bogus advice. That is why Ashley points out that you have to go out of your way to find someone who is reputable and trustworthy.

“I always wonder how much further I would probably be if I had started out with help.” - Ashley Massengill

Ashley is not alone in this. Lots of people feel like they could really use some guidance and hand-holding, especially in the early stages of their credit repair business. 

That is the main reason why I’ve recently teamed up with Corey Gray to create the Credit Hero Challenge! It is a 14-day challenge that guides you step-by-step on how to launch your very own credit repair business.

Learn more about the Credit Hero Challenge here! If you don't catch it in time, be sure to put your name on the wait list. 


Until next week - Keep changing lives!


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Daniel Rosen (00:00):

Ashley Massengill was working at the post office when she started her credit repair business and she grew it to $1 million in just 18 months. And today, she's going to share all of her secrets on how she launched and grew that business to $1 million by just posting on social media. And you know what? She didn't even have a big following and she's going to share all those secrets with us today.


Daniel Rosen (00:27):

So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans, without spending a fortune, by bootstrapping it from nothing so we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets.


Daniel Rosen (00:56):

I am so excited you guys, our guest today, she is so amazing and so inspiring. Get this. Just a few years ago, she was working at the post office,.The post office! And she had a credit issue and she started working on her credit and started posting pictures of her success on Facebook and posting pictures of her scores as they went up and suddenly all the people in her Facebook feed wanted help with their credit and it went all crazy and viral and so many people wanting help that she launched a credit repair business. And in less than 18 months she had made over $1 million in her Credit Repair Cloud. And so she made it into our Millionaires Club. And now she's here with us today to tell us how this all went down and what the secret steps were to get there and how you can model her success and turn it into your success. She's incredibly inspiring and I'm so glad she's here. Welcome to the podcast, Ashley Massengill. Welcome!


Ashley Massengill (02:02):

Thank you so much for having me, Daniel!


Daniel Rosen (02:05):

I'm so excited you're here! I've been excited about this all week.


Ashley Massengill (02:08):

I was super excited also, ready to rock and roll!


Daniel Rosen (02:11):

Let's rock and roll. So let's dive right in. I want to know what was your life really like before credit repair. Paint a picture, tell us what you were going through.


Ashley Massengill (02:23):

So at the time I was in my two bedroom apartment. I was working at the post office. I liked the post office, but it wasn't what I really wanted to do. I didn't know what I really wanted to do. I just knew that that wasn't the permanent place for me to be. I wanted to be a business owner, I've always wanted to start a business. I just didn't know how. So I always call my credit repair company, my mistake business, my accident business, because it literally started as not an accident, but with me posting my results online and people seeing my credit score go from 499 to 721 in six months. And everyone just like went crazy asking for help with their credit. And so I ended up turning it into a credit repair company. I had no idea where to start.


Ashley Massengill (03:11):

I remember being at the post office just Googling different things like about how to start a credit repair company. And then I was like, you know what, let me just type in how to start a credit repair company verbatim. And then Credit Repair Cloud popped up. Yeah. And it was like everything that I was looking for a one by one Credit Repair Cloud had it all in the one software. And so I was super excited about that and I'm like, this has to be a sign that this is what I'm supposed to be doing because this is, it's too easy. Everything I was looking for, it was like all in one software. So I made the announcement on Facebook that I'm going to start a credit repair company and my first 30 days of launching a credit repair company, I made almost $10,000 in my first 30 days. Wow. So I quit my job at the post office. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy. I thought I had lost my mind. I thought I had lost my mind, but I still quit my job anyway. And I've been just going from there with the credit repair company. It's just been going up and up and up ever since the first month that I launched it.


Daniel Rosen (04:13):

Ashley, can you tell us about some of the low times you've had in your life?


Ashley Massengill (04:19):

I've had a few hello times in my life. One of them was when I was evicted from my apartment and this was in 2013 I was evicted while I was at work, so I actually had to leave my job to go back home and all of my furniture was like outside. All of my furniture, all of my belongings, um, was just outside on the lawn and I had to put it into a storage with very little notice that it was going to happen that day.


Daniel Rosen (04:52):

Wow. I can't imagine that getting home and seeing everything out there on the sidewalk, how did that feel?


Ashley Massengill (04:58):

It was pretty humiliating in a neighborhood where you grew up. So you know a lot of people, you know everybody. And to come home, it's like 1:00 PM and everything is like just sitting outside for people to just take your things or to just know what you're going through, period.


