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How to Build Credibility and Income in Your Credit Repair Business

By: Daniel Rosen December 05, 2019


Scott Schaaf didn’t always know what he wanted to be “when he grew up.” He tried college for a bit, but quickly realized it wasn't for him. 

After leaving school in his early 20s, Scott built an online pharmacy, that turned a healthy profit, but as Scott puts it, he spent his money as some boys in their early 20s do — hitting the night clubs in Vegas with his friends without thinking about the future.

When the government changed the regulations governing online pharmacies, Scott was in trouble. Unable to pivot per the law, Scott lost his business overnight. Without a nest egg to fall back on, Scott ended up broke. Scott was forced to move back in with his parents as he figured out his next steps.

Each day he was out of a job, his credit score took a hit. At one point, Scott says he had upwards of 150 collections accounts on his credit report. Through his own cycle of debt, Scott discovered credit repair services and knew he found his calling.

Fast forward to today and Scott is a master at teaching others how to build their credibility and income with a reliable credit repair business plan.

Scott stresses that his path to business success is something anyone can do. “Look at me. I didn’t have the qualifications before I started. I was broke, sitting in my parent’s house.”

At the Credit Repair Expo, Scott shared the following critical tips.

1. Improve Your Processes

When Scott first started his credit repair business, he had no way to handle his call volume or business hours. As a result, Scott wound up receiving inbound calls at all hours of the day — like 10 pm on the weekends.

The influx of new business was great, but Scott’s inability to perfect his customer service was hurting his credibility, and wearing him down.

Scott decided to implement Credit Repair Cloud as a way to tighten up his processes. Credit repair software allowed Scott to:

  • Earn more in less time by scaling his business more effectively
  • Automate his lead nurturing and affiliate referral management which reduced his after-hours workload
  • Cater to his customers more effectively
  • Organize and automate his dispute letter process for faster results

With the best credit repair software in the industry, Scott’s business could operate even while he was sleeping. And, by organizing his business processes he was able to provide better results for everyone.

2. Listen to the Market

The more Scott worked in the industry, the more he realized his consumer credit repair business was incomplete. Scott’s clients had other demands: They needed business credit, student loan debt help, and legal guidance.

Rather than only solving a portion of his client’s needs, Scott made moves to become a one-stop-shop. He decided to:

For each new service, Scott opened the door to a new lead pool and found new ways to collect commissions. In other words, Scott found ways that he was able to help his clients more comprehensively while collecting more income for himself as well.

3. Keep the Momentum Going

In Scott’s opinion, there is always room to continue to build credibility and professionalism. For his most recent endeavor, Scott published a book, “Your Credit is Your Life: How to improve your quality of life by understanding credit,” to continue to propel his brand.

At the Credit Repair Expo, Scott told the crown that it’s great when someone says, “My credit guy wrote a book on credit.” Not only does his book create a new stream of revenue, but the credibility his book brings also generates new business for his credit repair business.

Scott found an industry that he was passionate about and quickly discovered he could start his own credit repair business. To start off on the right foot, all Scott needed was a technology partner that could help him learn, build, and provide an incredible service to others. And to keep his business growing, he continues to pivot with the market, and find unique ways to grow his business.

His recipe is simple, and easily repeatable by other hungry entrepreneurs, like yourself. What are you waiting for? Watch this free online training to learn how to start your own credit repair business today.

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