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Credit Repair Essentials

Dispute Letters for Removing Public Records

  • Round 1 Letter: The first step of any Credit Repair dispute. These letters are sent to the Credit Bureaus because they will contact the furnishers to verify or remove unverifiable items from Credit Reports!
  • Clerk of the Court Letter: Collect proof from the court and gain leverage in your dispute!
  • Warning Letter: Now that you have leverage, use this letter to show proof of inaccuracies and demand a deletion!

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Dispute Letters for Removing Public Records

Understanding the Telephone Sales Rule

IF YOU SERVICE OR SOLICIT CUSTOMERS BY TELEPHONE IN MORE THAN ONE STATE, YOU MUST ADHERE TO THE TSR. The TSR prohibits requesting or receiving payment for credit repair services any time before
1) the seller provides the customer a report from a consumer reporting agency showing achievement of the promised result; and 2) such report is issued more than six months after the positive results were achieved.
You must comply with all the applicable federal laws. You must also comply with the laws of the state where you market and operate. CRC’s statements are not legal advice. You should seek legal advice to assure compliance.
For more information, you can visit the FTC’s website: