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I Made A $Million$ At Credit Repair With Amber Jones

By: Daniel Rosen October 12, 2021

One of the most incredible hacks you have access to when you join the Credit Repair Cloud community is ACCESS to real talk, every day, from thousands of Credit Heroes who are each at different stages of success and taking their business from practice to pro – and everything in between. 

Many of our members are already earning six figures. In fact, more than forty of them have scaled all the way to seven figures, and into the Millionaire’s Club – and beyond. My personal goal is to someday give every one of our Credit Heroes their own plaque on our growing millionaires' wall, and that’s why I invited our NEWEST millionaire, Amber Jones, to give you HER real talk on today’s podcast episode. Amber went from being an award-winning, professional basketball player to owning a highly successful credit repair company. 

In today’s podcast interview, she shares how she found her calling in credit repair and why it’s so meaningful for her, how automations help her manage her leads and clients, and how she builds trust with people. Plus, she answers a lot of questions and gives step-by-step tips and tricks about the exact tactics that got her to become one our most successful Credit Repair Millionaires.

At the end of this article, be sure to tune in to my podcast for Amber’s strategies for starting and scaling a profitable credit repair business, so you can reach success, too! 

Below, I’ll share with you a few highlights from her expert credit repair secrets so you can use them to start a successful business from home, without having any prior knowledge.


How Amber turned her life as a Pro Basketball Player into a credit repair business

Initially, Amber partnered with someone giving credit repair classes. Eventually, she ventured out on my own. She didn’t realize how many other PRO ATHLETES and how many people everywhere were never taught about financial literacy and credit –– Including herself.

Credit repair was the first time other than basketball that she found something she loved...Something with purpose. Amber would come into her office every day and tells us that it does not feel like work.

Amber believes everything happens for a reason. When she first hurt her foot in professional basketball, she had three surgeries in a year in 2017. But if she hadn’t lost basketball, she says, she wouldn’t have been led to Credit Repair Cloud!

Automations are a KEY part of Amber’s success

Email, Text, Voice –– they go straight to clients’ voicemails. Amber uses a lot of software, such as ActiveCampaign and Zapier. It all connects to Amber’s Credit Repair Cloud account, and that’s how she’s able to process tons of clients without having to hire extra team members.

That’s one MAJOR part of running her business, getting her systems and automations set up, and that’s how Amber sets herself up to do it all. It may seem like a lot of work, but with a click of a button, any credit repair business owner can be set up with automations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year!

Amber shares the story of her first time doing an FB Live for Credit Repair

The first time Amber got on FB Live, she was nervous and sweating! She thought it would be easy because she’s always been on camera during her Pro Basketball career, but it was a very different scene for her.

Remember, when you’re doing something for the first time, it will feel hard. A lot of people compare their Year One, to someone else’s Year Ten. But the truth is, it’s all trial and error. Amber says we’ll never know where we can go if we never start.

So those are just a FEW of the highlights from our interview!!

And you know what? I believe that if our Millionaire Club Members can take that jump from one career and into credit repair, I know you can do it, too! For more secrets, don’t forget to go to my podcast! 

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It’s an amazing program that has helped tons of Credit Heroes get their first clients, get certified in disputing, and gain confidence in knowing they are launching their credit repair business on a solid foundation that allows them to grow and scale FAST! 

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Daniel Rosen 00:00

Hey, Credit Heroes! Today we’re gonna visit Amber Jones, who is our newest Credit Repair Millionaire. She has an amazing story, but I’m gonna save it later for the interview. So, here’s what you need to know - Amber started her business only a few years ago, but she is so driven that she has already made it into our Millionaires Club. And today, she is going to tell us exactly how she did it and how she gets so many clients, so you better stick around!


Daniel Rosen 00:33

So, the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans, without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing, so we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets.


Daniel Rosen 01:02

Before I dive in if you are new to this podcast, be sure to click below to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss a thing. And if you’d like me to hold you by the hand as you launch your very own credit repair business, go to  OK, let’s get into this. Today we are visiting with Amber Jones, who is joining us all the way from town Creek, Alabama. And she is our newest Credit Repair Millionaire. So, welcome to the podcast, Amber Jones!


