How to Write a Letter to Creditors

  • During the credit repair process, the first round of dispute letters are sent to the 3 credit bureaus. During round two, you may need to write letters on your client’s behalf to particular creditors.

Read on to learn:

  • Why you should be sending letters directly to creditors during round two of the credit repair process
  • How to write an effective letter to creditors
  • What contacting creditors directly can do for your client


Letter to Creditors

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When to write a letter directly to a creditor

If the first round of dispute letters come back with items that were verified by the credit bureaus, your client may want to challenge the validation. You will need to discuss which items they want to dispute, and then contact each creditor on behalf of your client.

Common reasons to write a dispute letter directly to a creditor:

Challenge the validity of the negative item on their credit report

Request for debt settlement or modified payments

Request for the deletion of one or two missed payments

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What do I include in a letter to a creditor?

The specific content of each letter will depend on the particular type of debt, the desired result, and how the credit bureau responded to the round one letter.

  • Client’s information: Remember, this letter (like all the other dispute letters) is coming from your client and should reflect their information, not yours as the credit repair company
  • Request: Be clear about what you are hoping the creditor will do (remove late payment, confirm loan amount, et al)
  • Reason: Include concise reasoning, facts (if relevant), and any information to support your request

When you take the American Credit Repair Academy training course or read The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Credit Repair Business you will learn more about the different reasons to send a client’s creditor a letter and other specific template options.

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