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How an Air Force Veteran Makes Millions Serving His Community Through a Credit Repair Business

By: Daniel Rosen June 18, 2020


Many people think that a successful business is built on perseverance and sweat, often subscribing to the notion that “hard work pays off." But what if a sturdy business foundation consists of more than just hard work? How can you be sure that you’re building a business that people actually want? How can you attract new clients to your business day in, day out? 

The answer: focus on service. 

If you focus on service, there’ll always be a demand for your business because you’re solving problems that already exist. 

In this post, we’ll explore how you can use Air Force veteran Derrick Harper’s story – combined with a focus on service – to help your business blossom. 

Derrick Harper's Journey to Credit Repair Success 

To the untrained eye, Derrick Harper’s road to credit repair success might seem unexpected. He considered himself as a military man, having spent a number of years in the Air Force, and had no prior experience of starting or running a business – successful or otherwise. 

Derrick’s first encounter with credit repair arose from necessity rather than desire. You see, all military members must have good credit in order to pass periodic security checks. When Derrick and his buddy were facing an upcoming check, they needed to ensure their credit scores would back them up. Because Derrick has always loved helping others, he took it upon himself to get both of their credit reports up to scratch. As a result, they both gained security clearance. 

Derrick’s credit repair skills didn’t go unnoticed – the base was soon buzzing with news of his success. Before he knew it, he was inundated with requests for credit repair, which he gladly provided for free.

It was Derrick’s desire to serve others that brought him to the Air Force, and it was this benevolent nature that continued through to his credit repair work. Derrick became a credit hero in his community through his mastery of disputing credit report items and improving credit scores. 

By the time he left the military, Derrick had helped hundreds of people with credit repair. The base commander was so impressed that he gave Derrick an award and said, “you should really start charging money for credit repair!" 

That was exactly what Derrick did. 

Derrick had over a thousand people waiting for credit repair when he finally converted his “hobby” into the business known today as Point Boosters. Since its community-based beginnings, Point Boosters has expanded into a multi-million dollar company that improves the financial wellbeing of thousands of people every year. 

Derrick continued to offer credit repair services after his time in the military because he found reward in helping others. It didn’t matter that Derrick didn’t have the skills or experience when he started, his desire to focus on service became the foundation of his business.

Here are some of the benefits of adopting a service-focused approach in your business. 

1.  Attract High-Value Leads Based on Transferred Trust

Service before self isn't just a value held by the military community, it's a call to change the way people do business. 

If you want to attract high-value leads to your company, you’ll need to demonstrate why you are the right person for the job. The benefit of focusing on service is that you gain the ability to show – not tell – people why you’re worth the money. 

How can it be that one hairdresser in New York can charge $30 for a haircut, while another successfully charges $3000? Although it’s likely that the more expensive haircut is better quality, is it really $2970 better? Probably not. 

People are able to charge more for their services because of transferred trust and perceived value. 

Would you prefer to eat in the restaurant that’s always empty or the restaurant that your best friend recommended that’s fully-booked night after night?

When a service is recommended to you and it’s in high demand, you not only trust the brand because it’s been endorsed by a credible source, you also perceive the value of the service to be higher because people want it. 

2. Gain More Referrals

One of the major frustrations first-time business owners face is the constant quest of finding and securing clients. A lack of steady work can lead to a feast-famine cycle that wreaks havoc in both your personal and professional life. Wouldn't it be nice to know your pipeline is consistently full, and you don't need to worry about perfecting lead generation strategies?

Derrick had never owned a business before, yet he never ran out of people to serve, or clients to help. Why? Because he provided value before asking for payment. 

A referral-based business creates a web of new possibilities. You’ll be able to spend less time and money on marketing, while simultaneously attracting valuable clients who already trust you. 

3. Continuously Improve

action-blur-close-up-848651For a company to thrive, it must dance to the beat of the customer’s needs. 

Do you remember when the only taxi cabs available to us were yellow and outrageously expensive? At that time, services like Lyft and Uber weren’t on the market. In fact, the thought of getting into an unlicensed car was unthinkable to most people.  

Customer requirements changed though, and ridesharing networks flourished, leaving fleets of yellow cars behind with disgruntled drivers and reduced profits. 

Customer-oriented companies will always continuously improve to meet customer demands.

When Derrick started his credit repair company he was managing everything by hand. Although this was fine at first, as demand for his services increased he needed to optimize business activity. To adapt to the needs of his customers, he started using credit repair software that streamlined his business processes – leaving him with more time for his customers. 

If Derrick didn’t improve the way he ran his business, his customer service would suffer, leaving him with even less time to manage disputes and even fewer customers. 

4. Build Positive Relationships with Other Business Owners

If your network determines your net worth, forming strong relationships with other business owners should be one of your top priorities. Why? Because business owners usually have huge networks of their own, which means limitless opportunities for you. Right?

Not necessarily. 

Your ability to access another person’s network depends upon your attitude; people are less inclined to help someone who’s just out for personal gain. 

Since starting his credit repair business, Derrick has become renowned amongst fellow business owners for his willingness to provide value to others first. This has enabled him to forge strong relationships that have helped his business to flourish. 

As you endeavor to expand your clients base, seek to form mutually beneficial affiliate relationships with other business owners. You can create a simple commission structure that benefits anyone who refers business to you.

Though it can take time to establish a strong business foundation, when you adopt a “focus on service” attitude, you have unlimited potential to expand both your network and your net worth.

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