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Create Your Credit Repair Empire One Relationship at a Time - Jose Rodriguez (Part 2)

By: Daniel Rosen April 07, 2020

For this episode of the Credit Repair Business Secrets, we’re tuning in to the second part of my conversation with Jose Rodriguez. Last week, we talked about just how valuable building relationships is for your business, and today, we’re going to share some more tips on how and where you can do it.

So please, once again, give it up for our Credit Hero - Jose Rodriguez!

If you listened to part one of our interview, you’ve heard a lot about masterminds and the incredible impact they’ve had on Jose’s entrepreneurial career. In part two, we’re going to talk a little more about the results of his relationship-building approach to business. We’re also going to go over how he learned to train and structure his team, what it means to “become the mayor of your town,” as well as some of Jose’s experiences with Credit Repair Cloud software and community. Stay tuned for more amazing credit repair industry insights!


Top Tips on How to Structure and Train Your Team


One of the biggest obstacles Jose faced in his career was figuring out how to transition from being a one-man-band to operating as a unit. He couldn’t imagine how he would train anyone to do something that took him five years to learn all by himself.

His new friends from the mastermind group helped him overcome this tricky challenge. Jose learned how to put in a reliable training system in place. Once again, years after leaving the Marine Corps, he found himself dealing with standard operating procedures.

Jose broke down his process into steps and created documents that help guide new employees on how to complete each of the tasks. These SOPs had all sorts of resources listed as well, from videos to eBooks to articles. For people who know nothing about credit repair, this can be a real gold mine.

Another critical factor of Jose’s training approach is creating a culture where it’s OK to fail. He understood early on that the best way for his employees to learn is by doing. In that kind of system, making mistakes is just part of the process.

“Once you teach them something - let them do it. Let them fail. Let them mess up.” - Jose Rodriguez


Why You Need to Work on Becoming the “Mayor” of Your Town


During his talk at our last year’s Credit Repair Expo, Jose talked about an interesting mental strategy he picked up during his time in the marines. He calls it “becoming the mayor of the town.”

The approach is based on trying to replicate the image a mayor would have in his town. It’s a principle that guides your marketing strategy. A mayor of a city is in contact with the people regularly, they listen to their stories and positions themselves as a person they can turn to for help. 

You should also work on getting people to see you. Let them know who you are and what you do every chance you get. You need to be active in your community, meet new people, and be someone they can count on if they need help.

“The mayor wants to make sure that he has the support of every single citizen in that city. That is what you have to do.” - Jose Rodriguez


Things You Should Know Before Starting a Credit Repair Business


I couldn’t let Jose leave without asking him to provide some tips for people who are on the fence about starting their own credit repair business. Over the years, he’s gathered an incredible amount of experience, and I’m so glad he is here to share it with all of you!

Here is a list of things Jose encourages you to do before starting a business and stepping into the credit repair industry.


- Ask yourself why you are doing it


To be able to make it in the credit repair industry, you have to be in it for the long haul. And if that’s the case, then you’re going to need a lot of motivation. If the reason why you’re doing it is to change lives and help people overcome adversity, then credit repair could be the place for you!


- Be prepared to go all-in


You don’t have to quit your day job to start a credit repair business. But if you want to rise to the very top, you have to be willing to go all-in. I’ve said it a couple of times on the show before, and I’ll say it again. You have to be a doer, not a dabbler!


- Educate yourself


You have to know the basics of credit repair and how it works before you can provide a service to your clients. And when you get those down - keep at it! Read books, take courses, get coaching, sign up for masterminds… Even today, Jose continues to go full throttle when it comes to education, which is yet another reason he was able to build his empire.


Network and build relationships in the credit repair industry


Attending credit repair conferences and seminars will open you up for a community of like-minded people who can support you on your entrepreneurial journey. The people you meet there are on the same path as you, and exchanging your experiences is an incredible way to speed up your progress. Start building those relationships as soon as you can.

“You have to open up, and you have to be able to give, give, give... Because you will get something in return.” - Jose Rodriguez

And that is everything for today’s episode! A huge thank you to Jose Rodriguez for taking the time, and I hope you were able to take something from our conversation.

Just before I go, I want to remind you that our Credit Hero Challenge is available for sign up! So if you’re looking for help with launching your own credit repair business, sign up for our 14-day Credit Hero Challenge. We’d be thrilled to guide you step-by-step and hold your hand through the entire process!

