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Change Your Mindset to Discover Your Credit Repair Business Success - Reco McCambry

By: Daniel Rosen March 17, 2020

If you want to reach your success, you first have to become the person who is capable of building it. Our guest for this week will share his story about how changing his mindset played a crucial role in his credit repair business success.

So let’s hear it for this week’s Credit Hero - Reco McCambry!

Reco McCambry is the founding CEO of Novae, which offers a unique blend of products and services that help individuals on their journey to financial wellness and freedom. Credit repair is just one of the services they offer, but they’ve had massive success with it. That is why Reco is one of our newest members of the prestige Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club!

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, he has also established himself as a motivational speaker, success coach and a best-selling author. Back in 2012, he wrote and published a book about his life’s journey called The Fatherless Father. Today, he shares his eventful tale with us, including the struggles he faced along the way and all the things that gave him the strength and the ability to rise to the occasion.


Why Reco Needed to Change His Mindset to Succeed


Almost two decades ago, Reco was a college student working towards majoring in Physics and Engineering. He was looking to make some money on the side, so he decided to go into the direct sales industry and become a part-time entrepreneur.

As he learned more about the business, his ambitions grew, but he realized there was no way he could juggle his studies and his work without one of those things taking a hit. So with a heavy heart, he left college to pursue his dreams of financial freedom. 

The next several years were particularly challenging. Still, through determination and hard work, Reco was able to make his first million before he was 25.

When you consider all that Reco has built and accomplished throughout his career, it’s particularly astonishing to learn that he did all of it without having an entrepreneurial role model. Looking back on his journey, he is thankful for all the mentors and coaches he’s had along the way. But the person that had the most significant influence on his journey was his mom. 

Reco grew up in a single-parent home, and his mom worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. And even though he was surrounded by family that taught him a whole lot about hard work, everything he learned about entrepreneurship, he had to learn by himself. 

But before anything, he needed to change his perception and realize that there is another way. Reco had to acquire and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

“You only can reach what you can see.” - Reco McCambry


Creating Novae Money and Getting Involved with Credit Repair


Inspired by the notion of starting a company that would actually help people, Reco started Novae LLC. He wanted to help them achieve financial wellness, and he realized early on that credit repair was an essential aspect of that.

At first, he outsourced all of the credit repair services to a company ran by a long-time friend he met during his college days. And I’m so proud to say that his friend is yet another one of our member of our Millionaires Club members - Seth Mitchell.

These days, Novae offers a full service to all of its customers which includes online software for budgeting and debt elimination, access to credit attorneys, and the proper education on how to reach financial freedom.

What I’m particularly fascinated by is the Novae affiliate program. You may recall that in one of our previous episodes, I talked about a way to get unlimited clients without paying for advertising. Reco set up his fantastic affiliate marketing program along those same lines. Through referrals, he’s getting a ton of new customers each month while his affiliates can make money from the residuals. 

It’s the perfect example of how to create a win-win and something you need to incorporate in how you approach building your own business.

“You’ll make fewer mistakes when you start modelling other people.” - Daniel Rosen


Mistakes Are a Part of the Process - Prepare Accordingly


Throughout our conversation, we’ve often touched on the question of what the right mindset for having credit repair business success would look like.


1 - Stop Making Excuses

One of Reco’s top suggestions would be to stop making excuses that keep you from doing the things you need to so that you can reach your goals. There’s always going to be a reason why not. Work hard on debunking those as soon as possible. 

“You gotta look at yourself in the mirror and you gotta stop making excuses.” - Reco McCambry


2 - Mistakes Are a Part of the Process

Another thing is realizing that mistakes are a part of the process. You can reduce them through education and coaching, but you’ll never be able to avoid them altogether. And that goes regardless of all the success you’ve had, which is something Reco can attest to.


3 - Prepare for Adversity

Lastly, you have to prepare for taking on a whole new world of challenges and adversity. There’s going to be a lot of bad moments, and you need to develop resilience so that you can power through until the good ones get there.

It’s challenging to change your mindset if you don’t have anyone to look up. Someone you can really connect to and who inspires you to model your success after theirs. Even though Reco didn’t have one himself, he continues to be a role model for everyone out there looking to succeed against all odds. That is what being a Credit Hero is all about.

Credit Heroes change lives, and I’m just so delighted that I can witness all of these stories first-hand. It’s something that inspires me every single day.

If changing people’s lives is something that moves you as well, then I highly suggest you join our Credit Hero Challenge. It’s a 14-day challenge that guides you step-by-step on how to launch your very own credit repair business.

Learn more about the Credit Hero Challenge here!

Thanks for joining in and stay tuned for more awesome stories, only on the Credit Repair Business Secrets Podcast.

Until next week - Keep changing lives!


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Daniel Rosen  0:00  

How do you go from being dirt poor and growing up in the projects to becoming a multimillionaire in credit repair? Well today, Reco McCambry is going to tell us exactly how he did it, and he did it by changing his mindset. So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit, and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing, so we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets. Hey, Credit Heroes. I am so excited to our guest today is amazing. He's a speaker, an author, a mentor, and he's one of our newest members to our Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires club, please welcome to the podcast, Mr. Reco McCambry. Hey Reco, welcome!


Reco McCambry  1:09  

Thanks a lot. Daniel. I'm greatly honored to be here today. I appreciate it.


Daniel Rosen  1:13  

I'm so excited. You're here. I can't wait to hear your story. I, I looked at your bio, and you've got all these amazing credits. I see you created four multi-million dollar companies by the time you were 25. But I know there's a big backstory and that it wasn't all roses so that people can relate. Can you tell us what your life was like when you were growing up? 


Reco McCambry  1:35  

Well, yeah, I definitely can, you know, can go through that. You know, and I just want to make sure I put a disclaimer on the front end of that and also correct you I didn't start four multimillion-dollar companies about 25 I just made my first million by 25.


Daniel Rosen  1:50  

Wow. That's amazing.


