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Build Your Million Dollar Business by Word of Mouth! (Interview with Tracy Arnett)

By: Daniel Rosen August 11, 2020

I’m so happy to welcome Tracy Arnett to the podcast. He is one of our Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club members, and we’re so lucky to have him!

Many years ago, after successfully fixing up his own credit score, Tracy’s first clients were his three older brothers and his parents. 

His story is absolutely incredible, and today, he’s going to tell you all about it. 

From his early days of growing up in Elk Grove, to having his identity stolen, to how it all sparked his multi-million dollar credit repair business.

Tune into this week’s episode of the Credit Repair Business Secrets to hear stories about fixing credit scores of the rich and the famous, finding affiliates in unusual places, and how to build a million-dollar credit business by word of mouth.

Strap in for yet another amazing credit repair success story!

Key Takeaways for This Week:

  • Growing up in Elk Grove (1:34)
  • Having his identity stolen while still underage (3:38)
  • Learning how to fix his own credit at 18 (4:39)
  • Tracy’s first clients - his family (5:34)
  • The struggles of doing credit repair without using software (8:15)
  • How did Tracy’s love for cars help him grow his business? (10:58)
  • Why is Tracy only just now considering getting into social media? (14:50)
  • An unusual approach to affiliate marketing (18:42)
  • Going from being a one-man-band to leading a team (21:53)
  • The numerous benefits of having a team to rely on (25:06)
  • What is the secret to maximizing client success? (27:26)
  • Providing credit repair for the rich and the famous (28:39)
  • How has outsourcing helped Tracy grow his business? (30:53)
  • Rapid-fire questions with Tracy Arnett (33:23)

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Daniel Rosen  0:00  

Our guest today is Tracy Arnett. He makes millions of dollars doing credit repair but he's doing it in a really fascinating way that's totally different than anyone else. And he's going to talk about fixing credit for the rich and famous, getting clients with exotic cars and building partnerships with unusual types of affiliates that I've never heard of anyone doing before. So stick around, because this is going to be amazing.

So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing, so we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets.

Welcome to the podcast, Tracy Arnett! Hey Tracy, welcome!

Tracy Arnett  1:02  

Thank you for having me.

Daniel Rosen  1:04  

I'm so excited. You're here. And I know you're here in LA too. Welcome to LA.

Tracy Arnett  1:09  

I love La. La is the best.

Daniel Rosen  1:10  

I love that you've got it on your hat. I need one of those. Now. Can you tell everybody where it is that you're from?

Tracy Arnett  1:21  

Yes. I'm originally from Sacramento, California. I grew up in Elk Grove, it's like the suburbs of Sacramento. And then finally did his random move and moved all the way over here. To LA.

Daniel Rosen  1:35  

Very, very cool! Now, but we just skipped over many years, didn't we? So let's go back. What was your life like when you were growing up, and when you were young in Elk Grove?

Tracy Arnett  1:45  

Okay, so growing up in Elk Grove we were a cowboy town. Before all this stuff that was built, we... You would see pretty much everybody wearing cowboy hats and boots, horses all around town. So growing up, we had a farm. So we... I spent a lot of time on the farm when I was younger. And that was very interesting, just from coming from the city life didn't go into Elk Grove and then having a farm and, you know, cows and everything running around. I think we had just over 50-60 acres. So it was very interesting, like, just the play out there. So, and then in 95, when my grandma passed away, we got rid of all of that. And in 97, I moved to downtown Sacramento. So that was a... I want to say a big awakening. Kids back then still like not bullying, but they were like, "Oh, you're the rich kid from Elk Grove." That's how people would, you know, generally, approach me and say that and I tell them, "No, we're not rich or anything. I'm just from Elk Grove." You know, my grandma bought her house in the 70s and Elk Grove where there was nothing there. Now it's pretty ridiculous in Elk Grove. But living downtown was definitely one of the things I loved. I grew up skateboarding after that once I moved downtown, so I skateboard it from sixth grade all the way through high school. And then I decided to stop skateboarding and go to college. 

