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In 2014, Mortgage broker Jon Weiner and longtime acquaintance John Santos grabbed breakfast, each with the intention of recruiting the other to work in their respective credit repair companies. Instead, that day they joined forces to create Second Sunrise Credit Repair Service.

Second Sunrise Credit Repair Service operates out of Massachusetts and South Carolina, where 70 percent of their clients want to improve credit to buy a new house.

They operate out of an incredible referral base with an estimated 99 percent of their business coming straight from referrals from their network of about 300 mortgage brokers, realtors, lenders and management companies.

Weiner and Santos invested money at the beginning in non-digital, local advertising and make it a point to be known as the credit repair experts in their community.

We go on a local mortgage broker’s radio show occasionally and talk about credit repair and educate people about credit and what they need to know. We will help them move forward from where they are to getting a mortgage.


Because Weiner and Santos had a background in the mortgage business, they saw a tremendous opportunity in credit repair and knew what they wanted: a credit repair business with a profitable recurring revenue model, that is easy to manage and scale quickly.

For that, they knew they could not use multiple tools and home-grown processes. They needed a single solution to start their credit repair business, automate it, streamline it, and make it scalable.

Once they began working with clients, some challenges arose.

Some people want their score moved 100 points and that’s not going to happen overnight.

A client is not going to fix their credit unless they take a proactive approach with their credit and start paying their bills in a timely manner.

Weiner and Santos needed a way to keep clients up to date on their credit repair progress while not overextending themselves as two businesspeople trying to keep all the plates spinning. They needed a way to:

  • Establish trust with their clients with transparency
  • Educate clients easily about the ins and outs of credit
  • Assign tasks to clients and involve them in the process
  • Organize their internal processes - from sales touchpoints to customer service follow-ups


Sunrise Credit Repair Service implemented Credit Repair Cloud’s software and saw immediate benefit in three realms:

Automation: By automating the busywork of credit repair, they found more time to work on their business, instead of working in their business.

Transparency: They found all the tools they needed to easily update their clients on the disputed items, keeping the entire process transparent and giving their clients reason to trust them explicitly

Scalability: To grow their business further, Credit Repair Cloud gives their referral partners an easy way to refer clients and a tracking system to monitor it all.

With the automation, transparency, and scalability, they found that their business expanded quickly. They focused primarily on clients trying to qualify for a mortgage, which gave them a highly motivated clientele that was eager to pay for credit repair services and to participate in the process.

Santos and Weiner started their business from scratch and had no former client base. The two now oversee a team of five people, but still, Weiner and Santos remain the first point of contact for new clients and referring affiliates.

By automating processes like client onboarding our company keeps processes streamlined, tasks for the team and client organized, and results follow quickly.


Santos and Weiner had a business background, which proved instrumental in their success. It was this acumen that prompted them to seek a solution that would simplify the processes of starting, running, and growing their credit repair business.

By choosing Credit Repair Cloud, they found a solution that was easy to learn and easy to use. It includes everything a credit repair company needs - there is no need to hire developers, customize software, or spend time and resources on reinventing the wheel - Credit Repair Cloud, out of the box, is everything they needed to build a credit repair empire in their community.

For example, by automating processes like client onboarding, Second Sunrise stays organized, efficient, and effective. “When we onboard a client we’ll do a free consultation to review the credit, and next we upload them into the Credit Repair Cloud system, and send them instructions to get started.” This keeps processes streamlined, tasks for the team and client organized, and results follow quickly.

Thanks to the organization made possible by the software, Santos and Weiner also give a detailed email monthly that summarizes what’s gone on in the past 30 days to assure their credit repair clients that progress is being made on their behalf, and to keep them motivated to keep up with their payments.

This level of detail and responsiveness would be hard to come by if it weren’t for Credit Repair Cloud’s software automating the paperwork and giving credit repair business owners like Santos and Weiner detailed dispute progress updates with the click of a mouse!

Credit Repair Cloud’s software ultimately helps business owners be better advocates for credit repair clients, helping more people to get back on track with improved credit.

“If you help the people, you’ll get plenty of business behind it,” says Weiner.

When you run a credit repair business efficiently and with a solid system backing you up, you can respond to the people, give them what they’re looking for, and you’ll get the business back tenfold.

Now Weiner and Santos are earning far more than their previous businesses, living comfortably, and spending more time with their families, all while watching the business grow exponentially! These credit repair business owners know their clients are in good hands with automated processes through Credit Repair Cloud’s software and a capable team so they have the chance to do what they love--and even take a vacation on in a while! Their revenue is higher every month and they have the joy of helping people and changing lives in their community.


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