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Create Your Credit Repair Empire One Relationship at a Time - Jose Rodriguez (Part 1)

By: Daniel Rosen April 01, 2020

For most businesses out there, building a network of strong relationships is an invaluable component of your success. That is especially the case with the credit repair industry, and my guest for today is going to tell you all about it. 

So let’s hear it for this week’s Credit Hero - Jose Rodriguez!

After his not-so-graceful exit from the Marine Corps, Jose got into credit repair, trying to get his life back on track. And pretty soon, his friends and family came knocking, asking to help them do the same. 

Jose was on the fence about starting his own business and, for years, struggled intensely to get his company to the next level. The seemingly unending grind got him to the point where he was very close to quitting. But that all changed when Jose found a group of like-minded people that supported him on his journey while holding him accountable. He decided to invest in himself, joined a mastermind, and ever since, he’s been rising non-stop.

Today, Jose is running one of the largest credit repair operations in America, and helping thousands of people change their lives. Listen in to find out all about how Jose built his credit repair empire, one relationship at a time.


How Jose Rodriguez Started His Credit Repair Business


It’s been over 10 years since Jose Rodriguez was court-martialed for committing fraud during his time in the Marine Corps. He pleaded guilty, owned up to his mistakes, but life after the marines wasn’t easy on him. For a long time after, Jose battled depression, desperately trying to define himself as a civilian. 

He got into credit repair like the majority of our Credit Heroes - by trying to fix his credit score. And since many of his friends and family members were asking for help, Jose opened up his own business, a side-hustle at the time. That moment marked the beginning of a 10-year journey that would result in incredible success. Although, it was a pretty bumpy ride getting there.

His business was progressing very slowly, and becoming a full-time entrepreneur didn’t seem to make that great of an impact. In 2018, Jose was very close to quitting after what felt like years of walking in quicksand. 

Luckily, he didn’t. Instead, he decided to invest in his personal development and joined a mastermind. 

Being surrounded by a group of people who could offer guidance and advice while holding him accountable, Jose’s ascent sped up dramatically. He started building relationships, and that network of trusted contacts allowed him to skyrocket his business to heights he never thought were possible. And we’re so proud to have him as a member of our Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club.


Building Relationships and Becoming an Influencer on Instagram


In the beginning, because of his issues with anxiety and depression, Jose was reluctant to get out there. He found it extremely difficult to get out of his comfort zone. However, running his business on the phone and behind the computer didn’t do much for him. Jose’s tendency to caution was stifling his growth.

It wasn’t until he had discovered Instagram that Jose began to slowly get out of his shell. He was still operating from his living room, but with persistent posting and promoting other people’s content, he was able to build up a sizeable following. All of a sudden, people started reaching out to him as well, and his network grew larger each day. At the time of this episode, Jose or Credit Dude, as he is better known on Instagram, has a following of over 45,000 people. Incredible stuff!

“Nobody really cares about you on Instagram. They care about what you’re going to do on Instagram for them.” - Jose Rodriguez

Looking back on his social media success, Jose offers some quintessential advice on how to build a remarkable following on Instagram:

  • Building Relationships - focusing on what you can do for other people
  • Offer Educational Content - sharing tips, insights, and experiences that help people with their business
  • Use a Single Account - having a coherent brand voice increases your chances of being noticed and recognized

Why Jose Considers Masterminds a Crucial Ingredient of His Exceptional Success


It’s easy to buy into the myth of the self-made millionaire, but the fact is, having a support group you can always rely on is how you make your journey faster and easier. Jose’s story is the perfect example of what can be achieved if you surround yourself with people who are walking a similar path to your own and are willing to share the secrets they’ve picked up along the way.

“In the masterminds we’re in, it’s like, everyone accelerates together.” - Daniel Rosen

Masterminds can cost a pretty penny, and Jose was paying $30,000 a year for his membership. But only three months after joining, he was able to triple his monthly revenue. Now that seems like a pretty sweet deal, don’t you think?

Still, recurring masterminds fees can be pretty steep. They build up over time, and not everyone can afford them. In those cases, alternatives to masterminds such as building your own support group and getting a business coach might seem more affordable.

Coaching and mentorship is something people can benefit from at any level, but people who are just starting out don’t have a lot of money to spare. That is why we created a highly affordable 14-day Credit Hero Challenge that guides you step-by-step on how to launch your credit repair business.

Learn more about the Credit Hero Challenge here!

I was so glad to catch up with Jose, and there is a lot of good stuff still to come in the second part of our hour-long conversation!

Tune in next week for some more insights, tips, and secrets from the credit repair industry.

Until then - Keep changing lives!