Reco McCambry  1:52  

You know, I know I still look about 26 to 27. No, but actually, I'm 38 years old right now less than fortunate to be in a great position in my life. I am the president and CEO of a company called obey. I know we'll talk about that a little bit later... You know, and since I got started as an entrepreneur, at the age of 20 years old in college, I got started in the direct sales industry. You know, and I was working a full-time job at the time, I was going to college full time, and I was dead broke, and I had a son that was on his way. Right? And I was dead broke before my son was born. So after he was born, I was like, "I'm going to need some real help." You know, and somebody introduced me to the direct sales industry. Some of you probably know it as network marketing or multi-level marketing. And initially, I thought it was illegal. I was like, there is no way they're gonna pay me this kind of money just to talk to people, you know, and I told one of my buddies that when we took the meeting, I said, Hey, we need to go ahead and sign up for this thing really quick, and make as much money as possible before they shut it down. You know, because we thought it wasn't real. Long story short, it was real, I was blessed to meet a lot of great people, you know, come up under a lot of great mentorship built some great teams. And after my first year, I made enough money to pay off all my debts. You know, when I quit my job, the next year, I made six figures. And three years later, I earn over a million dollars and never look back, you know, sedan industry was very good to me. And I'll go more into my story a little bit later into how I got to where I am today. But my life prior to that man was nothing like entrepreneurship, it was nothing like marketing. I didn't have any idea on how to build a life that was financially solid, you know, didn't have any educational credit. In fact, I grew up in a single parent home. My mother raised me from the time I was born to the time I went to college, you know, and we had a lot of love in our home. You know, my mother taught me all the great things about what to do to be a great citizen and, and go out here and work really hard, you know, have a strong work ethic, you know, be independent, you know, persevere, treat people, right. Keep God first. All the things you needed to be a great person, but what she couldn't teach me was how to become financially free. You know, she couldn't teach me how to be an entreprenuer and be able to call my own shots because I watch her work two or three jobs just to keep our lights on. You know, I grew up in about three or four different projects, you know, before she was able to get her first home. And life was kind of rough financially. But the thing about it when everybody else is going through it around you, and everybody else is living a rough life, you really don't know life is rough, you know. So, you know, I was blessed, like I said, when I got involved in the industry to start meeting some people who understood credit who understood finances and business building and marketing, you know, and I started to learn as well and, you know, and I was blessed and fortunate to start making great income. You know, like I said, I love my job. I start earning a few million dollars. I mean, by the time I was, you know, 25 you know, I started earning some less six figures per month. Now, you know, I've been When somebody thinks about a great income, they think about six figures per year, you know, so, uh, you know, they really put me in a position that really transformed not only my life, but a lot of people I was dealing with in 2009, I got out of the industry as a rep and started my first company called elite profit network, one of my partners right here out of Atlanta, Georgia, you know, via debt for a few years. And unfortunately, that mother that I talked about earlier, who raised me in a single-parent home, I had no brothers and sisters, it was just her and I, you know, and she was, you know, like my best friend. She was diagnosed with cancer, you know, and, and that was a really rough time in my life over the next year sort of Hill started to decrease. I ended up selling my ownership in that company, moved out of that house and took my kids and my wife, and we moved closer to my mother-in-law and over the next year. I believe one of the best accomplishments I can say that I have an accomplishment and I'm most proud of, is I was able to spend the next year with her almost every single date, you know, because of the financial freedom I found from this industry, you know, until Unfortunately, she passed away, you know, and, you know, even though she's gone, I can't say that, you know, there's a lot of conversations we had and a lot of moments we had that we would have not had. If it wasn't for me really getting busy and going after my dreams and not letting people hold me back from what I knew one day was gonna make a difference. You know, early on in my career as an entrepreneur, if I had quit, I never probably would have had those moments with my mother before she passed away. I never would have, you know, been able to make those memories and, and also have a lot of those conversations that's going to remain with me for the rest of my life, you know, simply because I didn't quit. You know, so if anybody's listening to my story right now, I don't know if you can relate to me or not. If you have ever lost anyone who you love or someone may be sick right now, the fact of the matter is just like there's life we know there's death, you know, so we should work. You know, like, we don't know what a clock looks like. Like so we can have the type of freedom that we want. So we will have more time to spend with them and, and Daniel before my mom passed away her down wish, you know Ashley she had to for me and that continued being a great father, to my kids and she also wanted me to go back to finish my college degree. You know, early on I started going to college at Georgia Tech. I was majoring in physics and electrical engineering, I had a dual degree. But after I started making all that money in my early 20s, I figured I would never need a job. So I stopped going to college. And my mother before she passed away, she said, Well, Reco, nobody in our family ever graduated from college. In fact, no male in my family had ever made it through two semesters of college in my immediate family. And I was like a big great hope, you know, to make that happen. And when I dropped out of school, she always stayed on me about it. So before she passed away about a month before I went back, and I re-registered for school, and I came you know to her while she was in the hospital and I showed him my registration papers. Let her know. I was Going back to school, and, you know, unfortunately, she passed away within the next month, but I went back. And within the next two years, I got my industrial engineering degree, no graduated and walked across the stage and had a picture there. And that was one of the proudest days of my life. You know, and after that, got back into industry of direct sales. You know, I didn't know if I was going to or not, because some of the other things that transpired before that point, but I started consulting, started working with some companies, and in fact, that's where I was introduced to the credit repair industry. You know, I knew nothing about, you know, software and dispute letters and all of that, you know, I just knew my credit, you know, had been great because I made money and I was able to pay for producing things for me, but I was actually consulting for a company that a lot of you probably know very well, you know, in the direct sales industry. They offer credit repair, three-letter acronym, first letter starts with enough


Daniel Rosen  8:59  

Oh... Sure.