Daniel Rosen  3:35  

And what did you study in college? 

Tracy Arnett  3:37  


Daniel Rosen  3:38  

And then what were you doing before credit repair as ever work? 

Tracy Arnett  3:42  

Well, I started credit repair when I turned 18.

Daniel Rosen  3:47  

Oh, wow. 

Tracy Arnett  3:48  

Yeah. So I What happened was since I was a car person, when my parents told me Oh, okay, you could go buy a car when you turn 18 That's okay. I could go get a brand-new car. So when I went to the dealership They told me that I had bad credit. I'm like, wait, there's no way I have bad credit. I just turned 18, and they're like, well, you have like over 20 items on your credit report. And I'm like, Okay, well, let me see what I can do. I went home, got back on internet. And I look I ended up coming across Lexington Law.

Daniel Rosen  4:24  

But the things on your credit report so this was identity theft. Someone had stolen your identity.

Tracy Arnett  4:29  

Yes. Wow. All I did any of that all of it was when I was underage, so there's no way legally I couldn't sign for any of them. So when I contacted Lexington Law, I had them for about a month or two. I told them what the problem was. I said, look, I filed all my paperwork. I had my police report. I have everything showing I was underage at the time. They told me that they only do two to three items a month. And they will not call the companies to let them know what's going on. They're just gonna send out a letter. I said, Well, that's kind of weird. So I ended up canceling with them and doing it myself. And after 30 days, all those items were removed from my credit report.

Daniel Rosen  5:19  

Wow. So going from there and figuring out how to remove them all, which with the police report should have been released. Right? How did you go from that, to deciding to turn it into a business?

Tracy Arnett  5:33  

Well, after I did that, I told my brother that's older than me. He's eight and a half years older than me. I was like, hey, um, I got all this stuff off my credit. He said, Oh, well. I wonder if you could do mine. I was like, well, let's try like, and so I told my three older brothers, and my mom and my dad, I was like, let me do your credit. Let me see what I can do. And if you all work out, then perfect. I'm gonna try to start a business. And that's kind of what happened because I was working at Nordstrom at the time as well. So once all their credit started coming back, I was like, Oh my god, you know, everything's coming off and back then it was a lot easier than what it is now. So when you sent out something back then it would just come off. It wasn't even more of a... We're fighting with the Bureau's we're fighting with the companies. It was just boom, came off, no problems. And then we kept on running with it. And then my brother's like you know what you might want to start a whole company. And I still did it part-time. I didn't do it full time because I was still unsure if people really want the service. So I did it part-time from 2003 to roughly about 2006 2007.

Daniel Rosen  6:58  

So you're doing it is like your site hustle.

Tracy Arnett  7:00  

Yes. And it was still good. I mean, I promoted it on back then it was my space. Oh, wow. Yeah. So I did a lot of mine. Oh gee, yeah. Like, I did a lot of that my girlfriend at the time she was doing coding. And she was able to, you know, change people's pages on MySpace. So people were pay her for that. So then she was like, Oh, we could do other stuff and show people I can make their whole page look like credit repair and all this stuff. So that's what we started doing. So when everybody came to my page on my space, I had a song that would play then I have something how are we talking about credit, and it all kind of worked out. It was actually pretty good. Everybody loved it. And I did that for a lot of years. I mean, I had when I joined Facebook in 2008 2009, but I didn't really post anything on Facebook about it. I might have posted more on Craigslist, and it was more word of mouth.

Daniel Rosen  8:00  

Really? Wow. So you got the first few clients, however, haphazard MySpace or Craigslist, but then they started telling their friends and referring other people. Yes. So it was all really organic how it started? Yes. And you were doing this all without software, right?

Tracy Arnett  8:19  

Yep. I it's funny. I still have the letters. I have roughly about 200 300 letters that I got back in 2003. I still have them on a flash drive right now. And those were some really good letters. Oh, yeah.

Daniel Rosen  8:38  

And what was it like when you're starting to handle more and more clients without any software?