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Daniel Rosen  0:00  

Jose Rodriguez battled depression and struggled for years, not getting anywhere with his business. But then he figured out a few simple things that he could do that suddenly turn that all around. And now he's got one of the biggest credit repair businesses in America with thousands of clients making millions of dollars, and he's going to tell us exactly what he did to turn around his business and his life. And I know you're gonna love this interview. So the big question is this. How can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing, so we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets. I am so excited. Our guest today is so awesome. He's one of our favorite Credit Repair Millionaires. He's currently on tour like a rock star with Cesar and DJ Envy with their massive real estate seminars. He's got one of the biggest credit repair operations in America. He's helping thousands of people. And he runs it all from his home. And he's created all of this just by building relationships. And he's going to tell us today the exact secrets on how he's built all of this. So please welcome to the podcast, Jose Rodriguez.


Jose Rodriguez  1:40  

Awesome. Thanks a lot, Daniel. appreciate you having me, man. I'm honored to be here and just so thankful for you guys to, you know, want to spend some of your busy day with me. I appreciate it.


Daniel Rosen  1:49  

Well, I'm excited that you're here. Everyone's gonna want to know your story. 


Jose Rodriguez  1:53  



Daniel Rosen  1:53  

So this is cool. This is really, really cool. So let's dive right in. Okay? 


Jose Rodriguez  1:58  



Daniel Rosen  1:58  

So okay, so first off, a lot of people listening probably don't know your story. And it's amazing. Can you tell us all about your life before credit repair?