Reco McCambry  9:03  

Yeah. So, you know, the people that were running that company and some of the things going on, I didn't necessarily agree with, you know, made some money from the engagements I had with them. And I was really inspired to start a company that would really help people that was tied to the same type of product or service because I also saw the financial opportunity in it. And their relationship ended. And as I continue to, you know, train and motivate people, I decided I was going to start a company, Daniel, that was not only going to inspire people, but educate them. Right. You know, I know one of the things you said earlier that, you know, I'm a speaker and one of the things I found traveling across the country speaking, is that people would get excited, you know, they would start to dream again, I could see it in their eyes at the end of one of my presentations, but then the next week, I would get an email saying, Why don't know what to do. You know, I don't have a plan. You know, so what I realized that it was gonna take more than just them being motivated. Right, it was gonna take more than just being inspired. So when I started Novae goal was to inspire people to get more out of life, but also to educate them on ways to go about it, and then provide opportunities to make it happen. And in 2014, you know, our company was started. And, you know, the credit repair ponent component was a part of the big picture. And, and then blessing people ever since. And I'll go into a little bit later the evolution, you know, of our relationship with Credit Repair Cloud, because one of the things you just said that, you know, I was one of the newest Millionaire Club members in Credit Repair Cloud, but we've been offering these services since 2014. So, I'm sure you have some other questions, but I'll kind of go into Well, what was we doing between you know, 2014 and here recently, please do Millionaire Club.


Daniel Rosen  10:50  

Sounds good to me. I want to hear about that. And I especially what I love is Novae, seems to be very, very different than the standard credit repair company, you're doing so many more things, but I want to hear the evolution and I definitely want to get into that for sure.


Reco McCambry  11:06  

Awesome. Awesome. So you know when we started Novae, which by the way No, they actually means new beginnings. Okay? In our logo there's a corue is kind of like a swirl. And for anybody who knows what the shape a ko routine means that actually means for a start. So our whole goal is to give our clients and our affiliates a new beginning and a fresh start when they come on board and they get started with us. You know, our flagship product is called Novae money. Okay, so if you look for us online, it will be novaemoney.com, or you can type in Novae Money Reviews, and you'll see hundreds of people even thousands, like if you go to nocaemoneyworks.com, thousands of people that have come through our platform that we've been able to help since getting started. But we initially started Danny we outsourced our credit repair work, you know, and it was actually going through one of your other Millionaire Club members. Who you're very familiar with. And in a very good friend of mine, in fact, we met in college, and he owns a financial services company and he was going to work for us. And it's crazy because his story is almost identical to mine growing up. He grew up in a single-parent home. He grew up in the projects. 


Daniel Rosen  11:53  

I want to take a guess at who that is 


Reco McCambry  12:18  

Yeah, go ahead. 


Daniel Rosen  12:19  

Is it Jeff Mitchell?


Reco McCambry  12:20  

That's him! 


Daniel Rosen  12:21  

Oh, okay. Yeah. Okay. So he also was in engineering.


Reco McCambry  12:24  

That's when we actually met in the physics class. That's how we met and that was probably about 19 years ago. Wow. So and we've been friends ever since then. And also, you know, some other business ventures together. Yeah, but that guy, man is an awesome individual. And I'm sure you already know that. You probably spent a lot of time with him. I think you were even at his house and we were in everything. So yeah, he's incredible. Absolutely. From where he started to where he is now just like you. That's right. That's right. 


Daniel Rosen  12:52  

Yeah. What I'm fascinated with this, was there anyone in your family who was an entrepreneur, did you have any entrepreneurial role model? 


Reco McCambry  13:01  

Not at all, you know, again, since I grew up in a single-parent home and early on in my life I didn't have, like my father, I really didn't know where he was, right. So the only family I had was my mother's side of the family. And my grandfather and grandmother, they were very hard work in Auckland. They were very hardworking, but all of them had jobs. You know, I mean, none of them probably made more than $40,000 per year, but I always had this burning desire to do something different. You know, even when I was younger, and I started understanding they were two different ways people were living you know, you had some people who are living in the projects and then I will have guys that played on my baseball team or their homes. And I always thought any type of two-story house was a mansion I'm like, Man when you know when I get older, I live in a two-story house not knowing you have a basement and four stories Let's live in a high rise, condo, right? It's all about perception at an early age, but no, I didn't have anyone that I could look up to that As an entrepreneur, that's one of the things that inspired me early on in my career to become successful. So somebody could look at me and be inspired and say, Hey, if he could do it, you know, I could do it. You know, I always tell people, you know, you only can reach, you know, what you can see, right, you only can go after what you can see, and most people don't believe they can become successful that kind of impedes their success. You know, that's why we have a lot of people who choose to get involved in a life of crime or who choose to get involved, you know, with things where they may have to compromise their morals, to be able to earn money, because they really don't believe they can succeed. And one of the things I love about what you and Keenan and the rest of the team that Credit Repair Cloud has put together is an opportunity for somebody to go from nowhere to somewhere and really live the lifestyle of their dreams and, and that's where starting this company was all about, and initially, we had several different products and services. In fact, when we started in 2014, we considered ourselves to be a lifestyle enhancement company. You know, so not only that, We have financial services, but we had health and wellness products. We had like a language learning software, we had travel, and we made a lot of money, you know, thousands of people enrolled all across the country. But after a few years, we decided that we wanted to narrow down our focus. And that led us to the product category that was the most profitable for us, and also had the most impact. And, you know, and that was with the focus on the credit and the focus on moving money. And we kind of pivoted in a sense, and we started focusing on that. And then we also decided to bring, you know, everything in house. So at the beginning of last year, you know, that's when we decided to make that transition and working with the great team you guys have over there with your tech team. And we started doing it on our own, you know, and sub-Metro has great companies made a lot of money and we had the conversation with him and he totally understood what we were doing. And after a few months, I think maybe a couple of months, three or four months, I'm not sure maybe three months Four months after processing on our own, that's when we sent in the documentation. I don't know if you remember Daniel, but you and Kenan were in Florida. And and I had one of my guys with me, we walked up and we're gonna do star sales. And I asked him, I said, Well, what do we need to do to get in his Millionaire's club, you know, because all these other people get these awards, and we're making a lot of money in a short period of time. And you told me to send some information over and I emailed it over and like maybe two weeks later, I got a call from one of your guys. It was like, congratulations, you know. And so it's been an awesome process. No, I love the team. I love the software, obviously. And not only do we use it for our sales, but you know, we even have other accounts, because, you know, we help partners build their business. We have a white label franchise program. So we have several different Credit Repair Cloud accounts. We're not only we're building a multi-million dollar business on this platform, we're helping other people do the exact same thing.


