How to Write a
Pay for Delete Letter

  • Delinquent debts reported to credit bureaus can leave a negative mark on a credit report that can last up to seven years and results in a substantially lower credit score.

Send the collector a pay for delete letter on behalf of your client.

Read on to learn:

  • Why you should send pay for delete letters for credit repair clients
  • How to write an effective pay for delete letter
  • What a pay for delete letter can do for your credit repair clients


Pay For Delete Letter

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When to use a pay for delete letter

A pay for delete letter is sent directly to the original creditor requesting the removal of negative marks on a credit report in exchange for paying the outlined debt in full. When a client has an unverified debt, a pay for delete letter can serve to settle all debt without requiring a creditor to verify the debt claims. Pay for delete letters can remove the negative marks from the credit report and improve the client’s financial well being.

  • A pay for delete letter offers to settle debt in exchange for removing negative marks that impact a credit score
  • Letters are sent directly to the creditors
  • In exchange, clients can receive a signed contract indicating creditor will remove offending negative items
  • Debts are settled and verified in writing


Download my pay for delete letter template

3 reasons to send a pay for delete letter for your client

It is a simple business deal that results in an improved credit score

Your client will know who to pay and exactly how much

Clients who find debt relief are more likely to continue in your credit repair program

Download my pay for delete letter template

What do I include in a pay for delete letter?

  • Client’s information. This letter (like all the other dispute letters) is coming from your client and should reflect their information, not yours as the credit repair company
  • Offer to pay debts in full
  • Statement requesting a confirmation signed by the creditor
  • A request for speedy consideration due to the negative impact on obtaining credit
  • Do not pay anything until you receive the signed letter back stating that the item will be removed in return for payment

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