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How to INSTANTLY Delete Negative Items on a Credit Report - WITHOUT Having to Dispute Any of Them

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: February 04, 2021

This month’s credit repair tip of the month is a super simple hack that most folks never do but could make a HUGE impact on their credit scores if they would! 

But before I jump into it, if you wanna know more about disputing techniques, and even get certified in disputing (all for less than it would cost to bring your family to McDonalds), head to to join our Credit Hero Challenge today!

Okay. Let’s dive in. 

Did you know that when you sit down at a bank, or a dealership or a credit union or anywhere for that matter and the loan officer or lender types in your personal information into the application - that information is placed directly on your credit report?

Yep, that’s where it comes from. 

Your name, address, social, date of birth and employment information is added to your report exactly how they typed it. 

This means that if the person typing it in spells your name wrong, or puts in the wrong date of birth or anything else it becomes part of your permanent credit file. 

Here’s why this is important. 

These errors can cause you to be denied the next time you apply for credit because if the information you give them doesn’t match what’s on file, it’s a red flag.

When you look at this from the lender’s perspective it’s easy to see if you were lending money to strangers and the information they provided doesn’t match their credit report - it’s a possible sign of deception. 

But that’s not all. 

Not only can it stop you from getting approved for credit, but there's a possibility that it can cost you a job you apply for. 

Employers regularly pull credit reports for security clearance or to fully vet their new hires. 

This makes it that much more important to ensure the personal information on your credit report is correct because if it doesn't match the employment application, some employers may take that as a red flag and go a different direction.  

In addition to making sure all the personal information is correct, there is a secret reason to remove everything except the exact and current information. 

Wanna know the secret? 

This could make a huge difference in the results you’re able to get. 

Here it is -

Negative accounts may be tied to specific pieces of personal information.

For example, you may have a collection account tied to a misspelled name. Or an old address or alias tied to a charge-off you want to get rid of.  

This means that by removing everything except ONE name, ONE current address, ONE correct date of birth, one accurate social, and up to date employers - you can get instant deletions and super easy results without ever having to dispute each one of those items. 

So here’s how you do it: 

When you send out your first cycle of letters, list all of the discrepancies on your round one letter and go after those first. It will make your job easier and you'll be more efficient because that personal information tied to the negative accounts will no longer exist.

Fast. Easy. Results!

Now, if you don’t know what letter to send and you want access to our massive letter library and letter finder feature, simply log into your Credit Repair Cloud account or sign up for a 30 day free trial at

And if you want to start your very own credit repair business, sign up for our Credit Hero Challenge where we’ll walk you by the hand, and in just a couple weeks, you’ll be the proud owner of your own credit repair business AND will have 3 shiny new certificates to show your new clients! We’re starting a new challenge soon, so join today at 



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