Daniel Rosen (05:18):

I can't imagine it.


Ashley Massengill (05:20):

Um, I've also had instances where I'm, I talked about that with my credit, with me having my cars repossessed, which I had to get removed from my credit report. Just me being in between jobs, not being able to keep a steady job, not being able to pay my car payments. So of course cars got repossessed and that was another thing that I had to get taken off of my credit report. Oh, I guess another really low point of my life. I don't know how I forgot that one. Um, which draws a lot of people to my page is people knew no one that I had a criminal record. So when I started my business, my record had been clean for about a year and a half at that. But years back I sold drugs when I was 19, so I had a criminal record. Um, because of that, and I know a lot of people who have criminal records or had them, if they, we're able to get them expunged, really look up to my story when I talk about how I did sell drugs at one point in my life and I had a criminal record for that and I had to go through the process years later, I'm almost seven years later to get those things expunged off of my criminal record so that I could have a clean slate and move on with life and not have to constantly have that over my shoulder in my past.


Daniel Rosen (06:35):

Wow. But it really goes to show, no matter how far down you are in life, you can climb back up and it's possible. And if you can do it, they can do it.


Ashley Massengill (06:45):

Yes. I've had so many people, even in the credit industry who've been able to tell me they relate to the stories about me being evicted from my apartment and me having my cars repossessed, um, me having to get my record expunged because I had a criminal record. Even. I talk about my depression when I had an attempted suicide years ago and I was in the hospital for that. Um, I've had so many people reach out to me. Um, earlier today I actually made a post talk on about my domestic violence situation where I was engaged to someone who tried to kill me and I had P had to get arrested. And so I've had so many women also reach out to me to tell me how that story inspired them because it helped them get out of an abusive situation. So me just talking about, you know, my evictions and cars being repossessed when I reached my low point with depression and you know, with the suicidal attempts and domestic violence, just everything that I've been through and I still ended up here, you know, I still ended up being successful. I still ended up mentoring and coaching other people. I still ended up being in a position to actually show people and not just tell them that your past doesn't define you unless you allow it to.


Daniel Rosen (07:58):

I love that. I can't imagine what it was like working in the post office. I've never had a nine to five job, but that must've been really rigid. [inaudible]


Ashley Massengill (08:08):



Daniel Rosen (08:09):

and what was the credit issue you had at the time?


Ashley Massengill (08:12):

Um, well, credit issues. I like to joke and say I was born with bad credit, so I had like 46 credit issues, my credit. And so I was looking to buy a home and I couldn't do that because of the situation that my credit was in. So I had to start repairing my credit and then I had to also learn about credit building. So that's what led me to even thinking about credit repair was because I knew I wanted to buy a home. And uh, my real to say you have to clean that up working at the post office was, I mean it's like any other nine to five job where you have a manager, you have a supervisor. I've never liked people telling me what to do. And my friends laugh and you know, they joke all the time say that's the real reason you quit.


Ashley Massengill (08:56):

You don't want anybody telling you what to do. But when I talk to other entrepreneurs, I'm like in the credit industry, on any industry, that's one of the perks of being a business owner, an entrepreneur. You get to clock in when you want to clock in, you get to work when you want to wear it, go vacation when you want a vacation. And that was one of the things that really drew me into being an entrepreneur is just being able to do what I want when I wanted to do it. And then also been able to, what I loved with Credit Repair Cloud was able to like streamline everything, like everything, like the automated process of like literally doing 10 letters in like two minutes in the software instead of having to light type out the letters like I was doing for myself. And like right in the mountain manually. When I saw that I could like do 10 letters in two minutes. I was like, this is, I just stepped on a gold mine.


Daniel Rosen (09:48):

Super cool. And you said you launched and within the first month you had made $10,000. How were you so successful in that first month?


Ashley Massengill (09:58):

I knew nothing about marketing. So what I'm good at is like storytelling. Like I know how to turn my people's testimonies and their issues and their success into a story. And so that was something that I've found that works for me. And then I also tell other people to try is storytelling because when you try to appeal to everyone, most of the time you appeal to no one. So I try to target specific, uh, people when I make posts. So I will talk about maybe a single mom who was living in a one bedroom apartment and she signed up for my company and now she's in two, three bedroom home and now all of her kids have their own bedroom, single moms who are in a tight situation with them and their children are, and that small apartment, maybe a one bed rum that's going to attract them and get their attention because that's their specific situation. So I Mark it by doing a lot of storytelling just to tap into people's emotions and let them understand like, this person is just like you. If they signed up in this, happened to them, it can happen to you too.


