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Secrets to Making a Million Dollars in Credit Repair with Bobby Richardson

By: Daniel Rosen February 08, 2022

Bobby Richardson knew if he started helping other people change their lives through credit repair, he could make millions. 

And he was RIGHT! 

Since starting his business in 2019, Bobby has made over a million dollars and changed a TON of lives! 

After a shocking incident at a car dealership where his credit was pulled 15 times, Bobby started to learn about credit repair. In just over a year, he had fixed his own credit and his family members. 

And that’s what made him fall in LOVE with the credit repair business. 

In this week’s podcast, I sat down with Bobby to learn more about his journey to success and his SECRETS to making a million dollars. 

Here’s a few of his tips for anyone else looking for success in the credit repair industry. 


Be Yourself 

Bobby has reached the Millionaire's Club without a single paid ad! Instead, he’s been his authentic, funny self on social media. Channeling his inner class clown, Bobby has attracted followers by being himself.

“I tell people, be yourself at the end of the day and the clients would come”

Trial and error may have directed him to Instagram, but a strategic lead follow-up strategy from there has helped Bobby convert so many people to clients. He uses the link in his Instagram bio to direct folks to his credit repair links where they can easily fill out a lead form that connects directly with Credit Repair Cloud. 

Learn The Business, Then Delegate 

One of his tips to grow your team is to first learn everything about your business so you know exactly how things should be run and what you’re looking for. 

BUT don’t wait too long to hire your team and delegate. Bobby wishes he had hired his team sooner to scale even faster. 

“I had to realize in order for me to continue to grow, I must trust these people that I delegate the task to.”

Since you know EXACTLY what you are looking for, hire great people and trust them to do the work. This will help your business grow even faster but will also give you time back to spend on the parts of your business (and your personal life) that are most important to you. 

Do Credit Repair Because You Love It (And Want To Help People) 

Even after a quick chat, you can tell Bobby is passionate about credit repair and the HUGE impact good credit can have on someone’s life. 

“If you love it, if you are passionate about changing people's lives, do it! If you love to do it, the money's gonna come and you gonna get an abundance of it.”

He urges people not to start credit repair just for the money, but because of the impact you can make on people’s lives. The money will follow and it sure has for Bobby! 

Pretty amazing, right?! 

Those are just some of the highlights from my chat with bobby Richardson. Be sure to check out the whole interview to learn even more secrets to SUCCESS! 

And one more thing! If you want to get certified in disputing and launch your very own credit repair business in just a couple weeks, I invite you to join our Credit Hero Challenge!

It’s an amazing program that has helped tons of Credit Heroes get their first clients, get certified in disputing, and gain confidence in knowing they are launching their credit repair business on a solid foundation that allows them to grow and scale FAST!

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Daniel Rosen  00:00

Hey, credit heroes. Today we're going to talk with credit repair millionaire, Bobby Richardson. Bobby had an issue with his credit, he learned how to fix it. He started a credit repair business, and he grew it to over a million dollars in a very short time. And today, he's going to share his secrets on exactly how he did this. So you better stick around. So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing? So we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and Welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets. Okay, before I dive in, if you are new to my podcast, be sure to click to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any of the secrets that I share each week on the Credit Repair Business Secrets podcast. And if you want me to hold you by the hand, as you launch your very own credit repair business, go to Okay, let's get into this. Bobby Richardson is widely known as Mr. Credit Yourself. He started a credit repair business as a side hustle. And in a very short time, he was able to quit his nine to five and fire his boss. And now he creates jobs for others. And he's built a seven figure credit repair business. And today he's going to share his secrets on exactly how he did this. So please welcome to the podcast. Millionaire's club member Mr. Credit Yourself. Bobby Richard sin. Hey, Bobby, welcome to the podcast.


Bobby Richardson  01:57

Thank you, Daniel. Thank you. I'm excited to be here. I appreciate you guys. I appreciate the platform. It definitely been a game changer for me, my life, my family and my clients.


