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Join Us For A Live Software Class!

We're super excited about our software and we want to give you a jump start on your profitable business. These daily sessions give you a chance to learn how to use the Credit Repair Cloud software in the best way, how to get more out of it and how other successful businesses make it work for them. If you have questions or need assistance with setting up your company settings, online agreement, importing credit reports, your site, web lead forms, best practices and more, we can help! Expert sessions are scheduled in 30 minute blocks and they are always free.

*Remember, our experts are here to help you with software. They can't answer legal questions, give busines advice or teach Credit Repair (visit American Credit Repair Academy for that), but they will help you to make the most of your software experience, which will be the foundation for your profitable business.

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Additional resources for your new business

Resources books and resources
Credit Repair Training Books and Resources

We've compiled a list of training classes and books to fit any budget. Learn nuts & bolts of credit repair to advanced techniques, marketing: how to attract clients and affiliates, how to scale your business and more. If you're helping existing clients or launching a startup, training and education is invaluable.

Resources schedule
Schedule a Free Session with an Expert

Just getting started with Credit Repair Cloud? Schedule a free 1-on-1 call with one of our software experts to help you with setting up your Credit Repair Cloud, your online agreement, importing credit reports, web lead forms, processing clients and more. We recommend this to all new users.

Resources website
Get a complete Business Website in minutes at My Credit Repair Site

Get a complete professional website for your Credit Repair Business in minutes! Change all colors, images and text by easy point and click. No experience necessary. Sign up now at mycreditrepairsite.com

Resources credit card
Get paid by Credit Card with a Merchant Account for Credit Repair

If you want to collect credit card payments or ACH transfers from your clients, you must have a merchant account for Credit Repair. Greenpay has extensive experience in approvng credit repair businesses. They specialize in businesses just like yours. They are most likely to approve your account because this is their niche market. Their rates are fair and the process is easy. Sign up now

Resources experts
Gain Insights from Experts at The Credit Repair Cloud Blog

A great free resource of information to start, run and grow a profitable Credit Repair Business. Now is the time to start your own lucrative credit repair business. Each week you'll receive a new article with tips and tricks from experts on running your credit repair business, pricing, best practices and more. Sign up now

Resources video library
See our complete video library

Watch on demand webinars and instructional videos that will help you run and grow your credit repair business.