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How Credit Repair Millionaires Found the Courage to Start Their Businesses

By: Keenan Jones November 19, 2019


It takes courage to strike out on your own. Starting a credit repair business, working from home, and becoming your own boss comes with challenges. But the payoff can be huge.

Many credit repair business owners started out working in other industries, often for large corporations--and some have even worked for credit companies/bureaus in the past. How does a person decide to go from working for a credit repair giant to building a small but mighty credit repair company on their own?

Perhaps like you, they felt unfulfilled in their job or wanted to do more for their community. Others fell into credit repair by accident. What they all had in common was a dream, a plan, and the courage to go out and make that plan a reality.

Read on to find out what drives some of the credit repair industry’s most successful business owners.

A Desire to Be Better

Some credit repair companies don't care about clients. So, creating real relationships with your clients sets your business apart. Credit repair entrepreneur Jeff Rubens says caring about customers is what makes you a credit hero–and it’s what fuels the mission of his million-dollar credit repair company.

Before starting his own credit repair business, Jeff worked for a very large credit repair company. Based on his experiences in “big credit repair” he wanted to do things better. As a smaller company, you can provide a more personal touch, Jeff says. He credits his own credit repair company’s growth to his commitment to providing the best possible customer experience.

Some of the ways Jeff and his employees provide exceptional service include:

  • Caring about people’s dreams, aspirations, and goals by doing everything possible to help people achieve them
  • Making sure that when a customer calls, someone always answers the telephone
  • Using tools such as credit repair software to save time and give more attention to clients

When you recognize that people are trying to do something better for themselves and for their families, it makes you feel really fulfilled to help them.

Helping People through Your Credit Repair Business

Jeff and his credit repair team are not the only ones helping people get to a better place in life through the magic of credit repair.

Credit repair heroes running big and small companies are helping others raise their credit, establish new and better spending habits, and put their pasts behind them. Some of these credit repair heroes even become millionaires while doing so.

Ashley Massengill

Millionaire Club member Ashley Massengill worked at the post office before she started her own credit repair business. Her inbox was flooded with messages after she posted on Facebook to celebrate her own repaired credit score. After helping several people for free, Ashley decided to turn her credit repair knowledge into a business. She left her job at the post office and in less than 18 months, she had grown her credit repair business into a million-dollar company.

As a business owner, Ashley loves giving back by helping others:

  • Refinance homes
  • Buy new homes
  • Lease or buy new cars
  • Get fair interest rates

Abraham Matayas

Abraham Matayas is a successful credit repair business owner who works with people in his tight-knit Brooklyn, NY community. With a credit repair business plan and the help of Credit Repair Cloud software, Abraham built a thriving business with over 600 clients. Abraham says he knew his business and marketing skills would help him become the #1 credit repair company in his area.

Abraham admits he enjoys making a nice living, but more than that he is happy to assist others. He helped his friend’s father get his business get back on its feet while helping people get their cars back after a repossession or get approved for various types of loans.

Giving Back Feels Good

Remember the old adage “It is better to give than to receive”? Research supports what we’ve always suspected: helping others is good for you, both mentally and physically. Studies have shown that volunteering or helping others in need lowers stress and produces feelings of happiness. Others suggest it can even make your life healthier, wealthier, more meaningful, and productive overall.

Many successful credit repair entrepreneurs report the same results--their dedication to helping others in their business has had overwhelmingly positive effects, both on income and on personal well-being.

No matter what drives you to start your own credit repair business, don’t be afraid to dream big. There are educational resources to provide expert credit knowledge, and software to help you run the day to day aspects of your business. That means your mindset and your courage are the only things that determine what’s possible for you.

Get inspired by the success stories of experienced credit repair business owners. If they can do it, so can you! Learn how to start your own credit repair business in our webinar training:

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