Daniel Rosen  02:08

Well, I'm so excited to hear that. And I can see by all your success, congratulations on making it to the millionaire's club. How does it feel?


Bobby Richardson  02:17

Honestly, it feels amazing, knowing that I earned my company and myself earned over a million dollars of helping people build their dreams as well. So in 2019, before I even started my consumer credit company, right, I made this shirt I made this vision, you see what they say made means I've credit established 2019 That's when I started my company. So when I started a company, I had one thing in mind was to help people. And once you help people, the money will come the money will come flowing. So it feels good. It feels amazing. doing what I love to do.


Daniel Rosen  02:51

That's awesome. Where are you? Where do you live? So currently,


Bobby Richardson  02:55

I'm in Montgomery, Alabama. So if you're me, Alabama, you know, there's not as big as other, you know, states and cities. It's definitely small. But you know, for me to be able to do this in Montgomery, Alabama, that speaks volume that anybody can do it from anywhere in the


Daniel Rosen  03:12

world. Amen to that. Now it did. You grew up in Alabama.


Bobby Richardson  03:16

I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, I have two brothers, a mom was a single parent, at least 90% of my life. So for me to beat all those eyes, man I'm telling you is definitely amazing. It's amazing.


Daniel Rosen  03:28

So awesome. What were you doing before credit repair and what made you learn credit repair?


Bobby Richardson  03:34

Before credit repair? Of course, I was working a nine to five. But I'm gonna go ahead and tell you what made me jump into doing credit repair. So in 2017, right 2017 I knew my credit was bad. My fiancee credit repair, right? So we went to the dealership because she needed a car. Her car broke down at the moment. At the moment. We had a son, we had my son so I'm like, you know, we got to do what we got to do to make it from point A to make it to point Z because we both had jobs we didn't want to lose, lose our jobs. So what I did, I went to the dealership, a big dealership, I let them ran my credit. They ran my credit like 15 to 20 times. Oh no, that's terrible. That's terrible. So if you know someone running your credit 15 to 20 times, most likely you have bad credit, right? Sure. So I ended up going through the loan. Man, sometimes I don't even like to talk about it, but I'm gonna go ahead and talk about it. So I went through the loan the car was like $14,000 but when I signed the paperwork on the contract, right when I signed the paperwork, I was they was charging me like 24% interest. So I was going to be paying double for that vehicle. Wow. So I ended up taking that vehicle. I ended up taking that vehicle I felt so bad to taking that vehicle after I've seen the the total financed amount, which was double of the car. I felt really bad but I know we had to do what we had to do at the moment. So after that, I told my fiancee, I said, this will never happen again in life. So within one year, in a few months, I fixed my own credit, and I fixed her credit and some family members credit along the way. And then that would made me fell in love with the credit repair business. That's so awesome.


Daniel Rosen  05:14

And then how did you actually start to turn it into a real business?


Bobby Richardson  05:19

I'm in 2019, right? After I fix, you know, my credit, family members credit, again, approvals, getting big lines of credit, and everything like that. I decided to, of course, open a business. It changed my life, it changed my family life. And I told myself, if it can change my life, it can change anybody life. So I want to everybody that I come in contact with to feel good credit, how it is to have good credit, it's a different feeling. It's a different feeling. I know you have great credit, Dan, you're right.


Daniel Rosen  05:51

I do now I didn't used to, yes, it is a different feeling.


Bobby Richardson  05:55

It's a feeling that you can walk anywhere, you can go into any dealership, you can get any house, almost, you know, depending on your income, you can get any apartment you want, you can just do a lot of things, right? Sure, it gives you a feeling of security, fill enough security filling up security. So if you don't have the extra capital in hand, like cash in hand, you can always use your credit to level up. So in 2019, I wanted to open my business and help other people. So that's exactly what I did. I found me a mentor, right, I use credit just to tell you how powerful credit is. I found me a mentor. I didn't have the $3,500 at the time to invest in a mentor. But I use my Chase credit card invested in me a mentor for 3500. And that 3500 now turned to millions of dollars. So I use credit to even to level up my life and others life even more just by investing off credit. So that's how I got started.


