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Top 5 Ways to give Awesome Customer Service!

By: Daniel Rosen Last updated: October 6, 2016

Customer Service

Great customer service is hard to come by!

If you’re starting a credit repair business, customer service is the one element that can make you or break you because you are in a people business. We have developed this list to help you provide your customers with phenomenal customer support! By providing your customers with excellent support, they will continue to pay your monthly fee—and will also tell everyone they know how great you are! We hope this helps you in building your business!


Tip 1 – Build a relationship
Sure, you’re doing business, but people love to interact with someone that is personal. Create a relationship with your client. A good tip that I have found, is when you are talking to a customer, and they mention their dog, kids or something important to them, you make a note of it. The Credit Repair Cloud has a great memo/note section that your staff can utilize. In a month or so, when you follow up with that client, mention their pet, their kids, wish them happy birthday. They will love that you remembered who they were and they weren’t just another customer!


Tip 2-Go the EXTRA mile
This is an easy one to provide great customer service!  Go above and beyond to make sure your clients know that you appreciate their business! Send them a handwritten birthday card, or a thank you. Its simple things like this that allow your customer to rave to everyone they know why your company is the best!

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Tip 3- Listen to them
When your client calls about something silly, give them your undivided attention. Although, the issue may seem tedious to you, it may have caused them great frustration. Hear their issues, relate to them. Simple enough. Also remember that the most important part of the job is to educate your clients on how to better manage their credit and their finances so they can maintain their awesome credit long after your work is done.


Tip 4- Positive attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way in customer service! They want to know you are excited to help them! Your tone and attitude will make or break how customers respond to you. After all, it’s difficult to be mean to someone who is nice and wanting to help you.

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Tip 5- Remember Why You’re in business
Let’s face it, if there were no customers, you wouldn’t have a job, it is as simple as that. Without them your business wouldn’t exist. Therefore, you have to keep them happy and be sure that you are providing them with good customer service at all costs. This means you need to answer their questions, help them in finding what they need, solve their problems, and meet their demands in a quick and professional fashion.

Written by Cris Sample
CRC Expert, Problem Solver
& Happiness Maker


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