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There are no new techniques to credit repair

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: April 24, 2024

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We added this cool tool called Intercom to our site, so people can type things and we answer in real-time (unless we’re at lunch). So far it’s a fascinating experiment. A fellow reached out today to say that all credit repair information he was finding seemed old and outdated. He wanted to know where our most successful users go to learn new learn techniques. So of course, I wrote him this novel…

Mr. Awesome CRC User: “I am really impressed with your software and love it, but I need help with credit repair training. I saw that you guys retired american credit repair academy and suggested others. I have tried Credit repair summit last year and hated it. (Just trying to sell us services). I wanted to know about Credit Consultants Association. I liked what they offered but am afraid that their teachings are outdated and with no new techniques. I tried contacting them but no answer. What are top earners that use your software doing to learn everything that they need to know on the actual credit repairing? Sorry for the long message, just anxious to get my business up and running.”


Credit repair in itself is pretty simple;

You send letters for clients who can’t be bothered to send them for themselves and teach them how to better manage their credit. For this, they pay you a monthly fee, and it just takes a few minutes of work per client each month. The only reason software is needed, is becomes it gets a bit cumbersome to keep track of everything, to collect money and to grow a business,

Credit repair itself is all based on the law:

“The Fair Credit Reporting Act” which gives you the right to dispute any item on a credit report. If that item can’t be verified it must be removed. I don’t believe there are any new techniques for it. Just dispute what the client says is incorrect, don’t dispute too many items within a 1 month period (should be fewer than 5) and always include a copy of the client’s photo ID and proof of address with any round 1 letter to a bureau. Most reports have errors, so always start with the errors.

To me, the most important element is educating your clients. Here’s a link about that and giving awesome service. You also might want to check out this recent webinar

As far as training itself, I always think it’s simplest (and most affordable) to just buy a book. Here’s a link to many Credit Repair Books at Amazon. You also might want to get a book on “debt settlement,” which is a close cousin to credit repair.

I hope this helps! Thanks so much for writing and if there is anything else that I can help you with, just reach out!”

Mr. Awesome CRC User: “Thank you so much for replying so quickly. I’ll start looking into the books.”

Me: “Awesome! If you find a good book, let us know about it! I hope you have an amazing weekend!”


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