Daniel Rosen (11:08):

Amazing and you really are changing lives. What does that feel like?


Ashley Massengill (11:13):

It's amazing. I literally just got, I call them praise reports. I just got another one like 20 minutes ago on my Facebook business page of someone saying that her and her case just got approved for an apartment and this is the first time she has ever been able to get approved with an apartment with her own credit. No co-signers, none of that. So it never gets old. You would think it gets old, but it doesn't get old because it's like every time you hear a success story, it's like the first time you're hearing a success story.


Daniel Rosen (11:41):

I love, there's a quote that I quote from you, but I don't know the whole thing, but it's about your story and, and I know you've said I was fired from jobs, now I'm the, I was evicted from an apartment. Now I own a six bedroom house, which I've seen. It's an amazing house. What's the rest of that quote? There's more to it.


Ashley Massengill (12:03):

I used to be the borrower. Now I'm the lender because I have a lending company now. Um, like you said, I was evicted on the six bedroom home. I grew up in foster homes and group homes and now I'm a mentor and I coach other, you know, young women and help them get out of situations that they were in. And I tell people, you know, God did this for me. He can do it for you too. It's nothing special about me. I had no experience. I literally stumbled upon the software and that was all I had to get started. I had no experience and no coaches when I started. No mentors. When I started, I literally just took a leap of faith. Um, I didn't have a large following either. I think a lot of people that come to my page and they're like, Oh, you have all of these people and that's why. And I'm like, no, I have a screenshot. I literally launched with 882 Facebook friends when I made the first $10,000. But I attracted people to me because like I said, my style of marketing is different and people just loved like my transparency where I talk about my own credit, my own situations that I've overcome to get where I am. And that attracted people to me with me, storytelling about my life and my customers and everyone around me who decided to trust me and get their credit repair.


Daniel Rosen (13:16):

Wow. And are you generating leads in any other ways? Are you paying for ads ever or is it just all these posts?


Ashley Massengill (13:24):

Just Facebook.


Daniel Rosen (13:25):

Wow, that just blows my mind. Listen, you guys, you don't have to pay for advertising. You don't have to do all these fancy things. All you have to do is be genuine and tell real stories. Right?


Ashley Massengill (13:37):

And that's what attracts people. I try to do the ads before and I just couldn't figure it out and I was like, you know what? I'm still going to stay in my lane and stay over here and it's not broken. Don't fix it. So I kind of just talk about my own life and then it goes viral. People think that my past is kind of crazy, which it is. And so that attracts more people, um, to my life. Um, especially with my past circumstances of, like I said, growing up in the foster home, the group home system, uh, being a victim of domestic violence at one point, being evicted, having cars repossessed. Um, so many different things I've overcome to get here and that attracts people because people are currently going through those situations and my story lets them know that it's light at the end of the tunnel. If you just keep going, set your mind to a goal, stick with it. Anything that I have, any accomplishments, anybody can do this. Like literally anybody can do this. I don't have any degrees. I joke and say that my degree is a HSD. That's a high school diploma. So my friends thought blurting out their degrees. I have a badge through that had matched. It's like, yeah, I have an HSD.


Daniel Rosen (14:46):

That's so cool. How big is your following now on social media?


Ashley Massengill (14:51):

When I first launched my credit repair company. Actually this weekend is my three year anniversary of launching my credit repair company. February 9th is my three year anniversary and I had zero followers three years ago. I have 51,000 now. Whoa. That is super cool. And it's just from Pope. Do you post daily posts? Yeah, post a few times a day. I probably get on their nerves, but they still love me. It's okay. They must love you cause there are so many of them. So can you dive deeper into, cause I'm caught in my face. I call them my Facebook cousins. So if you come, you come on my page, you're gonna see in the comments. Um, some people who aren't familiar with the term cousins on my pace, I'm like, Oh my gosh, you have a huge family. But I call all of my followers and my Facebook friends, my cousins, because of the way they supported me.