Amber Jones 01:41

Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be here.


Daniel Rosen 01:45

I’m excited you’re here. And congratulations on your Millionaires Club Award!


Amber Jones 01:50

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.


Daniel Rosen 01:53

How does that feel?


Amber Jones 01:55

It feels amazing. It feels amazing. And we’ve worked really hard here at Life Key to be able to just change lives. When you’re so focused on changing lives, you don’t keep up with the numbers as much. So, you know, we’ve been an athlete, we get rewarded with trophies, etc. So, being in business, you rarely get trophies and accomplishments. So, this is a great accomplishment. So, I feel like I want a trophy.


Daniel Rosen 02:16

You have it’s a huge one. So, I want to know, first off, where is town Creek, Alabama?


Amber Jones 02:25

Town Creek is at the top of Northwest Alabama. So, I actually live in Birmingham now, but I was born and raised in town Creek. It’s a one-stoplight town. I graduated with about 35 people in my class. It’s very small. I grew up on a farm. So, everyone is family, and everyone knows each other. So, when I came to Birmingham for college, it felt like I was coming to a big city. So that’s where Alabama is. So, a small town country girl is what I am.


Daniel Rosen 02:51

Wow! Well, tell us more about what your life was like before credit repair.


Amber Jones 02:56

So, before credit repair, I was actually a basketball player. So, I played college basketball at UAB. And then, I played professionally overseas in Europe for four years. And I had a career in foot injury. And long story short, I was helping my brother, who was in the NFL at the time. I was studying to go back to med school, but I realized that his credit score was in the low 600. So, I’m like how to see how financial advisors and agents and different people his credit is not up to par. And so I took a tax and financial class, and the rest is history. That’s how I ended up here.


Daniel Rosen 03:28

Wow! So how did you turn that into a credit repair business?


Amber Jones 03:35

So initially at the time, this girl I knew was hosting the credit class with the credit and taxes and she was like did I want to help her She currently had a credit repair business then and that’s when I went into helping her and we did some business together and eventually I ventured out on my own and you know I realized how many athletes needed help and how many people you know I went to college I graduated but I was never taught about financial literacy and credit so if no one taught my parents how can I know. So when I was going back to medical school just for job security, money, etc. It was the first time other than basketball I found something that I actually loved to deal with felt like purpose and come into my office every day did not feel like work. So I feel like everything happens for a reason when I first hurt my foot. I almost had to get my foot amputated I had three surgeries and a year in 2017. But thank God was able to save that foot. And if I hadn’t have lost basketball God wouldn’t have put me in alignment with credit and you know, Credit Repair Cloud when they did so that’s why I feel like no matter what we are going through in life, God has a bigger plan for us. And so that was my plan for me to lose basketball to discover my purpose in helping people with financial literacy and credit.


Daniel Rosen 04:48

Wow! And now you’re a Credit Hero. Yes. Amazing. So have you ever had your own business before this?


Amber Jones 04:57

I haven’t. And I’ve never even had it. I worked at McDonald’s in high school, but my profession, my job was basketball. So everything was completely new. But I was able to take a lot of the skills and one thing about me, I like to figure things out and I, everything I do, I do it to the best of my ability. So it was definitely new little certain things. I didn’t even know what a SLP was so many things I didn’t know. I’m like, you know, I went to school for exercise science, I shouldn’t went for business and accounting. But hey, I figured it out. And it’s going well,


Daniel Rosen 05:27

well, it’s absolutely going well. And there’s one thing I gotta ask you about that really blew my mind? How were you able to process a million dollars through Credit Repair Cloud, without having any chargebacks?


