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Everything You Need to Become a Credit Repair Agent

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: May 13, 2020


how to become a credit repair specialist

A cardiologist has a long road to complete her specialization. She must first graduate with a bachelor’s degree, pass the MCAT, pass medical school and then take part in a three-year residency program and another three-year fellowship program in cardiology before taking her board certifications and officially starting her career as a cardiologist. It takes a lot of heart to get through all of that.

Fortunately for credit repair business owners, the road to being a credit repair agent is much shorter and less meandering.

Starting a successful credit repair business comes from understanding your market, managing your time and resources well, and implementing a consistent and powerful business plan. Remember, most credit repair clients have been burned by financial institutions along the way, so your first task is to build their trust in you.

Read on to learn how to become a credit repair specialist.

1. Become A Trained and Certified Credit Repair Agent

Just as we wouldn’t want our doctors to rely on decades-old medical training, continued success in a credit repair businesses comes through continuing education. Resources like the Credit Hero Challenge will give you actionable takeaways for clients and clear guidelines for your business from seasoned credit repair agents.

Training and certification are keys to success in any financial business, and credit repair is no different. Here’s why:

  • Money is personal: People will only trust you with their money if they believe you know what you are doing and a credit repair certification is one way to show this unequivocally
  • Credit Repair is simple, easy to learn: The ubiquity of credit repair services means that you need to set yourself a step above the rest by dedicating time to growing your knowledge as a credit repair specialist in order to grow your business
  • The fundamentals make you the best: NBA legend Michael Jordan famously said this commonsense quip about focusing well in life and business:

“The minute you get away from fundamentals--whether it’s proper technique, work ethic, or mental preparation--the bottom can fall out of your game, your schoolwork, your job, whatever you're doing.”

Once you are trained and certified as a credit repair specialist you will be able to give clients immediate actions to improve their credit (like paying credit cards below 25% usage) and important business know-how such as writing effective dispute letters to credit bureaus. This is an important step that cannot be skipped for a solid foundation in your credit repair business.

2. Bolster your Credibility

If people know about you, they are much more likely to refer you business. Aside from client referrals, here are three ways to be known as a credit repair specialist in your community:

  • Visibility: Be part of community events as a credit repair specialist to boost visibility and name recognition
  • Give away free advice (without giving away the farm): As a certified credit repair expert, you can show your community actionable tips without giving away the farm and gain their trust and respect in the process 
    • Host a Credit 101 Workshop at a local library or community center and focus on key principles of credit
    • Put together a panel discussion with mortgage brokers on Tips to First-Time Homebuyers
    • It never hurts to give people useful information that helps them to like you and trust you
  • Affiliate referrals: Working with local financial affiliates increases both of your businesses and gives you instant credibility with future clients
    • Track affiliate referrals and any referral rewards you choose to offer in your Credit Repair Cloud software

3. Join a Community of Fellow Credit Agents recently published an article on the 5 Benefits of Community for Entrepreneurs. Author Murray Newlands points out that having a community when you start your business allows you to:

  • Learn from each other’s mistakes
  • Gain business insights and knowledge
  • Make connections with fellow business owners

An encouraging community of fellow credit repair agents like Credit Repair Cloud’s private online community group makes it nearly impossible to fail and gives new credit repair business owners years of experience at their fingertips.

Prepare to Win

“Everybody has the will to win; few people have the will to prepare to win.” - Indiana Hoosiers’ former basketball coach, Bob Knight, as quoted in Time Magazine

Once you know how to become a credit repair agent, you have to set yourself apart by doing the necessary prep-work to build a successful business with longevity. You are the biggest factor in your success as a credit repair business owner. Get trained and certified, let the community know that you are a credit repair resource, and learn from the combined decades of experience in the Credit Repair Cloud online community.

When you put your heart into it, you will succeed!

Learn how to get your first clients and results without any experience whatsoever when you join our 14-day Credit Hero Challenge



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