How to Write a
Debt Validation Letter

  • When a debt collector calls your client with a list of outstanding debts, don’t rush to a conclusion and begin paying the debt off immediately.
  • Before you can begin to manage the debt, you need to make sure the debt actually belongs to your client by sending the right letter to the bureau. Remember: If they can't prove it, they must remove it!

Send the bureau a request for a validation of debt on behalf of your client.

Read on to learn:

  • Why you should send debt validation letters for credit repair clients
  • How to write an effective debt validation letter
  • What debt validation can do for your credit repair clients


Debt Validation Letter

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When to use a debt validation letter

A debt validation letter is an essential document to send to the credit bureaus in order to obtain verifiable proof that a specific debt belongs to your client. Proof that the debt in question belongs to your client will ensure that the debt is accurately recorded and not due to reporting errors or fraud.

Debt validation letters:

  • Confirm the amount of debt due and to whom it is owed
  • Can help start the debt negotiation process
  • Are sent directly to the bureaus, not the creditor

Download Debt Validation letter template

3 reasons to send a debt validation letter for your client

Catch reporting errors that result in overpayment

Know whom to pay, exactly how much, and help stop harassing phone calls

Clients who find debt relief are more likely to continue in your credit repair program

Download Debt Validation letter template

What do I include in a debt validation request letter?

  • Client’s information. This letter (like all the other dispute letters) is coming from your client and should reflect their information, not yours as the credit repair company
  • Request for verifiable proof of listed debts
  • A statement that under Federal Law and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), there is a 30-day time limit for investigation or the client has the right to sue for the FCRA violation
  • A request for speedy consideration due to the negative impact on client’s credit
  • A request for the original signed consumer contract with the collector

Download Debt Validation letter template