Amber Jones 05:43

Yes, I brag about that all the time. And it’s so crazy to me and my team talk about it. We implemented certain systems and automation. And so I was taught to always under promise and over deliver, and that all money is not good money. So initially coming in, if I feel it in my soul that hey, this client may be in a rush. I always say even though it may take two, three months, six months, I always tell clients and the video that they get before their consultation, give yourself at least a year, if you cannot give yourself a year. Please don’t. I’m begging please do not sign up for my program. So when we learn to know that every dollar is not beneficial to your company, you see the benefits over time. So one thing about me, if I know it’s going to take one week, I’m going to tell you that it’s going to take a year. So if we set the expectation for the client high is like under promise over deliver and our automations everything was set up to where I know initially, you know what previous businesses, it’s like, they can’t put out fires, the phone’s always ringing, what’s my score looking like? What is my process, what is my profile, etc. So before you call us, you’re going to get tired of hearing from us. So we don’t wait until we have to put out the fire. Because by the time the client has called with customer service, it’s time to put out the fire. So we let them know what their process, hey, it’s been seven days since your letters went out in 14 days, we sent an informational educational email, text messages, so they never have to worry about not hearing from my key. So my goal is for my clients to get tired of seeing our information pop up. So that was the main key is the automations and being on the front end of communication versus waiting to put the fire out. And when you build that trust factor and let clients know, hey, you know, this is what you expect. And they won’t have a high expectation when we try to sell a we can do this, we can guarantee this etc, then we set a negative expectation on the clients. And then other than that my business grew a lot from word of mouth to and so in Alabama, a lot of people know me for basketball. And not only was a basketball player, I was a great academic person, too. I graduated the top 1% of my college class. So a lot of people knew that, you know, they could trust me too. So I think that they helped too. So yeah. And then when clients call me to issue versus me just saying, Oh, no, you know, we’ll figure it out, hey, let me refund you for a month or two, if there’s something that my processing team maybe slipped on, hey, we’ll give you a month free. So those small things will set your business apart. And I always say short term sacrifice long term gain. So that’s how we were able to do it and how our business is a five star business accredited and etc. How we hold ourselves to a high standard, you have to under promise and over deliver.


Daniel Rosen 08:20

That is really, really smart. Especially all that communication to the client. Are they getting these by emails or text? How’s that working?


Amber Jones 08:30

email, text voice, it goes straight to their voicemail, all three. So a lot of software like ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Call Loop connects to Credit Repair Cloud via API. And that’s how you’re able to process so many clients and not need as many staff members. So that’s one big thing. And running a business is getting your systems and your automation set up. And that’s how you do it. So it may seem like a lot of work, but you hidden one button could send them into a 365 day automation.


Daniel Rosen 08:59

Incredible. Yeah, that’s the biggest problem I think most credit repair business owners have is they don’t communicate enough with their clients. So their clients don’t know what’s going on. So they assume nothing is going on. So I think that’s really brilliant. Have you had that since day one?


Amber Jones 09:18

I have I have so my mentor started and I was there in Carper. And he taught me He taught me the automations Yeah, it was so crazy in college, and when he saved me, the first Credit Repair Cloud conference that I went to, and he was like, You look so familiar, and I’m like you too. He was like where you’re from. And I told him and he was like, you know, what do you know, Tony, so my college boyfriend was his like second cousin. So I used to go to their family cookouts and dinners and didn’t even know it. So that’s kind of how, yeah, like Yeah, he’s the one.


Daniel Rosen 09:49

He is the king of automations. Yeah, what are some of your favorite automations


Amber Jones 09:54

one of my favorite ones is actually the Happy Birthday One. So a happy birthday. People don’t understand like people when you think about people that like clients call all the time thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday. So with the Happy Birthday automation when clients give us their information for their consultation, if you put their the date in Active Campaign you can have automation set to when that date triggers a certain automation a trigger so on people’s birthday, they get a happy birthday email and they get a happy birthday text message. So that’s one that has been really good for my company. And also another one that has helped with our reviews is you supposed to hit the clients when they’re up here and when they you know, have a celebration, so we have automations for one class score increases 25 points 50 100 when they reach you know, people don’t understand if somebody started in the threes low fours reaching the 500 Club is alive. So we send them this big congratulations for reaching a 500 score club. And we send them a nice my favorite quotes on it about working hard and continuing to you know, Bill, and we ask them if you’re satisfied with our you know, service, can you please leave us a review here or there, you know, if you would like and a lot of times they do because they are at that high,


Daniel Rosen 11:05

you strike while the iron is hot. That’s really, really, really smart. What are some of the characteristics from basketball that you carried over into entrepreneurship?