Daniel Rosen  06:51

That's awesome. And is this your very first business? Have you or have you always been entrepreneurial,


Bobby Richardson  06:56

this my very first business. So I started working a nine to five on a military base. With my nine to five, of course, I wanted to move up and things like data management and stuff. I was there for like six or seven years. But I noticed I hit a roadblock, I hit a roadblock, I wasn't moving up like I wanted to. So that made me do what I need to do to become an entrepreneur to help others reach success. And that would allow me to leave my nine to five within two years. So 2019, I started a business, December 2020, I left the nine to five world. But at the time, I was already making high six figures. So I was going to work, working 40 hours, come home, doing credit, you know, doing everything on my own. And it just bought a proposal, I had so many clients. And I told myself and I told my friend I said I gotta leave, it's time for me to leave, I can't stay here. Wow.


Daniel Rosen  07:53

And I can see that this business has changed your life a lot. But I want to know, how has it changed your family's lives,


Bobby Richardson  08:01

with my family. Mostly everybody now in the family, they are paying attention to credit right? Before then nobody in my family talked about credit. Nobody in my family really knew about credit. So I come from a household where it was cash only credit was bad. They told me credible bad, do not get credit cards, you do not want to do that. So I knew in my mind, I'm like, well, they sound is bad. And I see some people like you know, doing good of credit, living off credit. So I wanted to tap in and I wanted to really experience that. So once I experienced that, and I bring it back to my family. Now we've changed everybody life. So it changed our life as a whole with the education standpoint. And of course, the income as well.


Daniel Rosen  08:44

Amazing. And I know I was peeking at your Instagram. I know that it also changed the life of your mom quite a bit. Can you tell us about that?


Bobby Richardson  08:53

Yes, sir. So recently, um, I retired my mom. She's working a nine to five at the hospital, right? So I had the honour man to retire my mom 15 years early. That's crazy. That's amazing. Like, I retired my mom, I retired my fiancee. That's about to be my wife now. It's just amazing. It's amazing what credit can do


Daniel Rosen  09:18

for you. That's so cool. How many clients do you have today?


Bobby Richardson  09:22

So currently today, I have over 1500 clients, I had way more than that. But of course, you know, as you get clients in and out, you know the clients go down so as you add more courts to go up, but we focus in on getting people out as quick as possible by using the laws in their favour.


Daniel Rosen  09:39

Awesome. Now I want to know how were we able to get so many clients and scale your business so fast? What's your secret?


Bobby Richardson  09:47

So it means I started out being myself on social media. Since high school, junior high school I always been the class clown. So I was a nice you know, Guru person who all about the book I was the one who wanted to be a smart alley, who want to joke all the time and play with everybody make everybody laugh. You know, sometimes people come in they upset. So my job in school was to make them laugh. So with me, I took that, and I transformed it into the credit repair world to my business. So what I will do, I will upload funny things on the internet, dealing with credit about me beating up the credit bureaus, and things like that, and people just would tune in to it. And people would like, like, oh, man, Mr. Credit yourself, that is so funny. So I attract the people by being myself. So I tell people, be yourself at the end of the day, and the clients will come. But I first started off taking like 10 or 15 Free clients, out of those 10 or 15 Free clients. I told all those clients I know, you know, 10 or 15 more people who need credit repair in everything is been has been word of mouth. Ever since then. I never ran one after my credit repair company.


Daniel Rosen  10:55

Wow. So you're doing all this on social media,


Bobby Richardson  10:59

social media, organic, never ran an ad? Wow.


Daniel Rosen  11:03

I know you've got over 20,000 subscribers on Instagram. What's made you so successful there? And what's your strategy on Instagram?


