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Get Affiliates & Sales With Jake Hambright

By: Daniel Rosen October 19, 2021

Have you ever wondered how some people can scale their business really fast, like they went from zero to hundreds of clients, in the blink of an eye?

Today’s article is all about one of the fastest ways to grow your credit repair business from nothing –– 


Leveraging the power of affiliates. 

An affiliate partnership is an agreement between you and another company to promote each other’s products and services. No matter where you’re at in your credit repair journey, building relationships is the key to scaling your affiliate program. It’s pretty simple to find affiliates because there are so many types of companies that can be great partners. 

Who are good affiliate partners for credit repair?

Businesses like mortgage brokers, auto dealerships, realtors, dental or medical offices, tax preparers, and even companies who install solar, and so many more! Really, potential affiliate partners for you in this case are any businesses that offer to finance or turn people away because of credit issues. They’re a perfect fit for credit repair because they regularly interact with people that need your services and they have the ability to send you new clients every day.

But that’s how to find them. So how do you get them to want to partner with you? 

In my podcast interview today with sales and affiliate expert Jake Hambright, he shares his tactics on how to approach affiliates. You’re in good hands because Jake is the master –– he has the inside track because he comes from the financing side, and in his first three months in credit repair using Credit Repair Cloud, Jake earned $60K! And that was just the beginning for him.

Below, I’ll share with you just a few highlights from my interview, so at the end of this article, make sure to tune in to learn his strategies for multiplying your client pipeline, so you can reach your goals faster, just like he did.

When Jake Hambright was a mortgage broker, he would repair a client’s credit just to get the loans passed through. Once he started using Credit Repair Cloud, it took three months for him to make tens of thousands of dollars!

Just ONE Affiliate Can Give You A Bunch Of Leads Every Week

Jake tells us that once his affiliate found a lead, the three of them would do a conference call. According to Jake, this is the best way because it keeps everybody honest. And if the lead falls off, then the affiliate could call them directly and ask if they’re still on board. 

If all sides do their part, then in 4-6 months, the new client could be in the position to buy a house or a car.


How To Build A Pipeline

Jake tells potential affiliates such as realtors, mortgage brokers, and auto dealers that if they work with him and bring him clients who need to boost their credit scores, they’ll be able to close 3-5 more deals every month. Let’s do the math –– if an average real estate deal pays a $6K commission, then that’s an extra $18-24K per month for the affiliate who’s a realtor. 

What NOT to tell potential new affiliates 

Jake never starts his affiliate pitch by talking about how he’s going to fix their clients’ credit. Instead, he talks about what he can do for the AFFILIATES. He lets them know that he’s going to bring them 4-5 additional closings per month. 

His strategy to attract affiliates is to add as many realtors, mortgage brokers, etc. as possible to his social media followers. Then, he posts a few credit repair successes from his clients whose scores have increased, and as a result, they’re able to buy a home. This kind of marketing makes affiliates see dollar signs and want to partner with Jake. Remember, it’s all about what you can do for them.

So those are just a FEW of the highlights from our interview. Whatever you do, you want to make sure that you’re constantly building your affiliate network. Once you watch my interview with Jake and leverage the secrets to affiliate success as he did, you’ll know that no matter what challenges come your way, there are specific steps you’ll take that will get you to your sales goals. Then, you can live your dream, and while you’re at it, you’ll change lotta lives so other people can live their dreams, too.

And one more thing! If you want to get certified in disputing and launch your very own credit repair business in just a couple of weeks, I invite you to join our Credit Hero Challenge!

It’s an amazing program that has helped tons of Credit Heroes get their first clients, get certified in disputing, and gain confidence in knowing they are launching their credit repair business on a solid foundation that allows them to grow and scale FAST! 

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Daniel Rosen 00:00

Hey, Credit Heroes. Welcome to the Credit Repair Business Secrets podcast. Jake Hambright is here today. He is a Credit Hero just like you. He has been in credit and real estate for 21 years. He was a finance manager for auto dealers, a mortgage broker, and a partner in a real estate company. And he is here today to tell you exactly how you can partner with those kinds of companies to start generating an unlimited number of credit repair clients. So, if you are struggling to get more leads, more affiliates, and close more deals, you better stick around.


So, the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans, without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing, so we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets.