Amber Jones 11:19

I think one of the main ones is work ethic and consistency. So when you’re starting off in business, a lot of people especially on social media, they make it seem like it’s easy and you just up and one day you pop up and you’re a millionaire when in all reality there’s playing nice What are sitting in my closet, and I’ve cried is nice, where I when I first started my business, I was up to three o’clock in the morning, wake up six o’clock, do it all over again, create those automations do it all over again. So that’s one of the main things you know, my coach never let us give up. And we always had to go until we finished it. So we could be crying, we could be throwing up anything no matter what. Like, it was never an excuse, we had to get the job done. So no matter what happens in my life, no matter what is going on around me, you have to get the task ahead done that said that. Hey, so that’s one of the main things that’s


Daniel Rosen 12:10

awesome. At the very beginning of your business. Were you a one woman show for a while. And if so hello now


Amber Jones 12:16

actually know me and my best friend. She helped me starting out. So yeah, I was doing all the front end work. She was doing all the backend word. And she don’t like to come on camera and talk a lot. But she’s one of the key successes of our business like she was at the previous place with a star and we was up late tonight at night doing all the work doing the process and etc. So yeah, so it started out with me and her and we built our team from there.


Daniel Rosen 12:42

How big is your team today? Six? Wow. And are they remote? Or do they all come into an office? How does that work?


Amber Jones 12:52

Three come in, and three is remote.  OK, so initially, a lot of I made a lot of people that have like 10-12 for the amount of clients 10 to 12 people. But when you have those automations those systems and those processes, you don’t have to have as many as far as manpower.


Daniel Rosen 13:10

Wow. Very, very, very cool. Now how do you train your team to know what to do?


Amber Jones 13:17

I created a system first I started with my bullet point. So I created a Google form with the bullet points. And from all the bullet points I made a screenshot so like when you first log in Credit Repair Cloud is a screenshot of the front screenshot. So as they graduate, they get to the screenshots, and then they have a screen recording. So I use Screencast-O-Matic and everything that I did no matter if I thought I would need it or not, I screen recorded it. And so when it’s time for us to hire someone else or time for someone else to do a test, we have a screen recording for everything where I’m explaining it step by step. So I have a method for every type of weight. Some people are more visual learners, some people are more better by hearing. So I just made sure I’m a perfectionist. That kind of is my biggest strength but it’s also my biggest weakness also. So the perfectionist in me said I need to have this this this every type of way to train someone I need to have. It’s so


Daniel Rosen 14:09

brilliant. Now, obviously, your business is growing organically because I saw all your Google reviews, your BBB reviews, you’ve got five star reviews everywhere. It’s amazing. So that’s got to be bringing people in. But how else do you market


Amber Jones 14:27

I go on Facebook Live sometimes but not enough. Not enough as I should be because I have a small online presence but that’s one of the things that I’m preparing for is to get into paid marketing because I haven’t done any paid marketing. I haven’t done any affiliate marketing or anything like that most is from word of mouth because we do such a good job at credit repair and our communications we have so many referrals and that’s another reason why I was slow and growing well in my eyes because I could have been a lot farther but I believe that success to someone is no success at all. I believed if I had to use every avenue and grew and took off faster than what I was supposed to, then my business wouldn’t be built on a solid foundation because you can have two separate buildings and both of them can be skyscrapers. But if one is built on sand and the other one is built on concrete over time, the one that’s built on sand is going to start to crack and you can’t see that from the ground looking up, you can only see under so that’s one thing that I stay focused on was short term sacrifice long term gain. And I wanted to create a solid foundation and just keep it in my head that success to someone is no success at all. So sometimes we have to take a step back sometimes we have to take a few losses to get our systems and get everything that we have in ready in order and realize that when is our time it’ll be out of time.