Daniel Rosen  16:54  

Wow, that is so super cool. And I do remember that conversation of apps Literally, so let's dive into your company and what the process is for the clients. Because I know it's, you're helping them not only with their credit but with learning, budgeting, eliminating debt, building wealth, and then you give them opportunities to earn more money. Can you walk us through this whole thing? what it's like when a client comes in to the program?


Reco McCambry  17:22  

Absolutely. You know, like I said before, we don't really market ourselves is selling credit repair. Right? And for good reason. I mean, obviously, you have certain states in this country that are pretty strict on selling credit repair. So what we focus on is total financial wellness. Like if you went to our website, nobody money calm. You'll see our whole focus is giving our clients better credit and finances to live the lifestyle they deserve. So when somebody enrolls with us, they're not just getting a credit repair package. They get what we call moving money without two plans, a basic plan and a premium plan. And now basically, we're going to give them an online budgeting tool, okay, there's going to have an account aggregation To software where they can pull in, like their bank account or credit card accounts or investment accounts, and it's going to give them a game plan to budget your money, but we have a debt elimination software, it's also a part of it and have several different ways where they can pay down your debts as quickly as possible, you know, whatever is the best based upon their lifestyle, you know, what is the avalanche plan, the Debt Snowball? You know, we walk them through that very comprehensive. And then we also give them access to credit attorneys, okay, where if there are any violations that are Fair Credit Reporting Act, these attorneys are going to sue the credit bureaus on their behalf. And they don't have to pay any type of retainer because they're a member with our company. And our customer, we cover that for them. And also they can get paid. That happens as well. I forgot to throw that out. And we offer live customer service here in our office right now in Conyers, Georgia, you know, and Monday through Friday, you know, they can call in, or they can chat with our customer service on the website, or they can even text our corporate phone number, and they can get information back. And last but not least in their plan, we offer what we call complimentary credit education and restoration. You know, so when they get started, obviously, we're onboarding them with the Credit Repair Cloud software, you know, but it's more than that, because they're getting emails that's coming behind that enrollment is educating them on exactly what they should do and not do after they get this process started. We're also giving them phone calls to make sure that you know when they don't submit the documents necessary for us to do our job that we get That dirt. We also have webinars, we also have a private Facebook group. So there's a very comprehensive package that they get for a small amount of money. You know, we only charge for everything I just named less than $200 to get started in less than $50 a month, and there's even an option for them to get started for 100 bucks, I mean, 99 up front, and just $49 per month. So when you look at that we're providing a lot of value, you know, for that amount of money, and we have systems in place that really automates the process, you know, and of course, we have to work for it. You know, but we have a ton of reviews and like I said, if you just Google no vain money reviews, you know, you'll see all the reviews we have including going to nobody money works calm, which is a Facebook group with thousands of reviews in that group. And in addition to that down here, we also have a premium plan that we give them access to debt collection attorneys. We also work on them and you know what letters going out to the you know, the credit and things of that nature, and they get credit monitoring and things of that nature. So that's for what we call our Novae Money customers. And, and we offer other services where I know if you want to get in as far as business credit, we offer business funding. And then also we have an affiliate program. So of course, from what I was talking about earlier, my background is in direct sales, you know, so we have a model for individuals who are looking for a part-time or full-time opportunity. You know, a lot of people that get started with Credit Repair Cloud or even different software's out there, they go out and recruit affiliates, and try to convince them to get started a model is a little bit different affiliates actually pay us to go out and refer our services.


Daniel Rosen  21:15  

Wow, that's awesome.


Reco McCambry  21:16  

Yeah, they pay us so we have three different plans for them to choose from. And we actually pay them weekly income plus residual income, based off of the customers that they're able to bring on and also their team of affiliates. You know, Somebody could build a team of affiliates from, you know, five or 10 to a few hundred. We have people in our company now a few thousand affiliates on their team and they earn thousands of dollars on a weekly basis, you know, just by referring people to our services, because each and every one of them, they get enrolled right away, they're able to get a November money.com website and go out and start earning income by sharing everything that we put in place.


Daniel Rosen  21:54  

Wow, that's super cool. Are your own clients becoming the affiliates as well?


Reco McCambry  21:59  

Absolutely. You know, what happens is, you know, there are different ways that we market, you know, in fact, we have something we call the Novae Interactive Presentation when we send someone a link, and within 10 minutes, they're able to see everything we do. And if they choose to become a customer, once they get started, and they start seeing results. When they log into their dashboard, there's a button that says upgrade to affiliate, right? So the customers choose to upgrade to affiliates and they bring us more customers. And the reason why they bring us more customers because obviously we're paying them The breakers more cost not only do we pay down one time, upfront, we also pay them residual every single time we build a customer, we actually pay them residual income for that as well. And they build a huge organization, you know, doing that. 


Daniel Rosen  22:44  

And it's covering the cost of their service they're already having with you. That's brilliant. And what I love is that it doesn't end with the credit repair, like it does so many other companies, you ascend them up to where they become financially free, which is super cool. I mean, that really, you really are changing lives. 


Reco McCambry  23:04  

Yeah, thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that recognition. 


Daniel Rosen  23:05  

Can you tell us about some of your success stories? 