OK, before I dive in, if you are new to this podcast, be sure to click below to subscribe and turn on notifications, so you don’t miss a thing. And if you want me to hold you by the hand as you launch your very own credit repair business, go to

OK, let’s get into this. Today we are here with Jake Hambright, who is an expert in getting affiliates and making sales. So, if you are struggling to get more clients, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Hey, Jake, welcome to the podcast.


Jake Hambright 01:52

Thank you, Daniel. I appreciate it.


Daniel Rosen 01:54

I’m glad this finally happened. We’ve had to schedule it so many times. And we should talk about how we met.


Jake Hambright 02:01

That is unique for people that love sales. Here was an opportunity where I just had a knock on your door and say Hello, I am a Credit Hero. This is what I’m doing. So, please take a minute and listen, you know, yeah.


Daniel Rosen 02:14

And Jake came to our door. And like I’m here like a slob in my shorts and no shoes. And I’m the only one here during COVID. Sometimes Keenan is here, but mostly it’s just me. And there’s this glass door. And Jake’s on the other side. And he’s really excited. I’m going: I can’t let you in. It’s COVID


Jake Hambright 02:36

Well, that was a unique time because it still is. But we were able to talk through your door, which is probably a 12-foot-tall door and about 3.5 feet wide. And we took 20 minutes to talk but there was a shine behind you with the light coming in. And I have to tell you, it was the shine off the Millionaire’s club, all the plaques, you know, that you have done and created in this business for people that have made them successful. So, thank you.


Daniel Rosen 03:06

… and changing lots of lives. And the glass is really thick. We could barely hear each other. But I what you were saying and what I could hear I knew was going to be a great podcast episode. So, thanks for working this out with us. I’m really, really glad that you’re here.


Jake Hambright 03:21

Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you.


Daniel Rosen 03:23

So, to kick this off, here at Credit Repair Cloud, we always recommend that one of the most effective ways to market a credit repair business, after you have some success with real clients is to get an affiliate and then to start to get more affiliates. And some of the best affiliates to partner with are people who aren’t turning away customers every day due to credit issues. And those customers they’re turning away are perfect for credit repair. They have a problem. Yeah, they have a problem that they need to solve because they just got denied. And they’ll be highly motivated to get their credit fixed. And, Jake, you’ve been on the other side of that, right?


Jake Hambright 04:09

Absolutely. I mean, for many years, when I was a mortgage broker, I would just repair someone’s credit to get the loan pass through. If I needed a 20 point bump just to get the loan through. That’s what I did. And 2019 I started my credit repair company with the same kind of thought behind it. Like instead of being a mortgage broker now now I’m on the sell side of real estate, and I have this opportunity to make more money and help people and at the end, our goal is the same they want to buy a house. I want to sell my house. So, it the first three months I was in business I made $60,000 Wow. Yeah, that’s incredible. And I’ll tell you the reason why everyone has a sad story but in June of 19 in the summers when you sell all the real estate, so in June of 90 tene I had a brain aneurysm that set me out for four months. So, when I came back to work in October, and thought, What am I going to do? Well, I had to rely on my skills in the credit industry. I signed up for you guys. And I kind of took the ball running in October, November, December. Combined, I made 60 grand. Wow, that’s incredible. Without you, I wouldn’t have done it.


Daniel Rosen 05:24

Oh, well, thank you. But you have an amazing background. You were a realtor mortgage broker, you did finance for auto dealerships Tell me other things in your background.


Jake Hambright 05:35

I was a finance manager for five years. Actually, it’s Santa Monica Volvo, near you carry Calabasas, Volvo and Mercedes and then kind of graduated to doing mortgages. That’s what finance managers do. They make more money, you work less hours is a great thing. So, I was a mortgage broker for six years at that time, and then 2009 came, and boom, you’re out. But then so I stayed in it for three more years. So, nine years total. And then I flipped back to the sales side of real estate. So, pretty much all real estate in automotive I met, I know how to work with auto dealers, I know how to pitch that. And that’s kind of what I thought was, I see a lot of people struggling with how to get their leads. And I wanted to fill a need, and that need provides their business with more money and ability to grow.


Daniel Rosen 06:30

So, in those different industries, how many people were you turning away every week due to credit issues?


