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Why Celebrating Milestones will Improve Your Business!

By: Daniel Rosen November 08, 2022

Want to know a simple trick that will help you get more customers, hit your goals, and grow your business ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!

Well, this is my 150th Podcast Episode, and I'm talking about MILESTONES and why celebrating them will help your business achieve amazing success!


Okay, so, This is my 150th Podcast Episode! 🎉

And today, I'm going to talk about BUSINESS MILESTONES: what they are, which ones matter most, and why celebrating them will actually help you to grow your business faster!

Let's get into this…

"Milestones" used to be markers set up on the side of a road to measure the distance to a particular place, and paying attention to them was important if you wanted to reach your destination. 

Whether it's a birthday, graduation, anniversary, athletic achievement, or work promotion, we've all experienced a milestone celebration that helped us to move into a new phase of life.

These achievements give us an excuse to throw a party, but they also serve as a signal to ourselves and everyone around us that we're making progress, we're taking on more responsibility, and we're evolving.

Celebrating achievements, milestones, and wins, even small ones, not only feels good on a personal level but also has an amazing effect on businesses!

So you might be asking, how does this relate to me?

Even under the best circumstances, running a business is crazy and chaotic.  It requires intense effort, focus, and CONSISTENCY. And when you're super busy, it's easy to overlook the small milestones you pass along the way. 

But believe it or not, celebrations have a HIGH return on investment!

In other words, the more you celebrate your business, the more your business will have to celebrate!

Because milestones are not only a shortcut, they're the biggest SMARTCUT to growing your business!

They turn a big scary journey into a fun adventure of a million little steps. 

They're how you build a giant business from nothing. They're how I built Credit Repair Cloud from nothing. They're how our millionaires got on our millionaire wall. And they got there by setting REALLY BIG goals, consistently working toward them every day, and celebrating milestones along the way. 

That's you achieve the impossible!

Recognizing a "Business Milestone" is an opportunity to market to customers, form bonds with your team, determine new goals, and even pat yourself on the back. 

They inspire, motivate, and reassure that hard work is recognized and progress is being made toward your long-term goals. 

Maybe your long-term goal is to be a Credit Hero Millionaire and get a plaque on our wall. Well, it's important to set big HUGE goals! Setting the big giant goal is the first step towards achieving it. And the second step is setting a bunch of smaller tiny goals that build a roadmap toward your big huge goal. 

That's why each milestone should be celebrated! Because in the craziness of your business, it reminds you that you're making progress toward your big huge goal!

Here's the thing to remember…

What you choose to celebrate will vary depending on the size of your business. 

If you're just starting in Credit Repair, your wins might not seem important enough to celebrate, but they are!

Take a look at our Facebook Community, and you'll see Credit Heroes celebrating when they get their first paid client, boost a client's credit score, get their first great review, make their first hire, and ESPECIALLY when they change someone's life. 

It's always amazing to see a client get a new car or house they couldn't afford before their credit was repaired. That's something worth celebrating EVERY SINGLE TIME! 

Not to mention, celebrating it is actually the best way to get new leads and market your business!

Here's why this is important…

The focus of a milestone celebration can be the company, a product or service, accomplishments or anniversaries, or your company's relationship with a specific customer or an entire community!

Or, in my case today, a Podcast hitting 150 episodes! 🎉

Anyway, if you want your wins to multiply, and inspire more success, here are a few milestones you need to celebrate…

Company Anniversaries or Achievements

We've all seen companies that promote the year they were "Established" or the fact that they were "founded in a garage." And that's because celebrating founding milestones gives you and your company a reason to tell your story (which I believe is very important). Telling your story well will grow your company. 

It also allows your company to promote your history, remind customers of your past achievements, highlight your current goals, and announce future plans. 

You can write a Newsletter that explains the achievements and tells your customers how it benefits them. You can share wins you've had for your clients. Maybe one of them bought a house or a fancy car. You can celebrate that on Social Media, post print or digital ads in your community, and add these wins to your website.

For you and your staff (if you have one), promoting company accomplishments allow you to set the next big huge goal, and those big goals allow your staff to set smaller ones, establishing a consistent rhythm of success, celebration, setting a new goal, followed by greater success. 

Product and Service Milestones

You can celebrate sales records, maybe an added service you're now offering, or even positive reviews! But when you celebrate the product or service, don't make the message about the product or service itself. You should celebrate the impact it made. 