Tracy Arnett  8:44  

Without software? I don't know how I made it that far without software. And it's kind of like when I found you guys. You guys were out a week. I was at the end of my typing letters by hand, like or writing by hand. I was over it. I was like I need I know there's something out there that can help me. And when I came across you guys, I was like, Oh my God, is it so perfect? This is exactly what I needed. Because as you start to get a lot more people and I was keeping hard files, so I had several file cabinets. And you know, I have to go in there, pull out the file, find the name, you know, that was a lot of work. Now, you know, I could just go type their name in, find them pull up everything I've sent out, everything is saved. I don't have to worry about anything and I don't have to carry a lot of paperwork.

Daniel Rosen  9:35  

Yeah, that was one of the biggest things that helped me during that time as well. Must have been crazy. I can't imagine what it was like in Excel and maybe a little Microsoft Word and here and there and piles and piles of paper and reports.

Tracy Arnett  9:50  

Yeah, that was a lot. I mean, back then still, you were still able to fax to all three bureaus. So printing out all the letters Send them all out, fax them over. I was never, like a lot of people love to mail. I was never the person that would mail I figured I had a fax at home. I can send a fax easy that way and it always worked out. I never had a problem faxing. Now, you can only really fax to Equifax. Somebody has a number for Experian, but I don't really know if it really works. So, you know, now it's back to where I'm actually mailing to TransUnion and Experian a lot and I'm still faxing to Equifax and I mean, it still works out, but back then it was so much better.

Daniel Rosen  10:41  

Sure, sure. But so cool that you're able to stop doing all that manual work and start to systemize everything. Yes, that which would free up a lot of time and you'd be able to handle more clients. And now you're making millions now I see a lot of that A lot of the revenue goes into your amazing car collection. Each time I see you, you have more amazing cars. If you're more into cars than anyone I've ever seen, how long have you been getting all these cars? And what's your most prized car? Tell us about them.

Tracy Arnett  11:15  

I've been doing cars since before I can't even drive that was kind of short story. But one of my friends his dad, we were about 12 years old. And his dad was like, here's a car guys. And we're like, Wait, what? Wow. So it was a stick shift. And we just drove around in Sacramento, like 12 years old is, you know, like, I wasn't the first to start driving. But you know, I definitely rode in the car. And we just drove around like to some kids skateboarding. And surprisingly, we never been harassed, never been stopped. We never broke any of the laws besides were 12 years old driving, but so that fascinated me, but When I was from when I was little me and my mom used to play a game on the freeway naming which car is passing us. So, from a little kid, I always knew what type of car was from this barely glancing at it. I can tell you what it is what model it is everything. So cars is what I grew up with. That's always something that will be with me. And as I started with credit, when you're driving in a nice car, people want to know what you do. So I got a lot more business that way because I always had something that was unique. It didn't have to be the best in the most expensive car. It just had to be something different. And I definitely got a lot of business from that. And now with the exotic cars I have, it's one of the things especially out here in LA is so much different because a lot of my neighbors have these type of cars so I kind of blend in compared to living in Sacramento where I stood out like no other. And but that was one of the reasons I moved to LA to was the car culture out here is really big. And I wanted to be a part of that. And then at the same time, I knew I would meet a lot of people that would ask me what I do. So in all of my cars, I keep a stack of business cards. And every time I go on one of them, I end up getting all of them out.

Daniel Rosen  13:25  

Wow, amazing. What's your most prized car in your collection now?

Tracy Arnett  13:29  

Ah, still the car that I love the most is my McLaren. I just took that out last night in. We just went around town hanging out. But that's still when I think my favorite car so far out of all the cars I've had.

Daniel Rosen  13:47  

It's an awesome car. I remember when you brought it here. You had a crowd around you. When you brought it to the Expo. You had a crowd around you. It's It's amazing.

Tracy Arnett  13:56  

Yeah, that car is bright green. You just can't go wrong. bright green car. So yeah.

Daniel Rosen  14:02  

Wow. Super, super cool. And amazing that gets your clients. That's really amazing. So it's actually a write off.

