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Here are our newest features and updates:



Client Onboarding Notifications Are Here!

So many people requested this one, we listened…and it’s finally here!















Be A Part Of this Year’s Biggest Event!






Hey CRC Family and Credit Heroes! We are excited to give you advanced super-secret notice about our Live Conference Event called CREDIT REPAIR EXPO (The #1 Event For Growing Your Credit Repair Business). The event will be in Silicon Beach (Los Angeles) May 3th-5th, 2018. We’re bringing in the best of the best; Credit Repair Millionaires, sharing with you their tips and their strategies, and you can learn from them exactly how they got there — And how you can follow their methods to grow your business to the next level. There will be speakers, workshops, networking, awards, a Cinco de Mayo party and many surprises. We’ve Got BIG Plans For You At This Year’s Credit Repair Expo!

Tickets will sell out and go up in price! Discounted rooms will sell out, so sign up now at https://www.creditrepairexpo.com




Happy Birthday Credit Repair Cloud!






A decade after creating the world’s first credit repair software, I had a much bigger vision to build the world’s first Cloud-Based Credit Repair Business Software. My plan just had one problem; I was broke, living month to month, and I needed a hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring my idea to life, so I met with investors, danced, did my pitch, and one by one they all said “no.” But I believed in CRC idea so much, I took every penny I had, sat in a little room for 3 years, didn’t leave until it was done…and bootstrapped it all on my own.

The economy was in the toilet, I nearly lost my house and everything I owned, but I knew with all my heart that if I gambled everything to build it, the bad economy would eventually end, CRC would launch, and I would finally be in the right place at the right time. So I worked round the clock and didn’t leave in that little room for 3 years — until CRC was real, January 1, 2013. That first version was humble; it couldn’t import reports, it couldn’t run a credit audit, and practically everything was manual, but people liked it because it was easy and fun to use — and by amazing luck we began to grow.

In the early days I was playing all the roles; I was “Brock” on Sales and “Tammy” on support and I was Daniel working all night with programmers, trying to grow CRC into something special — and sleeping just 2-3 hours a night. As it grew, we began to add more people (and we improved it every day).

Now, 5 years later, we’ve grown into a growing army of programmers, designers, support people, coaches, a marketing team, an amazing Keenan who brought us structure and brilliant Tanmay who is now moving us into the future.

We now have thousands of users all over the world, courses, books, conferences…and best of all, we’ve built a community and a movement that helps so many entrepreneurs to launch, run and grow their businesses. Some of them have become multi-millionaires themselves, and they are all changing lives.

If you’re reading this, and were one of our early users, thank you for believing in us. If you’re a new user just joining our movement, welcome aboard.

Wait ’til you see what’s coming next! 🙂

— Daniel














Our Brand-New Web Hosting Company and All New CRC Sitebuilder are live! And we want to give everyone in our CRC family a gift of an amazing NEW site and 2 free months of web hosting!














Hurry, this offer expires on Dec 31!




Want to see a sample site?

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! We want you to look awesome, so you can grow your business and change more lives!


Our old dinosaur sitebuilder got so old that the company that built it stopped supporting it, so ElectricWebHost is being retired. Our new system at MyCreditRepairSite.com is totally modern and AWESOME! The sites look amazing and they are 100% compatible with CRC! So take advantage of this offer and claim your free site and 2 free months of web hosting now!!!


  • If you already have a domain, just choose “I already have a domain” during signup and we will send you instructions for resetting your nameservers so they can work with our hosting.
  • If you were already a customer of ours at our OLD web Hosting (at ElectricWebHost), there is a process of configuring your existing domain and canceling your old hosting account, etc., so please read the instructions and steps to follow at: https://w.mycreditrepairsite.com/web-hosting-holiday-offer so we can assist you through that process.

Happy Holidays from all of us to you!
We can’t wait to see your awesome site!



Import IdentityIQ Credit Reports!

Watch this quick video to learn about IdentityIQ Importing:


We’re super excited today to announce that Credit Repair Cloud can now import IdentityIQ reports! Plus, you can receive affiliate commissions! More on that below.

IdentityIQ reports are awesome because they don’t require any special browser plugins, because there is a button right in the report to download the source code. And the best part is, they have an affiliate program! This will allow you to share in the revenue from your client’s subscription to credit monitoring!

Want to become an affiliate?

Here is the step-by-step process to get started with using IdentityIQ for your clients in Credit Repair Cloud:

1. Click https://app.creditrepaircloud.com/mycompany/credit_monitoring_service to visit your “My Company>Credit Monitoring Service” settings

2. Click “Learn How To Become An Affiliate” to apply to be an Affiliate! (optional, but recommended) If you do become an affiliate, then just add that affiliate link (the offer code you receive from IdentityIQ) to this page and start earning commissions on all your credit monitoring signups!

3. Click here to setup IdenityIQ as your default provider for Client Onboarding https://app.creditrepaircloud.com/mycompany/client_affiliate_portal to allow your new clients to signup for IdenityIQ with ease.

4. Then follow the video above to see the steps for importing the reports. It’s a little different than the other providers…but easier!

  1. You’ll open the report, click the button that says “Download Report”
  2. Next, open that new report that you just downloaded
  3. Right-click in the report and choose “Show Page Source” (NOT “frame source”)
  4. Copy that page source and paste it into the import page of Credit Repair Cloud.

And if you keep your clients signed up for credit monitoring, bingo, those commissions will grow and you have a new stream of passive income!

Here again is the video with the steps to import:

PS: If you would like assistance with Importing IdentityIQ reports into Credit Repair Cloud, Click here to schedule a call with us www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert so we can assist you personally!



Daniel Rosen




Reset Agreements is Live!

Did you accidentally set the wrong agreement for your saved client?

Now you can reset it and choose a different agreement for that client (no more deleting and re-adding clients)!

Here’s how it works:

If you realize you chose the wrong agreement, just go to the bottom of that client’s profile and click the link that says “RESET AGREEMENT.” Now you can choose a new agreement, and then ask your client log into the portal to sign it!

Here’s a screenshot:

And here’s a related feature we already had (but you might not have known)

Sometimes clients will be afraid to sign an agreement and they will just put a dot, or maybe just put nothing. You can reset their signature, and ask them to sign again. Just click “VIEW AGREEMENT” (or go to My Company>Digital Signatures) and click “RESET SIGNATURE.” Then your client can re-sign your agreement on their next login to the portal!

Here’s where you’ll find that tool:

I hope you have an amazing day!




Simple Audit: 1-Click Credit Analysis Report

This was our big Summer project! Import a credit report and click 1-button to create an awesome Credit Analysis Report that breaks down your client’s credit issues and explains your plan of action. It now works for Leads and Prospects, making this your greatest sales tool! Add to your sales process (or your free consultation) and close more deals!

Here’s a video overview:


Where are my clients login details (for credit monitoring)?

The launch of Client Onboarding has been awesome. The most asked question has been: “Where are my client’s login details for credit monitoring?”

Here’s a quick video to show you:


Need 1-on-1 help with your CRC? Click here to schedule a call www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert so we can assist you personally!



No more signing of dispute letters!

Once a client has chosen an electronic signature (during Client Onboarding), their signature will be auto inserted into the dispute letters. Voila! No more signing of dispute letters…and more time to enjoy your day!




Client Onboarding & Tasks

This new feature now makes it even easy for your company to gather ID Docs and other information from your clients, saving you and your team a ton of time. This is a big one. We’ve been working on it for many months!

Check out this video to learn more about how it allows you to:

  • Guide your client to upload their photo ID and proof of address right from their smartphone, with no more of downloading and uploading the documents yourself!
  • Guide your client to signup for credit monitoring
  • Gather credit monitoring service login details
  • Let your client choose a signature style for their letter
  • And more!




Credit Repair Cloud Just Got Faster…again!


We’ve just upgraded our servers again! What does this mean for you? Blazing speed and greater reliability. Fast responsive software is our goal, so if you’re not seeing that, click here to clean out and optimize your browser.

Many exciting things are coming for 2017! Thanks for being a part of our family!

Daniel_Round_128px Keenan_Round_128px michael_round3 cris-3 darin_round_128 Fred_round_128 ashish_img david_img grace_img c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 .




AutoComplete Powered by Google!

We have added “Autocomplete” to all address fields in CRC. This is powered by the amazing Google Maps API. See it in action in the animated screencast below. It’s a huge timesaver!





Affiliates sending referrals can now attach files!

When Affiliates send a new lead or client (from their portal), they can now add multiple attachments. You’ll continue to receive new lead notifications by email (just as you always have) — but if there are any file attachments, those will be attached to a “secure message” at the top of your CRC. It looks like this for your affiliate in their portal:


I hope you have an amazing day! 🙂 PS: If you need any assistance with your Credit Repair Cloud, Click here to schedule a call www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert!