Ashley Massengill (15:44):

And I always say if I didn't have them there when I launched my business, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have complete strangers. Trust in me just because of my genuineness and transparency. I wouldn't be here. So I made a joke, you know, like we're all like family, like cousins and then you know, it kind of stuck. And then I just kept calling everybody cousin and then everybody calls me their cousins. So, and then so you're posting two or three times a day. What would be the difference between those different kinds of posts? What can you walk us, try to mix it up because people who follow me, they always make jokes and the light, they never know if they're going to laugh, they're going to cry if they're going to be motivated because I try to mix it up so that you know, my page reflects my personality.


Ashley Massengill (16:25):

So you may see me going live one day without my wig on. So people enjoy that part of me. I try to mix it up and just be myself. I tried to not make my posts like business, business, business because people, um, I explained this a lot to my students when I mentor them. People don't buy your services. People don't buy your products. People buy you so you can have the best product in the world. It can be the cheapest part. It can be a free product. If people don't like you, they don't want your free product, so you have to give people a reason to like you, which is you being genuine, being yourself and letting them in to your world a little bit and letting them know who you are, what you're about, why you're doing what you're doing. I'm one of the main reasons that I love doing what I'm doing because I love to give back, so my credit repair company put me in a position where I could give back in the magnitude that I wanted to where I'm now. I do scholarship college scholarships last year. I don't need a $20,000 to one of my old high schools. This year I'm going back to donate $100,000 to another high school in Baltimore where I'm from. But that's one of the main reasons I love being an entrepreneur and doing what I do because it allows me to be in a position to bless other people the way that I want to and not have to have a limit on it. I love that. It's like make more so you can give more


Ashley Massengill (17:50):

[inaudible]. Yup.


Daniel Rosen (17:51):

And the other thing I love about the stories is sharing the vulnerability. That's what really pulls people in, isn't it?


Ashley Massengill (17:57):

Yes. Because a lot of people they see, and that's why I try to talk about not just the ups but also the downs of my life and what led me to being here and also what it takes for me to stay here. Because once you make it, you know, to a certain level, you still have to continue to work hard and to be consistent in order to stay there. But I tried to tell people and show them that these people that you see online who have all of these amazing things going on, um, a lot of them have a story too. Whether they choose to share it or not is up to them. But a lot of them, I have a story too, but they just don't talk about it. So you're left feeling like, Oh, they just got lucky or they had this going on.


Ashley Massengill (18:41):

I could never do that. So I like to tell people like I'm a hot mess express and I'm able to do what I'm doing, my hot mess express all the time. Sometimes I can't even remember. I don't even have my head attached to my neck sometimes. Like I don't know. I'm all over the place, but it's nothing special about me that got me here. Besides the fact that I work hard, I've been genuine, transparent, and I genuinely just love helping people and I love what I do. That's the key. I tell people, don't get into it just for the money because you're going to be burnt out, you're going to be miserable. I genuinely love to do what I do. And even if you decide to get into something like this and you're not sure because some people are interested but they're not 100% sure if it's something they'd be interested in at seldom get your first praise report.


Ashley Massengill (19:28):

And then tell me how you feel that'll let you know, credit repairs for you. If someone calls you crying, screaming hysterically because you just helped them in their family, get into a house and they would just homeless or they would just in a small apartment, they would just live on with family members. If that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside incredibly pair of might not be the business for you. And that's okay. But that's when I knew when I started getting those praise reports, this was it for me. I had to continue doing this and I'm going to have my credit repair company and till I dad.


Daniel Rosen (20:01):

So cool. I love that praise report. Can you tell us about some of your success stories with your students?


Ashley Massengill (20:08):

Yes. So I have, I posted a few of them today, actually one of my students. Um, so I had this contest that I started. I always like to find ways to keep people accountable because I know how hard it is in business if you don't have an accountability partner. I tell people is so hard to get discouraged, especially when you see people who are so far ahead of you and maybe you've been in business longer than they have and you don't understand why they are. So you just need someone to keep you consistent and accountable. So I started this thing in my trainings where I was teaching people how to start their own credit repair companies is once you reach $5,000 or more in residual income, I'm having a mansion party and everyone who's reached 5,000 monthly residual gets invited to the mansion party where it'll be a live DJ.


