Credit Building Products Free Mini-Workshop

(Build your credit from scratch or add another revenue stream to your credit repair business!)

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Credit Building Products:
This 5-part FREE workshop is all about the financial products or services that can help you establish credit, build credit, or increase credit scores. 

  • Revolving Account Secrets:

    Revolving accounts are the cornerstone of every credit report. Learn which ones are MOST effective to get the highest score possible. 

  • Installment Account Secrets:

    Not all installment accounts are helpful. Learn which ones help to build credit and gain lender's trust!

  • Rent & Utility Reporting Secrets: Rent and utility reporting services can get your credit reports to reflect your payments and increase a credit score. Learn which ones make the most impact!

  • Add an Additional Revenue Stream: Learn how you can increase your credit, help your clients, AND get paid well for it! 

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