Learn more about the Credit Hero Challenge here!

Thank you all for tuning in!

Until next week - Keep changing lives!


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Daniel Rosen  0:00  

Hey, Credit Heroes. Welcome to part two of my interview with Jose Rodriguez. Now in the second half, Jose shares with us some amazing ways that he gets tons of clients all for free. And the things that he does are so simple and so easy, and I bet you've never thought about them. So stick around for part two of my interview with Jose Rodriguez. 


So the big question is this. How can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing? So we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets.


What's a book that's had a big impact on you?


Jose Rodriguez  0:58  

Well, your book, number one all right now, but the first book that I ever read was The E Myth. I forgot the author's name. 


Daniel Rosen  1:07  

Yeah, I know that book. 


Jose Rodriguez  1:08  

The E Myth was the first book that I read. That was 2015, that I read it, and I'm not sitting here lying to you guys. Like that was the first book that really, I read from cover to cover. I actually read it three times. The second one I would say, is called Traction by Jean Wickman or Gino Wickman. It's called traction. So what it does, that was the first book and that book was told to me by Damon DeCrescenzo with the Credit Pros. He told me that the book was good to read because it teaches you about like having systems, about having meetings and accountability, and all that stuff. And since then, it just opened me to a whole new world of reading. And, but those two books... So you guys - the E myth, and they actually have another one called The E Myth Revisited. But The E Myth and Traction two really good books.


Daniel Rosen  2:01  

Awesome. I'm gonna order traction right after this call. 


Jose Rodriguez  2:04  



Daniel Rosen  2:04  

Super cool. Okay, the other thing I want to ask, because I'm connecting your story about the mastermind, too. Is that how you learn how to structure your team and how to do the communication? And can you tell us about your process of how you started to build the team and your meetings? And how that all goes?


Jose Rodriguez  2:23  

Yep. So one of the things before as to why it was so hard for me to hire people was because I would always, number one, say I don't have time and the second thing was, I don't know how to train someone. Because remember, like, I learned all my stuff in like five years over time. So I was like, "How am I going to teach someone that doesn't have any credit repair experience how to do this?" And what the mastermind and what reading taught me was pretty much how to create a system and also Derrick Harper helped me out with this a lot too, was how to create a system where if you could document everything that you do, right? Because remember, nobody gives us a handbook or anything like that right we created one. We created an SOP. And we had one of those in the Marines. It's kind of crazy how it didn't click. In the Marine Corps, we have SOP, standard operating procedures. And what I ended up doing was creating something like that for my company. So now when somebody comes on board, I'm like, I read this ebook, read this book, watch these videos. And then once you read all that, then you'll come meet with me for four days, We'll train you. So like, I got it down now where I can like I literally trained my brother and my, my most recent sales rep, which is also Marine, my brother's a Marine, and so was the guy just hired David. I trained them for two days. David's already signing up 100 clients a month my brother signing up on and is my brother's first month, he signed up 120 people. So at that time, my system was so much better. When I've hired my first sales rep. A few years ago. I didn't do that. So I was like, man, let me have you come back in and reteach you because I felt like I did my other employees and injustice. So it's like Once you're able to document everything you do have a sales script, non disclosure, you know, have them read, right? Because if you learn through reading, but you're trying to expect your people to learn another way, they're not gonna learn it. So you have to have them read, have them read the books, have them watch the videos that you watched, I had them watch your YouTube channel, my mom came in, she watched all the videos will Credit Repair Cloud. Wow. I mean, so you have to be able to teach people in a way how you learn, document everything. And then what you got to do is once you teach them something, let them do it, let them fail, let them mess up. Let them accidentally call the wrong client, not credit card, you know, you obviously don't want to mess with this credit card, but let them maybe mess up an email, let them maybe you have to let them learn. The thing is with me so the biggest obstacle with me is obviously I don't see my employees every day. I work from home so does all my other dirty employees. So it's hard to be I can't just be get up and be like a you're messing this up. So it has to be like a process. So now Everybody checks in every single day through Google Google Hangout is like, amazing. That's how we do everything we do our meetings through there. You know, we have our notes, we have our Google Drive, we have Dropbox, we have everything there. So it's just really just holding your people accountable and training them, and making sure that if they mess up, that's fine. Tell them how they messed up, fix it, and move on. You don't know me, because remember, these are not people that had been doing credit repair like you. So you have to be patient, you have to be understanding, and you have to train them in a way that they'll understand. Every single person in my company, only one person has credit repair experience, one or the other. 12 people, zero credit repair experience zero. 


