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The Reason Credit Repair Clients Need a Coach, Not an Expert

By: Daniel Rosen October 31, 2019

When Tracy Arnett, owner of the multi-million dollar credit repair company First Capital Inquiry, first heard of credit repair, it was as a victim of identity theft. Many, if not all, of the most successful credit repair business owners who use our business software have survived through very tough financial moments. Tracy was his own first client, back when he knew nothing about credit repair.

Since then, Tracy has always openly shared how he started his business after becoming a victim of identity theft. The fact that Tracy has experienced financial adversity, like his clients, instantly makes him feel more approachable and understanding to others. Tracy’s approach is not only a great way to help clients feel at ease with him, but it’s a smart business strategy.

credit repair leads

Tracy Arnett, excited to join the Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club in 2018.

Learn why standing alongside clients as a teacher and a coach, rather than standing apart as an expert, is how you can make millions in your credit repair business, too.

Experts Tell, Coaches Show (and Get Results!)

There is nothing wrong with being excellent in your credit repair business. Your business benefits from your knowledge about the ins and outs of the credit bureaus and your credit repair expertise. This advice is about how you approach clients, and how your sales team can close more credit repair leads.

When you approach your credit repair leads like an expert who hasn’t been in the same place, they can feel patronized or simply not connect with you or your sales team on a personal level. Learning how to tell your inspiring story and come alongside credit repair clients as a coach will produce amazing results for your credit repair business.

Here are three ways our most successful credit repair business owners work with credit repair client to get long-lasting, life-changing results.

1. Use your personal story

It can be hard, almost painful, for potential credit repair clients to take the first step towards financial empowerment. For many of your clients, they’ll be facing the financial demons which they’ve been avoiding for years, maybe decades. The people you help need to feel comfortable enough to share their histories with you: a perfect stranger. Their level of vulnerability takes courage, you can share your story –– whatever it is –– to let them know you understand.

As author and speaker Brené Brown says, “Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”

When you’re an established credit repair expert, people won’t necessarily know the trials and tribulations you overcame to get there. Make it easier for you and your client to establish a connection by being vulnerable and sharing your own credit repair story.

Listen to our Millionaires Club Members tell their stories if building a successful credit repair company after difficult financial moments.

2. Listen to understand

how to start a credit repair business

Credit hero Derrick Harper built a multimillion-dollar credit repair company because he paid attention to friends’ and colleagues’ credit score problems.

Successful credit repair business owners listen to understand, not to reply. When it comes to your clients, ask yourself:

  • Am I giving them opportunities to explain their situations?
  • Am I asking probing questions instead of making assumptions?
  • Am I asking them what is/isn’t working within my credit repair company’s process?
  • Am I keeping track of client interactions and details using CRM software?
  • Am I integrating their feedback into my credit repair company’s process?

We’ve probably all had conversations where we can’t remember much of what someone said. Many of your clients have experienced this and could be afraid that you’ll write them off as another financial failure. When it comes to clients – especially new ones – you will win them over if you actively listen and pay attention to their unique story. Use the questions above to guide you in listening to their whole story.

Listen to understand your clients’ unique financial stories so that they know you care, and they’ll start giving you referrals. Plus, clients are more likely to follow through with the hard work of changing old financial habits, like opening new credit accounts, if they know you understand how hard it is for them to change.

Part of being an expert is knowing that there is always more to learn. Credit repair millionaires like Derrick Harper build thriving businesses by continuously listening to their communities and then empowering them to own their goals and progress.

3. Build on collaboration

As Stephen Covey discusses in his worldwide bestseller, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we should strive for synergy. Synergy happens when you combine multiple people’s strengths to produce something greater than they each could have done alone.

Working together with clients in a collaborative way makes the credit repair process better for both you and your clients.

Collaboration with credit repair clients will also boost your profits. Clients who feel invested in their credit repair process will:

  • Respond faster to your communication
  • Send dispute letter correspondence from creditors and bureaus quickly and dependably
  • Heed your advice about their financial habits, like no new credit accounts and curbing spending habits in the short term
  • Turn into great referrals once you’ve boosted their credit scores

As a result of collaboration, you’ll have happy clients, strong relationships, and a growing credit repair company.

Find out how you can become a better credit repair coach and build a prosperous credit repair business by joining our live web training today.

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