Reco McCambry  23:10  

Oh, my goodness, you know, we have one guy, you know, who's been with us, you know, for some years and, and when he started with us, he was actually just coming out of one of the roughest parts of his life. You know, he had just gotten divorced, and he was living inside of his business. You know, he was an entrepreneur, and he was about to get evicted from his business, which like some months before, He got kicked out of his home because he couldn't afford the pay for, you know, the rent at the place where he was living, you know, so he was like in one of his very low points and somebody actually invited him out to one of our seminars because we also have something called Novae University. Okay, cool. And Novae University, we have all different types of seminars and workshops where people can really engage in personal growth and self-development, you know, they can gain the mindset and the skillset that it takes to really become a successful entrepreneur. And he was inspired at one of our trainings, decided to become an affiliate and a know in a short period of time, you know, he actually went out referred a lot of people into the business and found himself going from almost being kicked out of his business because it was like a retail store, to getting net paid up then being able to get an apartment and eventually being able to get a home and are now driving a very nice car and now he has an organization, you know, all across the country, and now he travels around, he inspires people. You know, based off of what he went through, to be able, you know, to inspire them to keep going in life and using obey as a tool to be able to change transform their life.


Daniel Rosen  24:40  

Wow, that is so cool. And I bet you have other stories like that. Absolutely. It's amazing. We talked about a sales funnel, and it shaped like a funnel. But when you look at the lives that you're changing, it really is an hourglass, because you're transforming people they're going out and spreading the message. They're changing lives to you're really creating a movement.


Reco McCambry  25:03  

Yeah, that's right. That's right. I listen. I need to get you to like introduce me or something when I'm going to these places because


Daniel Rosen  25:11  

I'll do my Price Is Right intro for you. Reco McCambry, come on down. No, absolutely. But this is so super cool. How does it feel to be changing lives like this? 


Reco McCambry  25:27  

You know, for me, it’s more than about the money, you know, and I know that sounds so cliche, right? But running a business is not easy. You know? And I'm sure you in Kenya know like if somebody really sat you down and said, Hey, you know you talk about the good times but then you tell us about the rough times you know, you know and obviously you tell your story from where you are to where you are now but I'm sure that every single day since you started Credit Repair Cloud wasn't always peachy keen, you know, like you had to go through some spots. Right where you particularly doubted yourself, right? 


Daniel Rosen  26:01  

Oh, absolutely. And rough times and depression and months of not being able to get out of bed nearly losing everything. Sure. We've all got those stories. Absolutely. You like to fire under your right


Reco McCambry  26:13  

Right. That's right. I like lights a fire under you and then what you do is you also look at why you're doing it. You know, for me, what always kept me going Daniel was always thought about that. What if someone had something it would have introduced it to my mother, right? When I was a young kid, how would my life would have been different if instead of having to work three jobs, and making close to minimum wage and us living in the projects, what if, you know, we were able to travel the world? You know, what if our able was able to go to the best schools? What if I was exposed to things early on, and I had, you know, money to start businesses when I graduated, you know, my life probably would have been totally different. Right now, I'm blessed and fortunate that I had an opportunity to become a part of and change my life regardless. But what if I never found that opportunity? So the fact of the matter is, if you're listening to this right now, or you're you're looking at this, you got to understand that there's people praying to meet you, and you don't even know it yet. You know, if you quit, not only are you quitting on yourself, but you could potentially be quitting on thousands or 10s of thousands or hundreds of thousands, or what if you quit, and that could affect millions of people? Because I think about it all the time because I said yes to something different because I said Yes, to keep on going when it got hard because I kept going, even when people left me or people stab me in the back, because I kept going. Now I'm able to be a blessing to so many other people. So if you can understand that it's about finding that purpose, and about your mission being larger than just the money, you know, you got to be able to enjoy the money because the more you take care of other people to help other people, the more you're going to be taken care of, I believe. That's how the universe works. I believe we're a blessing to be a blessing other people.


Daniel Rosen  27:59  

Absolutely. Now I say a similar thing. If you set out to make money, sure, you'll make money. But your business probably won't grow very far, and you won't have a very fulfilling life. But if you focus on really helping people and really changing lives, that's when you have the big success, and that's clearly what you're doing. But the cool part is you've broken this pattern in your family. I mean, the next generations and you've got kids.


Reco McCambry  28:27  

I do I do. I have a it's funny. I have an 18-year-old He'll be 19 April this year, I have a 10-year-old and I have a 16-month-old. Wow, you think about one teen and about to be 19 you know, we have a full spectrum. You know, but yeah man in their life and their perspectives on life are completely different. You know, then when I was there ages, you know, in fact, my daughter is 10 has been more places on an airplane and took more vacations than probably any adult in my family outside of myself and her mother, you know, my daughter is well-traveled, you know, only being 10 years old and she's super intelligent. And I just think about again, if, if I didn't keep going, what would it look like my son when he graduated from high school? He had a 785 credit score. Okay, well when he graduated, you know, because when he started even though we know we do pretty well financially, but the first car got my son I paid cash flow was like a 1996 Honda Civic, I think No, no, not like it was a 2000 For Honda Civic pay cash for when I told this is going to be your starter car because you just learned to drive. I'm not going to get you something incredible, you're going to record, right? So I got in a car but when it was time for me to graduate, he said dad while I want to get you know, a newer car and I said, Well cool well we set you up, you know as far as your credit is concerned. So just you know, do your research on what you want to get, you know, you're making some money, you got some money in the bank, so decide what you want to get. So we found, you know, he wanted to get a fully loaded Nissan Maxima, you know, and I said, well researched and Coby won't be interior. So he looks at all love and he finds it and we go to pick up the car and he walks in the dealership and he's sitting down with the salesman and the guys like so, you know, you're going to be doing the paperwork for him or his mom gonna be doing paperwork, we say no, he's gonna be doing his own paperwork. And the guy's like, well, he's only 18 like, we know. So he ran his credit, he came back at 785 you know, and I was like, Well, yeah, you know, he can do it got the best interest rate, you know, and I Signed all the papers himself. And just to do things like that, I think that, you know, is truly rewarding, you know, and knowing that everything pays off because now the next generation, his kids and their kids and their kids are gonna have different perspectives. And now what we're doing is we're leaving a financial legacy, you know, that there's only going to get better, you know, my life is great, but I want my son's, you know, my son's floor to be myself. Right? You know, he's gonna be able to take off from where I left off, because of all the work I put in, and hopefully, this message and other messages that people are hearing, gives them the same motivation, the inspiration to do that for their children as well.


