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5 Things Credit Repair Software Does for Your Credit Repair Business

By: Daniel Rosen May 04, 2020


When I see passionate entrepreneurs give up on their self-employment dreams, the failure to launch usually boils down to one thing: Fear. Fear that they’re too inexperienced and that they might let their clients down as a result. 

I’m here to tell you something that might blow your mind. Most people who start a credit repair business don’t have a lot of experience in the industry. And, you don’t need ANY experience to become successful in the industry.

All you have to do is trust yourself, start the process, and take advantage of the many resources and tools, like credit repair software, that are available to you. 

So, What Does Credit Repair Software Do? 

I’m going to tell you four very specific ways that credit repair software will help you get a credit repair business off the ground, no matter how much experience in the industry you have.

1. Gives You a System and a Process

The best part about starting a credit repair business is that a lot of the hard work has already been done for you. 

Credit Repair Cloud’s software was reverse engineered to find the best way to break down the credit repair process into simple, easy to follow steps, and then automate as many tasks as possible. 

We did the heavy-lifting for you! 

That means when you get your business up and running, you can depend on your credit repair software to give you a system and process that tells you exactly what you need to do for each client, and how to do it most effectively. 

2. Helps With the Redundant Stuff

As a business owner, I can tell you that my most valued resource is time. And, when you’re just getting started in your business, it seems like there is never enough time to go around.

That’s why I can’t recommend credit repair software enough. Credit repair software will save you hours of time each day by automating the mundane, routine parts of the job, like:

  • Importing credit reports 
  • Generating dispute letters
  • Analyzing and highlighting negative items for dispute 
  • Automating recurring billing for your clients

The best credit repair software also works as your super, cost-effective, salesperson by allowing new clients to sign up and pay for your services online. Actually, one of our millionaires, Kevin Carroll, says that online sales are ALL he does these days. He's never made a cold call and makes about 100,000 dollars a month in sales. Those are incredible results!

3. Sets the Tone for Awesome Customer Success

Most of the Credit HeroesTM I have the privilege of speaking with tell me that they got into credit repair to help people overcome their financial struggles. But the big net of helpfulness we cast can sometimes catch a snag when it comes to day-to-day customer service. Dropping the ball on communication and professional expectations can kill your customer relationships.

To help your clients beyond the credit report, you also need a system for taking care of the details and organizing things like:

  • Personal financial information 
  • Credit reports
  • Follow up appointments
  • Client check-ins
  • Onboarding meetings

By using credit repair software, you have access to really powerful features like payment integrations, signature capture, built-in meeting scheduling, follow-up reminders and other features that ensure you and your clients are always in the loop, and well taken care of. The best credit repair software supports your passion for helping others with simpler business processes.

5. Gives You the Tools for Continued Success and Growth

Planting the seeds for success is one thing, but watering the seed so you can blossom into a superstar entrepreneur is another.

Credit Repair Cloud is so much more than a business-enhancing software. It’s also a library of resources and a community of amazing people! When you become a part of the Credit Repair Cloud family you get access to hundreds of free, online courses and learning materials. 

You can also join the Credit Repair Cloud Facebook community to tap into the minds of other Credit Heroes who know meaningful ways to keep your business growing. 

All this to say… I’ve got your back. 

Replace your fear of what could go wrong with a system built to grow successful credit repair businesses. Then watch what will go right!


 “The best way to start is to start. Be a doer and not a dabbler.” - Daniel Rosen.

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