Daniel_Round_128px Keenan_Round_128px michael_round3 cris-3 darin_round_128 Fred_round_128




Clients can be affiliates — and affiliates can be clients (all with the same address)!


This should make many folks happy!
Clients and be Affiliates (and vice versa) with the same email address. When they log in, they will have a choice to “Log in as CLIENT” or “Log in as AFFILIATE.” It looks like this when they log in to their portal:


If you need any assistance with setting up your affiliate commission settings, in My Company>Affiliate Payments…

Click here to schedule a call with us at www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert so we can assist you personally!

Daniel_Round_128px Keenan_Round_128px michael_round3 cris-3 darin_round_128 Fred_round_128





What happened On Thursday morning (and status report)!


Early Thursday morning, Credit Repair Cloud experienced an outage, which was the result of a hardware failure with our cloud hosting provider, Rackspace. Here’s an explanation and a status report: Credit Repair Cloud runs on many front-end servers simultaneously, which is why downtime is rare for us — but this particular outage was different, and due to a mechanical failure to our back-end database server (of which there can only be one). Thankfully, Rackspace acted fast, replaced the server and restored all data from our most recent daily backup — and they accomplished this all during our Thursday morning here.

The good news is that we were back online quickly and now on a super-fast new Rackspace database server, and we still have all years of data saved with backups of backups. For that, we are thankful to have been well prepared because we are extremely proactive in saving maintaining backups. We save backups every evening (of work done that day) and we store those backups for months on multiple servers (in multiple locations) for extra safety. That way we always maintain the entire history of your account, your clients, and your work for as many years as you are with us.

The bad news is that work done on Wednesday 11/9 was not backed up due to the server malfunction happening just as that backup was being taken. So work done on 11/9 will need to be recreated by you on your end (and if you need help with this, just ask)! No other days were affected.

The good news is that most events each day have email notifications that send to the account owner (or to others, depending on how you’ve set your automated notifications) for important events like; leads, challenges sent, etc and new clients. So you can just look in your mail from 11/9 to see those notifications that were sent on that day and re-create that work. They send from no-reply@secureclientaccess.com. Again, this incident only affected 11/9. All other data is safe in your account and continuously stored on multiple backup servers as it always is, because once a backup is stored, we maintain backups of backups of backups.

Need help? Just reach out and let us know! If you entered a new client on 11/9 and need assistance in re-entering them — or if you need help with anything from 11/9, just reach out and we can assist you quickly! And again, this incident only affected 11/9. All other data is safe in your account and continuously stored on multiple backup servers as it always is, because once a backup is stored, we maintain backups of backups of backups. If it’s a client that was just added that day to a Chargebee plan, let us know that client’s name and our dev team can re-connect their Chargebee plan. We will do this for you. If it’s about a client, tell us details about the issue, include the client’s name and be sure to let us know if it’s from 11/9. Send us a quick email support ticket at http://support.creditrepaircloud.com and we will help you fast!

Here’s how an event like this will be prevented in the future: In addition to multiple front end servers (that we already have), Rackspace is now adding additional database servers to have continuous backups 24/7 instead of just at and of each day to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. In closing: I am truly sorry for this inconvenience of the outage. If you need any assistance in re-entering anything from 11/9, again, please just reach out and we are here to help you fast. We appreciate your business and we will continue to strive for nothing less that an outstanding experience for you and your team. We know you depend on Credit Repair Cloud, and that any downtime in a service you’ve come to love and trust is worrisome. We can’t change history, but we want you to know that we’re invested and working around the clock to keep you consistently, confidently connected on Credit Repair Cloud. Daniel Rosen, Founder (and our entire support team)

Daniel_Round_128px Keenan_Round_128px michael_round3 cris-3 darin_round_128 Fred_round_128




Managing Your Daily Task List Just Got Easier!

When you and your team are managing your clients, there are often many small tasks you’ll need to remember to complete (like remembering to call clients on a specific day or follow-up on their letters in 30 days). Today, we’re introducing a new feature called “Tasks,” which replaces our previous reminders system. We’ve made this improvement to make it even easier to manage all those small items for clients and to ensure you and your team stays a happy productive group.

Check out this video to learn about everything that’s new

If you need any assistance with transitioning to this new change…

Click here to schedule a call with us at www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert so we can assist you personally!

Daniel_Round_128px Keenan_Round_128px michael_round3 cris-3 darin_round_128 Fred_round_128





Change A Client’s Recurring Billing Dates

We’re super excited about this feature. Many folks have requested it. If you’re a Chargebee user, you know that you collect your first work fee (either when the card is entered — or when the first round of letters have been saved — whatever you’ve set up)…and then the monthly recurring payments start 1 month later. But what if your client wants to change that recurring billing date to a later time? Now you can! You’ll find this new option in the chargebee section of the client profile. Here’s what it looks like:






The Secure Client Portal Is Now More Secure

Adding a New Client (or Affiliate) just got easier. When you create a new client (or affiliate) profile and turn Portal Access “ON,” there’s no need to create a password. It looks like this:


Next, the client (or affiliate) is sent a link to click on to create their own password. It looks like this:


On the next screen the client types their password and they are done! This makes the portal access far more secure.

And then, just like any other login system…

  • If the client (or affiliate) ever wants to change their password, they just login and click their name and they can change their password.
  • And if the client (or affiliate) ever forgets their password, they visit www.secureclientaccess.com and click the link that says “Forgot password” to have a password reminder email sent to them.

Easy peasy and secure!

Why did we make this change? To meet the new requirements for the type of data we store. If you need any assistance with transitioning to this new change, please click here to schedule a call with us at www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert so we can assist you personally! I hope you have a great rest of your day!





Client/Affiliate Portal is now awesome on mobile!

All summer we’ve been quietly working on some very big new features. One just went live today; The client and affiliate portal now has “responsive” design, which means that it changes shape to fit any mobile device. We started building this when we discovered that more than 50% of all clients are on mobile phones.

As a note: this is phase 1. We’re now building phase 2, which will add an on-boarding walkthrough, making it easy for clients to take pictures of their ID docs with their phone to upload directly to the client dashboard (with no more dealing with attachments — woohoo!). There will also be an optional new feature to auto import credit reports and scores right into to the client’s account, with no more copying of source code. Phase 2 is coming soon! We’re super excited about it! I hope you have a great rest of your day!





Add Team Titles To Your Client Portal

By default each team member’s internal role appears in the client profile above their photo. Some folks like to add other titles instead, so have now added a field in each Team Member Profile to add a title for your clients and affiliates to see in the portal.

Here’s how to add this title: 1. Click on MY COMPANY>MY TEAM and select the Team Member


2. Enter a new title and click submit.


3. The new title will now appear. Done!






Many Changes For Mandrill!



When we first launched Credit Repair Cloud, Mandrill was free and super easy to use, so most folks got a free Mandrill account (and we recommended it). It was the easiest way to customize your notification emails that send to your clients. Once you enabled Mandrill, you client and affiliate letters would stop using our mail system, and instead they would send through YOUR Mandrill account. It was awesome, easy and free. Unfortunately, Mandrill has now changed their policies. Mandrill is now complex to setup, to verify and use and it’s no longer free. This has caused new issues for Mandrill users (and blocked emails due to suspended Mandrill accounts). It’s important to remember that Mandrill is another company and we are not affiliate with them. So we will do the best to give you information, since their site is confusing.

Here’s information that will be useful for both Mandrill and Non-Mandrill users.


If you are a Mandrill user and your emails to clients have stopped sending:

This means you have a problem in your Mandrill account and Mandrill has suspended your account and is blocking all of your client and affiliate emails from sending.

Here are 2 solutions:

1. Log in to your Mandrill account to find out the issue. Contact Mandrill support for assistance. Mandrill is another company.


2. Just disable Mandrill in your Credit Repair Cloud. Visit MY COMPANY>MANDRILL. If you see a Mandrill API key there, click DISABLE to turn OFF your Mandrill integration. Then you won’t need a Mandrill account, and your new client and affiliate notifications will start to send through OUR Mandrill account from that moment forward. Here’s where this is:


Are you a Non-Mandrill User?

NON-MANDRILL Users, we have news for you, too! We now have a new tab on the Mandrill page with new options to disable or enable some of the default letters:

Email Controls for Non-Mandrill Users

Here’s how to find this page:

1) Log into your CRC account

2) Go to “My Company>Mandrill

3) Click the tab toward the top that says “Non-Mandrill Users

4) Click “Disable” by any letter that you would like to disable (or click “Enable” for any letter you wish to enable”

5) Done!

Here’s where this is:


If you need assistance with your Credit Repair Cloud, please reach out or schedule a call at www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert so we can assist you personally!

Have a great rest of your day!




Credit Repair Cloud Just Got Faster!


