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Everything You Need to Know to Become a Credit Hero

By: Keenan Jones Last updated: September 19, 2023


Daniel Rosen Credit repair businesses heroes

Running a credit repair business is one thing – but being a credit hero is quite different. The difference is you get to help people overcome hardships in their life, improve the economy of your community, and make a great living for yourself while doing it.

During the 2019 Credit Repair Expo 2019, Credit Repair Cloud founder Daniel Rosen shared his story of the business’ origins and building the software from the ground up. One thing he stressed was that you don’t need a six-figure bank account to start a credit repair business.

What you do need is passion. The best credit repair specialists, who become credit heroes, have the passion to help their community and take power back from the credit bureaus and break the cycle of debt. It was Daniel’s passion to help people that made Credit Repair Cloud what it is today.

Here are four ways to take your credit repair business to the next level become a true credit hero:

1. Go Above and Beyond

When Daniel started as an entrepreneur, he didn’t have a lot of money. What he did have was a dream and plenty of determination. Daniel says he “obsessed,” working night and day and living on ramen noodles until his initial credit repair software product was finished. And it’s that same kind of determination that will take you to the top as an entrepreneur starting out.

How to go above and beyond in your credit repair business plan:

  • Put yourself out there by making calls and personal introductions to potential clients or affiliates.
  • Set a goal to add one client per day, and within twelve months you could be making $35,000 per month.
  • Set a goal to get into the CRC Millionaires Club within one year. If you think it sounds impossible – don’t. Twenty-four people did it just last year!

2. Build Credit Knowledge

When a credit error ruined Daniel’s credit, he was devastated. He lost everything and had no money to invest in credit repair. Rather than conceding to a lifetime of debt, he bootstrapped, studying day and night until he learned how to repair his own credit.

Even as a beginner, you can quickly build the credit knowledge you need to help yourself and others and run a successful credit repair business.

Here’s how you can use existing free resources to build credit knowledge:

3. Serve Your Community

In his talk, Daniel shared how it was his passion and desire to help others that really allowed his business to flourish. The more Daniel focused on changing lives for the better, the more success he had. And that continues to be the primary mission of Credit Repair Cloud today.

Ways you can serve your community and establish yourself as a credit hero:

  • Give free credit education events at places like your local library or community centers
  • Use the automated process and proven workflow in our credit repair business software to quickly and easily process clients and help more people
  • Find the people who need your services the most by offering referral commissions to clients who you have already helped

4. Continue to Learn and Grow

Learning and education don't stop once you've started a credit repair business. As an aspiring credit hero, you can continue developing your professional knowledge with training and live events. At our annual Credit Repair Expo, you’ll have a chance to learn from some of the country’s most successful credit repair business owners and gain access to lots of useful information for growing your business.

To set yourself up for success, you can:

When you take the leap to become a credit repair business owner, you get to make your own schedule, live by your rules, be your own boss – and you get to help people!

You still have to work hard to be the best, but with the right attitude, tools, and support, there is nothing holding you back from a business that is both wildly successful and changes lives.

Are you ready to start spending your time on something more fulfilling, and making money in the process? Join our free online training to get started.

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