Daniel Rosen 15:44

Amazing. Now you guys out there watching listen to this for a minute Amber has done over a million dollars in business without any paid ads. That’s right, that’s what you just said right? No paid ads. Yes, sir. That is amazing. A lot of people in our community they say oh, you have to have ads. No, it can all be organic. If you are awesome. People are gonna help right people are gonna refer their friends and is that what’s happening when


Amber Jones 16:13

I started getting on Facebook Live help, but when I would get on live and that’s why I encourage people my business coach here Miss Rita, she actually forced me to start getting on live sometimes last year. And the first time I got on live like sweat was just running from under my arms It was so bad and it was seemed like it would be easy because I’ve always been interviewed and been on camera for basketball. But this was a different type of saying it’s like so you want me to sit here and talk to a phone and just wait on people to come in it was very different for me. And when people look at me now and how I speak and how our interview is, it’s very easy for me so initially when you are starting out it’s gonna feel hard and you can’t look at people like me and see that it’s easy now when you don’t see where I started. And a lot of people they compare their year one to someone else’s your team so you just have to start and it’s trial and error and realize that on the internet you can always delete you can always archive like people forget about things everyday but we’ll never know where we can go if we never start so when I used to do it do the Facebook Lives every once in a while we would get so many appointments and different things like I had to stop doing them. So that’s the power of live and when people come on and see your personality etc so that’s the one thing that I did do I think I would do it like once a week for a couple of months straight before tax season so that really helped a lot so you cannot look at where someone is at you have to just start and realize that at some point they were in your same shoes and so I never come from when to start now. I never compare myself to anyone else. You never know what anyone else has going on and what their business maybe don’t just stay focused on yourself and your goals and as long as you’re stepping one foot in front of the other and one step up every day then you’re progressing.


Daniel Rosen 17:52

Now how about Instagram has that been a lead driver for you


Amber Jones 17:57

not as much my Instagram was completely like I would just post cute pictures and just you know put Drake caption here and there I just recently started talking about my business a lot on Instagram and so that’s one thing I just hired someone to help me with social media because most of my following come from when I play basketball so I’m trying to get into more of that business educational as far as all my Instagram now but as far as you know, Instagram it was more so my personal thing because I love to even though I was an athlete, I love to dress up and get really cute and take cute pictures. But that’s you know, I’m basically I can still do that but I have to put the marketing into her. So that’s what I’m working on now. But I need to talk about all my stories here and there. But once again, I was forced into it and when my coach forced me to do it more, that’s why more clients and everything starts to come in. So definitely don’t do like me and don’t delay it as long


Daniel Rosen 18:50

well Kanan wanted me to ask you what is the strategy with the stories on your profile?


Amber Jones 18:57

The strategy as far as on Instagram stories? Yeah, yeah, so stories stay on your page for 24 hours. So Instagram now and people look at stories a lot of times before they actually look at your page and posts. So you just you know I put out a results so we will post it on our business page I will always tell them to tag me because even though my business is the business, the clients were coming from my personal page and our repost. So every time we get results as far as score increases deletions, I will post that and even when we have people score and so what we’ve seen a trend of and where we we adjust it because everybody’s score is different. Some people score may go up 100 points in the first month. If they had no credit cards, they got the credit builder card and etc. Some people may not see movement until month, five months six, some people may see a decrease if they get a late payment or something. So not only did we put the positive on there, we put the negative the score drops on there too. So it explained kind of both sides and that’s another thing, the automation that helped us a lot and a lot of people and a lot of clients this good help people out a lot. So a lot of people when their score dropped majority of the time is really not the credit repair company is the client where they have a new collection, new late payment. So we talked about putting out the fire. So what we would do when we will see it in the update, we have automation for new late payment, new collection, every new negative, so it would send them a text an email and let them know what the negative was before they said, Oh my God, my score dropping, they’re calling us like, hey, why did my score drop, and then we have to explain where you had a late payment and etc. So that’s another way to put out the fire before it happens.