Jake Hambright 06:37

You know, I would say, without exaggeration, five to 10 a week. And I was one person inside of a dealership that probably had three or four finance managers. You know, we’re looking at 40 people a week, then Wow,


Daniel Rosen 06:52

that’s a lot of people. So, if even a half of those people could get credit, repair, and bump up their score to qualify it, what would that have done for your business?


Jake Hambright 07:03

We would close 100 vehicles, but this thing if we could close 170 or 180, for auto dealers, but as a business, yeah, if you can do 40 a month. That’s eight grand that’s reoccurring, that you’re going to be doing very well.


Daniel Rosen 07:20

Wow. So, you launched your credit repair business just recently in your first month? You did? $60,000? How is that that right? That’s what you’re doing? Oh, no.


Jake Hambright 07:29

October, November, December combined,


Daniel Rosen 07:33

combine the grand for three months 60 grand? How did you do that? Did you build relationships?


Jake Hambright 07:38

Well, remember, I said I was a realtor is still sitting still today. But on my Facebook, I probably had 60 other realtors, that were friends, that then they started seeing what I was doing, and people would come in the office, and then I would pitch it to them as I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna take something off of bankruptcy or this or that, but I’m going to show you how to build a pipeline. And if you work with me and bring me people within four to six months, now you can bring three to five more deals a month. And that’s, you know, in an average real estate deal is commission six grand. So, if I’m telling you, and you’re a realtor that I’m going to potentially give you 18 to $24,000 more a month, let’s do business. Yeah, that’s gonna be life changing for them. Yeah. And I have one guy consistently given me six to nine leads a week. From day one, he would find them he would text me, Hey, I got somebody, we would do a three way call. And that’s the best way because it keeps everybody honest. And it, if the person falls off, then the realtor can call them and say, Hey, are you still on board. And then if all of us do our part, in four to six months, they’re buying houses. So, he’ll give me somewhere between six and nine a week. But really three or four will only come on because the other are just not financially ready to jump aboard and work on their credit?


Daniel Rosen 09:03

Sure, sure. No, that makes a lot of sense. So, you already had these relationships? But what about somebody with a new credit repair business that doesn’t have these relationships? How do they approach these people? And are there a lot of other credit repair companies already approaching them? Or is it a wide open space,


Jake Hambright 09:23

it’s wide open, and like I said, in sales with a realtor, I I’m not going to go the real and say, Hey, if you got someone I can pass with booster credit, I got to appeal to them. So, instead of me saying, Hey, I can repair someone’s credit. I’m telling them, I’m gonna give you four to five more closings a month. And so when you work that my first angle is add as many people as you can that are realtors, on your Facebook. So, when you start talking to somebody and you have someone that their scores go up, and you put a screenshot of that on your Facebook page, people start paying attention and Then when you get one or two success stories of these people now are buying homes. There you have it, and you already have an audience. And this is the production, hey, we can take someone with a 500 score, and we can make them credit worthy in order to buy a home. And that’s the goal that we work towards. So, somebody just starting out, add as many realtors as you can, OK, start talking to your business, but tell them what you can do for them, not begging them for deals. Secondly, is every Real Estate Association, every county almost, in essence, has an association. And what you can do once you get going, OK, and you have three to $500 in your pocket, you can offer once a month to buy the new realtors, lunch, and you get to come in there for an hour and tell them what you do. Now, if they have 25 people in there, now you really have 25 people, bringing you others. OK, so that would be my simple stuff and create cards, specifically for realtors that are sharp. And then on the back says attention realtors, if you’d like three to five more deals per month, please call me. The answer is yes, they always want that they want the deals. So, and then once you start building relationship, the lenders will come, but they’re not gonna they’re gonna wait to see your success. I have one bank now that calls me. And they don’t have people with 500 credit scores. They have people that are med students that maybe have a 650. But in order to qualify for a physician’s loan, they need a 700. So, I looked at that, and I said, Yeah, give me give me a month or at most 60 days, and boom, she probably sends me two to three a month without exaggeration. So, when you have the lenders calling you that’s a great thing.