We are super-excited about this one! To accommodate users all over the world, we’ve just added 4 of the world’s fastest cloud servers and 2 new load balancers to our front end. What does this mean for you? Blazing speed and greater reliability. Fast responsive software is our goal, so if you’re not seeing that, click here to clean out and optimize your browser. Many exciting things are coming for 2016! Thanks for being a part of our family! — Daniel

Daniel_Round_128px Keenan_Round_128px michael_round3 cris-3 darin_round_128 Fred_round_128 ashish_img david_img grace_img c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 .





Client Signature Reset


Did your client put a dot instead of their signature on your agreement? We don’t know why some clients do that, it’s one of the great mysteries of life. Here’s a new way to reset a client’s signature:

  1. From the client list, client’s dashboard, client’s profile, or My Company>Digital Signature Records, click to view your client’s signed agreement.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click the new link that says “Click here to reset signature.”
  3. Ask your client to log in and try signing again.





Search By Client Phone Number!


Did you ever want to search by phone number to see which client just called you and hung up? Guess what? Other people also wanted this same thing and they voted for it on our UserVoice page! Here’s what it looks like on your client page, just click “Advanced Search.”


Then type the phone number here. Easy peasy! Happy searching!






Imported Reports Are Now Saved!


Need a credit report source code that you recently imported for your client? Now they’re all stored in your client’s dashboard. Whoah cool! Here’s where you’ll find them in the new link below the donut chart in your client’s dashboard.





Tons of New Integrations!


Since February is the month of love, we’re celebrating Valentine’s with new API integrations!


What are API integrations? Integrations enable Credit Repair Cloud to share data or trigger events in your other cloud based software. This is one of the greatest features of cloud computing.

Integrations can…

  • Create your own custom web lead forms
  • Trigger emails from other software
  • Start email marketing drip campaigns for new leads, clients and affiliates
  • Send a SMS text message to a new client’s cell phone
  • Auto bill your clients
  • Sync a 3rd party CRM to your CRC
  • and so much more…

For example, if you’re a large scale company with a call center who calls leads from your 3rd party CRM, here’s a Zapier integration you might use…

  1. When a salesperson converts a LEAD to a CLIENT in your CRM, that triggers a zap in Zapier which automagically adds that same client to your Credit Repair Cloud (for your fulfillment staff to take over).
  2. At the same moment, a zap sends to your Twilio account to send a SMS Text Message to the new CLIENT’S mobile phone with a link to log in and sign their agreement.
  3. Another zap to your Get Drip account starts that new CLIENT a weekly or monthly email drip campaign to keep them motivated about your credit repair process.

Or this one for marketing…

  1. New LEAD fills out a web lead form on your site.
  2. This triggers zap in Zapier to start that LEAD on an email marketing drip campaign in your Get Drip Account.
  3. A well-written drip campaign over time is a great way to convert a LEAD into a CLIENT. The possibilities are endless.

Want to learn more about Credit Repair Cloud API Integrations? Click here or log in and visit My Company>API and be sure to read the section about Zapier, which might be the coolest utility on the internet. Have an amazing week! _____ 2/8/2016


New Affiliate Notification Emails!


Want to receive an email notification when someone fills out your Affiliate Signup Form on your site? Just visit My Company>Automated Notifications, scroll down to this section and check any Team Members who should receive these emails. It looks like this:


Don’t have a Affiliate Signup Form in your web site, yet? Jeepers, what are you waiting for? Get it now at My Company>Web Site Tools!





Daily Agenda Emails For Your Team!


Previously, this feature was only for Admins. Now it’s available for your whole team. Hooray! Here’s how it works: If you’re an Admin, visit MY COMPANY>AUTOMATED NOTIFICATIONS and scroll down to the section that says “Send Daily Schedule/Agenda each morning to:” and check any team members who should receive these emails each morning at 5am PST.


Here are 3 things to remember:

  1. Agenda emails only send if the team member has calendar events already schedule for that day.
  2. Reminders about clients only send to the team members that are assigned to that client.
  3. Calendar events are different than to-do/tasks. 🙂

I hope you have an amazing day!





Tons of Awesome New Articles!


It’s the World’s Biggest Collection of Free Resources For Running a Credit Repair Business! For 2016, we’ve added a ton of new articles on the business of credit repair. Topics include, handling clients, what to charge, attracting affiliates, scaling your business, sales advice, scripts, client education and more. Each week we add more. Check them all out!

Want more educational resources, check out all these links:


Meet Our Amazing Support Team It’s Me, Keenan, Michael, Cris and Darin. We’re here to help you to succeed in every way we can. After all, if you’re successful, then we’re successful! So, if there’s anything we can assist with, just reach out! And don’t forget to schedule your free software training! To the moon for 2016! — Daniel





Set Your Company Time Zone!


Before today, all time stamps in CRC showed our server time here in Los Angeles. But now we have users all over the world, so we’ve added a way to set your own company time zone. Just head over to “My Company Profile,” choose your time zone, and click “Submit” to save. All new time stamps will have your company time zone. Happy New Year!





Bureau Addresses Have Changed!


Bureau addresses periodically change. We see this happen every few years. If you’re a CRC user in the USA, we have updated our software with the new official addresses at these 3 links:

No further action is needed. However, if you ever wish to change these addresses to something else (which we do not recommend), just log in and visit MY COMPANY>DISPUTE OPTIONS.




Team Chat is Live!


Team Chat makes communication and collaboration more productive (and fun). It lives in the bottom of your Credit Repair Cloud and look like this: .zDYVcg3VVv

PS: Don’t want Team Chat? Turn it off in MY COMPANY>MY TEAM. Don’t want sounds? Click the settings icon in the bottom of Team Chat.





Client/Affiliate Portal in Spanish!


Have Spanish-speaking clients or affiliates? Choose “Spanish” in their profile (Portal section), and when they log into the portal it will be in Spanish! There’s also a English/Español toggle inside the portal for clients or affiliates who want to change language for themselves.

But wait, there’s more…

Need a Client Agreement in Spanish? We got it!


You’ll find this in MY COMPANY>CLIENT AGREEMENTS. Click the link to add the new agreement to your list, then make any edits needed (most folks just change the 2 lines about fees). Nos esforzamos para crecer mejor cada día! .


__________________________ .



Client & Affiliate Logins just got easier!


Folks have trouble remembering User IDs, but everyone remembers their email address, so we just made this a whole lot easier. Starting today, all new clients and new affiliates will log in to the portal with their email address instead of a User ID. This will be easier for clients and affiliates — and it will also make adding new clients faster for you!

IMPORTANT: If you have any difficulty adding new clients, don’t panic! Just clean out your browser or try a different web browser! That will solve the issue. If you need assistance, schedule a call with us at www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert – we are here for you! Here’s how it now looks in a new client profile:


FAQs about this new feature:

What changes for my existing clients? .

Nothing! Existing clients can continue to log in with their same User ID — or their email address. Nothing changes. It’s all good! .

What about new clients that I add? .

Super-easy! New clients wont need a User ID. They will login with their email address and password. Easier for you and for the client. .

What about married couples who share 1 email address? .

This is the only limitation of this new flow. 2 Clients (like a married couple) will no longer be able to share 1 email address, as that caused database issues. Here’s what changes for married couples who share 1 email:

  • Existing married couples can continue to log in with their existing User IDs if they already have them. But if you make changes to the profile and re-save it, you’ll need to add a 2nd email address. .
  • New Married couples that you add (from today forward) will each need their own email address. Thankfully most people have an email address, and if they don’t, they can get one for free in less than 1 minute at www.gmail.com. .
  • Or, if a married couple does not have 2 email addresses, and they do not want to get a free email account, you can also choose “Client has no email” and not use the portal.

Why did we make this change?

To solve database issues caused by shared email addresses.

  • Most people (99%) have their own email address.
  • Only a small fraction (1%) share an email address with another person.
  • Now the 99% will have a better and easier flow and the 1% can get a 2nd email address for free at gmail.

We made this same change a few months ago for team members, and that was a smooth transaction, so now we needed to make the same change for clients and affiliates. If you have any difficulty and need help, send us a support ticket or schedule a call. We are here for you! . .


__________________________ . . .



2 Original Videos for your Marketing Website!

New_Videos2 .

Here are 2 original videos you can use for your marketing website!

  • Video 1 is a short promo to advertise your credit repair business to potential customers.
  • Video 2 explains the credit repair process to new clients. It covers steps for clients, the portal and more. We recommend showing this video to all new clients.

You’ll find these videos and embed codes for your site in MY COMPANY>WEB SITE TOOLS>VIDEOS. Check them out here!


. .