Jose Rodriguez  2:09  

So pretty much before credit repair, it was really rocky. I didn't really know what I was gonna do in life. I had just left the Marine Corps in 2007. And what a lot of people might not realize is that I was actually court-martialed when I was in. So I actually, you know, I served my country proudly, I left the house when I was 17. I traveled went to Japan, Philippines, California, you know, I did my tours and stuff like that. I never went overseas as far as combat. You know, but I liked the Marines. I always loved everything that the Marine Corps stood for. But you know, in every anything you do, there's always a couple of bad apples. And when I was on recruiting duty, I kind of followed the crowd. Without going too deep into it. I followed the crowd and committed fraud. Okay, so pretty much if somebody wanted to enlist in the military, I frauded them in. I got caught, I got in trouble. I fessed up to it right away. I didn't try to hide it or anything like that. And I got court-martialed. No, I got out for court-martial, if you guys don't know what that is, that is the... I had to go to court had a jury, was found guilty... Actually I pleaded guilty before my court case. And you know, I had a serve time and what's crazy is I was originally facing, I had nine charges and I was originally facing five years for each charge. So that's the severity of it. I was facing, in a sense over 40 years in military prison, and it's up, you know, I'm not going to sit here and say it was you know, it was a horrible experience for me. I was with my girl she No, she was my girlfriend at the time. I was crazy as fellas, if you're out there, always listen to your spouse because my wife was telling me to stop doing what I was doing. I didn't listen. I'm pretty much what's crazy is that is kind of like what led me to the idea of fixing credit for a longevity wise I fixed my credit when I was younger, my dad meet we had the same name. So when I got out The military, my credit was shot. I mean, I had like, all these crazy things on my credit report, I had a repossession. I had collections. I had a lot of things on there. And I honestly didn't care. Because I was depressed from the military. I was working for the government. And there were still people hitting me up that trusted me that were like, Hey, can you fix my credit? And I'm like, Yeah, but why are you trusting me with your credit? Like, you know, I got court-martial Do you know, you know, so it was like one of those things like I was doubting myself, I felt like, if I wasn't a Marine, I wouldn't be able to provide any type of value to anybody in the world. So me being a marine was like, the best thing ever, you know, and I started getting contacted by the people. So this is the 2007 2010 timeframe. So within those three years, I was working for the government. I was still you know, I still got court-martial but I still was able to keep my benefits and things like that I got a good discharge. So I was working for the government and there were people in the government that will like Hey, I heard you fix credit. Can you fix mine and it military and everybody, just basket mean, everybody just kept asking me and then my stepdad, my mom and stepdad needed to close on their home or refinance. She had a bankruptcy from, you know, with my real dad, previous marriage. And I was able to do it in like 60 days or something like that, right, real crazy. I was able to do the bankruptcy and get some stuff off. And my stepfather, he's entrepreneur, he's kind of the one that put me into whole entrepreneurial mindset. He's like, Hey, man, you start a business. I'm like, this is 2010. I'm like, 2009 actually, like, isn't money and credit repair, like, crazy, like, I'm working for the government. I have a secure job. I have insurance. I have 401k. You know, I mean, like, I'll probably hit six figures. Within five years, six years. There's no way in hell, I'm leaving this secure government job. He said, Listen, just start the LLC. So I started it. And then that was February 2010. So what's crazy as Monday is actually the 10 year anniversary of that. So it's pretty crazy how everything comes into fruition because fast forward two years August 2010, I was due for a promotion at my job by then, you know, and this is where people need to really understand. Like, the progression of my company was really slow. Like, you see people like Erin Clark, two years, millionaire, you know, thousands of clients in two years. In those two years, February 2010 2012, I maybe had like 1520 clients. It wasn't a lot like, I didn't know what to do. I was going to events, seminars and stuff like that, but I was still like, lost as far as like, what I really wanted to do when I was due for a promotion at my job. They denied me. They said, No promotion, you don't really hold the values and the education needed to get promoted. And I'm like, what, like, it was like a, you know, it was gut-wrenching. It was horrible, because I'm hearing this. So I asked them if they could put it in writing. They put it in writing, and I quit. I quit my job. And I don't know if you know, Daniel, but quitting a government job isn't really easy, right? Like there's a lot of steps that it takes to leaving a job. government job. And the mindset I had already started my credit repair companies in the back of my mind is like, that's my, you know, my backup plan is to do that. And they said, Oh, well, you can't just leave and I said, Well, what are you gonna do court-martial me? Like, I've already been court-martialed, like if you're not going to court-martial me because this is not like the military. So I literally handed in my D card left the next day, I probably had like $5,000 in cash, and everything else was credit cards. We had like over $100,000 in credit cards. That's all that we did. You know, we had just credit cards, and August 2012 to 2015. It was just me. So listen to the progression guys have of this, like, I'm five years in, and I'm still operating my company as if I needed to operate it with just myself. I'm going to seminars, I'm learning how to do things, and it's still just me, like, I'm like, why am I having such a hard time with making money like people thought I was making all this money Money. I was broke. We own like our credit cards got maxed out because the revenue wasn't coming in. So we were using our credit cards for everything. So this is 2010 to 2015, five years of maybe signing up 100 clients a year, maybe making five $6,000 a month, maybe, if that, you know, and it was to the point where I was like, What am I doing this for? Like, why am I in this space? And around that time I joined that mastermind group that I told you guys about and you guys know how powerful masterminds are. Mm-hmm. If you are listening to this podcast, you need to join a mastermind you need to be a part of a group that is going to push you outside of your limits and help you understand. You're not here to fix somebody's credit. You're here to change someone's lives and that's why I love your guyses brand and your guys's mission is because that's what you guys are all about. And that's what Greg gravitated me towards Credit Repair Cloud and you guys because credit hero it says it all in itself, you know? So 2015 I hired my first employee and I was like, why didn't I do this five years ago, I was stuck. And then the next you know, 2345. And this year, we're at 13. I just hired my mother, my little sister, and my older brother, you know, so I'm trying to make it a family thing. And it's just crazy because I wish I would have had the knowledge that I know now, back in 2010. And that is what I'm hoping to share with you guys today. If I can save you guys. The five years of mistakes that I made, that will hopefully propel you to be able to leave your job sooner to be able to get you to the point to where, you know, we have right now I check Credit Repair Cloud today. I think we have almost 3400 active clients in the system.


Daniel Rosen  9:54  

Wow, that's awesome. 


Jose Rodriguez  9:56  

Yeah. So I mean, we're growing. I think when we first started with you guys, you know, we had like 1000 year, I mean, this was February of 2000. I think it was, what 2018 or something like that, or I can't remember the exact date. Yeah, to February 2018. So it's been almost two years with you guys. And we've added an additional 2500 clients in that timeframe. And it's all about systems. You know, my good buddy, Derek Harper put me on a lot of stuff. When it comes to that. You got to have a good software, you got to have a good team, you got to have a regimented schedule, and you got to be able to understand that it's not just about the money, it's about changing lives, because the money will come. And the money is just going to allow you to hire more people to give them the opportunity to do what you're doing. Like I said, like you said, we work from home. I don't want to be in an office to be honest with you. Like, I'd rather be home with my daughter, my wife, and now we're able to allow other people to do the same thing like their home with their spouses with their kids, and it's pretty awesome, you know, So in a nutshell, that's my story of just how I got into credit repair where I came From and if you're dealing with depression, it's okay. Like, I'm dealing with depression, not you, Daniel, but just people listening. You know, I mean, if people are dealing with depression and dealing with, you know, mental stuff, it's okay. As long as you get help, you'll be fine because that's what I dealt with for a long time. Like, I was in my basement, I was alone, I was afraid to go out I was. So it's like, you just have to get out there and realize that the purpose of you being in this credit repair space is far beyond what you ever imagined. Because there's somebody out there that needs you, that you don't realize how they need you, but they need you. And it's not to fix their credit, it's to help them become a homeowner, buy a house, you know, maybe get some investment property, save money on their car, get a business credit card, things like that. That's where you change people's lives. Credit Repair is just a vehicle to get there. But um, once I realized that, that the reason why I'm here on this earth is not for credit repair, it's for what comes after that.


