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How One Man Changed Careers and Found He Could Change Lives

By: Daniel Rosen June 22, 2020

Prior to starting AMP Credit Repair, Abraham Matyas owned a marketing business called AMP Net Marketing. But after eight years of running his company, he knew he was ready to move on to a different venture. Abraham had yet to determine what his next career step would be when the opportunity to become a credit repair specialist suddenly fell into his lap. 

One of Abraham's friends was burdened by a poor credit score, and asked Abraham to help with his credit repair. Abraham accepted the request with caution. He had time to research, but no prior credit repair experience, which made Abraham unsure about the task.

That’s when Abraham first found Credit Repair Cloud’s credit repair software.

After discovering how user-friendly and comprehensive the software was, Abraham felt comfortable jumping into the credit repair space to help his friend. 

That one-off project became the seed that grew AMP Credit Repair into a business that now serves most of the Jewish community in Brooklyn, Orange County, and Spring Valley, New York. 

The Problem

When Abraham began his new business endeavor, he had little knowledge about credit repair. Though he was equipped with Credit Repair Cloud, he had barely scratched the surface of the software’s capabilities. Still, Abraham started running ads in his community to market his new service. 

Before he knew it, the phones were ringing off the hook. 

“I had 20-30 clients in the first month.” - Abraham Matyas

The sudden influx of clients resulted in a significant amount of work, however, the work required expertise from a skilled credit repair specialist, and Abraham was still a novice in his trade. 

In the first month, Abraham wrote between 40 and 50 dispute letters to creditors on behalf of his clients but found minimal success. 

“I didn't know exactly what I was doing in the beginning. So I sent letters and a lot of it didn't work,” says Abraham.

The problem was, Abraham’s business grew so quickly, he didn’t have time to learn the difference between dispute letters, what the best way to craft a dispute letter was, or how to properly address and track them. “It's not just about the letters, but you also have to have the reason why— the verification,” says Abraham.

On top of his learning curve, Abraham also found that when clients embark on the credit repair journey, they become anxious for results. Consequently, it was common for them to over-communicate and ask for constant updates on the progress of their account. 

“I was working on 100 cases, and each of them would call me once or twice a day. Some called me four times a day and sent eight emails a day. I couldn’t do my work.” - Abraham Matyas

Clearly, there was a significant market for credit repair, but in order for Abraham to be successful, he needed to fine-tune his practice. 

The Solution 

As Abraham continued to dig into Credit Repair Cloud’s software—and accompanying resources—Abraham was able to maximize his time. He started using his gains in time and energy to become an expert in the industry.

Abraham meticulously kept track of which letters the credit bureaus accepted, and which weren’t. By carefully analyzing what was working, and what wasn’t working something finally clicked, “And the rest is history,” said Abraham.

Throughout the process, Credit Repair Cloud assisted Abraham as he pressed forward and validated his new business endeavor.  

“Credit Repair Cloud made me confident. I could say, ‘Yeah I'm going to fix it, no problem’.” - Abraham Matyas

Credit Repair Cloud also provided Abraham with what he needed to scale his business and properly manage client communication, invoicing, bookkeeping, and tracking affiliates. 

Today, he still receives calls from clients who feel like daily phone conversations are necessary to fix their credit, but Abraham knows spending time on each of these calls is not truly effective. He could be taking credit-correcting actions on their behalf instead. 

For that reason, Abraham greatly values the scheduling features on Credit Repair Cloud. Not only does it keep him organized, but it also helps him streamline and coordinate communication with his clients. 

“Once you send out a dispute, the software automatically creates a reminder to follow up. You can schedule the reminder for 10 days, 15 days, 25 days — whatever works. And, if a client calls in advance, I tell him, ‘I have you on my schedule in three days from today. So, we'll talk in three days,” says Abraham.

The Results

Starting from zero, Abraham estimates that over the past three years he has served over 900 clients

According to Abraham, no matter how overwhelmed he feels, or how much stress he has endured during the process of building his business, being a credit hero recently inducted into the Millionaire’s Club has made it all worth it for him. 

“It's like pushing a boulder up a hill; it's really hard. But when you get up to the top, it's a nice view.” - Abraham Matyas

To date, AMP Credit Repair has made over $1 million with Credit Repair Cloud and is looking forward to growing even more. Congrats, Abraham, and we’re so happy to have you in the Millionaires Club!

Want to launch your own credit repair business? Check out our Credit Hero Challenge to see how you can get started. 


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