Daniel Rosen  5:43  

Wow. So many entrepreneurs, especially credit repair businesses. They're like a one man band and they're doing everything and they think no one could do what I'm doing. I'm a special unicorn, and I love that you actually created like a question. So you've created a course. Yep. And that's the greatest system of all. Now, anybody can pop into that course, and do what you do.


Jose Rodriguez  6:07  

Exactly. And better. Like if you think if you're listening to this and you're a one man show, stop, hire someone tomorrow, hire two people tomorrow, maybe a sales Ribbon Commission, somebody disputes so my answer your phone, you want to hire people to make them better than you.


Daniel Rosen  6:24  

Yeah. And by offloading everything on your team that's freed you up. And I mean, otherwise, if you'd gotten that call for Caesar and DJ envy, you wouldn't be able to do it. Exactly. You'd be shackled to that to the daily business. Yeah. So now you're free to do all these huge things that drive the business even further.


Jose Rodriguez  6:45  



Daniel Rosen  6:46  

So super cool. And now you're on tour like a rock star.


Jose Rodriguez  6:50  

Yeah, man. It's definitely a blessing man. I think God every day for Caesar and DJ envy for trusting me and having the faith for me to be able to educate people on credit.


Daniel Rosen  7:01  

I know a little bit about those seminars, it's real estate, but it's wealth building. There are huge events. I know that tell us what that looks like and what it is.


Jose Rodriguez  7:10  

So the last event we had Jacob Javits Center is about 45,000 people is amazing, huge game. It was crazy. I get scared every single event I get nervous speaking on stage, I guess nobody's at the Credit Repair Expo speaking on stage. So these events are designed to help people think outside the box, where normally somebody walks through life. They get a house, they get married, they get a car, and they think that's it. Right. I got my house. I got my nine to five job. I have my family. I'm good. But what we try to teach people is generational wealth, right? Instead of buying your first house, why not buy a multi family? Why not buy a four unit house, live in one, rent out the other three, and then in the year buy another one? Buy a three family now you live in one run out the other two Right then you buy a year later by a two family, you rent out the other side you live in one next thing you know a year from that you buy your dream house and all the other three or four properties are now paying for your dream home. You know a lot of people forget to realize that you don't just buy one house and this is kind of crazy of how it even worked for me is if I would have known what I know now with the season NBC I wouldn't have bought this house, I would have waited and bought three more other houses that were rental income to pay this house off in full. You know me with those checks, and that's what we teach. Like Cesar right now owns over 1000 units. Wow, DJ envy, I believe owns over like 100 120 units. There's another guy named Fernando, he owns over 200 units. So these are all units that they're getting rent from every single month that are paying their bills, their cars, you know, their their vacations, and now they're using credit and their wealth and their properties to be able to help them with Doing things for their kids generational wealth now they're able to buy homes for their kids. Now, they don't have to really, you know, usually where somebody who's like, Oh, I gotta work 265 they're helping people shorten the retirement age. Because imagine if you can for 10 years, 15 years, like Caesar right now is worth over $65 million in 12 years. Wow. All from real estate, you know. So it's like, what I try to tell people is and even other credit repair companies is now tell your clients the same thing. Instead of your client buying one house, teach them how to buy for, because now you're giving that real estate agent for new opportunities to earn a commission, you're giving a lender four opportunities to closing that mortgage. So now you're helping the lenders, you're helping the realtors, you're helping your clients build generational wealth and real estate. They're making money. And it's just like you're educating that way more than just buying the house because normally when I did credit repair, you know, two years ago, I was telling people, yep, just buy a house and you're good. Now it's like Ah, don't buy one house. Buy like three For over a year, maybe do a flip from that flip, get the money buy three rentals. And then that rental property. If you want to go get a car, your rental properties can pay for it. You know what I mean? So that's the difference of, you know, we teach all about construction, we teach about inspecting, we teach about the hard money. We teach about conventional, we teach the attorney process, we teach everything, so that way people can literally go there and lead the next day. There's no upsells there's nothing that we try to charge extra. You go there, you learn, and you implement everything. So it's pretty cool. 