Daniel Rosen  31:11  

All because you have the belief. I think the belief is everything. How did you build up enough belief to even start your own business? How do you get to that?


Reco McCambry  31:27  

Well, I was just sick and tired of having what I had. You know, I think it comes down to resolve. You know, I think you You know, you got to look yourself in the mirror, and you got to stop making excuses. You know, one of the things I learned early on was you know, that are legitimate excuses will keep us broke. Right? You know that? Oh, you know, I got a full-time job and I work too many hours. Oh, well, my spouse really is not into this entrepreneur thing. Oh, well, I don't have enough money. Oh, well, I have bad credit. Oh, and nobody in my family ever, ever been an entrepreneur before? Well, I'm not educated. Oh, all these reasons why, you know, these excuses why you can't do it any reasons why you should. You know, and just finding that resolve when you look yourself in the mirror and you say come hell or high water. I will make it happen. And early on, if you don't have that type of resolve commitment. That's why you need to have mentorship. That's why you need to get around people who are going to push you when you can't push yourself. That's why professional athletes have coaches. That's why you know, singers who make millions of dollars, they have coaches People look at them and say you can do it, and you will do it. And they push them. And I can say, I've been blessed to have some really great coaches and people around me that pushed me even when I felt like quitting. And that's the reason why I had that belief because I had to get around somebody who believed in me, before I believed in myself. So when that greatness appeared, now I can pay it forward and give it back to other people. No, and that's what we do with our company each and every day, providing people that inspiration, educating them on what's possible, and then providing that platform and an opportunity for them to be able to make that


Daniel Rosen  33:07  

So awesome. Yeah, I truly believe also, having mentors is really, really important. I have a mentor. We go to all kinds of events. And you just learn so much more that way by being immersed in that and learning from other people's experience. I think it's a shortcut to success. That's right. Yeah. And it's so cool that you're now being that for us. People and giving them that shortcut


Reco McCambry  33:34  

It's extremely humbling, you know, and I'm thankful for


Daniel Rosen  33:38  

Really, really cool. Let's get back to that business of yours. I'm curious, I know you've got these. So you're going and doing public speaking and seminars, and you've got no money and the whole nature of a business, and you've got the affiliates and you've got so much amazing positive energy. Do you even need to run ads?


Reco McCambry  33:58  

Yeah, well, you know, because our business comes from affiliates. No, we haven't really done it in the past. You know, what we're starting to do this year is one of our initiatives is starting to test some things like that so we can give our affiliates another platform to be able to market and scale their business. No. So so we're taking part of our budget and start pouring into that right you know, like you have companies like Herbalife, for example. Even around for decades, you know, they don't run commercials because they build their business, their network of representatives. You know, so the way Novi has always built our businesses through our network of affiliates. But what we plan to do is utilizing the technology, and the social media platforms to be able to figure out what's the best way to scale your business, prove the concept, and then be able to provide it to our affiliates, so they can live those crazy ridiculous lifestyles. No, like a lot of the people out here who know how to market online, are able to do so that's something that we are getting into for the sake of helping our affiliates grow their business. And also, you know, with our partners and our franchise programs that we offer because we also offer white label friends is where we teach people how to get customers and things of that nature even outside of billion.


Daniel Rosen  35:14  

That's super cool. I think this is really important for the people out there listening, who are struggling to get their credit repair business going is that you've done this all organically you don't you up until now you weren't running ads, and you're just starting to get into that but you've grown into millions Just from organically getting people involved and creating a movement without having to spend money on ads. So people out there often think you have to spend a lot of money on ads, you don't


Reco McCambry  35:44  

No, you don't. You know, you don't... I have people who, you know, earn six figures per year as affiliates in our company that don't run ads. You know, there is an affiliate organization, they meet people every day. Sure, yo with their credit, you know, who are building a business and they need one at one of your business credit to get funding, and people who want to make money. I mean, if you think about it, how many people in our society need help with their personal business credit, or want to make money? That's a large percentage. It's everyone, you know, so we have this model that we're able to leverage, you know, the efforts of others. It really puts people in a good position financially events going into work. Wow.


Daniel Rosen  36:21  

Now, are you doing organic posts on social media? And if so, how, where are you doing that? How are you doing that?


Reco McCambry  36:29  

We have a Facebook page, you know, Public Facebook page, nobody money is our official Facebook page, our Instagram pages at Novae Money, and that's... n o v a e money. So you'll be able to find that. And we offer a lot of value. You know, there's a lot of valuable content that we push out again, it's not just about selling, right. And most of the time, all of our content on social media is just strictly value. You know, we have webinars that we post or conference calls that we post, but everything that we post on social media is organic. And we drive traffic that way, you know, people on conference calls and webinars and obviously, want to enroll as a customer as an affiliate as a result of getting all those calls.


Daniel Rosen  37:10  

Wow, super, super cool. You're so busy. How do you make time for your family?


Reco McCambry  37:17  

Hey, man, that's a great question. You know, and something has really worked well. For me. I don't know about other people. But my wife and I, this year will be 13 years that we've been married and we've actually You know, we dated for a couple of years before that, right? You know, so we're talking about 15 years, and I've been in this industry as an entrepreneur, you know, for about 20. Okay? Not, you know, probably going on 19 now, so the reality is about 75% of the time, you know, of my adult career, we've been together. And when I met her, Daniel, I was already in the direct sales industry. And I told her, I say, Hey, this is my life, this is what I do. So if we're going to date, you know, you got to understand what's going on here. Right? You know, you got to be a part of this program, you know, if we're going to be together, and we've actually worked together, Daniel, you know, since we were dating, even up into this point, you know, and she's going to be getting recognized when we come down to the CRC event is going to be going on, you know, because she's on that Millionaire Club, but she's actually director of operations of my company. You know, my son, we know he's not at school. He's working in the office. You know, my daughter is 10 years old and you know, She's, you know, in and out with our processing department, and she's stuffing letters and putting stamps on letters. You know, my one-year-old daughter, she's in here and you know, she's trying to tap on the keyboard. So this is really a family affair. You know, my wife, the director of operations, she does conference calls, she does webinars, you know, she runs stuff with our social media. No, she mentors, people who are in the company, and she still also has her own brand she's building so it's definitely a family affair. You know, we work really hard, but we get time. We play equally as hard. You know, we like to travel the world and different things like that. So that's a great question. But you know, we try to keep everything in house with the fan.


