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Integrated Loan Assistance’s CEO started with $600 to her name and now helps over a thousand new credit repair clients each month and makes millions of dollars every year.



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In the early 2000s, CEO Tara-Ashley Gable worked at a credit repair company in the corporate world, but she didn’t feel that the ethics were up to the standards she had. She still wanted to help people get their finances back on track, so she quit that job and struck out on her own.

In 2012 Gable moved back to Colorado with $600 in her bank account and cold-called mortgage brokers. She started contacting mortgage brokers, one after another after another. She said “Refer me the clients you’re turning away so I can improve their credit.” She delivered results and built her book of business solo, growing it into a multi-million dollar credit repair business called Integrated Loan Assistance.

Integrated Loan Assistance works in the mortgage and auto loan industry helping thousands of people to become qualified for loans through better credit.

If you can improve a person’s score so that the affiliate can sell them a loan or a car or whatever their business is, that’s going to be incredibly valuable to them. It will be life changing for them, because it could double or triple their revenue. That’s how powerful this is.

- Tara-Ashley Gable, CEO


Integrated Loan Assistance works closely with loan officers and auto dealers who give them referrals of people who are trying to get into a home or buy a car that just cannot find a way to qualify.

At the beginning, the company was able to keep up with the leads and the sales coming in, but as the business grew Integrated Loan Assistance needed a way to keep up with the influx of new business month after month.

Integrated Loan Assistance tracks the leads that come in, so they needed a way to integrate their lead management program with the credit client information. Since they pride themselves on providing a monthly check-in with every client, it’s critical to track the stages of every credit dispute.

At the end of the day we want somebody to get into a house that deserves it and is otherwise incapable of doing so.

- David Capozzoli, VP of Operations


Once Integrated Loan Assistance started using Credit Repair Cloud’s software and easy-to-use Zapier integration they were able to integrate the credit repair information with their lead management programs, Google Sheets, and other existing business software.

We were blown away by how easy it is to integrate Credit Repair Cloud’s software with all of our existing business software.

On top of making lead follow up seamless with their credit repair process, Credit Repair Cloud’s software helps Integrated Loan Assistance to run the behind-the-scenes credit bureau dispute work and create the potential for massive growth. They now run an operation producing millions in revenue each year that helps over a thousand clients every month. Integrated Loan Assistance is just one of the credit repair companies that use Credit Repair Cloud to make a difference in thousands of lives every year!

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