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Security Is Our #1 Concern


You might sound friendly but we don’t know you

If we asked you to visit this page, it’s because you’re writing from an unauthorized email address and we are concerned for security. We understand that it’s a natural reaction to reply and “tell us” about their other email address, but that isn’t secure, so… 


Here’s what to do:

1. Write a NEW Support Ticket from the master email address that matches your CRC account

Send it to CRC accounts only have 1 owner (with 1 name and 1 email address). You’ll find your master email address by logging into Credit Repair Cloud and clicking “My Account.” It really must be a brand new email and not a reply to the same email. 

2. Include Relevant Details of the issue you’re having

Is it about Credit Repair Cloud? Is about your website? What is your domain? Your name, client’s name, error message you’re seeing, what are you you’re trying to do, what’s going wrong (i.e. “steps to recreate the issue)? If you send this we can help you fast. If the issue involves a client, always include the client’s name as an example, rather telling us ”it’s all clients.” Being specific speeds things up and that’s we all want, right? 

3. Please don’t continue writing from unauthorized emails

When you do this it’s clear that you’re not the account owner. Asking us to call you is not a solution because we don’t know your voice. Telling us you’re a co-owner isn’t possible because a CRC account can only have 1 owner. Please write us from the same email that matches your CRC account. Thanks for understanding.


If you feel our security precautions are unusual

Try asking Bank of America, Gmail, Facebook or for details or access to another person’s account and see how far you get. Don’t get flagged as a security risk. Be awesome and use your master email.


If you’re writing from the email address you signed up we will always help you fast.

If you’re a 3rd party who is not the account holder and you continue to make requests about someone else’s account we will consider that a security threat and we may ban your access.


Please respect our rules of security. They protect your clients and help to protect you from liability.

  • Each account has 1 account owner. They are listed in the My Account page. 
  • If you’re writing from another email address, you’re not the account holder
  • Only write from the same master email address that matches your account.
  • No other person can be “designated” as account holder.
  • Telling us you’re the “Partner” of an account owner doesn’t make you the account owner.
  • We cannot discuss your account with a 3rd party.
  • Telling us about another email address doesn’t make you account owner.
  • Writing someone else’s name or email within your email make you the account owner.
  • Demanding a phone call cannot verify that you are the account owner.
  • The best way to show that you are the account owner is by using the same email that matches your account.
  • We don’t know the structure of your business. You might be an ex-employee or ex-partner trying to cause damage to a company you’ve just left.
  • Be cautious with the permissions you assign to your team members.
  • User ID’s and passwords cannot be shared. We monitor access and IPs.

Please understand we must have these rules in place to protect clients and we do terminate accounts with fraud and security issues.


Thanks for understanding!