Think about it this way, maybe you added Credit Building Coaching as a service your business provides, and that service was very popular. It immediately doubled the number of paid clients. That's an amazing achievement. 

But you shouldn't celebrate the service itself. You should celebrate how many lives you're now able to change through Credit Building Coaching. 

This style of messaging is good for marketing AND staff morale.

For example, one day, I decided to set a big huge goal and said I wanted to make a free resource where people could watch or listen to Credit Repair News and Financial Tips. 

So I created this podcast as an added CRC service for anyone interested in Credit Repair. I made a plan and a commitment to release a new episode every week, no matter what. 

Consistency is key to success, so I released episodes no matter what!

If I was traveling, swamped with work, sick, or burned out, it didn't matter. I was consistent. We had guests never show up, their internet or equipment died mid-interview, and all kinds of problems. But it didn't matter because we found a way to get the episode out. 

I released my first episode on Feb 4, 2020, just a month before the pandemic, right before the world went crazy. 

I had never made a podcast before and had huge imposter syndrome. I still do. I thought everyone else's podcast was better than mine. Because they were! Mine sucked at first. 

And Keenan would sit near me and give me feedback after every interview, and his feedback wasn't always easy to hear. 

But each week, we got better, faster, and clearer. We made small and large improvements along the way and celebrated our little podcast victories when episodes got a good response. 

It makes me smile thinking about how far we've come. 

And since our first episode, this Podcast has been downloaded and viewed over 2.2 million times. I'm proud of that number, but while that number is cool to say, all I really care about is the impact. It means I helped give 2.2 million pieces of Credit Repair Business advice. 

There are a lot of people who've grown their businesses with things that they've learned on this show. And I'm really proud of that. 

Staff Anniversaries and Achievements

Now, not everyone listening to this will have a staff. According to IBISWorld, the average Credit Repair business has 1.2 employees. 

But even if you just have a virtual assistant or you have relatives working for you part-time, celebrating staff is a huge part of your company's success.

And don't forget, if you're the only person at your company, YOU ARE THE STAFF!

And you should absolutely celebrate YOUR WINS!

Because celebrating staff wins and accomplishments, even your own, creates a company culture, forms traditions, and demonstrates what your business believes in, beyond the numbers. 

They signal that you actually care about people, their growth, and their success. 

At Credit Repair Cloud, we have weekly meetings where we celebrate personal wins, professional wins, birthdays, and work anniversaries (we call them Cloudyversaries). We give shoutouts and pubic praise for big achievements and merit-based pay increases. 

We do all this because it's fun and the right thing to do. 

But if that's not enough of a reason for you…

Celebrating staff milestones, even your own, inspires new goals to be set!

It doesn't matter if you have one employee, one hundred, or your little brother helping you put up Credit Repair ads on telephone polls. These people believe in you. 

Show them that they're appreciated! 

You can give a high-performing employee a day off, a thoughtful gift, or you can take your team out to lunch. These little gestures improve communication, team-building and give people well-deserved (short) breaks. 

And if you're the only person at the company, you're allowed to take yourself out to dinner. And it's okay to give yourself a gift. You achieved something! 

You can and should celebrate yourself! 

Just celebrate! 🎉

My final point...

Reaching a milestone gives you a moment to rest, look back, smile, and look ahead. 

You can reflect on how you got to where you are, the sacrifices you made, the good and bad decisions, and the relationships you built.

You can take a moment to consider how you grew and changed to meet that milestone, the effort, and the consistency it took.

As an entrepreneur, who is always putting out fires, it's important to take that moment and actually enjoy it.

As I said, this is the 150th Episode of this Podcast! 🎉I'm really proud of that. And it would be crazy to have an episode dedicated to celebrating milestones if I didn't acknowledge Keenan. Young Yoda. The first person I hired at Credit Repair Cloud. 

Daniel and Keenan with Stickers

I could not have gotten this far without you. Your hard work, dedication, expertise, and endless - not always easy to hear - feedback.
Cheers to 150 episodes and 150 more! We're just getting started!

Now, looking ahead, we're actually about to update the style of the podcast, and I'm really excited about the upcoming changes. And we have some amazing guests coming up, and they're gonna blow your mind!

But before we finish talking about milestones… 

What are some of your business milestones? 

What's your big giant goal? 

