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Are You a Doer Or a Dabbler? 4 Steps To Overcoming a Fear Of Starting

By: Daniel Rosen February 11, 2020

When you consider how many ways there are to succeed, it’s really interesting to see that even today, very few people actually decide to start their own business. From what I’ve seen, most of them are too weighed down by fear and insecurity. They’re worried that they will make a mistake or make a bad investment, and they never even give it a good, honest try. But there is a way to get past this...

To me, It’s perfectly normal to be scared, but it’s crazy to let the fear of failure stand in the way of your dreams. That is why today, I want to empower you to overcome these fears. But before I do, I want to ask you one very simple question - are you a doer or a dabbler?


Don’t Let Fear Get In the Way of Your Credit Repair Business Success

Being able to control your own success is incredibly tempting because it’s so valuable. That’s one of the main reasons people dream about starting their own business. When you’re working for yourself, any amount of effort you put in is an investment in your own success.

But I’ve seen many people quit because they’re paralyzed by fear. Bound to one spot in their life because they’re so afraid of making one single mistake. Some of them didn’t even bother to take the most basic steps. I guess it’s that much more comfortable just to keep on dreaming. 

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is something you have to do yourself - no one can do it for you. On your journey, life will give you plenty of obstacles, and you really don’t need to start adding some yourself. Fearing the unknown is normal, but you can’t allow it to distort your reality. And like any obstacle in life, it’s there so that you can overcome it.

“Not taking that first step because you’re unsure of what’s going to happen - that’s what’s crazy!” - Daniel Rosen


My Top 4 Tips for Overcoming Your Fears and Making the First Step


Stop Obsessing About Quitting Your Day Job

Many people can’t wait to quit their 9 to 5, so they could get finally get to work on their own business. However - these two aren’t mutually exclusive! In fact, by keeping your business a side hustle, you’ll take some of the unnecessary pressure off that comes from not having a steady income. You don’t need to cash in your savings either. Simply take your time, bootstrap, and invest what you can afford - even if that’s only your time, for now.


Learn to Model Your Success 

Another very important thing I want you to understand - the unknown isn’t what it used to be. So there’s really not a rational excuse to be so afraid of failing if there are so many people you can learn from. All you have to do is model their success. 

When I was getting started, I didn’t have anything - no courses I could turn to, no masterclasses… Not even an eBook. It was so frustrating because I had to gain my expertise the hard way, through trial and error. Learning by doing, making mistakes and then doing some more. But you don’t have to. That’s precisely why I’m sharing all of this - one rocky road to success should be more than enough.


Connect With Others Who Are On the Same Journey

The best way to jump-start your success is to surround yourself with people from the credit repair industry. People who understand what you’re going through and share your interests. You can even reach out to those who are starting businesses in other industries. The point is, by surrounding yourself with people who have a similar mindset, you’re going to improve a lot quicker, you’ll always have someone to talk to, and you’re never going to be off track. 

“You need to be around people with the same mindset.” - Daniel Rosen

That’s why we created a support group for over 8000 credit repair aficionados. It’s truly one of our greatest resources, and you click here to become a part of our community!


Do (At Least) One Thing Per Day to Move Your Dream Forward

It can literally be anything. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 5 minutes or 5 hours. Whatever the scenario - you’ve got to make sure you’re building your dream each and every day. It’s a great way to keep focus and build momentum, which is why I still rely on this tip even today!

All you need to do is take that first step. These tips are just there to guide you along the way. So remember - start slow, learn from other people’s mistakes, connect with those who are in the same boat, and keep at it every single day.

Don’t dabble when you can do. I know you can.

Keep changing lives!


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