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Learn how Point Boosters Credit Repair grew a small credit repair side business making close to zero revenue into a million dollar business helping thousands every year.




3 years

using CRC


Growth in 5 months

2.4 Million

Annual Revenue


Mr. Derrick Harper Sr. was in the Air Force when he started to learn about credit. See, military members are required to have great credit to renew their security clearance, so Derrick learned about credit repair to help himself and his buddy to get their credit on track for their upcoming security clearance check. Harper began providing credit repair as a free service.

By the time he was discharged from the air force, he had helped hundreds of service members restore their credit, base commander gave him an award, and told him to start charging people. So that’s exactly what he did...


When Harper started charging money he already had over a thousand people waiting for credit restoration services. He was just one person trying to help hundreds of service members every month to improve their credit scores.

I was flooded with 1,300 clients without a system. And I realized that without having that system I spent more of my time on the phone dealing with payments than actually disputing things.

Harper needed a way to consolidate the credit repair process and keep track of each of the progress of over one-thousand clients’ credit disputes. He was in law school when he started his business so he had no time to waste and needed a way to keep himself out of debt.

Having been in the rigid structure of the military he didn’t have a business owner mentality starting out and had difficulty keeping up with the demand.

I started losing clients because I couldn’t fulfill their service--my quality suffered without a system.

Client education was a key that took his business from 211 active clients to 1,500 active clients in five months. Giving clients videos that provided free credit education that helped clients understand the process set the expectations and increased his client retention.


Even though he had the drive to run a business, the manual process of repairing credit by writing credit repair dispute letters, sending them, and tracking all the responses was extremely time consuming. So he started looking around for credit repair software that he could use to organize the endless files he was trying to keep on top of on his own.

When I saw Credit Repair Cloud was updating their software consistently, I knew it was a perfect fit for my fast-growing business. And when I learned that I could integrate it with hundreds of other apps, I was sold.

Harper discovered that Credit Repair Cloud integrates with Zapier -- a cloud-based tool that links your existing web applications and automates data flow amongst them. Now his credit repair business software could easily link with his customer relationship management software and lead development apps. The intuitive connections built into Credit Repair Cloud’s business software allowed his revenue to explode beyond what he could have imagined.

With Credit Repair Cloud I was able to integrate all of my existing services and basically streamline everything. I’ve now been able to grow my business to the point I’m on track to hit $3 Million in annual revenue. It’s incredible what a difference the right credit repair software made for me.

Harper says Credit Repair Cloud's software helps his business grow and he feels the Credit Repair Cloud team really listen to user feedback for continuous improvement. Credit Repair Cloud’s client portal helps them to educate clients on the backend and keep clients updated.

Derrick currently has 1500 clients and makes $2.4 million in annual revenue. Point Boosters Credit Repair continues to help thousands of military service people and regular citizens get their credit back on track and, with the help of Credit Repair Cloud software, is on track to grow it to more than $3 million ARR by the end of this year. Way to go Derrick!

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Learn how Point Boosters Credit Repair grew a small credit repair side business making close to zero revenue into a million dollar business helping thousands every year.


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