Daniel Rosen 11:55

So, how do you reach those lenders for the first time those mortgage brokers those types? Do you coll them? Do you email? Do you just meet them on Facebook, what’s the best route? Well,


Jake Hambright 12:06

what you do is you’ll find them on Facebook, because they’re gonna want to be friends with all the realtors. So, then you start adding them, and they’re building to their to the audience of this is what you do. And when you get a success story of maybe someone started at 500, now they’re at a 640 they see it, and you can inbox them and say this is what I do, I would love to help you out. If you get in a crunch. Now they’re very conservative, because the bank’s given you their clients. So, you have to be polished, you have to be, you already have to kind of have a demeanor about you that they can trust you. So, the realtors are really easy, because they’re just looking for the deals. So, I would say three to six months, you could probably go after the lenders, but Adams friends so they can see what you’re doing. Mortgage brokers, you don’t have to be that strict mortgage brokers are going to be in the same area as the realtors, because they want the business and that they’re a little bit more liberal in their approach. They’re not as conservative as the actual banks.


Daniel Rosen 13:11

Wow, this is fascinating. Now, are you using your personal Facebook or your business page? How does that work?


Jake Hambright 13:17

personal Facebook. And you know, since I’m in the business, and this is one thing I talked about in classes, is if you call up a mortgage broker or lender, my first thing is, oh, hey, how’s your month going? You know, are you guys able to save a point on the back end? Because this is stuff I remember, OK? And they’ll say, Oh, no, and the bank were this or that. But I can build that report within three minutes. And they go, OK, what do you got, hey, this is what I do now. But I used to do this for, you know, nine years. And there’s some level of credibility. Whereas if I was new to it, and didn’t know anything, I couldn’t call, hey, I do credit repair, will you please help me I’d love to help you, if you’re not going to close that deal, and they’re gonna hang up on you. So, my thought is take that two to three minutes and build that rapport. And so in my classes, I give the structure of the banks and of the auto dealers, and then of the realtor. So, when you talk to somebody, and they said, Oh, my broker is so and so you understand what that means? Rather than what’s the broker? And where’s that and, you know, in this business, much like any other business, if you want to succeed, you got to seem successful already. You got to know the realm, you know. And so I give those tips. Let’s talk about auto dealership, if I were to call an auto dealership and say, hey, I want to talk to someone about credit repair, you’re gonna get hung up, you’re gonna get, you know, on hold, whatever, OK? And I’ve even had this conversation where people say, Oh, you talk to the general manager, I wouldn’t bug them. But anything an auto dealership does has to be proved by a general manager, or else it’s not going to fly. So, if we’re going to come in there Say, Hey, this is what we want to do, this is what we want to offer, it has to go through the general manager. Now they might tell you to go through and deal with the finance manager. But it has to be approved at the top level. So, you can’t just call a salesperson and go, Hey, I would love this do the credit repair, you can get that as an affiliate, you know, but if you really want to step it up and do actual office or business with an auto dealership, you have to have that credibility. So, I think understanding how a dealer ship is operated is probably key before you attack it.


Daniel Rosen 15:35

And are you making friends with those auto dealer folks on Facebook as well?


Jake Hambright 15:40

Yeah, yeah. I mean, anyone that sells cars, this is what you do. They can easily be an affiliate the differences, they send you people. And what I’m kind of proposing is, I want you to have a permanent desk at this auto dealership, so they trust you you trust them. And I don’t want to name drop, but I think it was Kevin Carroll. Yes, I think he did something similar, right? He sure did.


Daniel Rosen 16:03

He he went and pitched an auto dealership. He ended up with an office in the back. They had his his brochures out front. And they were sending him clients all day long. And he got into our Millionaire’s club very fast.


Jake Hambright 16:17

Absolutely. And you might not start out there because you got to grow in this business. And you got to understand, but between the realtor’s the lenders, the mortgage brokers, and you know a lot of people might not understand the difference between a mortgage broker and mortgage banker. I don’t know the difference. Well, a mortgage broker is an independent company, not a bank, OK, and they take your loan, and they can possibly sell it, or program it to four or five different companies, depending on your credit score, right? You want it you want a 30 year fixed and you want this and you have this credit score? Well, let’s say US Bank has a great, you know, so I can send it there. OK, I have the privilege of Senate wherever I want to, OK, so a mortgage banker is someone who works in the bank. Got it, OK. And some banks sell it off to the secondary market after they give you your or some are what’s called a portfolio lender. And what that means is, they service all their mortgages for 30 years. But when they go and do the appraisal, they’re going to hit it for 10% to 15% less. So, if you go belly up, they still have some wiggle room. But they’re going to service it for the next 30 years. So, they’re a lot stricter on their criteria. So, you got mortgage brokers that sell it off those secondary market, you have Mortgage Bankers that do that. But then you also have Mortgage Bankers that work for portfolio lenders. Fascinating. So, when you have this conversation, and you could say, Oh, are you guys portfolio lenders? No, we’re not? Or Yes, we are. And if they are, they don’t want to deal with bad credit at all, they’re going for 720s. and above, sure, OK. But you don’t need that for an FHA, you don’t need that for a conventional loan with a mortgage broker. So, like I said, if you if you understand their movement and their ability, you can pitch whatever. And when each time, you just have to know the program.


