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How a former big bank subprime mortgage lender from Texas runs a successful, streamlined credit repair business

Harley David Walters


300 clients

served every month

7 years

in business

3 years

using CRC


In the 1990s Harley Walters managed credit cards, turned to mortgages in 2000s, and in the period following the 2008 recession worked with Bank of America turning around short sales. He found that people had borrowed 90% of equity on their mortgage and many people were upside-down on their homes.

No one graduates high school understanding how to buy a home, how mortgages and loans work, or how credit works.

Walters spent a lot of his time as a subprime mortgage lender working with people who had a credit score between 500 to 620, many of whom were in that category because of errors on their credit reports. He found that small mistakes, like duplication of an account that had been sold to another company or charge-offs that weren’t properly accounted for, made an incredible negative impact on the credit scores of these individuals. Their team had to turn away about 70 percent of the loan applications that came across their desks. Frustrated at seeing consistent mistakes on the reports, Walters would try to help people to fix the credit report to get approval for their loan.

My boss used to say, ‘Stop trying to fix the credit reports, just process the loans and close them.

After spending the last 25 years selling credit cards and then working in loans at major banks and credit card companies like CitiBank and American Express, Walters decided to start his own credit repair business. On January 24th, 2011, Texas Custom Credit Repair opened its doors as the credit repair solution for San Antonio, Texas.



Starting out, Walters found that, even with his background in mortgages and credit cards, there was a three month learning curve to get the credit repair business running smoothly. Texas Custom Credit Repair originally used a different credit repair company, but found that as his knowledge of the credit repair industry grew, the learning modules and functionality of this software just couldn’t keep up.

Starting out, the training from the other credit repair software company was fine, but then the lack of credit repair training became a roadblock to our business’ growth.

Texas Custom Credit Repair also found that they didn’t need to keep clients for a year or longer through a monthly subscription. Instead they could charge a bigger fee up front for the same service and then improve the client’s credit score within about three months by removing errors and disputing several items a month. In order to keep up the pace and update clients regularly throughout the process, Texas Custom Credit Repair needed a software solution that evolved with them.


Texas Custom Credit Repair found that with Credit Repair Cloud’s comprehensive credit repair software they could now process about 50 client updates in six or seven hours.

Credit Repair Cloud’s software was huge for us with the client education tools, a great client portal, and continuous software improvement.

Credit Repair Cloud’s Simple Audit feature also lets credit repair businesses upload a client credit report and gives a detailed credit report analysis almost immediately.

It really wows people to create a tailored credit audit in less than 30 seconds.

With the recent addition Simple Audit and other administrative time-saving features in the Credit Repair Cloud software, Walters says they save about 40 work hours in a month. (They will neither confirm nor deny if they take a monthly weeklong vacations due to this time savings.)

Texas Custom Credit Repair focuses on helping clients, so they will turn clients away before they will try to take money from someone who will not end up as a happy client. Walters says that 30 percent of the people who contact them do not need credit repair services, rather financial education or a nudge in the right direction. Texas Custom Credit Repair will happily give these people free financial education, and in turn build rapport with the financial affiliates from whom these folks were referred.

Typically, they create a six-month program and try to help each client finish in half that time.

We have a 100 percent money-back guarantee, and in seven years we haven’t given back a single dime.

Texas Custom Credit Repair also gives discounts to people serving the community and the nation. Teachers, first-responders, and current and former military service people receive a 10 percent discount on credit repair services.

Sometimes it’s not about the price, it’s about helping people, too.


We’ve been the number one credit repair business in San Antonio, Texas for over two years.

Texas Custom Credit Repair currently only focuses in Texas, but have been getting many referrals for out-of-state potential recently. They close four to five out of every six people that come to them and part of it is due to the ease of business administration embedded in their credit repair software.

Walters thinks that other credit repair companies could be as successful as them if they only implemented the process improvements they have with optimized credit repair software. He had this message for credit repair companies who aren’t providing the same level of service:

A warning to our out of state competitors: if you don’t make improvements to your credit repair business by using Credit Repair Cloud’s software, we’re coming to your state!

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