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How Credit Repair Software Can Increase Lifetime Value of Your Tax Preparation Clients

By: Daniel Rosen June 29, 2020

attendeesWith tax preparation businesses, what your clients want or need from you may change each season, depending on what the latest online tax software is offering, new tax codes, or what they heard a friend's tax preparer did to get them a bigger break. One way to survive the changing seasons of income is to provide a financial service that clients need all year.

By starting a credit repair business, or adding credit repair services to your tax preparer business, not only can you start to earn recurring revenue, but you can also add the ‘wow factor’ to your clients. Adding value to your clients also means protecting yourself from the competition that may take business away from you.

Are you ready to be the most valuable tax preparer in town? Here are 3 steps to get you there:

1. Become Even More Helpful to Clients

When you look at your client’s earnings for the year, do you ever wonder what more you can do to help them? 

There are simple things you can do for just about ANY of your clients. 

Did you know that 79% of all credit reports have errors on them? Errors can have a devastating impact on your client’s entire financial situation. Actually, a bank error on my credit report almost cost me my home. 

By adding credit repair to your mix of services, you can help your clients overcome obstacles that may otherwise affect their ability to work with you.

As a Credit Hero™, you have the power to: 

  • Pinpoint errors on their credit reports
  • Dispute items that damage their score
  • Help your clients build a solid financial situation rather than only providing an overview of their year

If your clients have shaky finances, they are likely unable to purchase tax services and unable to grow their financial portfolios, which often has a direct link to their need for tax advice. 

But, by offering additional support to your clients, you’re more than just their accountant! You’re their ally — and someone they will continue to work with year-over-year, month-over-month. 

2. Do the Research and Share What you Learn

One of our most successful Credit Heroes, Derrick Harper, specializes in creating dispute letters. To be the best in the industry when it comes to dispute tactics, he keeps a close eye on the changes to credit repair laws and regulations and shares his knowledge with each of his clients. 


Watch Derrick talk about his tactics with me before the Credit Repair Expo.

In your tax preparer business, you probably also keep a close eye on tax policy and regulations. 

Every policy change means money to someone whether it’s your client, you –– or the government. Are any of these areas you’ve noticed changing recently?

  • Changing legislation about write-offs
  • Discounts and savings for sole proprietors and small business owners
  • Tax credits for consumers

Policy changes and their impact on someone's taxes might not be known by your clients. 

That means, even with online tax preparation software, your clients might not know how to take advantage of the changes and can miss out on benefits to their bottom line. 

By doing your research, you have the opportunity to share your wisdom with your clients and personalize your help.

The more streams of knowledge you can add to your clients, including the option for credit repair assistance, the more powerful you are to your clients. Especially when they see the impact on their finances.

3. Create a Better Situation for Your Clients

Helping people was probably a part of why you decided to become a tax preparer.

It’s an incredible feeling when you can change someone’s life.  When you see your client’s eyes light up as they realize how much money you’re saving them or the tax refund they can expect, you get inspired to change even more lives!

And that’s exactly why it’s a perfect fit for you to also become a credit repair specialist. 

Plus, by looking at the whole picture of your clients' financial situation you’re able to help them more. With credit repair software you can help tax preparation clients:

  • Get better interest rates
  • Broaden their financial portfolio
  • Make financial decisions that help with tax gains

Extending your ability to help your clients opens the doors to even more financial solutions that help your clients to thrive. 

Recurring Revenue is Your Bread and Butter 

You already have clients who turn to you with their finances, which means you have a natural opportunity to discuss solutions to improve your client’s finances, too. 

Credit repair software makes it easy to become an expert in the credit repair industry and a more comprehensive ally to your clients.

The credit repair software and bonus resources from Credit Repair Cloud teach you the basics of credit repair tactics, like dispute letters. They also enable you to automate the credit repair process so you can tap into faster, stronger business growth, easily.

Plus, our awesome community of Credit Heroes helps you throughout the process as you’re making your way into a new industry. 

If you’re ready for us to take you by the hand as you add credit repair into your business, join the Credit Hero Challenge today!


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