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How You Run Your Credit Repair Company Is Not Nearly as Important as Why

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: September 8, 2023

Aaron Clarke Credit repair business ownerAfter Aaron Clarke returned from military service to his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, he hit a low point. He had a misdemeanor on his record as a result of a paperwork error, auto repossessions on his credit report, and was living in his car. He could have felt like hope was lost and given up on achieving the success that each of us dreams of experiencing.

Not Aaron.

Aaron had an inextinguishable hope and determination like no other. He decided to begin transforming his life by taking an important first step: fixing his credit. When he started to notice the positive impact having better credit made on his day-to-day life, he jumped headlong into credit repair for his community.

Aaron Helped His Community Members Repair Their Credit, One Person at a Time

While Aaron grew his credit repair knowledge and gained on-the-ground experience, he felt compelled to take a chance on his fledgling Philly Credit Mechanic credit repair company by using his credit card to attend a live training event.

Within a year, he went from sitting in his seat as a spectator at the Expo to speaking at the 2019 Credit Repair Expo as a Millionaire Club member.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Within three years, Aaron went from living out of his car to making a million dollars in revenue by running his own credit repair business. That took an incredible helping of passion, grit, and focus.

Behind it all was a purpose: making his dreams and his clients’ dreams a reality.

Create a Purpose-Driven Credit Repair Business

Credit repair business owner millionaire

A handful of the 25 Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club members holding their awards at this year's Credit Repair Expo.

Business media brand Fast Company differentiates mission and purpose like this: “A mission is the what you’re trying to accomplish, and a purpose is the why.”

Anyone who has attended live business training events has heard this phrase, or some version of it: know your why.

So, why is having a clear, defined purpose so key to business success? It motivates us to go beyond our comfort zones and take calculated risks that propel us to greater success than most of us think we can reach.

Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers aren’t focused on the tactics of getting your particular business to the next level. They spend hours honing speeches that connect with your heart. Motivational speakers want you to feel empowered and believe that you can take your business to the next level.

Business Leaders

Business leaders know that businesses are driven by profits, and people are motivated by a purpose. No level of business success will instill a purpose in you. You bring that purpose with you. Our credit repair business community clearly illustrates that most of you have a driving passion to help your community and yourselves to reach your dreams.

Aaron knew why he needed to create a company that would take over the credit repair industry in his region and truly help people change their lives. He had been in his clients’ shoes and had empathy for their situations. No one was going to go to bat for them with more enthusiasm and passion than him.

Aaron’s purpose: Guide more people over the bridge from poor credit into the land of great credit scores, aka the land of opportunity.

His purpose motivated him to stay up late at night, working with a laptop that only worked while plugged in. It compelled him to study credit laws and reach out to partner with credit attorneys. His desire to help others gave him the energy to go above and beyond for people who were stuck in the place of poor credit from which he escaped.

A purpose-driven business will beat out profit-driven businesses any day, and twice on Sunday. Just ask any of our 25+ Millionaires Club members!

Make It Personal

So, what is your why?

The secret to success in this industry is finding a purpose that will keep you fired up past midnight when you have 25 more dispute letters to get out the door. Aaron found his purpose in making sure that no one had to face what he did, at least for very long.

Most successful credit repair business owners find purpose from their personal pain. Be the hero that steps between your clients and the pain of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or auto repossession.

Some credit repair business owners are still working a 9-to-5 while making credit repair their side hustle. While we understand that no one is going to make a huge income doing credit repair part-time, we would never ask someone to quit their job and leap into an industry where they have no training or background. You have to go at your own pace, and you have to take some chances with calculated risks.

Whatever your purpose, let it be important. Let it be big, bigger than you think you are able to do on your own. The truth is, no credit hero ever accomplished his or her dream alone.

Learn what it takes to join a team of credit heroes who are changing lives, one credit score at a time through our live web training!

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