Daniel Rosen  39:11  

Awesome. If you could go back in time. What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started?


Reco McCambry  39:21  

That there's got to be disappointments. You know, and what I mean by there's going to be disappointments because you already know there's going to be adversity right because you Even when you are younger, going through grade school or playing sports, you know, you get used to not winning all the time, right? You know, you get used to not getting an A all the time, you get used to people criticizing you, you know, all those things are gonna happen. But what I didn't expect to happen early on in my career was for people to turn their back on me. You know, people that you helped get to a certain place, maybe do things that you necessarily didn't think they would do, right? I would tell myself back mean that, Hey, get prepared, because they're going to be some things that are going to try to break you, you know, but you're going to be able to make it right. And looking back. That's what I would have told myself to be prepared for things like that, because it's important if you're looking at this, for you to understand, if you're just starting and you have a team, everybody who's starting with you is not going to finish with you. And it doesn't mean you're not doing anything wrong, but you got to hold true to who you are your vision and you got to make it happen. Right Regardless, and anybody that's great, anybody who's built something significant, they'll be able to tell you that they've had to go through that at a time or two, but it didn't break them. They kept going. And they're successful today, because that's what I would say. 


Daniel Rosen  40:45  

Absolutely. And anyone who's built something great, has made a lot of mistakes and getting there. This Right. Yeah. And have you made any big mistakes? 


Reco McCambry  40:56  

Oh, absolutely. You know, absolutely. You know, the whole goal as an entrepreneur is to be able to, you know, have more accomplishments than mistakes. Right? Because, you know, you're gonna have wins, you're gonna have gains, but you're also gonna have losses, you know, so no different than when you're looking back at your p&l, you know, the whole goal is just to have to make more money than you actually lose, then you actually spend.


Daniel Rosen  41:19  



Reco McCambry  41:20  

But over time, you're gonna have I mean, there's gonna be some years that you may not make, you know, any profit. You know, I mean, there's there're companies out there and I've even met people who multimillionaires from working with you. Daniels Credit Repair Cloud, you know, they have made millions of dollars but in profit, that's just the way businesses so that's why it's always great to have a mentor. or have somebody who's an expert in a certain area like you think about some of the greats like Derek Harper, you know, he's a beast when it comes to automation, awesome. He has that thing figured out, you know, Andre Coakley, um, when it comes to, you know, getting a consultant and processes down, you know, self mentioned, I mean, processes and systems, you know, they're experts at those things, you know, and I've been able to figure out ways to leverage platforms, you know, and systems to be able to grow my business, you know, and I feel like that since we focus so much on mindset and inspiration, that's also a benefit to our businesses. Well, you know, so you just really got to figure out what's your lane and attach yourself to individuals in some kind of way, whether it's directly or whether you're watching them from afar, whether you're getting on their conference calls, watching a YouTube video. Paying for their coaching programs, you know, whatever you got to do to figure out what's your angle, so you can win. No, that's totally necessary.


Daniel Rosen  42:40  

Yeah, absolutely. I think making mistakes is part of the process. But you will you'll make fewer mistakes if you start modeling other people, like you're saying, Yeah, I think that's so cool. What's the most important lesson you've learned as a business owner? 


Reco McCambry  42:55  

Oh, man, the most important lesson I learned as a business owner. No, I'll just say is mind over matter.


Daniel Rosen  43:02  



Reco McCambry  43:03  

Well, and understanding that, you know, tomorrow still gonna come, you know, whatever it happens. Like, if you're going through hail, it's important to just keep going, you know, eventually, you'll get out of there. You know if you just keep walking, you know, some people they go to hell, and they just kind of lay in it, right. They cry about it, they complain, and then eventually they quit. Yeah, it's just important that, you know, your mindset is going to be critical for you to succeed. You know, in fact, Daniel with, you know, you guys still extend this offer for me to speak at the event, I'm going to talk about something I've been working on called the 10 divine Laws of Success. Awesome, because I believe that everything in our world works based on laws, you know, and if you follow those laws, it's inevitable you're going to succeed. 


Daniel Rosen  43:52  

I love that. I love that 


Reco McCambry  43:54  

I know to share that when I get with you guys next time.


Daniel Rosen  43:57  

Awesome. What is your advice to anyone who's just starting with a credit repair business?