Daniel Rosen 20:33

So great to have complete transparency like that. Very, very, very smart. Now I saw that you wrote two ebooks, I saw the Ultimate Business Credit Playbook and Cracking the Credit Code. And yeah, I saw those on your site. Do you sell a lot of those ebooks? Yes,


Amber Jones 20:53

I do now because I talked about him. Now I didn’t talk about him as much starting out. But yeah, so when people I had to create something because I had so many people calling in one consultation. So now I’m working on a financial literacy course. But I have so many people calling and saying, How can I build and learn about credit if I don’t need credit repair. So I have a lot of consultations for people with mid high 600 700. They just want to know how to keep improving, but they had no negative and we know in credit repair, it has to be a negative item. And so I just created something for people to get educated more on credit to teach them how to feel so I’m currently in constantly editing that book also. So that’s the reason why I created that. And as far as the business credit, I was doing that one on one so we have Life Key Financial Group, but I also have Life Key Business Services LLC, so that’s separate. So the ebooks and the courses will be on the day entity and Life Key Financial Group is strictly just the credit repair. So I’m just coming out with courses for education on that business credit and just financial literacy.


Daniel Rosen 21:53

So if someone wants to buy your ebooks, where do they go?


Amber Jones 21:57

They go to my link tree, link in my bio, or they can go to


Daniel Rosen 22:03

OK,  OK, perfect. Now speaking of you mentioned link tree, what? And I saw that it’s like a page of all these different links. What’s your strategy behind that?


Amber Jones 22:17

Someone just told me I need to get it one time, because then in your Instagram a year, and that’s why I was thinking like what website is the ebooks on because most of it is all from my social media. Someone told me to get it. So versus just your website, you can only get one link. So versus just your website link tree is a system to where you can put multiple links in one. So you click my link tree, you can see a link to schedule a consultation, the link to one ebook and link to another ebook, the link to our Google reviews the link to everything. So is everything and one link.


Daniel Rosen 22:46

Very cool. Now I saw that you have appointment flows on your site for re enrollment and as well as for current clients. So what’s your strategy on that? And how does that help keep your team efficient?


Amber Jones 23:00

So this is a good one. When I first started out, it was taking me about 45 minutes to an hour per consultation. And I was having to go over the same thing, the five parts of credit, how long does it take the process and he cetera. So one day, I’m like, I need to write down every question that clients asked me, I wrote it down, and I put it in one video. So I got introduced to Acuity via Zapier and once again, that connects to Credit Repair Cloud. And now when someone schedules an appointment, their information automatically goes into the system, they get a text message saying thank you so much for your interest in our credit repair program, you have three request steps to do before your appointment. So they have to sign up for identity IQ. And they have to it’s another button to submit that I’m such a perfectionist. It’s crazy when I sit and think about how I used to sit up at night and try to piece together all these automations is crazy. So they have a link to submit their login information to us and it’s the automation set up to where the system knows that they haven’t submitted it. So two hours before their appointment it sends them another text email saying hey, we see you haven’t submitted your information. If you have signed up, submitted here, if not, we cannot do your appointment without it. And so that’s another thing you have to be not afraid to set your own rules and boundaries and your business and people will respect those if you are clear on those. And so along with getting identity IQ submitted to us so our process and team will have the audit, they had a 15 minute video to watch of me explaining the things that I say over and over five parts of credit, how much the timeframe, the basics, etc. So the consultations went from 45 minutes to an hour to literally 10 or 15 minutes so by the time the client gets on the phone, they really just want to hear your voice and just give you their car because the video answers all the questions and we clearly state in the text automations that they’re required to go through the three steps before their appointment and you can also have in until you can even see if they watch the video.


Daniel Rosen 25:00

Wow you I think maybe the most organized business I’ve ever heard of.