Tracy Arnett  14:11  

Yes. Yeah. I mean, I got two or three new clients last night just being out. So it's, uh, and I always tell people in LA life, you know, la they want this, you know, they want the nice cars, they want the nice houses. So, anybody doing credit in LA is definitely, you know, you shouldn't have a problem getting any clients whatsoever. And the amount of people that are out here is ridiculous. So you only need a what? 1000 and you'll be good. So I mean, I love LA. 

Daniel Rosen  14:48  

Very, very cool. Me too. Now, what I love about you is other than the cars you're not a flashy guy, you're not an out-there kind of guy. I don't see you all over social media. Are you?

Tracy Arnett  15:00  

No, I rarely ever post on social media. Yeah, I'm not sure why I don't I mean, I'm, I'm pretty busy. So to get the time to actually sit, make a post, and respond to comments. I mean, that's a lot of work. It's, I mean, I know people send me messages all the time, but, you know, I don't always get back to them. And it's nothing personal. It's just more. I never even have time to just read every message. I mean, sure. I still am a family person. So I still picking my kids up from school every day, drop them off to school every day. You know, when they come home, we do their homework, we do everything. And then, you know, since we moved to LA and the weather's always great, we swim every day. So cool during it after a certain time, I'm not working anymore. I just, you know, I have the freedom to do that and then pick up where I left off the next morning. Sure.

Daniel Rosen  15:55  

What I was getting at is that a lot of the people we talked to social media's their whole thing. They're out there. They say you've got to post three times a day, you got to do this kind of post that kind of post. And that's how they're getting all their business. And what I love about you is, you're not having to do any of that. And yet your business is doing so amazing. So I'd love to be able to break down more of what you're doing so people can learn what's working for you.

Tracy Arnett  16:23  

Oh, yeah. So I mean, I understand how, you know, in the car culture, people that deal with cars, they do they post three times a day, if you're in California, they post around. I want to say six in the morning. So it's 9 am over there in New York are three hours ahead of us. So they knew exactly how to do all the posting. For me, that just didn't work for me. And I just figured the old way, was always the right way for me. So I like to interact with people in person. I just figured social media. I'm I know a lot of people use social media as a great, it's a great platform. I have a friend that's getting into credit because everybody always wants to get into credit. And you know, she has a million followers on Instagram. So I told her Hey, just make one post. And we did this as an example, maybe two, three days ago, she made a post about credit and I had her standing in front of a really nice car that you know, we ended up getting for her and it generated over 1000 plus DMWs within the first 10 minutes of that video going, Wow, that and she was like I'm so overwhelmed right now with the amount of people that want to talk about credit or sign up and I only have a company I was telling them that you should get your credit fix. No, I got my credit fix and I can help you with this. Please DM me, and I told her When you told everybody to dm you that got out of control. And so we're gonna work on a few things. But yeah, I mean, social media is good. I just, I'm more of a word of mouth. So most of my clients that come to me have been referred by somebody else. So I always say my results speak for itself. And that's why we still stay so busy and with the outsourcing as well. I mean, I like doing work. So that's one of the big things I don't even need to really go get clients. I have enough just doing outsourcing for a lot of other companies that you know, still make is pretty busy.

Daniel Rosen  18:39  

Definitely. And I want to touch on that a little bit. But I want to get back to you are doing some other things I know to get clients like you're building relationships with a mortgage people Am I right? Yes.