__________________________ . .




Affiliate Web Form no longer has creditrepaircloud in the code


The web form that affiliates can copy from their portal and paste into their sites is awesome, but a few folks pointed out that the code had a reference to creditrepaircloud in it (because the form is essentially an extension of the software). But the good news is that we were able to relocate this part of the software to the secureclientaccess portal, so now CRC is no longer seen and the portal is truly private label. For all of you who voted on this new feature in our UserVoice page, thanks for your awesome feedback! . .



__________________________ .




Free Unlimited Storage for Everyone!


Here’s great news for all users: We have done away with storage add-ons and removed all storage limits for client documents, PDF’s and scanned items that you upload to client dashboards or attach to secure messages. *If you already have a storage add-on in your account you will no longer be charged for it. As of today, enjoy free unlimited storage for every plan! Thanks for being a Credit Repair Cloud user! . .

__________________________ .



Credit Repair Cloud Is Global!

Today we launched Credit Repair Cloud for the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India. All these countries have a nearly identical credit bureau system to the US. What does this mean for you here in the USA? It means increased support staff and more talented coders. so your products and services will grow and improve faster. Thanks for being a part of our family! . .


__________________________ .



Credit Repair Cloud UK


Want to start a credit repair business in the UK? Now you can! We have launched Credit Repair Cloud for the UK. Now folks in England or anywhere in the United Kingdom can now power their credit repair businesses on the cloud. In the next few weeks we will also be launching in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India. The surprising thing is that all these countries have a very similar credit bureau system to the US. What does this mean to you here in the USA? It means you’ve hitched on to a company that is growing very fast. In the last year we quadrupled our staff (of coders, support, etc) and now as we go global we will grow our team even more and further increase production on new features. Many exciting things are coming! Thanks for being a part of our family!

Daniel_Round_128px Keenan_Round_128px michael_round3 cris-3 darin_round_128 Fred_round_128 ashish_img david_img grace_img c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 queen-of-england

__________________________ .



Add a different billing address


If you use Chargebee integration for billing your clients, this addition will be good news to you. If your client has a credit card with a different name or billing address than in his client profile, you can now add those extra details in the client profile near the bottom in the Chargebee section.




__________________________ .



Batch Print is here!


What is Batch Print? It’s one of the most requested features we have ever had and it’s awesome! You can easily print your dispute letters all at once by using the “batch print” option. This is highly beneficial because it will not only help you keep organized but it will also save you a lot of time. Now you can print all your letters at once without having to go to different client profiles. Want to get started with batch print? Click here for an overview https://www.creditrepaircloud.com/support/knowledge-base/batch-print/ .

__________________________ .



How to add a Creditor’s Mailing Address (for reports you’ve imported)


Online Credit Reports never contain creditor addresses. Since most dispute letters are sent to bureaus, this is rarely an issue, but in the rare event that you’re sending a Round 2 (or higher) letter directly to a Creditor/Furnisher here’s a new way to insert their address, so it will can be used by the Dispute Wizard. 1. Log into the clients dashboard and click on the “Dispute Items” tab


2. Find the item you’re wanting to send the creditor letter to and click the pencil icon (for “edit”)


3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and add the creditors mailing address. Then save.


Voila! Now when you Run Wizard 3 to create a ROUND 2 (or Higher) letter for a Creditor, the address will populate into the letter! . .


__________________________ .




Farewell Credit Check Total

RIP_Credit_Check_Total . .

Credit Check Total has changed the format of their site and reports. They can no longer be imported. Unfortunately, since we have no affiliation with any credit report provider, we have no control over their changes they make to their services, but the good news is that you have 6 other providers you can ask your clients to order reports from. They each have a $1 trial.

These providers don’t block right click, which should help with simplifying the import process: – FreeScore.com (no extension needed) – has $1 trial – FreeScore360.com (no extension needed) – has $1 trial – Scoresense.com (no extension needed) – has $1 trial

You can also import reports from: – PrivacyGuard.com – has $1 trial (right-click blocked, get the chrome extension) – IdentitySecure.com – has $1 trial (right-click blocked, use chrome extension) Need help with enabling right click in Chrome? Just schedule a free 1-on-1 session with us at www.creditrepaircloud.com/expert and we can help you personally!

You may also enter the dispute items manually in Wizard 3 (without import). To learn how, visit Wizard 3 and watch this video.

But how do I update clients who I already imported for?

Need to update records for a client you’ve already imported for in the past? No worries! You can update the credit items much faster without importing twice. Here is an article that that explains why it’s better (and faster) to never import more than once per client: https://www.creditrepaircloud.com/support/knowledge-base/how-do-i-update-a-clients-records-should-i-re-import-a-credit-report-after-changes-happen/

*Public Service Announcement: Please do not try to order reports for your clients. These are consumer services and they do not allow credit repair companies to order reports for their clients. Please have your clients order their own reports. . .


__________________________ .



Auto Assign Team Members to New Clients


It’s important to always assign a team member (or multiple team members) to new clients (in their client profile), but people often forget this, which results in missed reminders and notifications. This new option will automatically assign you or your team to any new clients added. We recommend that you enable this setting. Visit MY COMPANY>AUTOMATED NOTIFICATIONS and click the appropriate name(s):

Assign_New_Clients . .


__________________________ .



Turning on/off dispute details in the client portal


Credit repair is about “document processing.” The letters are “from” your clients and in most cases you’re signing their names, so most people want their clients to see the process, but a few folks have asked to prevent clients from seeing these details in the client portal. While we always recommend transparency, you now have the option to turn this off globally within your MY COMPANY>CLIENT PORTAL>DETAILS. Here’s where you can turn these on and off globally for your client portal.

Portal_details . .


__________________________ . .


5/25/2015 Happy Memorial Day!

New Affiliate Notifications


Are you using the Affiliate Signup Form on your site? You’ll find it in My Company>Website Tools. The form itself hs not changed, but here’s what will now happen when someone fills it out:

  • You’ll be sent a notification email with affiliate’s name and contact details
  • The newest affiliates will be listed on top of your affiliate list
  • You can now “Sort” your affiliate list by name, date added and more.

MyAffiliates . . .


__________________________ .



Self-Service Account Changes


Until today, account changes were complex and needed programmers. Now you can easily make changes yourself (if you’re the “account owner” of course). Just log in and click on MY ACCOUNT:

  • Change your plan
  • Switch to discounted annual billing
  • Change account owner master email
  • Update your credit card
  • Transfer account ownership to another Team Member
  • Cancel your account
  • Upgrade, downgrade, add or remove add-ons

*Note: If you downgrade from a higher plan to a lower plan, the change happens immediately and you will receive a pro-rated credit for the difference in your account. Here’s what this new page looks like:


__________________________ .


4/16/2015 (Special Event!)

Our first live Webinar was today!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLQUkn87tew Our special guest is Harry Snedden, Director of Education at American Credit Repair Academy. Harry has over 17 years experience as a Corporate Trainer and Speaker in the Finance/ Credit Bureau Consulting arena and is an expert in the credit industry.

NEXT Live Webinar on April 23!


REGISTER NOW FOR OUR NEXT LIVE WEBINAR ON THURSDAY APRIL 23, 11 AM PST: CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR FREE SEAT: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6060250072948358146



Upcoming Live Webinar on April 16!


We’re starting a series of live webinars on “how to build a profitable credit repair business.” Join us for our very first one on April 16. Our special guest will be Harry Snedden, Director of Education at American Credit Repair Academy. Harry has over 17 years experience as a Corporate Trainer and Speaker in the Finance/ Credit Bureau Consulting arena and is an expert in the credit industry. Harry will be answering your questions live so have your questions ready and click here to reserve your free spot!



We’ve been very busy building

Oops! We’ve grown so much in this past year that I’ve forgotten to keep up with posts on this new features page! Here’s what we’ve been up to: Last year we added Keenan (smartest person on the planet) to head our product development and customer success team. This past quarter we’ve added 3 more awesome folks to our Customer Success Team; Cris, Michael and Darin. We also welcomed 4 new coders to our Dev Team to step up production. Most daily changes are on the back end to improve speed and functionality, but in all this activity I forgot to post many of the new features now on the front end, so I just added many of them here below. With all this growth, we can now build more features faster. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for being a Credit Repair Cloud user! We love you! – Daniel PS: Say hi to our new Customer Success Team: me, Keenan, Darin, Cris, Michael and Fred.

Daniel_Round_128px Keenan_Round_128px darin_round_128 cris-3 michael_round3 Fred_round_128 .



New Client Search and Sort Functions

In the client list, we have added the ability to sort clients by “date added” in the client list and in “Advanced Search” we have added the ability to search by specific date ranges. Happy Searching!


daterangeSearch .



New Affiliate Notification emails

We’ve added email notification sent to the account owner when a new affiliate signs up from your affiliate signup form. Don’t have an affiliate signup form in your site? What are you waiting for? Get one in MY COMPANY>WEBSITE TOOLS! .



