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Customer story

How Tracy Arnett boosted yearly revenue from $120,000 to $2.2 million and can now spend more time with his family.

WITH TRACY ARNETT Founder of First Capital Inquiry Removal


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Today I only worked for an hour and I was done. I'm very happy.


First Capital Inquiry Removal was created after the founder, Tracy Arnett, was a victim of fraud. Tracy hired a law firm to get his credit on-track. However, after 6-months, he still wasn’t seeing the results he was expecting from the firm so he took over the job himself. Tracy was working 2 jobs with limited free time, but on his own he managed to accomplish far more than the law firm. That’s when Tracy realized he had a knack for credit repair, so he left his 2 jobs and dove into credit repair full time. Today, Tracy’s company is rapidly growing.

I started the company just randomly to see how it would play out. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.


In the early days of the company, Tracy was doing all the work by himself and handling all of his clients time-consuming disputes and recordkeeping manually.

I was manually writing every letter and it took forever. It was a pain trying to organize all the client files. I was already working 16 hour days.

Tracy’s workflow was very inefficient, and there were no more hours left in the day. He knew that something needed to change if he wanted to grow his business any further.


Tracy knew that he needed a system to increase his productivity and reduce his workload. That’s when he discovered Credit Repair Cloud. After transferring his business to the cloud, his long days of endlessly processing client files were over and his 16-hour workdays were reduced to 2-hour workdays. Credit Repair Cloud allowed Tracy to easily run his company as a one-man shop for a while. And soon after, when he began to grow and scale his business by adding employees, Credit Repair Cloud made it easy.

It takes about two hours to teach my new employees the software.

Tracy’s team loves the system too. He mentioned how they have said “it’s so simple. Everything is self-explanatory.” Now that his employees were on-boarded onto the software with ease, it now takes Tracy’s team about an hour to process 30 people.

Now it takes my team less than 2 minutes per month to process each client.

Tracy’s clients are delighted with the changes. They love logging into the client portal to see their real-time updates of their accounts. It’s cut down on the time required to respond to all the clients wanting updates through email or over the phone. Tracy’s clients now receive notifications automatically as changes happen, so they’re always in the loop.

The client portal has taken us to the next level. Back when everything was manual, clients were constantly calling for updates. Now they can just login and see updates. It’s really simplifies our day and our clients love it.


Now that Tracy no longer works 16 hour days manually writing his dispute letters for his clients.

I only work for a few hours a day. I'm very happy.

Tracy doesn’t just have more time to spend with the family, his business is now seeing rapid growth. He has grown from a solo operation to 3 team members, all working from within his one central Credit Repair Cloud account. This has resulted in a huge revenue increase as well, boosting his annual revenue 10 times over!

Our revenue has gone from $120,000 to now hitting $2.2 million in revenue!

In the four years that Tracy has run his business on Credit Repair Cloud, he’s already grown his business far beyond his wildest dreams and he now has more time to spend with his two kids.

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