Tell me what they are and how you're gonna celebrate them!

Drop a comment with the episode or leave a message in our Facebook Community!

I'll end by saying…

If you don’t already have a Credit Repair Cloud account, check it out. It’s the software that most Credit Repair businesses in America run on. Just sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial at

And If you’d like me to hold you by the hand as you launch your own credit repair business, check out our Credit Hero Challenge!


It’s an amazing program where you’ll learn the processes that have made millionaires, and it costs less than you'll spend taking your family to McDonald’s for dinner.

We’ve got another challenge starting in a few days, so grab your spot right now at!

Until next time, remember…

The more you celebrate your business, the more your business will have to celebrate! 

Keep celebrating!

And keep changing lives!

Be sure to subscribe on your favorite platform below!

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Daniel Rosen  0:00  

Hey, credit heroes. Are you ready for some scary credit repair stories? In honour of Halloween, I went hunting for tales of nightmare customers, vampire banks, zombie employees and demon debt collectors. And today, I'm going to share the scariest stories that will keep you up at night. So you better stick around. So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing? So we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to credit repair business secrets. If this is your first time listening to my podcast, every week I cover industry news, financial tips and entrepreneurial advice for bootstrapping your business from nothing. This show is the best how to guide for business owners and there is no other podcast like it, so be sure to click on that subscribe button now and get ready to start changing lives. Okay, so it is the season of pumpkins costumes, tricks and treats. But for credit repair business owners, our campfire stories usually cover nightmare customers horrifying interest rates and the occasional troll online. So to get everyone into the spooky spirit, I went looking for scary stories from the world of credit repair and entrepreneurship. And today I'm going to share the very best stories that are going to keep you up at night. But before we get started, this podcast is brought to you by credit hero score. Credit Bureau score is the only credit monitoring service that integrates directly with credit repair cloud get instant access to your credit reports and scores by signing up for a seven day trial for only $1 Sign up right now at credit hero Okay, let's get into this. Now most scary stories are cautionary tales designed to keep people safe when they're out in the real world. And the world of credit repair has a whole lot of financial dark alleys and boogie men that keep us up at night. Now a few Halloweens ago, I shared my scariest credit repair story, it was the scariest story of my life. I explained how a bank error nearly cost me my house nearly drove me bankrupt. And then I shared how a Bank of America mortgage scam nearly cost me everything, including my sanity. Eventually, I found an exorcist, AKA a lawyer, and he killed those monsters.