Daniel Rosen  11:57  

Amen. Yeah. Okay, I resonate with your story because I deal with depression as well. 


Jose Rodriguez  12:05  

Yeah. And sorry to hear that. 


Daniel Rosen  12:07  

That's okay. I mean, when things were really, really rough for me, there were days I couldn't get out of bed all the years of building Credit Repair Cloud, but it's seeing how it changes people and affects people and lifts people where they are in their life. It's such a good feeling, and that lights the fire under me every day. And I can see that that does for you too, right?


Jose Rodriguez  12:30  

Yes, sir. Yep, absolutely.


Daniel Rosen  12:32  

So here's what I want to know. You build this business clients are coming in, like just a trickle and things are really, really rough. I mean, that’s not enough to live on with a family in those early days now. So what was that like?


Jose Rodriguez  12:48  

It was really sad and upsetting and I was really ashamed of myself because here I am, my wife Kelly, who put the trust in me in the faith. me to go out here and start my company. You know, she's like, Oh, we need, you know, we need to pay the electric bill, we need to pay this bill, we need to be able to pay this. And here's the thing with me, I've never let anyone know that we were struggling like that. Like, I've never The only time I've ever borrowed money from my mom was when I bought my house because I need to show a little bit of money in the bank, and I paid her back. That's it. And then the second time was when I got out the Marine Corps and my car got towed. Like couple of days before Christmas, she gave me $300. Other than that, I've never really borrowed money from anyone like I've never been the type of person that's like, Hey, man, let me borrow 10 grand, let me borrow $5,000 like, I started the company with $500 in my pocket, you know, I mean, so for me, it's like, my wife is trusting me. My daughter's 234 or five. She needs stuff. I gotta pay the bills. I got to service my clients and it was just it was upsetting because here I am thinking that I'm like, oh man, I'm just hot stuff. I'm going on, I got my own business, I didn't have a business, I had something that I thought was, was never gonna work. And I kept believing that, oh, there's no money in credit repair, there's no money in credit for whatever, I'm going to do seminars, I see people making all this money. And it just felt like to me that, like, I was letting my wife and my daughter down. And that's when the mastermind really opened my eyes into understanding that if you don't do what you need to do, your wife and daughter are not going to have anything because your wife left her job to take care of your daughter. She has no income in a sense. I'm the main provider, you know, so once I realized that, and I kind of woke up and I was able to battle through that. I mean, I was on tons of medication and alcoholic and all that stuff. And once I was able to overcome that, I mean, it was just 2016 to now last four years I've been an amazing journey in this credit repair space. 


Daniel Rosen  14:55  

I'll say... But tell me how did you go from having a trickle of clients to getting more and more clients, what were the things you've started to do that made this all change?


