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Learn the 3 Habits That Credit Repair Millionaire Seth Mitchell Used to Persevere Against the Odds

By: Keenan Jones July 23, 2019

how to write a dispute letter“When you are dealing with adversity, you get two things: you learn a lesson and get a blessing.”

- Seth Mitchell, Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club member

Seth Mitchell knows adversity well. With his father spending a life sentence in jail for drug-related charges, he was raised by a single mother who worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. He also knows the result of pushing through adversity is personal growth and developing grit, something that many of our successful credit repair millionaires know a thing or two about.

Almost every person who runs successful credit repair businesses has overcome major obstacles in life and, in the process, developed grit. Learn what grit is and why it is something that you need to develop and continually grow to run a successful credit repair business.

What Is Grit?

When you face tough times in your personal or your professional life, how do you respond? Do you find yourself constantly struggling to accept difficult circumstances, or do you, like Seth, find the resources and personal strength to overcome them?

James Clear, the founder of business resource The Habit Academy, defines grit as “the perseverance and passion to achieve long–term goals.”

Angela Duckworth’s research on grit found scientific evidence that can grit can grow, putting the power back in your hands when you’re faced with an obstacle.

No one can teach you resilience or grit, but you CAN develop it.

In order to increase your grit, you need to focus on developing a growth mindset - a commitment to take on new challenges outside your comfort zone. You also need to adopt new habits.

Commit to these three habits to increase your grit. By making them a part of your daily life, you’ll become more adept at handling pressure and more resilient when facing obstacles that inevitably come your way as a credit repair business owner.

1. Ignore the Nay-Sayers

As an eight-year-old child, Seth attended his father’s sentencing trial to testify about what a good guy his dad was. Instead of clemency, his father received life sentences and the judge added insult to injury by telling his father that “he didn’t deserve the breath in his body.”

As dehumanizing as that sounds to us as adults, children internalize their parents as part of themselves. So Seth got hit twice that day with the injustice of the judge’s words against his father, and in a way against himself and his own worth.

Nevertheless, he pressed on. He worked hard throughout high school and made his way into a respected engineering program. He built a business that helps others to ignore the nay-sayers in their lives and work toward building better credit and a better life.

Who are the nay-sayers in your life? At times, the negative voices come from inside of you. Here are some of the common negative messages credit repair business owners hear:

  • Don’t take a risk on something that isn’t a “sure thing” when you can work hard and make a stable living instead
  • You’re taking time away from family/children/relaxing
  • You don’t know how to run a credit repair business
  • You have your own financial hardships to reckon with. You aren’t qualified to help others to make their own financial lives better.

Here’s the thing about nay-sayers: You’ll be able to recognize them less by what they say and more by what they don’t do. Here is the truth that helps successful credit repair business owners keep going in the face of negativity:

  • You are better prepared to lead a credit repair business because of the lessons you learned from financial hardships
  • You can prove negative beliefs about yourself wrong by taking action as a leader
  • You don’t have to take bad advice you get from family and friends sitting on the sidelines of your life

Seth decided that what one judge said about his father, and himself by proxy, didn’t determine his value or limitations in life. He pressed on and built a credit repair business using software that makes his job easier. You can start your own credit repair business and build grit along the way.

And, when hard times come at you, successful credit repair business owners like Seth learn how to get through it.

2. Find a Way

While he believed his dad was truly a good person, he also wanted to be different than his dad in how he made his living. As Seth was finishing his first semester of college, his mom called him and, through tears, told him that he wasn’t going to be able to go back to school.

She couldn’t afford to send him another semester. Even with the loans and borrowing that they could do, it wasn’t enough to keep Seth in college another term.

Seth came home, but he didn’t give up. He worked with a friend in an engineering co-op program make money to continue his studies and learned how to keep going. He also met his wife at his local community college.

Later on, as he was building his credit repair business, he found the process was slowing him down. He used his lessons from earlier in life to figure out a different way.

Seth determined a method to run a credit repair business that scales easily. He looked for signs that it was time to scale his credit repair business, such as:

  • Defined goals for revenue, expansion, and loyal customers to scale toward
  • Strong cash flow
  • Good working systems
  • A solid, dependable team working alongside you

Seth found a way to automate aspects of his credit repair business, including:

  • Importing credit reports
  • Running credit report audits for new clients
  • Producing dispute letters

Can you imagine how much faster your credit repair business will run if you automate those processes, too? It takes grit and perseverance to find a way to make what you want in your business –– and life –– happen.

3. Keep Pushing Forward

Your business’s growth is a reflection of your growth as a business leader. Now, as Seth runs a successful credit repair business, he needs more grit than ever.

That’s because the more he builds, the more he has to keep running, and the more he has to lose –– and the more people that win or lose with him. Seth uses that to fuel his passion to grow and develop even better processes for running his profitable credit repair business.

Seth and many other successful Millionaires Club members keep growing their businesses and personal leadership by taking grit-building action like:

  • Attending live credit repair training events
  • Examining their weaknesses and learning from leaders who are ahead of them
  • Building credit repair knowledge
  • Reaching up to business mentors for advice and honest feedback
  • Reaching out to newer credit repair business owners in the private Credit Repair Cloud community group
  • Understanding the changing needs of your unique market (the people you’ll help)

Building a credit repair business takes a lot of grit, and it doesn’t stop when you get to a level of success. In fact, the kind of grit you need to run a successful credit repair business year after year is something you develop as you build it. If you don’t think you have the kind of grit that it takes to run a million-dollar credit repair business today, you may be right. It’s ok to not be where you want to be. There are systems and tools in place to help you as you grow your business and people who’ve gone before you who can guide you.

No matter what path you choose, there will be hardships, and there will be a success story on the other side. Here are three ways to focus on the ultimate goals and push through the hardships:

  • Ignore the negative messages and take action that gets you closer to your goals.
  • Find a way to reach your goals instead of finding excuses to stop yourself short.
  • Know that this is a lifelong process –– enjoy your successes –– and keep going.

Start practicing one of these habits to increase grit today and you’ll be one step closer to reaching your dreams and helping hundreds of credit repair clients reach theirs.

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