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Get Clear on Your Credit Repair Business Plan in 2020

By: Daniel Rosen January 30, 2020

[CRC-ONG] Blog 2020 is the Year of the Credit Repair Business Hero

From improving credit scores enough to finally purchase a home, getting approved for a loan to start a business, or eliminating debt once and for all, members of your community have aspirations for this decade that require your help to get them through.

Specifically, those who have been bogged down by the oppression of the financial system are ready to make a change, and finally, take power back from credit bureaus for once and all.

This surge of new goals and aspirations means, 2020 is ripe for credit heroes to shine. While there are countless ways for you to step up and change peoples’ lives for the better, you’ll need a credit repair business plan in place to make sure you get it all done.

Here’s how you can tailor your credit repair business plan to maximize your impact in 2020 and beyond.

1. Revisit the Importance of Credit Repair

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked in on your business’s mission, take a second to reflect on why you’re in the industry in the first place.

When suffering from poor credit, day-to-day living is challenging. Without a good credit score, your clients might:

  • Be denied employment
  • Pay more to set up their utilities
  • Be denied a cell phone contract
  • Pay more for insurance
  • Pay more in interest

Bad credit affects people all over America regardless of income, class, and race. By offering legal, legitimate, professional credit repair help, you’re giving your clients the opportunity to reach their goals and experience financial freedom. You’re changing your client’s lives forever.

Realign your vision and credit repair business plan with your passion to help people improve their scores and maximize your impact this year.

2. Reach Out to Your Community

Your community needs more financial education. Many who suffer from poor credit don’t know where to turn, don’t know how to pull themselves out of debt and don’t know the best practices for staying out of debt in the future.

As a credit hero, spreading your knowledge through education can go a long way for your community. Your generosity won’t go unnoticed - community outreach can also drive more people to your business.

Millionaire Club inductees Andre Coakley and Derrick Harper both prioritize giving back as part of their credit repair business model. They speak at prisons, libraries, churches, schools and community events to inspire and inform their community about proper financial habits. And, often, members of their community want to continue the conversation by seeing how these credit heroes can help them personally. Maximize your outreach to maximize your impact this year.

3. Focus on Small Business Growth

Consumer credit isn’t the only way you can help your community this year. Many of your clients are also looking for a knowledgable, supportive coach to help them kick start their entrepreneurial dreams.

At the 2019 Credit Repair Expo, business credit expert Ty Crandall said that offering business credit repair is an excellent way for credit heroes to innovate, differentiate their services, make additional revenue, and maximize their impact.

business credit repair

Business credit expert Ty Crandall, hanging out with Credit Repair Cloud's CEO, Daniel Rosen, before speaking at the Credit Expo! [Photo/Nichole Bensel]

Business credit is essential for anyone who wants to start a business or secure business financing. By offering business credit to your clients, you’re:

  • Helping them build a strong reputation with vendors and suppliers
  • Protecting your client’s personal credit should anything go wrong with their business
  • Establish a line of credit that is not connected to their personal credit.

As an expert in business credit, you can deepen relationships with your clients, and create new opportunities for revenue and credit repair assistance in 2020.

Organizing Your Business in 2020

Are you ready to update your credit repair business plan in 2020? Becoming an unstoppable force of nature in the credit repair business is easier with a bit of assistance. That’s why many credit heroes rely on Credit Repair Cloud’s credit software as a framework for their business.

Credit repair software helps credit repair business owners easily organize and automate client communication while delighting customers with attentive service.

Have you explored how credit repair software can help you? Take our free online training today, to learn more! Or, for a deepened knowledge of credit repair, take our free Credit Repair Cloud software certification course.

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