Jose Rodriguez  15:04  

So the first thing is kind of like, there was two things. So the first thing was, you know, you need to have affiliates. That's number one, like I honestly thought that you didn't. So during 2014 and 16, there were a lot of mortgage companies and realtors that were hitting me up. But because I was in my depressive state, I was in the basement, I didn't want to, you know, I want to do everything behind the computer, on the phone, I didn't want to meet in person that crippled my company, because I was too afraid to get over my fears of getting out there. So I lost a lot of referral partner business from mortgage companies and dealerships. So I said, Well, how can I build my company without meeting these realtors, because I had my own stuff to deal with. Right? But I still needed money to you know, to grow and still needed to make revenue. So that's when I discovered Instagram, I discovered In like 2000, like 1213, but really 2000 like 14 and 16 is really when I took off you guys all know our Nita or Nita Johnson. Sure. So she was the one that kind of put me on Instagram for credit repair because she was killing it back in like 2015. So I then what I started doing was, I started making sure that I was on Instagram all the time, providing value showing results going on there posting client testimonials, putting educational stuff, and that Believe it or not, is how a Caesar right from DJ envy and Caesar. Caesar’s brother Lucci is the one that discovered me back in like 2015 on Instagram. Wow. At that time, I was still relatively new, right in the credit repair space. I was speaking on stage and stuff, but it was still relatively new because I had just really got, you know, my head out my butt, you know, for lack of better words. So they saw that I was posting We connected and 2015 1617 1819 like, I'm posting all the time on Instagram, Facebook, for me, that was just a different monster because you're only limited to 5000 followers or friends. So I said, you know what I want to reach more than that. So I went on Instagram, I started connecting with realtors, with lenders with people in the community, I started just hitting people up dming them Instagramming me or sending them messages, email, phone calls, and this was all behind the scenes. This was still not me meeting anyone because remember, I had my fears of my depression state. So I was just doing all this like, in my own words, you know, don't mean just have my house, you know, behind and hiding behind. So you could really do this from anywhere. So, you know, for three years I really hit Instagram hard and it wasn't so much of what can I do? What can you do for me it was more like hey, how can I help you with your credit? You know, I built a lot of relationships. I would dm celebrities, I would you know, it's the messing them, I would fix a lot of people's credit for free. And that is how I got my name out there and Instagram and on Instagram, I'm the credit dude. And it just took off. And then Cesar October of 2018, and Daniel was crazy. I'll tell you a little funny story is October of 2018. I almost gave up in the credit repair industry. I never told you this. Yeah, I was getting ready to the point where, you know, I just thought because a lot of obstacles that I was facing, I thought maybe it was time for me to give up and just sell the company. I had a couple offers. And I was like, You know what, maybe I'm just gonna go ahead and just, you know, move on to the next part, and I was gonna become a mortgage broker, and do the credit repair for free. And then I get a text message from Cesar telling me that he wants to me to speak at his events. So it was another light bulb-like, Hey, man, you're not done yet. Like we still have plans for you. So you have to keep going. And Instagram is really where everything took off. So I say pick one platform, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, with the cases Just Excel it that if you try to do like five things, it's going to be too crazy.


Daniel Rosen  19:05  

Wow. Now I know how to use Facebook. I'm really challenged on all of this stuff. I don't even Kenan has to help me to log in at Instagram. I don't even know how to log in. I don't know what people do on there. I don't know how to follow somebody. What is it that you're doing on there? Besides the messaging people like you're talking about? What are you posting? And how often do you post it? Can you tell us about that?


Jose Rodriguez  19:28  

Yeah. So I usually I try to post at least three times a day. And I try to do at least five stories a day. So a post is something that stays on there forever, or story tends to go away after 24 hours. So what I try to do is I try to collaborate and partner up with other people where I tell them hey, listen, like I don't even really tell them. I just share their stuff. And I'm doing something for somebody else. So in turn, they are going to do something for me without me even asking. So what I do is if I see a realtor Or a lender that posts something on Instagram, I automatically share it. Right? And I tell people, hey, if you're in Central Florida, follow this realtor, hey, if you're in Miami, follow this realtor, if you're in Texas, you know, contact his lender. And then that's one that's building relationships. The second thing that I do is education. Instagram is a very fast-paced social media where if you cannot capture somebody's attention in 10 seconds, you might as well just, they're gonna keep scrolling the pictures, because it's all visual, it's all pictures. So what you have to do is you have to create engaging content, whether it's education on what a credit score is, what the new final 10 and 10 t scores are. You know how to get approved for a mortgage, you got to put funny means you got to put quotes you have to put, you know, pictures of your family. The one thing that really separated us is that we have one Instagram, the problem that people make, in credit repair, they have one for them. They have one for their spouse, they have one for Their business, they have one for their tax business. They have one for their dog, and you have like five Instagram accounts. And it's like, how do you expect people to understand who you are and what you're about? If you have all of these Instagram accounts and it gets too much, so you really have to brand yourself in a way that people will know who you are by looking at your Instagram. And that's why the credit, dude, it's cliche, because it's like, our I'm speaking about credit, but dude, makes no sense where it's not really that serious. And people aren't gonna come to you know, they're not gonna come to me and say, Oh, this guy's like, too serious. He's just like, no, like, dude, Hey, man, you know, it's like, let me tell you about your credit. And it's real, like, kinda like I'm trying to break the ice with the credit, stigma of scamming and like all that stuff that's out there. So you just have to post you have to educate, you have to go live. You have to share stories and share things on there because if all that you're doing is just posting Results from clients. That doesn't mean anything. Now, if all you're doing is posting selfies, that doesn't mean anything. So you have to educate post selfies, post results, post other people's things, share videos, and share stuff from other people because it's not like Instagram, believe it or not, Daniel is not about you. Like, nobody really cares about you on Instagram, they care about what you're going to do on Instagram for them. Like, what are you going to get on following your Instagram page? What are you going to do for me like, Alright, I'm watching you. What are you doing? You have to build your Instagram to the point where if you don't post like in three or four days, people are literally sending you messages. Hey, is everything okay? Like what's going on? I see you haven't posted in a few days. And it happens to me sometimes. Like I might not post in four days. And I get a text message or somebody messaged me say Hey, man, what's going on? I see I've been posting on Instagram and I just want to make sure and check up on you. You know, so you have to provide a lot, a lot of value. A lot, a lot of value on Instagram a lot.


