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Credit Repair Cloud



In 2002...

We created the world's first Credit Repair Software
Our tools have helped millions of people to improve their credit



The world's first cloud-based Credit Repair Software CRM

Our customers are finance professionals & entrepreneurs

Many are at Fortune 500 companies

This all-in-one solution runs my entire business, pays for itself and is easy to scale. I've grown my business far beyond my wildest dreams!

mike ewell
Mike Ewell San Diego, CA

It's the world's most affordable startup


All you need is a computer, a phone and software

and you can
try it FREE!
Yes, the free trial is really FREE!

How successful Credit Repair Companies make millions

  • If you keep your existing "paying" clients happy
  • And you add a few more clients each month

Your revenue will grow larger every month!

We have built-in tools to keep you on track


Meet Mike. He has a Credit Repair Business in
Utah that's powered by Credit Repair Cloud.

Mike has has 7800 clients
Each client pays him $99 a month
His profit is $772,200 each month

That's $9,266,400 per year!

Mike and his staff create an awesome experience, so their clients
stay for a long time. That’s the best way to grow a business.

How do you get so many clients?

With Affiliates!


Affiliates are Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Auto Dealers, CPAs and
Attorneys who refer clients to you. Your service helps their
business, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Everything is tracked.

How do you manage them all?

With software that makes you awesome!

  • Capture leads

  • Import Credit Reports

  • CRM

  • Affiliate Tracking

  • Dispute Automation

  • Recurring Payments

  • Legal Library

  • Signature Capture

  • Client Portal

  • KPI Dashboard

  • Developer API

  • Easy to use

Credit Repair Cloud automates the process and
makes you look awesome! Here's the flow…


A new lead

in your Credit Repair Cloud, from your web site or an affiliate referral.

You follow up on the

Convert the lead to a client, complete the profile, enter their credit card and send login details.

Client logs into her
secure portal

Signs your online agreement and uploads relevant documents.


Client signs up
for credit monitoring

A $1 free trial gives instant access to all 3 reports. Client provides login details to access them.

You import the online
credit reports

Credit Repair Cloud analyzes and flags negative items in 2 seconds. Click to tag and save.

You run the Credit

This adds the items to a dispute letter. Never send more than 5 items to any bureau in a 1 month.


Wait 30 days for
bureaus to respond

Items are often removed. Update items manually in Credit Repair Cloud. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If a bureau claims
an item is verified

Challenge it with a new letter or write directly to the creditor. This is called "Round 2."

Client sees
updates in her portal

Items are removed. Client sees results, her monthly recurring payments continue, she’s thrilled and tells her friends!

Once you've nailed the basics, it's time to grow and scale

  • with affiliates

This business model has existed for years. We've just made it more profitable. Our software is so unique, it's patented.

The best part...

  • It pays for itself with
    your first few clients...

and all the rest are profit!

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