So this year, I decided to collect stories from our Facebook community and from around the industry to have a little more fun while we explore these cautionary tales. Now it's important to remember some of these stories were anonymous. And for some, I changed the details to make sure that we didn't call out any companies or individuals by name other than Bank of America, of course, I don't like them one bit. But I actually think that all banks are scary. Okay, let's begin to start us off with a quick scare. How about a tale of the most monstrous interest rate of all about 10 years ago, Tony are of Texas had a motorcycle accident that resulted in medical expenses that she couldn't afford. She went through a bankruptcy which ruined her credit and made it very hard for her to qualify for credit cards. But she was finally able to get a bank card that specifically targeted people with bad credit, and it had an initial interest rate of 29.9%. Now Tony accepted this and sure it was high but fair. Considering her score at the time, life was finally getting back to normal when six months later, Tony received a notice informing her that her rate had jumped from 29.9% to 79.9%. Wow, Tony reached out to the media. And it was a big news story and the bank card CEO had to say it was a mistake and her rate was trimmed down to 59.9%. It's still crazy i Tony tried to cancel her card, but the process took six months and during that time, the company continued to charge her those incredibly high fees and they eventually put her into collections when she didn't pay them. Tony finally got back on her feet after using some time tested credit building techniques. But that interest rate whoo it's Senate chill up Everyone's spine. Are you ready for the next one? Okay, the tax man on Reddit told a story about some terrifying car payments. He said, It amazes me what people don't understand about credit. I have these friends that suck with money. And every time I learned something new about their finances, I'm just floored. The latest is that they fell behind on their car payments. But apparently they thought they were told that the missed payments would just get tacked on to the end of the loan, they now have 30 days straight of 30 day late payments all in a row. Plus, they just bought a new car. Yes, new. And I can't even imagine what interest rate they're paying. But I know it's over 14% Yikes, tax man. I can't tell you how often I hear stories about credit repair companies who have the same financial bad habits as your friends. So many people thought they were told something that turned out to be false. They dug themselves into a hole. And then for some reason, they won't stop digging. Well, we can't force them to change their ways. But we can do our best to show them the numbers and convince them that better habits like not buying new cars mean better credit and better credit means a better financial life. And by the way, if you're curious about what that means, in actual dollars, the current most popular car in America is the Toyota Camry priced at $25,900. Now if you put $5,000 down and you're paying a rate of 14% over five years, do you know what you end up paying for this $25,900 car? Well, at the end of those five years, that card is going to cost $36,291 With interest tax and fees included. And that's not even including all those late penalties. Now that's a scary story. This next story comes from Henry, who sent in a really creepy one about an unwelcome house guest and the price of eviction, Henry said I was stuck living with a horrible ex girlfriend for months because I didn't know enough about evictions or credit. Long story short, my ex girlfriend from college moved across the country during the pandemic and asked if she could stay with me for a few weeks until she got settled. I said okay, but I didn't clear it with my landlord. The situation was cool for a while. But after months and months of her not paying rent, I told her that she needed to start paying rent or move out. I figured this was a normal request. But she got super upset because she couldn't find a job and she guilted me into letting her stay longer. Eventually, months later, I reached my breaking point. And I told her she had to leave. But she just laughed at me. She actually laughed and told me that she looked it up and I couldn't kick her out. She had lived there long enough that she was now technically my sub tenant. Her name wasn't on the official lease, so the only way to evict her was to evict myself. She told me that would destroy my credit and make it hard for me to find a new place to live. Obviously, I felt awful, but I started learning more about credit and evictions. And I found out that I could actually evict myself and not hurt my credit just as long as I wasn't evicted for nonpayment of rent. So I did it. I paid my last month of rent, and I evicted myself. We were both forced to leave. And I was glad to go. All I had to do was explain to my landlord why I was evicted. I explained that I had broken the terms of the lease and I explained the situation adding I would never do it again. I might not date again either. But everything has been good since not sure what happened to my ex but that's a different horror story. Wow, Henry, I'm so glad you found a creative way to get that unwanted guest out of your house, even if you had to leave as well. But it's a perfect example of how some people will take advantage or scam you until you learn the law and start protecting yourself. Next I found a Business Insider article that told a shocking tale about a massive credit score drop and I wanted to share it with you because the student loan forgiveness application process is now open. Lisa, a financial expert said how I got into learning about finance and learning how to build my credit is when my credit score dropped to the low five hundreds after just one missed payment on a student loan. She said because my student loan provider listed each loan as 19 individual ones in reported on my credit as 19 miss payments, my score plummeted, and it took a few years before it disappeared from my credit report, and things balanced out.


I learned the hard way to consolidate your loans and pay on time. And wow, I'm so sorry you went through that, Lisa. But just like me, you use your credit horror story to learn as much as possible about the industry. And now you're a financial expert. During an upcoming episode, I'm going to dive deeper into my thoughts on loan consolidation. But next we have a sinister post about a customer that got trapped in payday loan hell, Todd, who is a financial counsellor with a nonprofit agency, he told a story that took place about 10 years ago, he said he was talking to an adult learners class about payday loans, which are every credit counsellors favourite topic, and a woman came up to him after class and she said that she'd taken out three payday loans for $500 each. At that time, if you couldn't make the payment every two weeks, you would have to pay a 15% fee, and then get another two weeks to make the payment. The extension fees came to $225 every two weeks, and she'd been paying them for five years, which came out to a total of $29,000. All for a $1,500 loan. And even worse, she still owed the original 1500, meaning not a single penny of those two week fees even went to pay down the debt. Well, Todd, I don't know about you. But I don't understand how this is even legal. It's like death by 1000 fees. It's unarmed robbery. It kind of makes you wonder what type of creepy company would offer payday loans. Well, guess what Bank of America offers them. They just call them balance assist loans because the word payday loans has such a negative connotation. Did I mention I don't like Bank of America. Okay. Now for the last and scariest story of the day. We go to Murray on Facebook, and Marie shared a true nightmare customer situation. Here's what she said, wow, it's been a day, one client has created a total uproar, and I'm at a loss. Long story short, she tried to fix her credit independently, she started the process writing to the creditors versus the credit bureaus. She contacted me and asked for help because she was lost and had no idea what to do. I sent out approximately 19 letters for her in response to creditor responses and starting her dispute process with the Bureau's. In addition, I include bi weekly coaching in my price, which I did more than provide for her. She calls me three to four times a week looking for updates, questions, my ability, et cetera. We both agree it's best not to move forward because clearly we're not on the same page. 20 days goes by and she's demanding a refund, telling me that I scammed her, I offer her a partial refund with an invoice of itemised expensive months later a moms group by men posts about how I'm a scammer and not to trust me, et cetera, posting screenshots of my Facebook business page, my partially done website and an ad using my information. That is not my ad. I'm literally getting threatening messages from strange moms I've never even met, they posted negative and false reviews. And they're not letting up. It's so bad. I had to archive my Facebook group, take down my business page and blog for strangers already. What on earth am I to do?


