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How To Land Your First Credit Repair Client In 24 Hours Even If You Have Zero Experience

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: February 8, 2020

People who are looking to start their own credit repair business all share one single biggest fear. It’s so burdensome that it can hinder their approach, commitment, and in some cases, causes them to quit before even getting their foot in the door. They’re afraid that they’re not going to be able to find their first client. They think it’s too hard and complicated. I’m here to tell you - it isn’t!

Even though this fear is very common, it’s absolutely unnecessary. It’s perfectly natural to feel anxious about something you’ve never done before. But in this case, as soon as you go through it - you won’t believe how big of a fuss you made out of nothing. So today, I’m going to help you overcome that fear by sharing my simple, easy, and bulletproof method for getting your first client.


Common Misconceptions About Getting Started With Credit Repair

If you think credit repair is a niche market - hang on to your hats because it’s absolutely gigantic! Statistics released from the FDC show that 79% of all people have errors on their credit reports. If you do the math, that means that your potential target market includes over 250 million people. And every single one of them could really use your help.

People are also dreading the fact that they don’t have enough experience. But guess what - I didn’t have any experience at all when I got started! Neither did the rest of the people from the credit repair industry.

“You don’t need to show results to get your first client.” - Daniel Rosen

And you might have come across all of these different suggestions and processes for getting your first client. Things such as SEO, advertising, content marketing… Completely unnecessary! Those things shouldn’t be tossed aside, but don’t get ahead of yourself - you don’t need any of them to get your first client.


My Bulletproof Method That Will Get You Your First Client

I’ve pondered this question a lot because I really wanted to find something that’s practical and easy-to-use. An alternative to what was already out there, something everyone could do without spending a lot of time or money. 

So I came up with this amazing technique. It requires your Facebook page, under 5 minutes of your time and one simple, carefully devised message. You can do this right now and test it out. Just open your Facebook and post this message to your wall:

"I'm learning credit repair right now so I can help people raise their credit scores to help people save money on loans and qualify for their dream car or home. Before I start charging, I need to find a few people willing to let me experiment with what I have learned. I won't charge anything. Comment or message me if you'd be interested."

Too easy, right? Well, if you head on over to our Credit Repair Cloud Facebook Community, you’ll find tons of people who’ve had incredible success using this very technique to get their very first client. In a group of about 8000 credit repair heroes, so many of them started this way and got amazing responses. Cheryl got over 50 responses, Aisha got 11... and Steven got 5 people who agreed to become his client right away! It turns out, lots of people are struggling and you can help them change their life for the better.

“This shows you instantly that there’s a huge demand in the market and you can fill it.” - Daniel Rosen

You don’t need expensive ads no one is going to see. You don’t need networking at overpriced conferences. This method is all you need to get your first client and start working. By working with real clients, you will be able to practice, learn, and perfect your process. Becoming an expert at anything takes time so the sooner you get started the better.

Just promise me you will try it out and please, let me know your results in the comments. I’m excited to hear how it went.

Keep changing lives!


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