Daniel Rosen 18:20

Amazing. Now I’m fascinated by you reaching out to all these people on Facebook, so many of our Credit Heroes complain that they can’t get clients, and then I’ll click to see their Facebook profile. And there’s nothing about their credit repair business. Yep, nothing at all. That’s crazy.


Jake Hambright 18:38

That and it has to be sterile. Meaning if you have views, one way or the other, keep it clean, don’t don’t, this is your business system where you’re making money, OK, let alone I would never want to offend somebody. But if you keep what you do professional, then put it on your page. And if you have honest reviews, put it on there and your business there again, your people are gonna knock on your door and go, Hey, my credits really bad. And you know, in this business, it’s hard to collect money from 100% of those people, because they’re not used to paying their bills. On the first I laugh about how many people actually are paying simply because you got people that aren’t, you know, paying their bills, but if you get enough people, you’re gonna grow you’re gonna have money to advertise if you want in there again, when I say advertise, I mean, go to buy lunch for a Real Estate Association. So, you spend two to $500 on lunch, but you got 25 people now look at in each month. Every Association has newbies, so there’s endless opportunities there or if you didn’t want to buy lunch for people. As a realtor, we have to do what’s called CES or continuing education all the time. So, they offer different CES is at restaurants at bars, and it might be a two hour class on heating and air conditioning or financial stuff or legal. But if you go there, and it’s free, now you get to mingle with 20 other realtors. And pretty soon, they recognize your face, they know what you’re doing, you could pass out your business cards. And it’s not a begging type situation, it’s a, hey, this is what we do, I’d love to help you out and walk away knowing that on Facebook, you’ve just added them when they’re still sitting there, or when you get home, everyone’s within three hours of 10 counties probably OK, and you think about the associations that that are in there. And like a county, like La, la county might have 10 different associations where smaller counties might have one or two. And that’s all free, then go to the free c classes. Add your people on Facebook, the only thing that’s not free is obviously if you want to pay for lunches, and the new business card, I would have a strict business card that is specifically for realtors, that when you walk around, that’s what you give them or you drive to different offices, and you walk it and you put at one on each desk. It’s not hard.


Daniel Rosen 21:17

Yeah, very, very smart. You just build a network organically like that. And if you post enough on Facebook, and show yourself as the expert on credit and post your results, they’re just gonna come right,


Jake Hambright 21:30

absolutely well in that and that 10% of all your numbers, let’s say you got 80 friends as realtors, there’s gonna be 10 people constantly sending you people, and you just build on that. And I don’t want to say it’s easy, but it doesn’t take 1000s of dollars to promote yourself on Facebook. Without even running that I’m talking about just networking, and going to some of these events. And then pretty soon, it might be the realtor who needs help. Or the realtors wife or the realtors, brother of Hey, you do this, they’re in a situation, would you help them for me? And I’m like, Great, let’s do this. Actually, in January of 2020, I was getting so many calls, I started dating someone that she actually questioned whether or not I was really in credit repair. She’s like that many people can’t be calling you. I’m like, I have a lot of realtors that work with me, you know? So, it’s a phenomenal business, but you got to work at it.


Daniel Rosen 22:32

Absolutely, absolutely. But to the same principles apply for any business that sells a high ticket item, and relies on customers with good credit like solar, or dental or other kinds of things like that.