Daniel Rosen  22:58  

Wow, that's really cool too. Advice. And by doing all of this, how big of a following have you built?


Jose Rodriguez  23:05  

So I'm hoping that today I hit 45,000.


Daniel Rosen  23:08  

Wow. Yeah. 45,000?


Jose Rodriguez  23:11  

Yeah. So I'm at 44.9 right now. So I've been posting a couple things here and there. And hopefully today I reach 45,000. I'm hoping to reach it by Monday, which is our 10 year anniversary. But that was my goal is to hit 45,000 for our 10 year anniversary. So...


Daniel Rosen  23:25  

Wow. That is really, really cool. And how long ago did you start doing this with the Instagram?


Jose Rodriguez  23:31  

Heavily, like 2016?


Daniel Rosen  23:34  

So this is in a relatively short amount of time?


Jose Rodriguez  23:37  

Yeah. So like, like, just to put in perspective last January, I think I was like, 22,000. So January of 2019. I was at like, 22,000 in 2018. I was at like, which is my first Expo? I think I was like, 15,000 a year. I mean, so it really blew up within the last like, year and a half. 


Daniel Rosen  23:58  

Wow. Yeah, that is so cool. I want to go back to your talking about the masterminds. And that's something I'm so fascinated about. Kenan and I both are in masterminds. We have mentors. I think all of that is such a shortcut to success. And worth every penny. What are some of the other things that you learned from that mastermind?


Jose Rodriguez  24:21  

So the mastermind, the reason why I like it, I'll tell you guys the name of it, if that's okay, sure, it was called GFCI, which is go effing get it. That means that you know, you have to get yet to go after what you want in life. And then the one that I'm currently in right now is break fear Academy, its apex entourage, or with Ryan streaming. And the reason why those masterminds are so powerful is because, you know, as business owners, we didn't get a blueprint. Nobody gave us a manual and said, Hey, here's your credit repair business. Here's how you make a $3 million a year. Here's how you do this. And you think that it's just business His business business business business business, and it's not. I've neglected my wife and my daughter so much that it hurts. You know, it really does hurt on how much I've neglected them because I'm over here thinking, Well, my wife works from home, she's you know, she's a stay at home mom. And she also worked for the company actually owns the company, by the way. So my wife, and then my daughter has her mother, and I'm giving my wife and daughter everything that I never had, which was to parents at home, a home-based business, everything that she could ask for trips or whatever the case is, but the one thing that they're not getting is my time. And it took a really long time to realize that and even now, I still have trouble with that. And it's, it's with mentors like Ryan Stillman. That tells me make sure you do a date night once a week with your wife. Make sure that you take your daughter out here, make sure you go on a vacation at least twice a year. Those are things that as a business owner, you're just like, well I'm giving them everything they have everything they want. And that was probably the biggest thing is, is that a mastermind that really is good is going to make sure that you're putting your family first and balancing it out. And that was the best thing that I got from the mastermind, because I'm over here thinking everything is just business business business. Whereas I grew up pretty much without my father, like my father was there but not really there. You know, he was on drugs my entire life. So like he was there, but not really there. So like, I didn't have that father to teach me. Hey, man, let's go play catch. Let's go do this. Let's you know, let me teach you how to do your homework. So I've never really had that intuition. Or I was never taught on how to play with my daughter, and it's kind of crazy as it sounds. Now, I have Ryan Stillman teaching me how to be a dad to my daughter 10 years later, you know what I mean? So it's like, as business owners, we tend to forget the ones that we're doing this for. And every day I have to remind myself that all right, you doing it for them. But take a break, go with them to the park, eat dinner with them eat breakfast, make sure you see daughter before she goes to school. And those are the things that mastermind brings. It's like, it takes all the business out of it. And make sure that who you're doing it for is that you're actually spending time with them and not ignoring them. The second thing was that a mastermind is gonna teach you how to scale your business the right way. And it's gonna help you with doing goals. So like, I know there's a boarder back there. I don't know if you can see it or not. But I have a goal where I do 200 push-ups a day, and 50 curls. So like I was telling my, you know, I have a hard time hitting it like, Well, are you writing it down? are you measuring it? Are you skit you know, what are you doing to achieve that goal? So it's like now, every week I had to check in with my mentor with my coach Ryan Suman, of how many leads did I get? How much revenue I bring in? How many calls that we have? How many scheduled calls that we have? How many people got up on the table? You know, what am I you know, so it's like, so the Alright, the family side is good, but now let's get the business and now they're gonna hold you accountable into a way where it's like, holy crap, like didn't give me the blueprint. But guess what a mastermind usually does, they have the blueprint. That's like our school that's our everyday school and learning and realizing that all right families good business health, let's make sure we work out. Let's make sure we have this with that stuff, map this out and it saves you time because they've already went through all of the mistakes and now they're just helping us reach that this success further. So those are the two biggest things Daniel was his family, and then how to measure and stick to your goals and objectives to help grow your company.


