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Everything you need for a profitable credit repair business

It's so easy to use You'll be an expert in minutes
Dispute Automation Faster than any other method
Import Credit Reports In seconds. No more typing
Business Dashboard Key metrics to grow and scale your business
Client & Affiliate Portal The most important tool a credit pro can have
Payment Integration Recurring credit card payments from clients
Capture Leads and sign up from any website or blog
Signature Capture for your online agreements
Affiliate Dashboard Grow revenue faster with referrals
Plus 100+ dispute letters, legal docs, marketing materials, business guides, CRM sales tools, calendar/scheduler, accounting, invoicing, developer API integration and more. Learn more.
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This all-in-one solution runs my entire business, pays for itself and is easy to scale. I've grown my business far beyond my wildest dreams!

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Mike Ewell
San Diego, CA

The Credit Repair Cloud Experience

Learn why everyone's moving to the cloud

Credit Repair
Easy and Fast

You won't need an MBA to
understand this software.
We've made it as intuitive
as Facebook.

Capture leads from
any site or blog

Visitors fill out a form on
your site and it appears
in your cloud account
as a new lead.

Access on any
Internet Device

Manage your business,
your team, clients, affiliates,
and leads from any computer,
tablet or smartphone

Automatic Import
of Credit Reports

Say goodbye to typing!
Process credit disputes
faster than any other

Your Client Portal
is Private Label

With only your company
information and your logo,
to look as if custom-built
just for you.

Your Client Portal
is Secure

Clients see 24/7 status,
Affiliates send leads with
one click. Plus Signatures,
doc exchange and more.

Start a recurring-revenue business with just a computer and a phone!

Here's how this works: New clients sign up with a credit card to pay your monthly fee. You guide them to order a credit report. Next, you import the credit report and choose the items to dispute. It's best to dispute fewer than 5 items per month, so your monthly work per client is usually under 5 minutes. Clients log in for credit tips, financial tools and updates which add transparency and value to your service. If you keep your paying clients happy with awesome service, and add a few more clients each month, your income will increase dramatically like this recurring revenue calculator. Once you've nailed this process, scale it larger with affiliates to refer more clients. This proven business model has existed for decades, but we've super-charged the process with software to make you awesome.

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Credit Repair Cloud is the best credit repair business solution available.
I'm making more money than I ever did as a mortgage broker!

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Phil Entenmann
Boca Raton, FL

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