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Do Your Best Work and Change Many Lives at Credit Repair Cloud

Each team member is encouraged to make their greatest contribution daily so we can collectively change lives and be a positive difference in the world.

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An amazing place to work

We Change Lives

We believe in our team culture of empowerment and radical inclusivity! Ready to join our team? Be sure to check out our Culture Page to learn more about the values we hold and live out each day!

Our approach to hiring and working as a team relies on valuing every individual for who they are, their belief in our movement, and their zone of genius superpowers! That means we are free to be ourselves and thrive together as we respect and appreciate every aspect that makes up our team’s uniqueness.


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Competitive Pay

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We Help Change Our Team's Lives

Independence, no micromanaging here, It's a friendly environment with a no gossip policy, great culture. It's a transparent company, letting everyone know what we're doing and what our goals are in the future, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate!


Credit Repair Cloud made me feel like I'm valued and all my hard work and dedication are put into good use. In the midst of challenging situations, I've always felt that there are people who got my back and are always willing to extend a helping hand. This company promotes a true sense of teamwork which makes me appreciate more the successes and endure more during trying times.


This is the first job where I feel like I am looked at as more than just an agent, I'm a person and treated like one every day. From the management team to the agents, everyone is always so willing to help each other. The amount of positivity and light that there is in this company is unheard of.


Great Culture - The company strives on creating an amazing culture for all employees. This includes management being very transparent with the whole team and caring for the feedback from all employees.


Not only does everyone believe in the company's mission, but our founder and CEO also lives and breathes the company's mission; which is changing lives. Once again, coming from a background in customer service companies this has been a cliche for a long time until I arrived in CRC. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to belong to such an amazing company that has valued me for who I am.


I have been in the customer service and online freelance industry for over 10 years. I never imagined that a company that is genuinely warm, supportive and rock-solid in terms of stability exists. I cannot express how thankful and blessed I feel to be a part of this company. Cheers to better milestones and success!


I’ve worked both in house and as a freelancer for many places but none come close to the positive experience of working at Credit Repair Cloud. The company is growing fast. They have a solid organizational structure that is providing a lot of good opportunities for employees. The company culture is strong, positive and mission focused. The team is top tier.


Management is hands on. These are brilliant people, like next level genius smart. Not only does the CEO, VP, CTO, Director and the entire staff ALL participate in our daily huddle and regular meetings - they make themselves personally available at a moments notice regardless of your title.


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You Applied. Now What?

What happens on the other side of the application process? Here’s what you can expect once you apply for a job at Credit Repair Cloud.

The Applicant Pool:

Our recruiting process is done by humans only (we save the bot work for the credit repair software)! That means real human eyes - not AI - with real human minds read through everything you send us. As such, please understand, we know you’re excited to move through the phases, but due to the personal care we provide each application, our process could take a bit longer than you’d like.

Hyper-Focused Recruiting:

Our recruiters - though not robots - use laser focus when accessing each application. This means the process can be tedious as we’re very selective in order to find the perfect candidate. We’ll consider what superpowers you have, what zone of genius you thrive in, and whether or not our culture is exactly what you’re looking for.

Assessments and Interviews:

As part of the recruitment process we may ask you for assessments, DISC profile, video introduction, and anything else that helps you stand out in the crowd and prove your competency and culture fit. If we find you’re a good match, our recruiters will contact you to begin the interview process.

Now that you’ve visited our Career Page, be sure to check out our Culture Page prior to applying so that you’re confident you’ll be joining a culture aligned with your beliefs.