Bobby Richardson  11:11

So me with my strategy on Instagram, like I said, doing the same thing, right? Being myself being funny, right? And then of course now, I've been able to grow because of course, I have a mentorship programme with my mentorship programme. A lot of my students refer other students and refer other people to me as well. So all of those people palling me and everybody following me, everybody loving the content. And everybody seeing my journey from the bottom to the top makes people relate to where I come from.


Daniel Rosen  11:40

Wow, that's awesome. And I didn't realise you had a mentorship programme. What can people learn in


Bobby Richardson  11:46

that? So I started about three and a half months, three and a half to four months ago on of course, we teach credit repair from A to Z, we teach on the consumer laws, Truth in Lending Act, the FCRA FDCPA. We teach, of course, how to open your Turo business. I don't know. Have you ever heard of that? Airbnb business. So we teach multiple things, how to open multiple businesses, trucking, business, everything. So I teach a lot of different streams of income in the mentor shall not just credit repair.


Daniel Rosen  12:16

Awesome. Now I want to get back to marketing. So how often are you posting on Instagram,


Bobby Richardson  12:22

but they are probably posts 10 to 20 times a day in my stories 10 to 20 times a day in my story. And you're posting on Facebook as well. I'm posting on Facebook as well. But I mainly post on Instagram, because my biggest audience is on Instagram.


Daniel Rosen  12:39

Awesome. How did you learn all this? Was it just trial and error,


Bobby Richardson  12:43

trial and error. And actually going on YouTube and things like that you can, you can learn a lot from YouTube dealing with marketing. And I realised what marketing it only takes you being yourself. Don't try to be nobody else be yourself in the people is going to follow you people like to follow people who they can see. And they notice authentic, right? Sure. They know you're authentic. So someone come on my page, they see me posting my dish that is never is not always in line is not always pretty when you come when it comes to my Instagram page. So people know it's a real person. People like to do business with real people.


Daniel Rosen  13:19

Absolutely. So do you often tell your story and tell stories of clients and their success stories? What are the kinds of things do you post


Bobby Richardson  13:29

that posts clients success stories, people get houses, people getting cars, people getting credit cards, some of my clients, we are been able to help to start new businesses off of their credit.


Daniel Rosen  13:41

Wow, that's awesome. Now, once leads come in from Instagram, and Facebook, what's your lead follow up strategy.


Bobby Richardson  13:49

So my lead follow up strategy. Um, I have links in my bio, like a link tree link tree, you can put all your links on your link tree to everything that you offer all your services. So when people come to my page, if they like anything that I'm doing, I have an ebook on there. Or they can go to they want to do it on their on their own. Because I always tell people, I fixed mine on my own, you can do it too, if you just do the work. Alright, like I said, I have my coaching links on there. I have my credit repair links on there. So someone one credit repair, of course, they click the link, they book. Once they book on my acuity link, it goes directly into credit repair cloud as a lead. And from there, they have an appointment in my sales team reach out for the follow up. And then of course, if we land them, right. If they become a client, then of course they move over to my own boring team. And from my own boring team, they move on to my dispute team. So we have fire departments set up to have everything running like a machine.


Daniel Rosen  14:46

Wow, that's so awesome. How big is your team?


Bobby Richardson  14:49

So my team right now I only have seven people right now in the seven people that I have everything running perfectly fine.


Daniel Rosen  14:56

Awesome. And do you have an office or do you work from home?


Bobby Richardson  14:59

We work from home, we working from home. Everything is virtual right now. And that's been a big game changer as well. Wow.


Daniel Rosen  15:07

So in the beginning, how long was it just you before you hired a team?


Bobby Richardson  15:13

In the beginning, it was from September 2019, up in to our, say, September 2020. So about a year before I had my team.