Ashley Massengill (20:53):

It'll be a Massoud, a private chef. Um, it's going to be a pool and it's just like two days worth of just fun, uh, celebrating each other's success because it's not a competition thing. We hit a collaborate and exchange ideas with each other and you know, what works for you and what works for you to try to help each other grow in business. But more than anything to really just celebrate because some people see the big wins and other people's lives and then they get discouraged about their small wins. And so that was my way of saying you get to $5,000, that's a big deal. I don't want you to stop there. $5,000 though is a big deal. Come out and celebrate and let's have fun with this. So I have one student recently, I'm, she's making five figures a month. She recently just got granite countertops, her and her husband and she spent $6,700 on it cash and she was a, she's a school teacher so she was never able to do something like that before.


Ashley Massengill (21:48):

$6,700 is not even a monthly income for a teacher. She was able to, after my training, drop that amount of money, cash on granite counter tops and that check our bank account. And so I just love stories like that. I have another student and her first three months, she made like 16 or $17,000. I have another student, she's from my first class. Um, she's launched three businesses since she took my training. People as young as 18, taken my trainings and fire in their boss. And that's my favorite thing. I love to say fire your boss because I always say when people leave jobs, they don't leave because of a bad job. A lot of times they leave because of a bad boss, bad management. So I see, you know, instead of you leaving your job, you fired your boss. So I have people as young as 18 years old, fire in their boss and people, I'm 60 years old, fire in their boss.


Ashley Massengill (22:44):

Like I get so many different age groups who come into my train is trying to figure out how to have a better life, how to be home with their kids more, how to spend more time with their spouse, how to take more family vacations. And it's an amazing feeling to know that a lot of people's wins, their testimonies and their successes all came from my one. Yes, three years ago. Super, super cool. And I love that you share the mistakes as well. There's something I heard someone saying, I love this. It was make your mess, your message, your message. Yes. And so are you helping your students create their stories and craft their stories? So I talk about a lot of my mistakes. That was one of the reasons I wanted to start mentoring and coaching people because I made so many costly mistakes that I didn't want other people to make.


Ashley Massengill (23:37):

And I say, Hey, if I had just had somebody to say, don't do that, don't do this this way, let's try there. I would have saved so much in S, you know, not had the headaches that I had in my first year of business because I had nobody there to hold my hand. So I want us to be that person for a lot of people to hold their hand and say, look, don't do this. Come over here and try this. Maybe try to, you know, market this way and try this and try that. Um, because it, I mean, it's no one size fits all to anything, but I like to give people my exact blueprint because I feel like if it works for me, even if it doesn't work for everybody, it can work for a lot of people. And my success stories reflect that.


Ashley Massengill (24:16):

My exact blueprint has worked for so many people. Um, I have students who are making $15,000 a month, um, students who are making $20,000 a month. I've had students who have signed up and they didn't want to make a lot of money. They just wanted to replace their income and stay home. You know, they're like, I make $1,500 a month at my job if I can just make $2,500 as a business owner, I'm okay with that so that I can stay home with my kids. And I've had people come in and do just that, come in and make what they wanted to make, um, and even exceeded their own expectations. You know, sometimes they shoot so low and they're like, I only want to make this. And then they get in it. They love us so much and like, Oh my gosh, I'm already at $5,000 a month


Daniel Rosen (24:56):

and you're changing their lives and they're going on to change other people's lives. Yes. And what I love especially is that you're creating this movement of all the girl bosses and that's what you call it, right? Girl boss boss blueprint. Super cool. Can you tell us more about girl boss blueprint and what that's about?


Ashley Massengill (25:15):

So the girl boss blueprint is actually for guys too, if they want to join. I don't know if the guys want to join girl boss, but um, so I wanted to lay it out and show them how to turn whatever they're doing into a course. Like I deal with mine. So for example, like if you have a credit repair company, you could say girl boss blueprint to figure out how to have your own course and DIY credit repair. Because I've seen a lot of people who have credit repair companies also have DIY course for people who want to repair it on their own for privacy reasons or financial reasons, whatever the case may be. There are some people who would rather opt into the DIY versus hiring your company. You turned that into a chorus there, runs on autopilot. You wake up every day with deposits in your bank account with a course you don't even have to touch.


Daniel Rosen (26:03):

Wow. So for the people who are watching this podcast, they're all incredible pair. So you can, you're still helping people with girl boss to launch, run and grow a credit repair business and to have other streams of revenue with, with their own DIY courses and automated and things like that.