Tracy Arnett  18:53  

So I have I mean, cuz you know, we... I also have a house in Hawaii. So we have mortgage companies from Hawaii. We visit Vegas a lot. So we deal with a lot of mortgage from Vegas. My cousin's a real estate. He has a real estate company in Dallas. So we get a lot of mortgage inquiries from there as well. So I mean, my affiliates, I think I have over 100 plus affiliates that send us business as well, even if it's only two to three people. That's still you know, a lot of people because I have a lot of affiliates. So I mean, I do branch out, I branch out to dealerships. When that client or their person that comes in, I can't get that car, but I look, you know, I can help them get their credit back. You know, you can refer them over to us, and then once we're done, we'll send them back to you so they buy the car. So we deal with a lot of dealerships, and we definitely do. I also deal with doctors. I don't know a lot of people do that, but I deal with a lot of plastic surgeons, just because there's most people with no care credit is one of the number one credit cards to do to get surgery, do anything to change your body looks. So I go to a lot of the doctors offices and give my business cards and talk to them and tell them about you know, somebody wants to come in and story I had a person called me and she told me that her implant busted. She had over 70 collection accounts on her credit report. So of course when she tried to apply for anything, she got denied, and she was in dire need to get the surgery. And I'm not sure exactly what happened if she got it or not. But those are one of the people like we try to get like somebody like that we try to get it done quickly and then you know they could go back to the doctor and get the surgery today. meat or whatever, you know the desire really. I mean, so I also work with Dennis. Dennis is another one I did $40,000 worth of my top teeth. I pulled them all out and play all implants in. Wow. So I'm one of their, I guess, spokespersons for that, because I've been through it in. I wanted to finance it, but I ended up paying cash for it. But it was one of the things where most people at once they get their credit fixed. They can finance anything you want. You can finance your dreams. 

Daniel Rosen  21:32  

Sure, absolutely. But I am finding this really fascinating. I've never heard about anybody with a credit repair business going to doctors or dentists. But it makes perfect sense. That's really, really clever. What's super cool is now in the beginning when you were doing everything yourself. There was no time to go out and build these relationships. How did you go from being a one man band to having a team? How did that start? What was that like?

Tracy Arnett  22:01  

So I knew after you got your first 3040 people that you can't do this by yourself. And I started bringing on family, friends, like, Hey, everybody, you know, I need some help, is getting crazy. And so I think right after I got you guys is when I went full force and it started hiring a lot of people. And because I knew that the more I get, it's going to be harder and harder. And that's what was one of the, I think the biggest things that helped. So having the software gave me more time to do meet people and do other things where I don't have to worry about doing some paperwork and all that other stuff. But you know, when the software does it for you. I mean, I can what print out a letter in 30 seconds. I mean, I have it down to a science. Click it all. I already know what letter I'm getting and then printing all out. Done real quickly.

Daniel Rosen  23:01  

Wow. Now, are your team members also doing the processing in the software? They are. And you have salespeople? How big a team do you have? And what are the different roles?

Tracy Arnett  23:12  

Um, so if we can sell now or close to 30 people, wow, how we work is we want everybody to kind of know how to do everything. So we train everybody on how to do processing cells. So we have some people, you know, they're not good on the phone. So their only job is to process and that's okay. I mean, but we still want everybody to know how to answer the phone, how to answer the questions when they call, I mean course. We don't get as many calls coming in for like updates when they have the portal. So we're like, Hey, you know, we'll update the portal. We always tell them you know, check the portal every 25 days. So, you know, there might be something in there that's updated and that definitely cuts down on the phone calls as well because this the having the portal guy, I want to say phone calls went down 85% 90% wow, you know, yeah, there might be like some that are not good with computers. So those are the ones that call the older clients, but everybody else they're pretty good. They can log in and see what's going on.

Daniel Rosen  24:23  

Yeah, they don't have to keep calling to say what's happened what's what are you doing? What's changed?

Tracy Arnett  24:28  

Oh, yeah, I mean, you know, the some of the rares that do have my cell phone number and I get that text I like, Really? I got a text said 330 this morning. Hey, what's going on my credit, like oh, my God, you know, I still get those from time to time, but usually, it's not as bad as before I had software like when I before I had software, I had to answer call just to see what was going on with credit over doing anything else that took more than half my day to So between processing and answering questions or what's going on like Reddit, that was a nightmare.

Daniel Rosen  25:06  

About the team. A lot of people think they can do it all themselves. And and in fact, I was that way for many years. How has building your team changed your life?