Jake Hambright 22:46

Well you could look at that. And I haven’t i mean i right now I’ll say this, my girlfriend has two insurance agencies. And one of the first things they do they don’t pull your they’ll don’t pull your driving record, they pull your credit and they give you what’s called a CI score. And that could be from one to 50 and it’s a normal credit score but it’s this combined into 150 and I am looking at how to create a package for everybody to be able to do business with insurance companies because every day that’s what they’re doing. They’re running people’s credit and you know, one agency might have 1200 people and you know if someone’s paying 30% higher and premium because our credits bad. No one really knows that they need to be told that you know I can save you $200 a month if you worked on your credit and over the course of 12 months it would pay for itself. So, in other industries absolutely like like you said if someone was getting denied at any place you got denied whether it was a large sporting is good Dick’s Sporting Goods or you know, but they have more of the corporate structure but it could be like you said dental it could be a small be lot dealers, it doesn’t have to be the big franchise. Actually my my advice would be if you’re new starting out, go to those be lots because they’re going to have a larger majority of people that have bad credit and try to work with them. And one thing I will say is do not do it the last week of the month because they’re so busy. That they will just broom you out the door. So, make it your first or second week of the month. And if they say I’m too busy, I’m sorry, don’t be offended. They’re not brushing, brushing you off. They’re just telling you they’re too busy because they probably have 4050 $60,000 on the line. If they don’t get it done in the last week. Then their butts I’m you know I’m alive. So, That’s one thing I talked about of understanding auto dealership is, if they get to the end of the month, just be polite, you know, you’re introducing yourself. So, much like what you and I did back at your location? Sure.


Daniel Rosen 25:16

Now, once you’ve gotten one of these affiliates, and you’re getting results for their customers, what else should you do to maintain that relationship?


Jake Hambright 25:25

Well, what I would do is, I would hire them. Because a lot of realtors, you can’t give kickbacks, financially. But what I can do is I can hire a realtor and part time, if they do one or two, give them $50. If they’re bringing the attend, well, let’s sign you up and give you $100 per, because you are my you’re my best friend, at that point, you know, and maybe they don’t want money, maybe they just want they want to know that you’re going to get their clients credit done, and they’re going to be able to sell them a house and four months, which their commission will be six grand, they don’t care about $100 compared to making six grand off a home. Sure. And


Daniel Rosen 26:06

are you checking in with them? Giving progress updates along the way for each client?


Jake Hambright 26:11

Absolutely. And the reason why is you want to keep the client, the realtor and myself, we all want to be on the same page. So, there needs to be updates. And especially if there’s anything bad, like maybe the clients fallen off, because they just stopped paying, well, I want to be able to use the realtor because he may have that better relationship to say, hey, Bill, are we still on board? You know, do you really want to do this and because of the pressure or let’s take this serious of buying a home, then then everyone will be a little bit more committed. You know, and that’s what you Everyone wants a little bit more commitment. So, smart,


Daniel Rosen 26:52

so simple. And smart. I just I love it. Now I understand you also get clients from churches, am I right?


Jake Hambright 27:01

Absolutely. And there again, kind of like what I said with the realtors is you have to appeal to the church. So, if I go into a church, and I talk to a pastor, and I’m like, Hey, I can delete bankruptcies, or I can help get late payments removed if they’re if they’re not reported correctly. They don’t that’s too much jumble. Much like if you had a problem with your car, and they said, We need this and that that you’re saying, sir, does fix my car. So, in the churches, what’s the most important thing, the families, most people that get divorce have financial issues. So, if I can come in there, and I could say, look, we want to prevent that. And not everybody has bad credit. But everybody could benefit from our knowledge, whether they know that someone’s sister or brother or a kid, or just saying, you know what, if you put your kid on as an authorized user for your credit card, you could help them build credit, by the time they go to college, they’re ready, but we want to preserve marriages. That’s what’s important. The second thing is, if I’m getting in trouble financially, or if somebody is getting in trouble financially, and they belong to a church, and now they’re going to be evicted from their home, well, the first people they go to is maybe they can get a loan from their church. And unfortunately, the church can’t afford to give 40 people loans. But what they can do is they can help them prevent them getting in that situation. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, let’s fix your credit, and maybe get a credit card with a 15 $100 $2,000 credit card limit. So, in case of a rainy day, you can fix your car and go to work still. Or you can pay one month’s rent if you need to. So, you have to be able to pitch it to the audience. a realtor wants more deals, a church, they want safe and secure relationships. And if you can secure that, by helping them understand their credit better, then each of the person in the congregation can be stable financially. And that’s what’s important stable relationships, and stable financial. So, and that’s an easy one. Anyone that takes my classes, I give a free all print stuff. So, then they can copy it. But I don’t want people to reinvent the wheel, just do what I’m doing. And all the church classes are FREE when you sign up for any other class. And because I’m a Credit Hero as well. I want to get 50% off to the church class of if that’s the only thing they wanted to do, then it’s 50% off. And my thought is churches are an easy thing. You can set up meetings. You can call 20 a day if you want but you might get two or three that say yes and set those meetings up for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings and you might only get 10 people But you might get four people that sign up. And then you go to another church and do the same thing. And that doesn’t take any money, all you have to do is I think I spent $60, printing these. So, a little bit money, because you want them to take you honest and professional, if you don’t show up with something that gives a little bit indication of view being around in business for a while. And that’s why I say print good stuff. You want them to trust you and they don’t know you. So, go in there for an hour, hour and a half. And my advice is if someone says, Hey, can you tell me what to do for my 401? Sir, I don’t know that area out. And then you remain honest, and you don’t get people in trouble. You stick to what you know.


