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Customer story

How Loan Officer Stephanie Black

helped more clients to be approved

for loans — and then parlayed that

into a lucrative business of her own.

WITH STEPHANIE BLACKFounder of Andorra Credit Repair


Team Members


Years using CRC

Happier in the Cloud

I earn far more now than I ever did as a loan officer.


Stephanie was a loan officer who discovered that most potential clients who apply for a mortgage cannot qualify due to credit issues -- a dilemma that all loan officers face.

Always resourceful, Stephanie set out to learn everything she could about credit repair and she soon discovered she had a talent for helping to boost her clients’ credit scores quickly.

With this self-taught skill, Stephanie and her fellow loan officers were able to close many more loans. As she describes it:

I was a loan officer, and saw that a lot of people needed credit help. I had fixed my own credit first, then all of my friends' credit. I knew how to do it so I started helping my clients, I wasn't charging them anything, I just started helping them fix their credit so they could get their loans approved, or get a better rate.

Seeing my success with qualifying clients and closing more loans, the other loan officers in the branch started asking me if I could help their clients with with their credit. Then, one day I said, "OK, it’s $300" and I wound up with 75 clients by accident!

75 clients paying $300 each brought Stephanie an instant $22,500. That's when a lightbulb went off over her head. She shifted to doing credit repair full time, starting from her connections in the mortgage broker industry.

Launching a new business was exciting, and her client referrals quickly grew, but processing the paperwork by hand began to consume all of her time. It took a half hour to write the letters for just one client. Once Stephanie had built up a thriving client list, there were no more hours left in the day. She was literally buried in paperwork with no room to grow.


Stephanie switched to Credit Repair Cloud and hasn’t looked back. It enables her to outsource many of her simpler cases while using Credit Repair Cloud as her Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and to process the difficult cases she handles personally.

Two things stand out for Stephanie: Credit Repair Cloud’s reliability and continual improvement.

Reliability was my biggest factor, and the fact that I liked a lot of the features in Credit Repair Cloud. They've added features consistently since I've been on it and keep it up to date.

She also loves the financial tools, as do her clients! She creates action plans for her clients, and always includes their utilization ratio.

I love the credit utilization tool! I use it every single day for every single action plan for every client. I put in their credit cards, the amount, how much they owe, so that they can have their utilization ratio on a nice little chart that gets emailed to them. The clients love it. I update it every month for every client, and send it to them. It takes two minutes, if that.


Using Credit Repair Cloud, Stephanie can run her thriving business all by herself with just the software. Stephanie also praises the e-signature capability in Credit Repair Cloud particularly for helping her quickly and easily process clients.

I can close the client in one conversation! I can put all their information into Credit Repair Cloud. I can pull up their credit reports, financial annual, or they can send me their reports online. I can get all their info right into Cloud, send them their agreement, walk them through the online agreement signing, take their information, and that's the only conversation I need to have with them.

Within 5 minutes, she can have a new client entered into the system, and ready to go. After that, the work is reduced to a few minutes per month per client.

Moving to the cloud has given Stephanie a way to automate much of the work and the infrastructure to scale a business. It has simplified her onboarding process for new clients and provided new ways to educate and involve them in the process.

I love helping my clients and I earn far more now than I ever did as a loan officer.

The ease and efficiency of Credit Repair Cloud enables Stephanie to provide full service to hundreds of clients, the freedom to run her own business and a way to earn far more money than she ever did as a loan officer.

Way to go Stephanie!

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