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Can My Site Just Collect Money So I Don’t Have To Talk To My Customers?

By: Keenan Jones February 10, 2016


Q: Can I automate my signup process so it just collects money and I don’t need to talk to clients?

A: Yes, this is a question we receive often…

Yes, it would be awesome if your web site was a giant money machine that pulls in cash while you kick back on the beach, but unfortunately that isn’t reality. Get rich quick schemes are not real. Building a profitable business of any kind takes work.

So how do I get rich at credit repair?

By being awesome and remembering that you’re in a “people” business. Credit repair is highly profitable when done right. Our software powers most credit repair companies in America. Many of these ompanies have thousands of clients, and make millions of dollars in revenue. But none of them do this overnight. They start simple and grow from there.

Because of our unique perspective, we see exactly what works and what doesn’t. So if you’re not a people person and you want to avoid human contact, this is not the business for you. But if you are a people person who understand sales (or you’re willing to hire awesome sales people who understand how to nurture leads) you will be highly successful and profitable. Just don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Your site should do one thing really well: collect leads.

This is sales 101: The more leads you have, the more sales you can close, so you’ll want to speak with new leads as soon as possible to either close the deal or further nurture the relationship, so they see you as the expert to turn to once they are ready to spend money on credit repair.

You can further establish yourself as the expert by…

  • Having free ebooks on your site. They must be original.
  • Write a LOT of original great information about credit.
  • Create opt-in forms for newsletters or email drip campaigns.
  • Set up drip campaigns for leads who request more information.

Automatically sending great articles (and not ads) to folks who have requested information is an awesome way to nurture leads (in addition to setting reminders to reach out and follow up with them.

Be original

There are no tricks to SEO anymore (this means “Search Engine Optimization” i.e. the art of getting you higher up in a Google search. It’s not real so don’t pay anyone for it). The only trick that works these days is writing great content and having other sites (that have nice Google Page Rank) link to your site. For that to happen organically takes writing great content. This is an ongoing process and if you want to be successful online you will always be writing content (just like we do here). The text and images that you have on your site must be original or Google will penalize you— but if your content is original, Google will reward you with more traffic. So even if you use OUR web site templates, you’ll want to slowly start to rewrite everyone. The key word is “slowly.”

Building a business takes time and testing

Don’t get all caught up with building automations. Start building a simple business first that makes money.  Later, when you’re ready to grow and scale, you may want to consult with a marketing company, and you’ll probably want to hire a great content writer.

In sales, the communication never stops

You’ll continue communicating with leads even after they become a client, because there’s a lot of information to gather. If you remove human contact from the process it will not be a successful business. Sales is a numbers game. You’re not going to close them all, so set things up so you can talk to as many leads as you can

How do I get the most leads?

By having an extremely simple form on your site. If you have a more complex form, with more fields to fill out, you will have fewer signups and less revenue.

Can I set up the web form to only take credit cards?

Yes, if you only want the web form to accept credit card signups on your site and nothing else, you can set that option in MY COMPANY>WEB SITE TOOLS.  Choose “Signup only” and then save and re-paste the web form to your site again. But I do not recommend that because then you will have fewer leads. In a people business, more leads will equal more sales closed.

Can I make my own web forms?

Yes, but before you do that, look at the largest credit repair companies in America. You will see that the most successful companies that make millions of dollars all have 1 thing in common:  very simple forms to bring them the most leads. So, if you want to have some “other” kind of form, you’ll find instructions here: but it’s probably wasted energy.  Instead, keep your form simple and get the most leads.

Additional steps for converting a lead to a client:

When you convert a lead to a client in their client profile, that’s when you…

  • Complete their client profile
  • Turn portal access on
  • Set an agreement
  • And set a simple password (and tell the client to log in to change their own password themselves when they log in).

Continue to talk to the client as you onboard them

This is when you’ll guide the new client on ordering reports and how the process works.  Yes, you can send all this with written out instructions, but most clients wont read for follow the instructions. They are paying you to do the work for them, so help them and guide them and give awesome service.

After getting your client

Remember: It’s not just about getting paid.

Once you get a new client set up, the work is minimal. Your client is paying you to do a service for them.  They don’t have to know how easy it is. If you’re doing it right, each client takes less than 5 minutes per month, but human contact makes it work.

Folks don’t care what you know, until they know that you care

Your job is to provide documentation processing and credit education. So in return for your fee, always go the extra mile and spend time to educate your clients on what THEY can do to speed up the process and maintain their great credit long after your work is done. Show them the financial tools in the portal.  Put the educational videos on your site. Listen and help. That’s how you give great service and build referrals.

If you’re just starting out with your business

Along the way, If there’s we can assist with, just reach out. We understand that this is a people business and we are here for you every step of the way.

I wish you the best of success!

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