Daniel Rosen 30:43

Amazing. Now, let’s talk about selling directly to a consumer. Because you’ve got all these consumers coming to you. What’s the best sales pitch to close consumers?


Jake Hambright 30:55

If they’re serious about it, then say, is this something you want to get started? You got to ask for the clothes. If you say, call me when you’re ready. That never happens. Because maybe someone needs a little bit more money, maybe a car broke down, mate, you know, but if you tell them, hey, you’re paying 12 $100 for rent, I can get you into a home. But we need to really focus and be disciplined to get that. So, you got to ask for the clothes. Almost assume it say when would you like to get started? Is this and sometimes they’ll be like, I can’t do it this week. But let’s let’s do it next week. OK, deal.


Daniel Rosen 31:32

Fantastic. And do a free consultation with them do a credit audit all that stuff?


Jake Hambright 31:37

Absolutely. Initially, everything is free. And because some people, I look at their credit, and I say, unfortunately, I don’t think I can do anything for you. You know, if you owe $40,000, and you can’t pay any of it. And it’s been on your credit report for a year and a half and you got outstanding bills and you can’t afford to do it. I’m not an attorney, but I think you should go see an attorney. Maybe bankruptcy might be your only option. I don’t know. But so I refer people that I can’t help to a bankruptcy attorney. And then he returns people to me. So, you don’t want bankruptcy. But when some people say I can’t do anything, and I I owe 40 or $50,000. Well, me working on your credit for six months, is probably not going to take care of that debt. So, my thought is build that relationship with a bankruptcy attorney. OK. So, when people get out and they want to reestablish your credit, I’ve sent maybe five to the bankruptcy attorney, and he sent me to back where now I’m just building credit for people, or tell them how to do it. So, they’re gonna set network of getting to know people, and you got to ask for their business and tell them what you how you can help them.


Daniel Rosen 32:56

Wow, this is great. This is the best sales advice we’ve ever had on the show.


Jake Hambright 33:00

Oh, wow. Really? Yeah. I


Daniel Rosen 33:02

love it. I love it. Hey, before we go, can you tell us about your training courses? Absolutely. People aren’t in them.