Daniel Rosen  28:36  

Wow. And for people out there who don't know what a mastermind is. Can you break down what that is? Are there meetings you go to? What other kinds? Are there other businesses in it?


Jose Rodriguez  28:45  

Yeah, so there's a lot it's a good mastermind is gonna have all types of business. A good mastermind is really gonna usually meet once a month. So my mastermind we meet once a month in person. I fly to Texas once a month. There's a Facebook group actually. Check in today, I have a call with my coach every two weeks, and I have them available every time. So it's more of like a check-in. So that way, they're the ones holding you accountable because as business owners, we're too busy. I don't have time for that whatever the case is, they're the ones that's like, Alright man, kind of like with credit repair. Imagine if we just told people to fix their credit, we'll fix your credit and never spoke to them again, or told them what to do, they wouldn't do it. So we have to actually hold our clients accountable. Hey, pay your bills on time. Don't max out your cards. It's the same thing with a mastermind. The mastermind is gonna tell you, make sure you're posting on Instagram every day Facebook, make sure you're sending out emails to your clients, make sure you're checking in with them, make sure you and it's kind of crazy. We forget to do that. And the mastermind is there to help you with meetings in person. And being that there's other businesses in there. You're not networking and getting ideas from other businesses. And okay, Oh, wow. So that business does this. How can I bring into credit repair? Oh, this business is that and then now you're getting referrals. You're getting leads. You're getting people out of other cities, and now you're getting, you're meeting celebrities and you're meeting this person and they're asking you to fly out to California to speak at their event. So a mastermind I feel if you're an entrepreneur, you need to be in a mastermind, you need to be in a mastermind, whether it's five people, 10 people, 100 people, men, women doesn't matter. You have to be in one to hold yourself accountable and to make sure that and that's what it is a mastermind, you're getting together a meeting of the minds, hey, let's make sure that we're doing everything for our family, our health and everything like that. And then go back to work and then meet again next month. And hey, let's scratch this. This didn't work. How can we get better? You know?


Daniel Rosen  30:37  

Really cool. Yeah, I know, in the masterminds we're in. It's like, everyone accelerates together. It's some amazing thing. Yeah, just feeding off of each other and learning from each other. It's so and those of you who aren't in a mastermind or maybe can't afford one yet, at least you need to be around other people who are doing things like You're doing and in the same kind of mindset. Right? I think that's so, so important. I love that you're doing that. And I had no idea we were going to talk about masterminds. This is so cool. Yeah, I really believe in this stuff. What are some of the other things business kinds of things you've learned from the mastermind,


Jose Rodriguez  31:18  

I would say is pretty much how to Well, number one is Don't make fun of me, Daniel, but it's how to read, not in the literal sense of like learning how to read the words, but in a sense of reading. I can tell you that in high school, I did not read one book, because it didn't fascinate me, teach us that I had a DD and I had all this other stuff. No, I just wasn't interested in what you were saying. So I have a shelf. You know, next to me to my left. There's probably like 60 books there. And a mastermind is holding me accountable to read one book a week. Oh, my mother yelled at me because she says, What are you doing? I've been trying to get you to read your entire life and you join This mastermind group will Ryan's streaming. And now all of a sudden you're reading one book a week, two books a week or one book every two weeks, you know, and I'm like, Mom, there's nothing against you. It's just that, you know that stuff never interested me all this business stuff. This interests me. So it teaches you how to really get out of your comfort zone and read a book. You could do audibles, you can read the book, I like to honestly read the books, a lot of people like audible. I like to read it because I get the right notes. And I get to do stuff with audible and sometimes it's good. So what I do is I read the book, and then I listen to the audiobook after so I kind of listen to it, I read it twice. And that was probably the biggest thing as business owners, we tend to forget to read things and forget to understand how much you can learn by reading my wife when I first met my wife, reading fanatic. I mean, this woman is crazy. I used to make fun of you while you're reading, reading stupid, blah, blah, blah. It because it didn't fascinate me. Now I just can't get enough of it. So it teaches you how to absorb the information how to grow, how to learn, then I'm able to take that information to my employees. To my clients, and I'm able to like we have meetings now is crazy. I've never had meetings. I've never had structure meetings. Like, I never had non disclosures. I never had sales scripts. I never had people sign anything. And reading and masterminds taught me all that of how to hold my team accountable, because guess what, everybody works from home. They think they could do whatever they want. And you have to set that boundary and, you know, so it's pretty cool. You know, every mastermind is usually different. But it's pretty much all the same in the mission as far as them helping you excel and level up to you know, masterminds aren't cheap, like my mastermind, is is five figures a year, you know, what is it no 665 digits a year, whatever. It's like $30,000 a year, I mean, so it's not cheap, either. I mean, and you should be spending that much money on a mastermind, whether it's dirt You know, when you can afford it. The good masterminds are the ones that are gonna be 40 5060 like the next one I'm trying to join is 100,000. Like, that's my goal for two years. It's $100,000 to get in,


