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What a Credit Repair License Can Do for You

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: April 24, 2024

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Would you get your taxes done by a really financially savvy friend who doesn’t have her CPA license? Perhaps, but you know it’s a gamble; she may not know every detail of tax law and other important loopholes that could save you hundreds or thousands on your taxes. Most people trust a person with a license to be better prepared to help them than a well-intentioned person without the same level of training.

While the credit repair industry is highly regulated with different laws for each state, there is no requirement that people who practice credit repair services get trained and certified. So, no, you don’t need a credit repair license to start, run, or grow a credit repair business.

Even if you are not legally required to get a credit repair license, there are many benefits to getting credit repair training and certification.

Benefits to Getting a Credit Repair Certification

1. Credibility and Clients in the Door

Many well-intentioned people get very excited about the idea of starting a business, but shoot themselves in the foot by telling people about it too early. Give yourself a leg up and keep your credibility intact by investing in a credit repair license before you call up friends and family to tell them about your new business. When you build something great, people will be attracted to you and find out about it naturally.

Starting a credit repair business is simple and it takes a person who is willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard. Prove to yourself that you have what it takes to build a viable credit repair business by completing a basic credit repair training course. It can only help you be a more knowledgeable and effective credit repair specialist.

Once you start out on the right foot with your friends and family, you prove that you are a great resource for their credit repair referrals. You will get (and keep) many more clients if you can show them that you work hard and are intentional about what you do. Getting a credit repair license in one great way to show them your work ethic and commitment to excellence in business.

2. Understanding the Industry Better

credit repair license 1.jpegGet to know the ins and out of credit repair before you launch your business. Credit repair is not rocket science, but there are still important things you should know before you reach out to clients.

Understand important aspects of the technical side of credit repair. In your credit repair license training you can learn:

  • How to write dispute letters
  • What the FICO score really means and how to improve it for clients
  • The lesser-known factors that affect a credit score
  • When to reach out to the bureaus and how to negotiate with creditors
  • The steps million-dollar credit repair businesses take to make a viable credit repair business
  • The source of hundreds of referrals every month and how to tap into it

There are many things you will still learn along the way. Set yourself up for success by understanding the important details of the credit repair industry first, then get the hands-on learning next.

3. Multiple Income Streams

When a couple comes to you looking to buy a home, but their credit score is just too low to be approved for a mortgage they can afford month after month, what can you do to help them? If you get a credit repair license, you could help them improve their credit score, and get paid to do so, and then close their loan. That sounds like a worthwhile investment of your time with an obvious ROI.

Credit repair is a simple and savvy addition of income for a mortgage broker, real estate agent, or other financial services person’s repertoire. While starting a credit repair business is a full-time job, adding a credit repair license to your existing financial skillset can be an incredible boost to your existing revenue.

Once you run a successful credit repair business, the road it took you to get there will seem like a distant memory. Take a moment to invest in your future by getting a credit repair license. You will give yourself a leg up on the competition, and set yourself on a path for business success, and learn important tips to build a credit repair business the right way.

Learn how to launch your credit repair business and sign your first clients without any experience whatsoever when you join our 14-Day Credit Hero Challenge today.





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