Jake Hambright 33:11

Yep. OK. So, the first one is about churches, OK. And like I said, I kind of go, I go way into more depth about creating that sales pitch to a church. And when you open up your phonebook, you probably have 200 churches on one page. So, you have plenty of opportunities. And my thought would be pick two or three and practice your sales pitch so you don’t ruin it. You know, maybe you don’t sound good, maybe you’re not sure that’s OK. But the more you practice, you’ll be good. So, then I have churches, then I’ve packaged up realtors, mortgage brokers and bankers and lenders. OK, so I talked about that whole structure of really what what a real estate transaction includes, OK, you’re gonna have a real letter, you’re gonna have a client, you’re gonna have either a mortgage broker or banker, and how that process goes, and then how to get those in and a lot of details I gave you, but I still still kept a little bit, but then you can build that rapport with them. And it doesn’t take a lot of money to do it, it might take a few months to build that credibility, but hopefully, we already get you going to the point where you’re making money. And like I said, 10% of your whole audience is going to be the ones who give you that all those leads. So, what you need is if you want 10 people doing that you need 100 on your Facebook and go from that point. Then we have one for auto dealers. OK. This is probably a little bit more for the Polish salesperson. And I can tell you all about auto dealerships, but if you walk in there or make that call and you crumble, you got veteran sales people that have been doing this for 20 or 30 years of sales, they’re gonna broom you and you lose credibility. So, as a new I would start with the real estate, because that’s so easy to build that, and then let your results sell themselves once you have that audience, so I have the churches, I have the real lenders, and mortgage brokers, and then I have auto dealers, OK? And you know yourself, you get in one auto dealership, you’re going to be making a million dollars. I mean, we talked about Kevin Carroll. Sure. So, that’s not an exaggeration. It’s just you have to work on your sales skills. And then I offer as a bundle as well, if you want to go, I had one person sign up for the bundle just last week. And he’s excited. I mean, he’s been in, he’s been in the credit repair business for five years. And I’m like, I’m glad I can show you something. Because this is how you can conquer each step. And, you know, so many people that want to be successful. They just don’t know how to do it. And I guess that’s where I where I’ve said, Hey, I have the experience, let me share it with you.


Daniel Rosen 35:59

Brilliant, and it’s so simple. It’s the basics of selling, it’s not the bells and whistles or automations. It’s building relationships, which really is the core of any business it is. And then people forget that.


Jake Hambright 36:12

And it’s wide open the territory. I mean, there might be three people within an hour and a half of me. But I never knew that existed because other realtors, they’ll say, hey, go to Jake Hambright. Go to Jake Hambright. And there again, it’s like working out you don’t become Mr. Universe working out one day, it’s an everyday you have to be disciplined to do that work. And it might be adding three or four people to your Facebook. And actually, once you start adding some realtors, they’re all friends with each other. So, it’s pretty easy, just to start finding them all and adding them. And on the top of your profile. I put on my real estate and credit guru. So, when someone sees, oh, I don’t know this person, but they’re friends with 40 other realtors. I’m going to add them because they assume I’m in the business, which I am. But at least it gets that rapport going.


Daniel Rosen 37:03

Yeah, I love that. Hey, Jake, how can people learn more about you and your training? Where what site can they go to go to


Jake Hambright 37:11

OK, we’ve had a great flood of audio or people already. But I would love to help out Credit Heroes. I would love to be that person in what we do before you sign up and When you sign up for a course, I call you directly. Because your business experience might be a lot more advanced than maybe someone just starting out. So, then I can start out with baby steps saying, Hey, go print your cards. Let me send you this. You got this class. So, I want you to have all this stuff ready? So, then when we start class, you’re gonna know what to do with it. And it’s not overwhelming. But yeah, it’s a forward motion. So, yeah, I would love to help out as many people that I can. But I’m dedicated to helping out even a small group.


Daniel Rosen 38:05

Awesome. So, again, that link is


Jake Hambright 38:11

Yes, sir.


Daniel Rosen 38:12

That is awesome. Shake. Thank you so much for being here. You’re so awesome. And so inspiring. This was just a wealth of knowledge. Well, thank you. We appreciate it.


Jake Hambright 38:21

Thank you for the opportunity.


Daniel Rosen 38:23

Well, thank you for being here. And thank you for coming to our door when you’re in town. That was…


Jake Hambright 38:28

Yeah. And you know what’s so funny is that door was big enough to get your award through the door.


Daniel Rosen 38:36



Jake Hambright 38:37

That has to say that what you do to help so many people become business owners - you are doing it successfully. And rewards are awesome.


Daniel Rosen 38:47

They are awesome. We all need rewards.


Jake Hambright 38:49



Daniel Rosen 38:50

Yes, we do.


Jake Hambright 38:51

Well, thank you, Daniel, so much.


Daniel Rosen 38:53

Thank you and everyone out there - if you are enjoying this podcast, please be sure to click below to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the secrets that we share every week here on the Credit Repair Business Secrets podcast. And if you’re feeling kind, rate me, give me a review. So, I can move up the charts because this is a new podcast. And these things will really help me, and be sure to leave a comment or a question because I read each and every one of them. And I will see you in the next episode. And until then, be a Credit Hero and keep changing lives!


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