New Permissions added for Custom Roles

If you’re creating custom roles to your Team Members, we’ve now added a new set of permissions related to the Everything Tab. You can find these in MY COMPANY>ROLES AND PERMISSIONS. There’s video in the top of the page that explains how to create new roles with custom permissions. .



Track Revenue Generated by each Affiliate

In MY COMPANY>BUSINESS DASHBOARD>AFFILIATE STATS, if you click Top 10 Affiliates and select “Revenue,” you can see how much revenue has been generated by that affiliate. Then click that affiliate’s name to see additional details and monthly stats.

AffiliateRevenue .



Track Revenue Generated Per SalesPerson

In MY COMPANY>BUSINESS DASHBOARD> if you click Top Team Members and select “Revenue,” you can see how much revenue has been generated by that Team Member.

SalesPersonRevenue .



Track Revenue Generated Per SalesPerson

In MY COMPANY>BUSINESS DASHBOARD> if you click Top Team Members and select “Revenue,” you can see how much revenue has been generated by that Team Member.




Agenda events about a client will now send to all team members assigned to that client

Previously these notifications only sent to the person who created the task, but now, by popular demand in our UserVoice page we have opened it u7p to send to ALL Team Members assigned to that client. To receive these emails, each team member must have this “Send my daily agenda” chosen in their account under MY COMPANY>AUTOMATED NOTIFICATION OPTIONS. Emails will only send if there are events for that team member on that particular day. .



The Everything Tab is now live!

We have been building this for a very long time! The Everything Tab gives an overview of everything happening in your Credit Repair Cloud account: All events, all work, all communication, all reminders, all files and more. .


Improvements made to Everything Tab>All Communication

Messages were being truncated. Now the full messages will show for any Team Member whom you’ve granted access to (see custom roles and permissions). .


. 2/29/2015

Web Lead Forms are now improved for iPhone 6 and all mobile devices.

Visit MY COMPANY>WEBSITE TOOLS and copy paste the new code into your site (to replace the old code in your site). .



New Web Lead Form allow new clients to sign up from your site with credit card

If you’re a ChargeBee user, visit MY COMPANY>WEBSITE TOOLS and choose the option to add ChargeBee plans to your web lead form. Then copy paste the new code into your site (to replace the old code in your site). .



Option to set Web Lead Form to only have “I’m ready to signup now”

Most people use a web lead form to collect leads from their website and send them to Credit Repair Cloud for your sales team to follow up, but some folks want to only have a signup form by itself. You can now choose either option in MY COMPANY>WEBSITE TOOLS. Just make any changes to your form, save and then copy paste the new code into your site. .



New Search Options for Invoices

Search by Client Name or Email. This is handy dandy if you have many clients.

SearchInvoics .



Modify all Reasons and Instructions

The master list of Reasons and Instructions for the Wizard can now be added, deleted and modified in MY COMPANY>DISPUTE OPTIONS. Just look for the links that say “Manage Reasons” and “Manage Instructions.”

thumbnail-2 .



Credit Repair Cloud just got faster!


We’ve made adjustments to our databases which has sped up all processes. However, with each improvement comes changes to the code of the software, so be sure to run Free CCleaner today to clean out temporary internet files, cache and history: Click here. .




Manage all Dispute Reasons and Instructions

Now you can add, remove and modify the Dispute Reasons and Instructions used by the dropdowns in the Dispute Wizard, the Dispute Items Page and the Import Preview Page (where you tag “Reason and Instruction” to items you’re importing). You’ll find this in MY COMPANY>DISPUTE OPTIONS.

manage_credit_dispute_reasons .


1/1/2015 Happy New Year!

Save time in 2015 with faster, more accurate searches!


We’ve also added search by email (by popular request in our User Voice page). We also improved search accuracy. Previously, a search of John Smith, would list every John and every Smith. If you had thousands of clients, this would be maddening. Now if you search John Smith, you’ll only get John Smith himself. This will be a huge timesaver. TIP: Do you use Quick Filter and Advanced Search? These are also very big timesavers. .



Issue for downloading documents **Issue corrected**

**12/16 Download issue was corrected same day**

We have an issue today that is affecting download of client documents. The problem is on our end. Last night we added a new feature to verify files uploaded to client dashboards. It improved the way files are uploaded and saved, but unfortunately that same change is now preventing downloads today. ***ISSUE WAS CORRECTED SAME-DAY BY CREDIT REPAIR CLOUD ENGINEERS***




Update on Recurring Payments with ChargeBee!


This integration has been live for almost 2 weeks. Here’s an update:

Overall it’s been a very successful launch! Most people are having awesome results with recurring payments from clients — but a few people entered Gateway info that wasn’t correct (so it couldn’t charge) or they set up billing in an unusual way (like billing pre-existing clients as though they were new clients). If you’re having any issue please let us know so we can help you fast. For any issues with charges not occurring, please reach out to ChargeBee so they can make sure your Gateway is set up properly.

What is ChargeBee?

ChargeBee is a recurring payments platform that works with your existing payment Gateway. It automates recurring payments, retries when cards fail, Shuts clients off when all collections have failed, and so much more. It’s difficult to scale a recurring revenue business without a automated payment platform to manage billing for you. Chargebee is the most affordable recurring payments platform we’ve ever seen — it starts at $49/month flat (unlike their competitors who charge a percentage of your sales). ChargeBee was founded by members of ZOHO, and their team are awesome. This special integration is the first automated recurring payment system ever designed for credit repair! Handles all common types of credit repair billing:

  • Monthly recurring payments
  • Pay-per-delete (triggered by status change)
  • 1-time charges.
  • Automated email notifications
  • Dunning management for declined cards
  • Invoice billing
  • Client Signup from your website
  • Collect payment at start — or delay until after “first work” (Round 1 letters)
  • Syncs with Credit Repair Cloud accounting
  • Compatible with Authorize.net and all major Gateways

Handling your own recurring billing is time consuming. Try ChargeBee FREE for 30 days from the special link in My Company>ChargeBee. .


__________________________ .



News about Credit Reports from PrivacyGuard,

Identity Secure


Today, these 3 major report providers changed their sites to disable right mouse-click. We have no affiliation to report providers or changes they make to their sites, but here are new instructions for Credit Report Import

  1. Use Chrome, and install a Chrome extension called “Allow Right Click
  2. Visit the provider and open the report in Chrome
  3. When you’re in the report be sure to choose “View Full Report
  4. Do a right mouse click in the middle of the report
  6. Click and highlight all the source code, Copy as usual and paste into the Import page in Credit Repair Cloud.

Works perfectly! Here’s a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0NK_mdc3zI . .

__________________________ .



Automated Recurring Billing & Payments!


This is our most-requested feature ever! Say goodbye to manual invoicing. This new integration gives you awesome superpowers to set automated recurring client payments by credit card within Credit Repair Cloud!


ChargeBee is a leading recurring billing platform (and the most affordable we’ve ever seen). ChargeBee was founded by members of ZOHO, and their team are fantastic. This special integration is the first automated payment system ever designed specifically for the Credit Repair Industry!

Handles all common types of credit repair billing:

  • Monthly recurring payments
  • Pay-per-delete (triggered by status change)
  • 1-time charges.
  • Automated email notifications
  • Dunning management for declined cards
  • Invoice billing
  • Client Signup from your website
  • Collect payment at start — or delay until after “first work” (Round 1 letters)
  • Syncs with Credit Repair Cloud accounting
  • Compatible with Authorize.net and all major Gateways

It’s FREE for 30 days if you sign up from the link in My Company>ChargeBee. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M64DdRfMbQA . __________________________ . 10/01/2014


Payment Integration – Sneak peak for what’s about to launch!

ChargeBee Payment Integration is in final testing. Features include: Add payment plans with choices of: monthly recurring, pay-per delete or 1-time fees. Collect payment at signup or delay payment until after “first work” has been completed. Automated dunning/billing emails for declined payments, clients can add/update their own credit card details. Integration with CRC accounting and business dashboard. Supports all major payment gateways. We can’t answer specifics until it’s live, but it looks awesome! ETA: Early next week after we complete testing.



How to find any client FAST!

Confused by your Client List? No worries! This new video shows how to find any client by FIRST NAME or LAST NAME in 2 seconds. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PafK2YfUtL8



Export custom reports for Excel from your client list

We’ve added new functionality for the Export CSV tool. Previously it exported your entire client list. Now it can export custom lists from choices in your Quick Filter.






3 New Affiliate Tracking and Management Modules


Affiliate referrals grow your revenue faster. Most successful credit repair firms pay affiliates a commission for each active client referred. These 3 new affiliate modules will help you to track and manage your affiliates.

  1. Affiliate Stats Dashboard (Business Dashboard>Affiliate Stats Tab)
  2. Affiliate Commissions Options (My Company>Affiliate Payments)
  3. Affiliate Earnings Dashboard (optional for Affiliate Portal)

We’ll add new Quick Videos and documentation over the next few days.