Daniel Rosen  33:59  

But for the one that you're spending 30 grand a year, what kind of financial impact has that had on your business? Since you've been in there?


Jose Rodriguez  34:08  

It tripled my revenue in three months. 


Daniel Rosen  34:11  

There you go!  


Jose Rodriguez  34:12  

In three months. I mean, I pay monthly on it, so I don't pay in one shot. Yeah. But uh, I joined it in October. And January since October to now it pretty much almost tripled my revenue. January 2019. To this January quadruple like it was four times the amount monthly, not even annually yet. This is just a monthly so in three months, it almost tripled my revenue because I've been in Ryan's demons program since December 2016. But it's high level one was November I actually joined it on Halloween. So November 1 was my first day and in three months, almost tripled my monthly revenue,


Daniel Rosen  34:50  

Which covers more than the yearly cost.


Jose Rodriguez  34:53  

Yep, absolutely.


Daniel Rosen  34:54  

Very good spend of money there. Good return, amazing. Jose is I've an important question here. What about the people out there who are just getting started with their business and can't afford a $30,000? mastermind? Are there other alternatives? Before you get to that level? What can someone do?


Jose Rodriguez  35:14  

Absolutely. So I would say if somebody is looking for a mastermind to join, and let's just say you have zero, so I'm going to give you two options. There's zero money, you're not able to afford anything. What you can do is contact about five people that are in your industry that are you know, hopefully local, and then five people that aren't in your industry, right? So in a sense, you'll be a part of two groups. So if you can connect with five people that are in credit repair, whether they're in Texas and you're in Florida, whatever the case is, set up weekly calls with them, you know, and that's how, when I first did my mastermind back in the day with it was Keith Knapp, Jesse Rodriguez, Joseph Aria. I mean, we were on the getting on the call once a week and we were just going over stuff, but back then we didn't have any fancy equipment. It literally was just us doing like a three-way call, or just joining like a free conference call calm. And now you have Facebook, you have Google Hangout, you have Instagram. So there's ways that all of you guys can get on, you know, on the platform or whatever. But pretty much what you want to do is hold each other accountable. Hey, how many realtors that you speak with this week? How many lenders Did you speak? How many people's office? How many clients that you signed up this month? You know, what are you doing to grow? How many employees Did you so like, and this is free. So you guys could be able to network and be able to communicate and understand that as long as you guys are holding each other as a group, then you can grow and make money from there to be able to join a mastermind that you can afford. The second option is you can probably Google Life Coach, you could Google you know, business coaching area, and I'm sure that there's somebody that's probably having a seminar, there's somebody that's having some type of event that can maybe give you answers for a couple of hundred dollars, maybe their event is to 300 bucks and maybe they All you need for right now you just need to get going. So Google life coach, business coach, you know, I would, I wouldn't say do not join like BSI and LeTip, and Chamber of Commerce for like a mastermind type of field because that's the different crowd in case people are wondering. And then you could also hit up five people that are in the industry, you can hit up a plumber, a contractor, an accountant, a CPA, hey, listen, man, I'm starting a new group. You know, I'm trying to join a group of like-minded individuals, doesn't matter what industry you're in, and we're just gonna get together and hold each other accountable. Maybe you have a client that also owns a business or a family member. And you can start there. And then from there, you can grow and at least have some type of outlet that you could vent to, that you could be able to say, Hey, man, I messed up. What do I do here? I have a client that's mad at me, how can I fix that? And if you do that, you'll see the difference of where you could be able to interact with more people and grow. And then guess what? It took me 10 years to join this mastermind. You might be able to do it in three years, I mean, so...


Daniel Rosen  37:59  

That's awesome. 


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