Daniel Rosen  15:27

So what was it like, as you started getting busier and busier, doing this all by yourself,


Bobby Richardson  15:33

then you, I had to hire I had to hire, I had to quit my nine to five. That's what drove me to quit my nine to five, because around that time, I went to a business conference. And when I went to that business conference, I came back, I noticed that I had so many tasks that I had to do, I was caught up, but I had so many tasks that I had to do to the point that I knew that it's time to get help, this time to get help. So once I got there help with my team, I built our whole team and and everybody in the team that I built, all my employees was like, God sent him and said, I'm gonna say that because everybody was on the same page that I needed them, right. So for my sales team, that was great closers, my onboarding team, they was great as well, my customer service team, they was great to communicate my dispute team, they was great to dispute and there was already some dispute, there's like six or seven years prior. So everything fell in line for me at that right moment.


Daniel Rosen  16:32

Wow, how lucky? Well, you're good at hiring, you've got a good picker. Do you have any tips for people listening tips on growing a team,


Bobby Richardson  16:39

my tips on growing a team is to first get in your business and do everything yourself first, so you can know exactly what you're looking for. I noticed a lot of people get into like any type of business, and they get to searching for employees or trying to automate the business, but they don't know what they're looking for. Because they never done the job on their own. See, my job was what I was doing. I say, you know, I'm gonna take it day by day, I'm gonna take it step by step. I'm not in a rush. I'm gonna do everything. So when I do hire a team, I'm able to tell them, Okay, this take that loan. This shouldn't take that long, right? So that was my way to build my team, by me doing all the work myself, and then automate my company.


Daniel Rosen  17:24

Very, very smart. Okay, so now that you have a team that you can delegate the work to, what do you focus on now every day,


Bobby Richardson  17:32

every day now I'm focused on growing my mentorship programme. So currently in my mentorship, programme and value every day, I'm bringing in new speakers as well. And I have a segment in my mentorship programme called additional streams of income. So each and every month, I bring in at least one to two more new people on different streams of income in the world. So my students can have as many unlimited streams of income as they can or how many that they want.


Daniel Rosen  18:01

That's awesome. And you mentioned Tarot. Do you use Tarot? Tarot?


Bobby Richardson  18:07

I do use Tarot.


Daniel Rosen  18:08

How many cards do you have that you're running out?


Bobby Richardson  18:11

So right now to where I'm only when written one card on Turo? What kind of car so it just escalated a Cadillac, Escalades Oh, it's a business vehicle. Um, but of course, I'm using it, um, you know, to make extra income.


Daniel Rosen  18:24

Sure, no, I know that a lot of credit heroes have been posting that they that they run that on the side, and it's pretty amazing.


Bobby Richardson  18:33

But I have students who have a little bit of everything, like, you know, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and everything on Turo. So it's definitely a big market.


Daniel Rosen  18:42

Wow, that's awesome. What's your advice to anyone just starting out with their new credit repair business?


Bobby Richardson  18:48

Okay, my advice for anyone starting out with the new credit repair business is to be patient, and not get scammed, right. Because as we know, in any business, um, a lot of people, of course, you know, talk, you know, like, they can do this and that for people and stuff like that. And then, of course, you know, by people being so new to certain business and business models, they fall directly into the trap. So my thing is to do your due diligence, do your due diligence own, if you try to find a mentor, do your due diligence, because at some point, you is going to need some help at some point, you can, you know, you can run a successful business without help in the front end, but on the back end, you're gonna need that extra push. Because some things of course, you're going to be missing. So my advice is to be patient, do your due diligence, and do your research and study. I didn't build my business as quick without studying. So my thing was to study the laws and things like that within credit repair so it can make sense. Once it makes sense. I was comfortable enough to take all the volume that I was getting at the moment.