Ashley Massengill (26:20):

It's going to be strictly geared towards them launching a course. Oh, like so when, so basically my niche when I started when I became a business owner was credit repair. And so my Academy was me taking that niche and turning it into a course where I taught them how to start their own credit repair companies. Cool.


Daniel Rosen (26:40):

Here's what I want to know, Ashley. If you go back in time, what do you know now that you wish you had known when you first got started?


Ashley Massengill (26:50):

When I first got started, I wish I would have gotten a mentor right away. Um, I wish I would have found someone who would have been able to coach me from the very beginning up until now, because I had never started a business before. And that was just so lost and confused and I didn't know where to start. I didn't know what was a good idea. What was a bad idea, you know, about marketing. I just didn't know a lot of things. So I tell people that's the number one piece of advice to I like to give people is to find a trusted, reputable mentor. Oh, online, look at some reviews they have tried to check off some of their success stories. Um, even reaching out to some people. Um, I have people who reach out to my students and say, Hey, the actually massacre really mentor you.


Ashley Massengill (27:34):

Can you give me your honest opinion about her? Like, reach out and talk to some of the people who work with them and mentor them to see if they would be a good fit for you. But there's this saying that I love and it says, how does it go? They say, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. And even though I've had so much success on my own now, I do have mentor and coaches and I feel like I've had so much success on my own. But I always wonder how much further I will probably be if I had started out with help.


Daniel Rosen (28:06):

I agree. I've always had mentors. I have mentors right now and it, I really believe having a mentor is a shortcut to success.


Ashley Massengill (28:15):

It is.


Daniel Rosen (28:16):

Yeah. Because then you're not making so many, I mean, we all make mistakes, but then you're not making so many of


Ashley Massengill (28:22):

many of them. Yeah. Mentor is literally a cheat sheet. So I highly recommend getting a mentor, someone you trust, and they don't even have to be in your specific and just someone who is good at business and they're knowledgeable just to kind of hold your hand and show you the way to go. That's one of the most important things. Um, another thing that I like to tell people to do in a sounds easier said than done is to celebrate your small wins. That is so important. I hear people all the time say, I'm going to celebrate when I get to a hundred K I'm going to celebrate when I get to $1 million. I celebrate it every step of the way. That's what kept me motivated. When I got to the first 10,000 as celebrated, I made a post, I went live on Facebook. I was excited, but that kept me [inaudible] excited about it and anxious and everything like as celebrated, all of my small wins I celebrated when I had the first six figure win.


Ashley Massengill (29:17):

Like I celebrate it all the way and I still celebrate everything. My small wins, my big wins. But that keeps you encouraged, especially when you publicly talk about it and that you have everyone else encouraging you. I'll say, you know, you make a post and say, I just made you know, six thousand seven thousand in my business this month. And then you have all of your Facebook friends rooting for you, insuring you won. Yeah. That's so amazing. Congratulations. So proud of you. It just does something to you to know that you're inspiring other people with your small wins because your small win is a big win to somebody else.


Daniel Rosen (29:50):

I love that. It keeps the fire going.


Ashley Massengill (29:53):



Daniel Rosen (29:53):

Yeah. I think that's so important and I think that's so super cool that you share that with your audience every single day. Do you have a team now?


Ashley Massengill (30:02):



Ashley Massengill (30:03):

Tell us about your tool. I'd like to hire through indeed, so on indeed. Um, you can hire anybody on to your managers, your customer service team, a process and all of that. The way that we do our hiring process is it's a three step process. The first step is the phone interview, so you haven't interviewed over the phone just so that we can see in the first conversation with you known about our company. If you feel like it's still a good fit for you. The second is an in person interview where we sit down with you and we talk to you about, you know, what are your goals with our company? What are your goals in life, period? Your previous employment, why you aren't there anymore. Um, and why, just why you interested in working for a and P M. and then the third part of the interview process is the shadowing.


Ashley Massengill (30:50):

And that to me is the most important part. And that's where you come in and actually work with everyone in the office. Just that you can get a feel for the culture and we can make sure that you blend well with the team. Because a lot of people, I know, they can attest to the fact that they have nine to five jobs right now, but people they can't stand, they don't like coming to work. Seeing them talking to them, it's just not a good environment for them. And they may like the job, they may like what they do, but they don't like who they have to be surrounded by and work with. So we try to make sure that it's an environment that you're going to blend well with and that you'll be able to adapt to the culture that we already have with the NPM.