Tracy Arnett  25:16  

Well, now that I have a team, I mean, I still watch to see what's going on day to day. But you know, there's certain days where I can just do whatever you know, like when you have a team that has your back that can you know, that takes care of everything. And let's they're actually people calling for me to ask me some questions personally. Usually, I could as you know, I have so much freedom now. I think that's really the biggest thing is freedom.

Daniel Rosen  25:45  

I've seen in your some of your posts about freedom that you have to travel now. you're posting all these pictures from Paris.

Tracy Arnett  25:52  

Yep, I did Paris for Christmas and London for New Year. And it was definitely fun. I mean, we had a lot of fun even though Paris was very cold. still had a lot of interesting. Yeah, super cool. I love crepes. So haha.

Daniel Rosen  26:11  

I love going to Paris for very, very cool. Now we met all of your team when we came there to shoot your video with your award. We love Djamal Littleton What is his role?

Tracy Arnett  26:25  

Djamal runs the whole company?

Daniel Rosen  26:27  


Tracy Arnett  26:28  

Yeah. So he sees everything he makes sure everybody all the work is done right. You know, when paperwork is ready to get processed and sent out, he'll go through each one of them to make sure everything looks correct, that there's no mistakes on it, and that we, you know, is ready to be mailed out. He will handle a lot of appointments. Yeah. Just because it's either when people schedule appointments with us as either credit team or Jamal. That's really it like and so It's funny, like when people book appointments, you know, they booked tomorrow a lot. If he like, yeah, I tell him all the time now like people call for you so much. He's like, yeah. And so you know, but he definitely runs everything right.

Daniel Rosen  27:15  

Like all the operations Really? He's like your Kenan.

Tracy Arnett  27:20  

Yes. Exactly like my Kenan.

Daniel Rosen  27:25  

That's super cool. Okay. With your team doing a lot of the credit repair work, how do you maximize client success? Is it tough? I mean, teaching them the credit repair and, and all that?

Tracy Arnett  27:37  

I teach them my, the old school way a little bit. So it's all about results. And we make sure that we can get mostly everything off the credit, like the one thing I would say like, a lot of people have a, I don't know, I don't say a lot of people have a issue with blood. Student Loans is one of the biggest things in credit repair that suck. Yeah. So, but we, you know, we figured it out. And so we make sure that we're least getting some really good results. I mean, we, our goal is just to make sure that each client is better than when they came in. You know, it doesn't have to be perfect. You know, there's some stuff that is a little bit difficult, but we make sure that we get 90% of that stuff off. 

Daniel Rosen  28:31  

Yeah, I know, you must be getting amazing results to have that many client referrals if you're doing everything right. Tell us about one of your success stories. Are there any clients that come to mind?

Tracy Arnett  28:43  

Yeah, I definitely have a lot. I mean, I won't mention their names because they're kind of you know, I like some famous people. Oh, and there definitely was some that are from LA on TV and everything and one of them they need to refund It's their house. But the problem was they had so many late payments between all the high-end cars they had, and having, when you're that famous and you have assistant, he expect your assistant to make all the payments on the bills and you let all that stuff go and you're not even worried about it. And then when it comes time to you need your credit for something and you can't really use it, then it's a problem. So but one of them, you know, this person, you know, we were able to get pretty much all of those late payments off and everything fixed where she was able to refinance, because her monthly payment on her house was over 75,000 a month.

Daniel Rosen  29:47  


Tracy Arnett  29:49  

Yes, yes. So... you know, yeah, you go imagine the nine-plus million-dollar house and she wanted to refinance it. Got it down. The last sight check was just over 60,000 a month.

Daniel Rosen  30:06  

Wow, that's amazing. You're now changing the lives of the rich and famous.

Tracy Arnett  30:11  

Yes, yes. From being in LA. I will say I met so many just randomly because I mean, I was a fan. I'm just coming as a regular person. And we're just having a conversation. And usually, most of the famous people always want to talk about a car that I've met out here in LA. So because I drive something different every day, it gets me to meet a lot of these people. And of course, where I live in my area. There's a lot of famous people as well. It's pretty interesting, really. I mean, I would say that.

