The credit reporting system in America is designed to keep people poor. Once you fall behind, it's becomes impossible to recover. This is no accident. If you're late on a payment, they can raise your interest rate sky high, making it impossible to pay off...and lowering your credit score. This effects the interest rates on your other accounts and your problems start to multiply. There is something you can do. You do have the right to dispute negative items on your credit reports. Even accurate items can often be removed. You just need to know the rules.

This booklet providers the basic tools needed to repair your credit and dispute and negotiate away negative items.

You get:
      • How to read your credit reports

      • What to look for in your credit reports

      • Stating your dispute

      • Dealing with negative (but correct) information

      • Negotiating removal of negative items

      • Negotiating with collection agencies

  • And more