Amber Jones 25:07

For sure that’s why like I have to teach these people like I can you teach me Can you teach me like I was like I have to master myself first. But I think I pretty much I pretty much mastered those like customer service automations I pretty much and once again that’s how we were able to do the seven figures, but no chargebacks


Daniel Rosen 25:25

amazing. What do you know now that you wish you knew back when you first started


Amber Jones 25:32

to fail forward, there may be people out there like me that I’m a perfectionist like even my mom like even in college when we’re taking a test I’m the one that I would sit there and look at the test until the teacher says  OK you have to leave and in business you can’t operate like that because you’re forever trying to figure it out and make it perfect and I gotta change this I got to do that you’ll look up and months have went by years have went by and you’re still in the same place where someone who has put it out there and perfect and etc. There went on to do big things we can go off to ebook for these these ebooks when they get the people brag about how great my ebook all the time and etc. But if people that have sent me other people’s ebooks and etc that has made all this money off ebooks and courses and it’s like a PDF with just the words on it like it don’t look it’s just the information and so you have to realize that people need the information it doesn’t have to be perfect they need the information. So that’s one thing I would harped on more when I first started was the amber it doesn’t have to be perfect it doesn’t have to be exactly how you would want it focus on getting the information out to people for instance you don’t have to have the fancy the camera you know you’re working on getting the camera with these lights and etc looking at me and your two or seven figures when someone else has made $2 million with an iPhone and so that’s one thing that I did wrong and was what I wish I had to do more starting out was to fail forward instead of waiting to everything is right because honestly nothing to ever be fully how you want it. And that’s one thing I had to learn in business


Daniel Rosen 27:06

that’s really great there’s It reminded me of a quote from Derek Harper done is better than perfect because perfect is never done ever


Amber Jones 27:15

gets done. And he used to tell me that every single time on our call and I’m like I gotta do this he’s like Amber. He tells me that all the time now like I’ve reached a huge milestone and but I could be a lot farther like 1 million could have easily been 10 if I hadn’t listened to him and did everything he said 1 million could have easily been to him right now. For sure.


Daniel Rosen 27:37

Amazing. We have a mentor as well Russell Brunson has helped us a lot with our business He’s the founder of clickfunnels but he has a similar saying it’s kind of interesting it’s ready fire aim. Like that. Yeah, that’s kind of cool too.  OK, last question. This has been so awesome. But we got to wrap up So last question Amber, what does business ownership mean to you?


Amber Jones 28:05

It means everything to me because I’ve learned that you don’t always, you know, growing up we go to I went to college and it’s like you go and you get a job like no one even gives you the idea unless you’re exposed to it in a random way. But it means everything to me because not only am I able to put myself and my family in a good position - you’re able to put your team and your staff everyone in a great position to help better them. And also, when you get up to like TC, you’re able to help other people start businesses. Because a lot of times people don’t realize the gifts that we may have. We all have a gift. There’s something about us that God put in us that is special, that we can do as a trade. So, that’s when I tell people you’re not happy, you know, in your job or some people in some people are made, you know, to work so do what’s best for you everybody doesn’t have to be running around like a chicken with their head cut off stressed out like me every day. You know, some people want just to go, and you know every is no right or wrong way. But as far as business ownership, you know, I’m able to like travel free, you know, come and go as I want, but it means everything because it’s exposed me to different levels. It helps me to be able to help my community see what can be possible through entrepreneurship.


Daniel Rosen 29:17

I love that. Thank you so much for being here. Amber, you are so awesome! Hiring. I think this is maybe the best interview we’ve done. Yeah, and congratulations again on the Millionaires Club Award and everyone out there. If you are enjoying this podcast, click below to subscribe, so you don’t miss out on any of the secrets that we share every week on the Credit Repair Business Secrets podcast. And if you’re feeling kind, rate me give me a review so we can move up the charts because that stuff really helps. Be sure to leave a comment or a question because I read each and every one of them. And I will see you in the next episode. And until then, be a Credit Hero and keep changing lives!


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