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Everyday Heroes: How Your Credit Repair Business Shines Hope Into Darkness

By: Keenan Jones July 25, 2019

Your rent is late, again. You just lost your car. Forget soccer and ballet for the kids, you’re worried that you won’t be getting groceries this week and they’ll have to make do with the free school breakfast and lunch program.

This is the reality for thousands of people who get stuck in debt cycles and end up losing cars, getting evicted from their apartments, and, sometimes, going homeless for a period of time. That is what makes credit repair more than a business –– for many it is a lifeline to lift community members out of debilitating debt cycles.

The Need for Credit Heroes is Immense and Urgent

credit repair business hero storiesCredit hero and credit repair business owner Arricka Anderson Maxwell shares her story on stage during the 2019 Credit Repair Expo.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, in the most densely populated states in the United States, a person needs to earn $20 per hour just to afford rent on a two-bedroom apartment. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour and in 20 states that is the state-wide minimum wage. Even in states with higher than average minimum wage, like California’s $11 to $12 per hour, it barely reaches halfway to the cost of renting a modest two-bedroom apartment in most areas of the country.

For folks experiencing homelessness, and those living in extreme poverty teetering on the edge of homelessness, accessing affordable long-term housing can feel completely out of reach. Unless you’re gunning for a role in the Federal Open Market Committee, there isn’t much you can do to quell the rising tide of rental prices.

Don’t lose hope –– you can still be a hero in your community! Through your credit repair business, you can help people experiencing poverty to get back on their feet, and even give people experiencing homelessness a ray of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Credit Repair Business Owners Know the Value of a Second Chance


Daniel Rosen (L) pals around with Chief Operating Officer, Keenan Jones (R), backstage at this year’s Credit Repair Expo.

When Daniel Rosen, the founder and CEO of Credit Repair Cloud, was just thirteen years old, he left home and school and ended up homeless, making it by with the money he earned juggling on street corners. He understands firsthand what it’s like to experience homelessness. It’s discouraging, scary, and has everything to do with finances and opportunity.

A lesson he learned as a young person experiencing homelessness stuck with him: every little bit of hope helps. He also knows firsthand how giving back to the community changes lives.

At this year’s Credit Repair Expo, Daniel told his story and was amazed at how many hands went up in the room full of credit repair business owners who said they, too, had experienced homelessness. Daniel and the Credit Repair Cloud team collected donations from credit repair business owners at the event to benefit Chrysalis. Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization based in downtown Los Angeles that transitions people from homelessness into jobs and a better life through job coaching, resume development, and interview training.

Attendees opened their hearts and donated almost $40,000 to equip 400 people to go from homelessness to having a job.

It is not happenstance that the people working hardest to provide real, urgent help to others experiencing credit crises have been down that road themselves. Many credit repair business owners understand the value of second chances at life.

Watch the video of Daniel, Keenan Jones, and Tanmay Andhe presenting the check to Chrysalis earlier this year:

Credit heroes who attended this year’s Credit Repair Expo: you did this! You should feel proud.

Build Your Powerhouse Credit Repair Business to Empower Community Members


Aaron Clarke (L) was homeless two years ago, and now runs Philly Credit Mechanic, making over $1 million in revenue!

Most of your credit repair clients will feel stuck between their darkest place and their dreams. Even though you aren’t in the trenches, helping folks out of homelessness and into jobs, you are making a difference for people who feel stuck in their current financial situation. With a little help from your credit repair business, people in your community can:

  • Get qualified for car loans
  • Receive higher credit limits
  • Buy a home
  • Move beyond the mental limits of what their lives can be

Growing your credit repair business to a wildly successful level improves your life by giving you flexibility and resources to show up for your family and your dreams. It also gives you the opportunity to help more people in your community and circle of influence to achieve their dreams. In turn, many of your clients will pass that hope onto people you will never meet, but whose lives you will certainly impact.

That is how your credit repair business shines a light into dark places.

How will you use credit repair to help your community members pay it forward?

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