Reco McCambry  44:03  

Yeah, you know, have a plan. You know, some people they just get so hyped up on the videos and the stories of other people. You know, use that as inspiration, but it's important to figure out your game plan. Figure out your game plan. And the next thing is don't compare yourself to other people. Right? Only compare yourself to yourself. No, what's your plan? What does the phases of essential look like in terms of where you need to be. And if you need help get help, you have to invest in the people who are going to be able to give you help you win a game plan that gets you to where you need to be, you know, so that's what I would say right away. You know, don't just get excited about all the credit repair millionaire stories, obviously want you to be excited about that was you want to develop a game plan once you get started. So you can follow that thing like a road map. If you're not having success, right now, it's probably an indication that you don't have a road map. Just like if you're going to a destination and you don't know how to get there. If you don't have a map, you know, it's more than likely you're not going to get there. Same thing with success. If you don't have a game plan. If you don't have a roadmap, it's going to be very difficult for you to be able to arrive at that place of success that you're trying to reach. That's really good advice. Is there a book that really changed your life? Yeah. Thinking grow rich. Really changed my life in terms of again, you know when it comes down to your mind You know, understanding the power of the subconscious mind. The first book I read, it changed my perspective on money. Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know, like most Me too. Yeah, no Rich Dad, Poor Dad and after I read that one of the next books someone recommended was thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. And I try to read that book at least once every three years. And it's amazing when I go back and I read it, you know how its new information that maybe I didn't catch, or it really didn't stick out before and it really sticks with me, you know, so I definitely recommend that book for you all who don't really find yourself understanding that this model will matter because that'll put you in a place to dominate not always tell people Daniel that, you know, getting rich is easier than working for a living, you know, and it's hard for people to catch that because like, well, I can just go to work and I just get a check. You know, this, you know, being an entrepreneur and trying to achieve my dreams. That's hard. But the reason why getting rich is easier than working for a living is because nobody else is even trying. You have no competition. You know, nobody else is really given their all in everything that they're doing, you know, who said, well, there's competition out here like this person selling credit that person selling credit, no way you got to figure out your angle and you go hard in that direction. I can guarantee you the vast majority of people do not give it their all. When you go to our website, then you look at all the programs, we have the software, you know, the automation, the videos, the compensation plan, you know, the franchise, like all that stuff was built from scratch. We didn't bought it stuff. We built it, you know, but it took a lot of hard work. It took a lot of nights. I mean, there's a lot of times now we're asked you, you know, me at the office late, you know, I was telling my leadership team the other day about you know, going hard. I have the nicest car in my office complex. But typically, it's the first car in the parking lot and it's the last car to leave. Now, do I have times where I'll take a week off? Absolutely my wife Nah, last anniversary, we went to Bermuda. And it's not cheap the place we stayed, and we stay there for five days, it was like 20 $500 a month. It's not cheap right? But we decided this is where we wanted to go. And that's where we went. And we didn't have to worry about Oh my God, why are we spending too much money? Oh, you know what, what can we do? No, we enjoyed ourselves. Why? Because these are the fruits of our labor. So you want to get yourself in a situation where you can also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Why? Because you deserve it. You know, each and every one of us deserve to live the life that we want to live, but we got to put in the work to make it happen. You know, and I'm grateful for a system, you know, and platform like Credit Repair Cloud because it makes it so much simpler. The VA will to know do what you need to do on your end. They handle it areas and everybody wins. Everybody wins. 


Daniel Rosen  48:23  

Well, I'm really happy you're winning, and you're sharing your secrets to how to win. This is so cool. I hope this is inspiring you guys. is out there that are listening. How can people find out more about these programs of yours in the training? 


Reco McCambry  48:38  

So I'm gonna give everybody a hope you can see this because people still they still Reco r i c o, right? Yeah, but this is the real way you spell Reco, like redo recover, you know?


Daniel Rosen  48:50  

So it's R e c o. For people listening on the podcast platforms, because we're on YouTube, and we're on all the podcast platforms it's meetwithreco,  r e c o, meetwithreco.com. Awesome! 


Reco McCambry  49:08  

Yep. And you'll be able to go there and you know, read my bio that'll lead you to my company website. There's also a link there to schedule some time with me you know, if you're looking for some type of consulting, you know, situation. Then we also have a website to talk about our white label franchise program there. You know, several people get started with like Credit Repair Cloud or other credit software's they have no idea where to begin. Know what our white label franchise program, you know, we not only build out the program, set up your software, you know, also get you approved for a merchant account. And we're able to do everything on the backend for you. And the only thing you have to do is market and make money. You know, so a lot of people are excited about that they want to be able to brand when it comes to the credit repair industry, and we do not only the personal credit, business credit, and we also go funding as well. And there's also some other things you could do like ordering my book, Daniel, autobiography. Oh, awesome, awesome. The Fatherless Father


Daniel Rosen  50:04  

The Fatherless Father, that's so cool.


Reco McCambry  50:06  

So you know, they, they can actually order the book, they're on Amazon, you can download it on your iPad or your Kindle. But it's basically chronically, you know, my life story and, and how my mother really helped me become the man I am today. You know, there's a cliché that a woman can't raise a man. He nobody talks about how I became who I am by really watching a lot of the things that my mother did, that helped me become the person who I am, and we're just using a lot of that inspiration man to show people that you can make it happen. You know, you get your finances together, you know you put your credit in a situation where you can leverage it and go out here and get the money that you really want. You can live the life of your dreams. Don't let anybody else tell you wrong. People used to tell me all the time, it's not possible. You know, you didn't have a father, you don't have anybody that show you how to do business. No, let me be a testament that it can't happen. And, you know, we're here to help you, Dan, you're here to help you, Kenan, the other guys I was talking about earlier, everyone's here to help you succeed. Just don't quit on yourself. And eventually, one day with this guidance, this platform, and these opportunities, you will be able to get to the place of success that you're looking to get some


Daniel Rosen  51:14  

Amen. I love that. Thank you so much for your time today, Reco. You're amazing. And thank you again for being here today.


Reco McCambry  51:22 

Yeah, well, thank you for having me, Daniel, and thank you for creating this great community. Great platform, and the amazing team that you have over there. So kudos to you and Kenan. And I'll keep doing a great job, man. And I'm just happy to be along the ride with you.


Daniel Rosen  51:37  

And back at you and can't wait to see in just a few months. Awesome. Absolutely, man, we're going to have a great time.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this, and have a great day, and keep changing lives. Hey, everybody, it's Daniel again. And really quick, I'd like to invite you to join what I believe is the best thing we have ever created inside the Credit Repair Cloud community. And it is a challenge that we call The Credit Hero Challenge. If you're just planning out your business, or you're just getting it started, and you dream of having a successful business of your own, so you can quit your nine to five and fire your boss and have financial freedom or so you can add another revenue stream to your existing business. If that's your dream you need to get into this challenge! We created challenge to help you to create and launch your very own Credit Repair Business to build a proper foundation for a really successful business. This challenge is going to help you to understand the strategy, the tactics and all the things you need to be successful at credit repair. It really is the greatest thing we have ever built and it will change your life. So I recommend you do it right now. Stop everything, pause this audio, go online and go to creditherochallenge.com. That's creditherochallenge.com and join the next challenge. And there's a challenge that starting in just a few days. So go get started right now at creditherochallenge.com

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