Daniel Rosen (31:28):

Cool. And are they coming to your house or in an office or some of them [inaudible] an office. Oh, okay. They can't come to mass and go Manor. I feel so special that Keenan and I got to go there. Is there a book or, or any books that have changed your life or made a big impact on you?


Ashley Massengill (31:49):

There are so many different books. I'm looking, I think they're in my bedroom. One of them was, um, well my own book is, um, first-class credit.


Daniel Rosen (31:59):

Yeah, I was going to ask you about that.


Ashley Massengill (32:01):

Um, so my book is called first-class credit. Um, it's on Amazon. The first book I read that really, I want to say change my business, but it also changed how I looked at credit because it was so much that I thought I knew and I was going to, I started writing my book three years ago and when I read this particular book I said, I can't put my book out now because my book is trash. And that book is called how to repair your credit. Like the pros. And I absolutely love that book. I refer that to all of my students. Um, I don't know who the author is. I know her name is Carolyn Warren, but that book is amazing. I know she was like a mortgage broker or something. Well she has a mortgage broker, but that book, um, it's absolutely amazing. Millionaire secrets is another book. Four hour work week is another book that I like to read. So there are a lot of books that um, I try to read on a daily basis about business to keep me motivated and encouraged and to keep me going.


Daniel Rosen (32:57):

Wow. Super cool. You guys get Ashley's book on Amazon and I'm going to get those other books today for sure as soon as we're done here. Now how can someone learn more about girl boss blueprint and where can they sign up?


Ashley Massengill (33:14):

Um, so you can learn more about girl boss blueprint@girlbossblueprint.com boss is spelled B, a w S E so I didn't want to spell it the traditional way. B O S. S so it's going to be girl B, a w S E blueprint.com. And then you'll be able to join my mailing list so that you're notified when it goes live. Um, also, if you join the mailing list, I'm giving away for free 25 attention grabbing headlines that any business owner can use in their emails. And the reason why is because I've also been doing a lot of email marketing from with my credit repair clients and I'm also going to be teaching that in girl boss blueprint because if something were to happen to social media or the internet, you still need a way to have contact to your audience. If social media were to disappear and you don't have a business, then you don't have a business now. So I'm, I'm teaching them how to grab attention with your email hairline to get them to open your email, see what you have to offer, see the quality and whatever service or product you're offering by just looking at the headline, the headline makes the difference in somebody spamming you or opening up your email.


Daniel Rosen (34:25):

Cool. Okay. Now I have a really important personal question.


Ashley Massengill (34:29):



Daniel Rosen (34:30):

Credit Repair Expo is going to be in your city in Dallas in May. It's the biggest event in credit repair. They're going to be a thousand Credit Heroes that are going to be there in attendance. Will you come and speak and inspire everyone?


Ashley Massengill (34:46):

Of course, I would love to. Yes.


Daniel Rosen (34:49):

Awesome. Awesome. Okay, and then we're also going to have a panel of experts. This is going to be something new. Panel experts called the Queens of Credit. Will you be a part of that?


Ashley Massengill (34:59):

Oh yes. Absolutely. Yes.


Daniel Rosen (35:01):

Awesome. Awesome.


Ashley Massengill (35:03):

Oh, that's so awesome, I love Queens of Credit.


New Speaker (35:06):

It's gonna be super cool. I'm so glad you're going to be there.


Ashley Massengill (35:10):

You have to give me a dress now.


Daniel Rosen (35:11):

Yes, so we're going to drop all those links for your book and everything else and I want to thank you so much for your time, Ashley. You're so amazing and inspiring. I can't wait to see you at Credit Repair Expo. Thank you so much for being here.


Ashley Massengill (35:27):

Thank you so much for having me, Daniel,


Daniel Rosen (35:29):

And have a great day you guys. And keep changing lives.


Daniel Rosen (35:34):

Want a fast track to creating an amazing business that helps people, changes lives and makes you a great living in the process. Then I'd like to invite you to my free online training at creditrepaircloud.com/free-training. In this free training, you will learn how to get clients willing to pay you, even if you're just starting out, how to get easy credit repair results without being an expert and how to get all the clients you'll ever need without paying for advertising. Again, this training is absolutely free. Just visit creditrepaircloud.com/free-training.

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