Daniel Rosen  30:45  

That is really, really cool. Okay, so now, now that you have this big and amazing team, I know that you're we touched on it for a moment earlier about the outsourcing for people who don't know what that is. You're doing the back end work for us. Credit Repair businesses as well. Am I correct?

Tracy Arnett  31:03  

Yes, that is correct. So we are your back in office, we have one company that we did everything for, we answer their phone calls, we build all the clients, then we did you know, we did all the processing. That one was very unique. But you know, usually we tell everybody, you know, will this be your back in office for processing? You know, we'll handle we'll update, you know, all the files, we'll send out everything. You know, we keep everything on excels in spreadsheets. So you see in real-time, what's going on what was processed what was sent out what was deleted. So we build out a lot of stuff so that the client understands what's going on. There's no confusion, you know, so they don't have to call us and say, hey, did this go out? Yes. You see it on a spreadsheet in real-time.

Daniel Rosen  31:51  

Wow. So if someone is good at getting the clients in but not on, they don't maybe don't have a team to handle out of The outsourcing that'd be super convenient. They just have to concentrate on getting the clients.

Tracy Arnett  32:04  

Yep. So they can focus on marketing and getting the clients why we process

Daniel Rosen  32:08  

Now how many clients total? are you handling on a monthly basis? It must be a tremendous amount handling the clients of all these other businesses.

Tracy Arnett  32:18  

Okay. Yeah. So roughly about 10,000 clients a month, we're handling.

Daniel Rosen  32:23  

10,000 clients!

Tracy Arnett  32:25  

Yeah. So we have a lot of a credit repair companies that we do work for. And you know, each this between us and ourselves and all the other companies. Yeah, we're managing a lot, but you know, we can handle it.

Daniel Rosen  32:41  

Yeah, you can handle it because you've got the team and you've systemized everything. I can't believe this was your first business that you ever started.

Tracy Arnett  32:51  

Yeah, I've started other businesses after the fact. Okay, I used to have a skateboard company and a whole skateboard shop close that, and of course, we still have our gym in Sacramento. And we also have our dealership.

Daniel Rosen  33:09  

Wow. But the credit repair really started at all.

Tracy Arnett  33:11  

Yes, credit repair is what I always tell everybody credit repair is what pays for everything else. Wow is what made me start everything else. Unbelievable. Okay, now we're gonna go into the rapid-fire round of questions. Are you ready?

Daniel Rosen  33:29  

Yes, these come at you pretty fast. All right. Okay, Tracy, if you could go back in time. What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started?

Tracy Arnett  33:40  

I would tell myself, keep your credit. Good.

Daniel Rosen  33:45  

What is the most important lesson you've learned as a business owner?

Tracy Arnett  33:50  

I would say Customer service is number one. Hmm. I mean, you don't have to be perfect. But as long as you have some pretty good customer service, you'll be alright.

Daniel Rosen  34:00  

Yeah, customer service is everything. Is there a book that's changed your life?

Tracy Arnett  34:06  

Not off the top of my head. I've read a lot of everybody's books I have behind me on my shelves right here. I love them all. And everybody's perspective on credit is definitely different. But I love all the different ways of credit.

Daniel Rosen  34:21  

Yeah, there's so many different ways. Okay, the most successful people tend to have a morning routine. Do you have a morning routine?

Tracy Arnett  34:28  

Yes. So every day I wake up between four in the morning, four to five. And the first thing I do is I check a lot of people's credit. I'll try to check on between 100 and 200 files before it's time to wake my kids up and take them to school. So that's one of the things I do. I also call the credit bureaus as well on a couple files that you know are lingering around. So every day no matter what I'm always looking at credit and I'm always calling the credit bureaus.

Daniel Rosen  35:00  

Cool. What's your advice to anyone just starting out with a credit repair business?