Here are some screenshots: Affiliate Stats Dashboard (Business Dashboard>Affiliate Stats).


Set Affiliate Commissions (My Company>Affiliate Payments).


Affiliate Portal Earnings Dashboard (optional for Affiliate Portal).








We hope you’ve had an awesome summer. We spent ours building our 3 most-requested features. Affiliate Tracking, Payment Integration and Free Live Help from an Onboarding Team. Here’s a status update:

  1. Affiliate Dashboard — Tracks affiliate payments, commissions, affiliate generated revenue, top affiliates and more. The charts and graphs looks awesome. You’ll also have options to let affiliates track their earnings in their affiliate portal. ETA: Should launch in a few days..
  2. Payment integration – Features include: Client payment plans with choices of: monthly recurring, pay-per delete or 1-time fees. Options to collect payment at signup or to delay payment until after “first work” has been completed. Dunning/Billing emails for declines payments, clients can add/update their own credit card details. Full integration with CRCloud accounting and business KPI dashboard. Works with all major payment gateways. We can’t answer specifics until launch, but it looks awesome! ETA: 2 1/2 weeks (if all testing goes well)..
  3. Your Success Team – Free live onboarding help for all Credit Repair Cloud account holders. Learn to process clients, import Credit Reports, set web lead forms and more. Schedule a FREE Session. ETA: Available now.

Thanks for being a Credit Repair Cloud user!

Daniel daniel_img_3






Client Portal login box or buttons for your company website

Some users just want a simple and clean login button on their site that links to https://www.secureclientaccess.com like this… ClientLoginButton_1 Other users want their clients to log in to the portal from a login box on their company website. If that’s what you were wishing for, today is your lucky day. Visit “My Company>Client/Affiliate Portal>Login Options” and copy the “Portal Login Box” code. Then when you paste it into the html of your webpage it will look like this: Want to try it out? Try this user ID and password: Client / Demo





Web Lead Form for Affiliates

Your Affiliates can add this new Web Lead Form to their website. Potential clients who fill out the form will appear in your Credit Repair Cloud as New Leads (with that Affiliate already tagged as “Referred by”). From his “My Referrals” tab, the Affiliate can see when Leads change status to Active Client. Affiliate will find the special copy/paste code for the Web Lead Form within their Client Portal in a new tab called “Web Lead Form.” If your Affiliate needs help copying and pasting the web lead form into the html code of their site, you’ll need to assist them — or book a session with Keenan.







Credit Repair Cloud just got faster!


In a few weeks we’re launching some new “top-secret” features (one of them is Payment Integration, shhhh don’t tell). In preparation, we’ve moved to super-fast SSD cloud servers. Our server experts are telling us that these can be up to 90% faster than the servers we just left.

FYI: Moving to new servers gave us a new IPs, so please run Free CCleaner today to clean out temporary internet files, cache and history: Click here.




Print Client’s Photo ID, Utility Bill and POA with your Dispute Letters!

This one will make many people happy. When you’re in Wizard 3, printing Round 1 letters to the credit bureaus, we now have a tab for Client Docs to print at the same time: Clients Photo ID, Utility Bill and Power of Attorney (if you use one) that you’ve already uploaded to the client dashboard. Now it’s all in one place for easy printing. Hooray!







Quick Notes for Secure Messaging


Quick notes are awesome. They’re pre-written, saved messages to use for Secure Messaging. If you’re sending the same kinds of messages to all your clients, this will be a huge time saver. When creating your saved Quick Notes, you can automatically insert the name of the Client by adding “Placeholders” like this {client_first_name} to the stored message. Click on “Manage QuickNotes” to see available placeholders. Remember: secure messages don’t send. That is why they’re secure. A user must log in to see them!” PS: Adding Quick Notes required changes to our code, so if you’re an existing user you MUST run free CCleaner before Quick Notes will work: Click here.





Auto-Charge Option for Additional Client Slots

If you’ve got a big operation and entering clients by API, you want to set auto charge options to charge your card whenever you’re low on available clients. Pricing is dependent on the plan you’ve signed up for. For the Enterprise plan, additional clients are .20¢ per month each. You’ll find this option in your My Account page and you can set these to any number you like.





Automated Notifications have new BCC option!


Here’s what this means: If you want to receive copies of automated notifications sent to your clients, but you don’t want your clients to see any other email addresses you have set to receive CC copies, you can now set these all to “BCC.” Visit “My Company>Automated Notifications.” With BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) set, client won’t see who else is copied on their automated notifications. Awesome, right? We knew you’d be thrilled.





Credit Repair Business Calculator (Recurring Revenue vs ROI)

This calculator is useful for running projections with different pricing scenarios. Try it, move the sliders. it’s fun! Remember that the goal is to “scale” your business by increasing the number of paying customers each month, extending their lifecycle, increasing their Lifetime Value and maintaining a low churn (Cancellation) rate.How do you do that? With reasonable pricing, great service and happy clients who keep your service very long time. You might make more by charging less.





“Client’s Choice” is now live!


“Client’s Choice” is a feature some of our bigger users (with thousands of clients) have been requesting. The idea is simple:

  1. Import a credit report for your client
  2. Your client receives a notification to log in and make choices.
  3. The client logs into the portal and chooses the items to dispute.

“Client’s Choice” is optional and not for everyone because it adds extra steps for clients. Only activate “Client’s Choice” if you understand it and feel it’s necessary for your workflow. Activate Clients Choice globally in My Company>Client/Affiliate Portal>Client’s Choice. *NOTE: Unless you have thousands of clients, you probably won’t want “Client’s Choice.” *Want to scale to thousands of clients? Read our recipe to scale. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m90A52hxf28





Big things are on the way

We’re working round-the-clock on something big launching next week! Stay tuned!






It’s Awesome Friday. Our Mandrill Integration is now Live!


This is the most requested feature we’ve ever had (besides credit report import) and we’ve been working on it for months. This feature is awesome because it gives you complete control over all emails sent to your clients and affiliates from your CreditRepairCloud. Customize all automated emails triggered by events (like welcome letters, changes in a client’s account or invoice related emails, etc). It sends html emails and can also use the beautiful MailChimp templates and more. Mandrill will replace your default credit repair cloud email system and you can replace any of the letters with your own. When you activate the Mandrill integration, you’ll already see a different beautiful look to the new letters and content. From there you can replace any templates as needed. You can also monitor delivery and stats in your Mandrill account. To setup Mandrill integration in your Credit Repair Cloud You must be an Admin. Click on My Company>Mandrill Integration. A free Mandrill account allows you to send 12,000 emails per month for free. Didn’t we say awesome?


More Mandrill Awesome-ness

You can also monitor deliverability and open-rate with mandrill and see which emails are bouncing and why (most common issue is sending to an email address that does not exist).







The Recipe to a Lucrative Credit Repair Business!

Our Mandrill integration goes live in a few days and will be the most important feature we’ve launched (since credit report import). While our dev team does final testing, I’ve been busy writing. While this is not exactly a “new feature” you may find it interesting reading: Recipe to Scale a Credit Repair Business.

Daniel_round offset Daniel Rosen, Founder, Credit-Aid Software Culver City, CA






Goodbye SendGrid…Hello Mandrill!

For 15 months we’ve used SendGrid to improve deliverability of automated mail sent from Credit Repair Cloud. SendGrid did it’s job but we wanted more. Now we’ve replaced it with Mandrill (from MailChimp) and it’s awesome. Apps use Mandrill to send “transactional” emails, which are automated one-to-one emails like password reminders and notifications. The Mandrill interface is awesome and it’s giving us more information about deliverability. Speaking of awesome, in a few days we will launch a new feature that gives you complete control over all emails sent from your CreditRepairCloud. It’s the most requested feature we’ve ever had (besides credit report import). With the upcoming Mandrill integration you’ll be able to customize all emails sent, create additional emails triggered by events (like changes in a client’s account or invoice related emails), send html mail, use the beautiful MailChimp templates and more. The Mandrill integration is in final testing and will launch in a few days.





Issue for notification emails **Bug fixed same day**


Automated notification emails use a service called Sendgrid. Yesterday Sendgrid was having an issue that affected generic automated notifications. The issue was resolved same day. Since many people have asked: “Secure messages” are never sent by email (you must log in to see them) so “secure messages” were not affected. The sendgrid issue only affected generic automated notifications. ***ISSUE WAS CORRECTED BY SENDGRID ENGINEERS YESTERDAY***






Import Credit Reports from new providers


We’ve added 2 new online providers for Credit Repair Import: Freescore360.com and Scoresense.com. To learn how to import credit reports, practice first with your Sample Client and Sample Report. Never learn with a live client. Follow the instructions, watch the videos and understand that the technical part happens on another company’s website and the instructions are different for each web browser. Personal assistance is available: If you’re not a technical person and need 1-on-1 assistance to learn how to import credit reports schedule a session with Keenan.