Daniel Rosen  19:56

Very smart. What are some of the biggest mistakes you've made? in your business,


Bobby Richardson  20:01

not hiring, um, as soon as possible, or was one of my biggest mistakes. Another big mistake that I made in my business as well was after I hired, I was still being people in my company that I shouldn't have been, like, I was still being the sales rep at times, right? Because it was so hard for me to let go of what I love to do. So I was being a sales rep out at times. And at that time, I still was being a dispute specialist. But I had to realise in order for me to continue to grow, I must trust these people that I delegate the task to. So that was one of my biggest mistakes as well. And another big mistake as well, was time management. So in business, you know, sometimes you you can get excited by, of course, posting things on your social media and stuff like that. And then sometimes social media can keep you stuck by seeing all you know, other people's success, your success and things like that. And you still have other things to do. And you still have to grow as an entrepreneur. So those are some of my biggest mistakes. As a business owner starting off,


Daniel Rosen  21:03

gotcha. We're gonna switch gears for a minute. And we're going to go and do a rapid fire round of questions where just answer the first thing that pops into your head. Okay. What's the most important lesson you've learned as a business owner? So be patient? Cool? What's your biggest superpower in business?


Bobby Richardson  21:22



Daniel Rosen  21:24

Awesome. What is business ownership mean to you?


Bobby Richardson  21:28

A business owner should mean that you should be able to delegate the task that you was once doing


Daniel Rosen  21:34

smart, what drives and motivates you


Bobby Richardson  21:37

waking up seeing my family phase without having to go to a nine to five. Awesome.


Daniel Rosen  21:43

And what's your definition of success?


Bobby Richardson  21:46

My definition of success is having your time that you can never get time back. So having your time is the definition of success to me, owning your time.


Daniel Rosen  21:59

Amen to that. Speaking of time, if you could go back in time, what do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started?


Bobby Richardson  22:08

Well, what I know now, if I, if I could go back in times, I wish I would have knew more about credit before I did. Hmm, I wish my family taught me credit before I had to go through what I went through. But I went through everything because that was a testimony.


Daniel Rosen  22:25

I hear that I didn't learn anything about credit from my parents or my family either, as in the same boat as you, Hey, how can people learn more about your your credit repair, mentorship and your your programme?


Bobby Richardson  22:39

So if they want to learn more about my programme, they can go to of course, at Mr. Credit yourself on Instagram, or they can go to credit yourself And of course, they can see exactly what I offer as well.


Daniel Rosen  22:54

Awesome. Bobby, I want to thank you so much for your time today. You're amazing. Congratulations again on the millionaire's club and all of your success. And thank you so much for being here.



Thank you, Daniel. Man, this programme, this software, like I say again, was life changing. Like I appreciate you, Kanan, whoever else you have on the team, I appreciate you guys this man has been a game changer. And it changed my life, my family life. It continues to change my clients life. You know, year by year, month by month, day by day, hour by hour, man like I love it. It's a business that I love to do. And another tip, so people who's getting in this business, do not do this business. If you don't love this business. only do it if you love it, if you passionate about changing people lives, do it. Don't do it for the money because anything you're doing for the money will not last long. only do it if you love it, if you love to do it, the money is going to come and you're gonna get an abundance of it.


Daniel Rosen  23:54

Amen to that. That's a good place to leave it. I want to thank you again for being here. You are amazing. Everyone out there. If you are enjoying this podcast, click below to subscribe so you don't miss any of the secrets we share each week here on the credit repair business secrets podcast. And if you're feeling kind, do me a favour and rate me and review me give me a thumbs up, leave a comment, ask a question, because I read each and every one of them. And I will see you on the next episode. And until then be a credit hero and keep changing lives.  Hey everybody, it's Daniel again. And really quick. I'd like to invite you to join what I believe is the best thing we have ever created inside the Credit Repair Cloud Community. And it is a challenge that we call the credit hero challenge. If you're just planning out your business or you're just getting started, and you dream of having a successful business of your own, so you can quit your nine to five and fire your boss and have financial freedom or so you can add another revenue stream to your existing business If that's your dream, you need to get into this challenge. We created this challenge to help you to create and launch your very own credit repair business to build a proper foundation for a really successful business. This challenge is going to help you to understand the strategy, the tactics, and all the things you need to be successful at credit repair. It really is the greatest thing we have ever built, and it will change your life. So I recommend you do it right now. Stop everything pause this audio, go online and go to That's and join the next challenge. And there's a challenge that starting in just a few days. So go get started right now at

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