How to Write a Goodwill Adjustment Letter

  • But those old missed payments are really bringing your client’s credit score down.
  • How can you get this client’s score to reflect their current payments?

Write a goodwill deletion letter to the creditor on the behalf of your clients.

Read on to learn:

  • Why you should be sending more goodwill deletion letters for credit repair clients
  • How to write an effective goodwill letter for late payments
  • What a goodwill deletion can do for your credit repair clients


Goodwill Deletion Letter

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When to use a goodwill deletion letter

A goodwill deletion letter is written to the creditor to ask for removal of a paid-up debt that, at one point, had a late payment or two. Now that the client is paying back their debt consistently, you can write a goodwill letter to remove late payments from the credit report and improve your client’s credit score almost immediately.

  • Goodwill deletion letters are for one or two missed payments on an account
  • Clients should have a good recent payment history with the creditor
  • Letters go to the creditor (i.e. the cable company, the utility company), not the bureaus

Three urgent reasons to write a goodwill deletion letters for clients

Goodwill deletion letters often result in the item being removed

Every negative item removed from the report results in a higher credit score

Clients who get items deleted are more likely to continue in your credit repair program

Download Goodwill Deletion Letter Template

What do I include in a goodwill deletion request letter?

  • Client’s information: Remember, this letter (like all the other dispute letters) is coming from your client and should reflect their information, not yours as the credit repair company
  • Length of relationship as a customer of the creditor
  • Request for goodwill adjustment for reporting to the bureaus
  • Length of on-time payment history
  • Specific, personal reason(s) for late payment (why the late payment was an anomaly)
  • A sincere request to remove the late payments in consideration of all of the above information

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