I can genuinely say I did everything I could to help this client. Wow, first, Marie, I'm so sorry, you had to go through that. When you have a larger company, customer service, people shield you from that type of negativity and harassment. But when you're a solo entrepreneur, you have to face these sad and angry people yourself. And these interactions can be exhausting, and they can make you feel terrible. And to me, nothing you said or did would have mattered that customer is just an angry person looking for someone to bully. Some people might argue that the customer doesn't deserve a refund. And some might even tell you to take legal action against that customer. But I recommend that if there's ever an issue like this, again, with a customer just give the refund, give it right away and just walk away as soon as possible. You want to remove that source of negative energy from your life and from your business as quickly as you can. Time is money. So you want to save your time, save your money, protect your online reputation and protect your mental health. When you're growing a business you're going to have to face all kinds of challenges. But if you start to create a process for each new thing that comes up, your business will get stronger and stronger. And if you document those processes, you'll eventually be able to have other people deal with Monster clients that sometimes appear. And that's why we share scary stories so that you'll get better at noticing potential threats earlier, and you'll be safer when you're out there running your business. I just hope these stories weren't too scary. And just a reminder, this podcast is brought to you by credit hero score. Credit hero score is the only credit monitoring service that integrates directly with credit repair cloud get instant access to your credit reports and scores by signing up for a seven day trial for only $1. Sign up right now at credit hero And now for my favourite part of the episode. Every week I feature one of our credit heroes inside our credit repair cloud Facebook community so that you can see firsthand what real people are doing as they run and grow their business. And today's spotlight is on Sunday credit Queen Reese. Sunday is one of our credit repair millionaires and she has been a community member for over four years. And a few days ago, she posted a comment saying the scariest thing about becoming a business owner was getting started. Once I overcame that everything else fell in place. Running a business isn't easy. However it can be done. And I've grown my business and hired to the point where it's 100% Hands off. Work hard in your business. So one day you won't. Thank you for sharing Sunday. You are amazing. And you are 100% Right, the scariest thing is just getting started. At that point. Everything is unknown. Everything is a question you feel like you're walking alone through a dark room without a flashlight, but you made it. So congratulations on your success. And thanks for the advice and motivation. And I'll end by saying if you don't already have a credit repair Cloud account, check it out. It's a software that most credit repair businesses in America run on. Just sign up for a 30 day free trial at credit repair trial. And if you'd like to change lives and grow your own credit repair business, check out our credit hero challenge. It's a live experience that has helped tonnes of credit heroes to get certified in disputing and to gain confidence as they run their credit repair business on a solid foundation. So they can change a whole lot of lives and make a great living in the process. We're starting the next challenge very soon. So you want to join before the doors close, or you'll have a long wait until the next one. So sign up right now at credit hero And if you're finding value in the things that I share on this podcast, click below to subscribe and follow. Also give me a five star review or share the show and help me to change more lives. And if you'd like to read the show notes that are posted on my blog, and if you have a question or comment, drop it down below because I read each and every one of them. I'd love to hear from you. And I'll respond as soon as I can. So take care credit hero and remember scary stories are designed to teach you a lesson and keep you safe. So keep telling stories, keep learning lessons and keep changing lives. One a fast track to creating an amazing business that helps people changes lives and makes you a great living in the process


that I'd like to invite you to my free online training at credit repair Training. In this free training, you will learn how to get clients willing to pay you even if you're just starting out how to get easy credit repair results without being an expert, and how to get all the clients you'll ever need without paying for advertising. Again, this training is absolutely free. Just visit credit repair training

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