New CRM Sales Tools for Leads to improve your sales funnel


New productivity tools for new Leads help your Sales Team move potential clients through your sales funnel. When a Lead has expressed interest and is open to further contact, change their status to Prospect. It may take multiple contacts to convert a Prospect to a Client. A salesperson can speed this up by creating a sense of urgency. When a Prospect perceives a real and immediate need for the services offered, the process of moving from Prospect to Customer is accelerated. Add notes, change status, set follow-up reminders and more. Reminders appear in your daily notifications and schedule. Today’s agenda can be emailed to you each morning if enabled in “My Company>Automated Notification Options.” CRM Sales Tools in Leads (Click to Zoom)





“Delete Client” added to the permissions module

Only an Admin or custom role with permission can delete clients or leads.





Credit Repair Cloud just got faster!


We’ve optimized our code and added additional super-fast cloud servers. Your client list and client searches are now 70% faster. With a broadband connection (and no wifi issues) your client list should load in a few seconds. Fast responsive software is our goal, so if you’re not seeing it click here to optimize your browser.




Integrate with QuickBooks, FreshBooks and other 3rd party accounting software!


We’ve added more triggers and actions for Zapier! If you’re not familiar with Zapier, it’s like a MatchMaker for Web Applications. Credit Repair Cloud users use Zapier to connect Credit Repair Cloud to Salesforce.com, MailChimp, ZOHO CRM and hundreds of other programs by easy point and click. Now integrate Credit Repair Cloud with your QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks and more. New Invoice Trigger: When an invoice is created at Credit Repair Cloud, it’s sent to that 3rd party accounting software via our API. Create Invoice Action: When an invoice is created at your 3rd party accounting software, it’s sent to Credit Repair Cloud and saved to your client’s record (providing the client’s first name, last name and email match in both software). *Note: QuickBooks or FreshBooks do not yet send/receive payment information via API, so you’ll still need to update payments manually as you do now. This is due to limitations for QuickBooks and FreshBooks. As soon QB and FB release an API call for payment updates, we will add that feature, too. We’re on it!





Team Member Login

Your Team Member Login page has a new flat-design look. Many users requested a simpler login page for employees. Voila! All login letters for Team Members have this link. Have team members add a shortcut on their desktop for https://www.creditrepaircloud.com/login






Add Colors to Custom Client Statuses

A few months ago we added the ability to set your own custom statuses to clients. Now add colors to those custom statuses so they will stand out in your client list. Visit “My Company> Client Status Types.” To add a color highlight to any “Custom” status you’re created: Click and choose the color and then click the save icon. New_Status_Color




Add or Remove Account Owner’s name from Automated Notifications

Automated notifications are sent from the email address designated on the “My Company” page. Some business owners want their name in the signature and others don’t. These new options on the “My Company>Automated Notifications” page make this easier to manage and preview:





Client Payment Options for Invoices

Credit Repair Cloud has built-in accounting and invoicing but it’s important to remember that we are not a payment processor. To take credit card payments or ACH transfers from clients you need a Merchant Account for Credit Repair. If you have a hosted payment page from your Merchant Account or Payment Gateway, you can add a default link to your invoices in your “My Company>Client Payment Options” page.





MailChimp Integration


Credit Repair Cloud can now sync to MailChimp – a world leading email newsletter service. If you want to send a mass email or newsletter to many people at one time, we recommend MailChimp. This integration syncs contacts from your Credit Repair Cloud to your MailChimp account. If you have 4 lists in MailChimp called; Leads, Prospects, Clients and Affiliates, you can set those same lists to sync and update daily to maintain up-to-date mailing lists in MailChimp for your monthly newsletter or mass mails. At the time of this writing a free MailChimp account allows you to send 12,000 emails per month for free! **Note: We are also working on a Mandrill integration that will give you complete control over all mail sent from your credit repair cloud account, plus the ability to send timed or triggered emails set by events in a client’s lifecycle. Mandrill is another product from MailChimp for sending triggered/transactional emails. Mandrill users can send 12,000 emails a month for free. We are putting the finishing touches on the Mandrill Integration. This is a feature that many users have requested. It’s in final testing and should go live within the next 2 weeks.





The “My Invoices” tab

This was one of our most requested features on our UserVoice page. At log in, you’ll see a new tab for My Invoices with a financial overview for all clients. If you’re an ADMIN you’ll see status of All Clients, but if you’re not an ADMIN (or if don’t have appropriate permissions), you’ll only see clients assigned to you. Invoice data syncs with the new Business Dashboard, giving you a 360 degree view and powerful tools (KPI’s) to scale a business. It’s very intuitive and it runs much like Quickbooks. If you were using the old simple invoicing module don’t worry, your old data and old features are still there! We’ve just added more. Here’s a screenshot with more details below:


If you used the old invoicing module, all your saved invoices are still there. If you saved invoice items with fixed prices, those are still there, too. Just click the buttons to add them when you’re creating a new invoice. You can also enter payments on outstanding invoices same as before.

Here’s what’s new on the MY INVOICES tab:

  • If you are an ADMIN and you log in and click MY INVOICES you will see status of ALL Clients
  • You can filter by OUTSTANDING, PAST DUE and PAID by clicking on the colored headers.
  • If you’re a team member who is NOT an Admin, you will only see stays of clients assigned to you.
  • You can still access invoices (same as before) from within any client’s dashboard or account.
  • The invoicing feeds data to the Business Dashboard (seen only by Admins) which gives you KPI’s to scale a business.

For any new feature: always practice first with your Sample Client. Never on a live client. If you spend 5 or 10 minutes creating invoices for your Sample Client, then you will know your way around. It’s very intuitive. If you use QuickBooks you’ll feel right at home. If you’re NEW to Credit Repair Cloud or want extra 1-on-one help in; setting up your account, learning to import credit reports, set online agreements, creating invoices, setting up a website, etc, you may want to consider a 1-on-1 Software Training with Keenan. Schedule it here: https://creditaid.acuityscheduling.com




Bug Alert! Database Issue **Bug fixed same day**


Friday, January 17, 2014, some users reported issues with saved documents. New cloud servers had been added the night before to increase speed and functionality, but after the upgrade some databases had a wrong location for stored documents (this affected messaging and invoicing). Data is backed-up continually, so data-loss was not a concern, but it took our dev team a few hours to reroute databases. We apologize for any inconvenience. The issue was corrected.



1/15/2014 – Milestone

Happy Birthday Credit Repair Cloud!


One year ago, we launched Credit Repair Cloud, the world’s first cloud-based credit repair software. It’s been a tremendous first year. Our user-base grew faster than we had ever dreamed. This enabled us to accelerate production and add new features faster. We’d like to thank all of our amazing users. Feedback from brave early-adopters helped to shape the Credit Repair Cloud you see today. We continue that tradition on our User Voice Page, where all users post suggestions for new features they’d like to see. Other users vote on those ideas, we discuss them at developer meetings and many are added to our software. Credit Report Import was the number-one requested feature for 2013. It took us 5 long months but we finally added it back in the Summer of 2013. Click here to see all that we’ve added since launch. Back in 2002, when Credit-Aid Software first began, we spent a lot of money on advertising. A few years ago we changed to NO Advertising. Instead of full-page ads to hype our software, we put revenue right back into hiring more programmers. “If you build it they will come.” As a result, Credit Repair Cloud is improved daily and our revenue grows only from word-of-mouth of happy users whose businesses thrive on our system. No hype needed. Since launch, we’ve added 5 more full-time programmers to our mighty development team to add more exciting features to Credit Repair Cloud. Highlights include Credit Report Import, Business Dashboard/KPIs, Digital Signature Capture and the Credit Repair Cloud API which enables you to integrate Credit Repair Cloud with hundreds of other cloud applications. Your Credit Repair Cloud can now talk to your CRM, accounting software, send automated emails from other mail services, trigger SMS text messages and more. The possibilities are endless and much more is planned for the API. Our #1 goal in 2014 is to make it a successful and lucrative year for you and your business. Thanks for being a Credit Repair Cloud user!


Daniel Rosen Founder, Credit-Aid Software Culver City, CA




Business Dashboard and KPIs!

The business dashboard feature is now live with real-time KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to track your sales growth. Understanding your conversion rate, churn rate and average revenue per client are your key metrics for scaling your business. The dashboard can be seen by any admin or a custom role with appropriate permissions. New parts will be added to this module over the coming weeks to give you a 360 degree view of your business and team. Stay tuned.






New Client List features that your Sales and Processing Staff will love!