Tracy Arnett  35:05  

I would say definitely. Because I, I just had this conversation right before I was talking to you guys. Somehow somebody came across the cloud website, and they wanted to call me about it, but they, they weren't like, I get those phone calls all the time. But this one, I knew him. I told him that he should get into credit. So he called me, and he said, I saw you on the website like, oh, man, okay, so he's like, I want to start doing credit. I have roughly about 20 to 30 people that want to sign up right now, but I don't know what I'm doing. And I told him, the first thing is, don't go and take everybody because it's going to be a headache. And you need to take it slow until you really understand what you're doing. Because if you go and take on all these people, and then send out some random stuff is actually gonna hurt them and not help them. And then they're left with, you kind of made it worse, the better. And, so I've seen that a lot, because somebody sent out the wrong type of letter, or they admitted to something, they shouldn't admit it, too. So there're all kinds of scenarios in there. And all most people seeing is the dollar signs. And I always tell everybody, the money will come, you never have to worry about the money. It's more of your learning how to do it. What will help you more than anything else? Because people will throw money at you all day like, Oh, yeah, you know, I want to get started right now, especially right now it's tax season. So everybody's trying to pay in full because they got their tax money. They don't want any payments. And it all sounds good. But if you take on all these people, and you don't know what you're doing, and then we see you posting about, Hey, I don't know what I'm doing here. What should I do, like, you know, it's going to be difficult. And then that's where you're going to get more straight. Stressed out. And then, you know, some I've seen this too, where people just gave up on doing credit repair because it was too much for them. And even though they took on all these people, they, you know, these people pay it or whatever it is, and then they just ended up closing the doors because they couldn't handle it.

Daniel Rosen  37:18  

Wow. Yeah, you've got to learn your craft.

Tracy Arnett  37:20  

Yes. You know, you just can't just hop into it thinking, Oh, yeah, you know, I did my own credit real quick. And I could take on all these people now. I've seen so many people fail is ridiculous. Hmm.

Daniel Rosen  37:36  

Now the most important question of all. Credit Repair Expo is going to be in Dallas in May. It's going to be the biggest event in credit repair with over 1000 Credit Heroes there. Are you going to come? 

Tracy Arnett  37:48  


Daniel Rosen  37:49  

Okay, cool. You haven't missed one yet?

Tracy Arnett  37:52  

No, no. And I have a lot of family in Dallas. So it's like a win-win situation.

Daniel Rosen  37:57  

Awesome. Awesome. Okay, well before we wind up here. How can people learn more about your outsourcing and how to reach you for that?

Tracy Arnett  38:06  

So they can always go to our website and schedule an appointment. Also, at the top of our website, we have our email info at where you can send us a message, and we'll use it to get back to as soon as possible. And you just tell us what your goals are in wanting outsourcing because I've had people contact us, or they only have one or two clients. And I'm like, I'll rather help you work on those clients, then me outsource it for you because I want you to still understand how to process I don't want you to throw everything over to us. And you don't like, say like, we just end up with this. We want to retire and you don't know how to do it. And then you're just stuck, you know, looking kind of confused. So we don't want that. We want you to understand how to process as well. And then come over to us because you have way too many clients and you want to more focus on marketing and getting more clients. 

Daniel Rosen  39:11  

Awesome. And what's that web address again?

Tracy Arnett  39:13  

So it's 

Daniel Rosen  39:17  

Awesome. Well, I really appreciate your time. Tracy, You're so awesome, inspiring. I can't wait to see you at the Expo actually, since you're in town now. I hope to see you in person.

Tracy Arnett  39:28  

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Me and Djamal will definitely swing by. 

Daniel Rosen  39:33  

Awesome. Awesome. 

Tracy Arnett  39:35  

We have a trip in a couple of days. But definitely, when we get back, we'll definitely swing by. 

Daniel Rosen  39:41  

Can't wait. Well, thank you again, so much for your time and have a great day and you guys out there listening, if you're enjoying what you're seeing here on the podcast, be sure to click down below to subscribe so you don't miss anything. And thank you again for being here, Tracy. 

Tracy Arnett  39:57  

Oh yeah, no problem.

Daniel Rosen  39:59  

Have a great day, you guys, and keep changing lives! 

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