On the client list we’ve added new client statuses, stages and a “Quick View” filter to show your salespeople Leads and Prospects to follow up on, as well as stages and status of all your paid clients; who needs follow up, past-due invoices, etc. Watch this quick video to see what’s new in your client list: https://youtu.be/bGwEN2jWraE




Real-time System Status and Uptime Reporting

Credit Repair Cloud runs on the world’s-fastest cloud servers and we’re very proud of our uptime record. In 12 months since our January 2013 launch, we’ve maintained a 99.98% uptime rate. Since adding additional cloud servers in early November, we’ve been at 100% uptime. We like to be as transparent as possible, especially when we’re experiencing an issue, so we’ve now setup real-time system status page where you can monitor Credit Repair Cloud Uptime 24/7. In the event of a planned (or unplanned) maintenance, visit our live status page and pingdom for details and follow us on Twitter for live updates. Alternatively, if you ever have a login or connection issue and see “all systems normal” on our status page, you’ll know the issue is probably on your end; click here to tune-up/repair your web browser. Need help? Visit support.credit-aid.com.





Credit Repair Cloud now integrates with…EVERYTHING! Thanks to Zapier


When we added Developer tools and API’s, it opened up a whole new world for Credit Repair Cloud users with in-house developers to build and develop their own applications to interact with Credit Repair Cloud. Today, we have partnered with Zapier, and now anyone can integrate their Credit Repair Cloud account with over 250 popular online applications, including Salesforce.com, ZOHO, Quickbooks online, Freshbooks, MailChimp and more. Zapier is like a matchmaker for cloud applications, allowing you set triggers in one application to cause an action in another. It takes just minutes to set up, no programming needed and it’s free to try with no time limit. Popular “zaps” would be: Add a client to your Salesforce.com (or other CRM) and it will automatically create a client in Credit Repair Cloud. Or, if a client doesn’t pay his bill, mark him as suspended in your CRM and the client will be automatically be suspended in credit Repair Cloud. Or, create a new clientin Credit Repair Cloud and have your MailChimp or aWeber send that client a customized welcome letter from you or have an SMS text agreement sent to the client’s mobile phone to respond with the word “AGREE”. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, zapier will only do the actions you see listed. Currently our API calls will create leads, clients and change their status. Next week we add invoice related API calls, for example; create a invoice or record a payment in QuickBooks Online, Freshbooks (or other accounting software), and the invoice information will update in your Credit Repair Cloud. The invoice statuses will also be connected to the new Business Dashboard we are launching shortly with real time KPI’s to scale your business. It’s going to be an exciting year in 2014. Click here to learn more about Zapier integration. https://youtu.be/Ng2AKc_2kP0



12/5/2013 Bug Alert! ***12/6/2013 Bug was fixed***


Yesterday, several users reported that imported credit scores were not saving to the client dashboard. Scores would save, but then disappear. Thanks to a helpful user who sent source codes and steps to reproduce the issue, we were able to correct the issue fast. Have an awesome day!




New feature: Save an Imported Credit Report as “Pending” and finish your work later

Many people have requested this one. When you import an online credit report it first appears in the “Preview Credit Report” Page, where you must tag and save the negative items. We’ve now added an optional button to save the report as “Pending.” You can come back later to finish tagging the dispute items for the wizard. The credit items will not populate to the rest of the software (and the Wizard) until you return to finish your work. Here’s how to use this optional new feature in the Import Credit Report Preview Page: 1) Click the new button that says “Save this report as pending and finish later (optional).”


2) Return to the “Pending report” to finish your work by clicking this link in the client’s dashboard.





We now have Premium Support and Software Training by Phone!


Most software companies have tech support by email only. Starting today, we now offer Premium Support by phone. Say hello to Keenan, our resident genius and the newest member of our Support Team.

Starting today, here are your 2 options for tech support:

  • FREE SUPPORT BY EMAIL: Send a specific question, we will be happy to help you by email. Include details of what you’re trying to do and what’s going wrong. include your User ID plus client name (if related to a client). Write from the same email you signed up with so our records match. Please no support tickets from cell phones. Remember, we are not there with you so we rely on your communication. Take time to write clear details (from a computer) so we can understand and help.Visit our support desk at http://support.credit-aid.com
  • PhoneIcon PREMIUM PHONE SUPPORT AND SOFTWARE TRAINING WITH KEENAN: Live one-on-one IT support and personalized assistance for Credit Repair Cloud, software questions, configuration, browser issues, windows and mac issues, web hosting, sitebuilder and more. Keenan can assist you directly on your computer using screen sharing. **If you’re just getting started, this personalized assistance is for you. Click here to book a session with Keenan!

*Premium Tech Support is not for legal advice or credit repair training. For credit repair training visit American Credit Repair Academy. Paid cloud users sign up for a free 20 minute mini credit repair session with Denise Wayne at the Academy. Paid Cloud users signup here, fill out the yellow box and choose option 2. Use the same email address you signed up with.




Account holders can now change their email address!

Many account holders have requested this because they have signed up with a personal email instead of their business email. If you’re an ADMIN: Login to your account, click on My Company> Team Members and update any email address in your Team Member profile. You can also set the company email name and address in the My Company Profile. *Please note that User IDs cannot change. This same exists at Facebook, Gmail, Google, Yahoo, etc. Too many database records depend on the User ID so that’s why it cannot change.




New Videos on the Quick Videos Page

We’ve add many new videos to the Quick Videos page. New additions are:

  • How to Create an Online Agreement (for your client portal)
  • Add Credit Items Manually
  • Update Credit Items Manually
  • Import Online Credit Reports
  • View Source in Any Browser
  • Add a Web Lead Form to your Web Site
  • How to Create an Invoice
  • Tune-Up Your Web Browser (recommended for everyone)
  • And more.

If there’s a topic we haven’t covered in a video, please tell us and we will make a new one.





New Upload Button (alternate method) for importing a Credit Report Source Code

Every so often a credit report source code will be too large (if your computer has limited RAM memory). This issue seems to happen most often in Chrome. If this happens to you, try one of these choices:

  1. Try a different web browser (we like Firefox)
  2. Save your Credit Report Source Code as a txt file and use the new upload button shown in this picture:





Sample Credit Report Source Code (for practicing and learning)

We’ve added a sample “John Doe” Credit Report for practicing and learning how to import an online credit report. First: create a test client named “John Doe.” Then visit his dashboard and click the button that says “Import Online Credit Reports.” You’ll see a link at the top for the sample Credit Report Source Code. Here’s a picture of it:





Dispute Items list now has option of “Credit Report View”

Once you’ve added or imported items from a Credit Report, you can see those items (and update their status) at that client’s “Dispute Items” tab. On that same “Dispute Items” page, we have now added a new “Report View” which shows these items in Credit Report format. In the “Report View” you can click to update status, reason or instruction for any dispute item. To see the new “Report View,” visit any Client Dashboard, click the “Dispute Items” tab to see that you can now toggle between “List View” and “Report View.” Items imported from a credit report (or manually) will display in a Credit Report format.





Affiliates can now update their own contact details

Affiliates can now update their own contact information directly from their affiliate portal login.





Additional (faster) cloud servers for improved performance

In the 9 months since we launched Credit Repair Cloud, our app has grown considerably. All summer (and most of fall) we’ve worked to complete our most important 2 features: APIs and Credit Report Import. These 2 features propelled our signups and our company. Last night, to handle the extra traffic, we added additional (faster) cloud servers. The good news for you is that the app will be faster, and revenue from signups helps us to add more coders to our dev team, to speed up production and push out new features faster. Because the code has changed and databases are now on a new server, please run CCleaner on your browser. It’s free and will speed up your system. We run it daily here. http://support.credit-aid.com/entries/23577522-Fix-Internet-Browser-Problems. The next big thing we’re working on is a Business Dashboard for an overview of your company with full reporting. We hope to have that live sometime next month. If you have any ideas of features you’d like to see in a Business Dashboard, please post them on our “New Feature Request Page.” “Click on Help & Support > New Feature Requests.” We pay close attention to user requests posted there and we add many of them. Want to know more about our adventures in bootstrapping? Here’s a blog posting I wrote over the weekend for our 9 month birthday. Thanks for being a Credit Repair Cloud user.




Online Agreements with Client’s Digital Signatures can now be exported as PDF

This was a user suggestion posted by Mark in our our UserVoice “New Feature Request” page. Thank you Mark! Access this feature in “My Company > Digital Signatures.” The PDF button is next to the print button.






10/17/2013 Bug Alert! ***10/18/2013 Bug was fixed***


Yesterday we announced that import was available for new report providers. But that same day, FreeScore made a change causing issues with FreeScore reports imported. We have corrected the issue and freeScore is working fine. If you had an issue yesterday, pleas run free CCleaner and try to import again.




Credit Report Import is now available for 6 Credit Report and Score providers!


See details below this graphic Credit Repair Cloud will now import online credit reports from:

  • Privacyguard
  • IdentitySecure
  • FreeScore