Daniel Rosen  10:29  

Wow, that sounds like an amazing event. Yeah. And you're doing these all over the country?


Jose Rodriguez  10:34  

Yeah, we did. 20 I believe we did. 20 last year, and I believe were scheduled for about 30 this year.


Daniel Rosen  10:40  

So all the major cities. Yeah, it sounds like a perfect fit with you and the credit. And I can't imagine being in front of 45,000 people what an impact you're making.


Jose Rodriguez  10:52  

Yeah. 4,500 


Daniel Rosen  10:54  

Oh, sorry. 


Jose Rodriguez  10:55  

45,000 I'll pass out. Oh, no.


Daniel Rosen  10:57  

4500 is a lot. That's huge!


Jose Rodriguez  11:00  

Yeah, it's definitely a very shocking and very nervous experience


Daniel Rosen  11:05  

I'll bet but you're really great speaker. Thank you. Everyone loves you at Credit Repair Expo. Hey, but back to the Cesar and DJ envy tour, how can people find out about this coming to their city? Where can they go?


Jose Rodriguez  11:19  

Usually, the best thing is to go to follow DJ envy and Cesar on Instagram, so DJ envy is just add DJ envy, flipping and j is flipping and then underscore and J. Or they could follow me the Credit Dude, usually, we have in our bio, we have all the tour dates and every city that we're going to in the bio.


Daniel Rosen  11:36  

Wow, so these guys are building this all from Instagram too?


Jose Rodriguez  11:40  

Yeah, that's it. Instagram.


Daniel Rosen  11:42  

I gotta get on Instagram.


Jose Rodriguez  11:43  

Yeah, you know, DJ envy. You know, he's at The Breakfast Club. You know, so he that's syndicated I believe over like 90 radio stations. Well, he has a really big following and you know, to say the least, the thing that comprise a is very humbling that they have allowed and trusted me to be able to partake in their events because I'm not the only credit repair company out there. I'm not the only person that knows what I know. But it's allowed me to grow. It's allowed me to reach new people, celebrities and meet different people. And, you know, it's definitely a really good experience. And listen, if I wasn't on Instagram, they wouldn't know who I am.


Daniel Rosen  12:16  

That's amazing. Now, at last, Credit Repair Expo, you talked about something that was such a cool concept. I'd love if you could talk about it here. You talked about becoming the mayor of your town. Can you tell us about that? 


Jose Rodriguez  12:32  

Yes. So becoming the mayor of the town was something that my Sergeant Major taught me when I was in the Marine Corps when I was a recruiter. So pretty much the mayor of your town means that if you see the mayor, in your town of your actual town, you're going to be like, whether he's dressed in a suit, whether he's at the beach, whether he's wearing a shirt, you know, whether he's wearing you know, the Credit Hero shirt doesn't matter. If you see the mayor, you're gonna be like, holy crap, like that's the mayor. Like, you know what he does? You know exactly what he stands for. You've seen him either on TV. You've seen him on social media. You've seen, you know, you know who his family is. You usually know everything about the mayor, like, maybe not so much the Congressman, the senator, but your city mayor, you usually know a lot about him, right? I mean, you know what he does? So my Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps, so I've made Centeno said that is how you have to portray yourself when you're on recruiting duty, whether you're in your dress, blues, people need to know you're a Marine, and that your recruiter, and your main objective is to help people join the military. So I brought that concept into credit repair, I believe it was like I've been speaking about enough about two, three years. And when people in your town in your neighborhood, and your daughter's school plays and anything, they need to know that I'm the credit, dude, everybody knows it. You know, I mean, you have a lot of people that are worried about you know, if you live in New Jersey, you're worried about business in New York and you're worried about, you know, California and Florida and Texas. If you can't walk outside your door, you can't go to your grocery store. Like I go to Wawa and everybody knows that the credit repair law, your gas station, your daughter's school, the library the movie like if those people do not know that you do credit repair, you're not doing it right. If they don't look at you and know a lot of the credit dude, oh, wow, that's the credit girl. That's this person. You have to be able to convey that. So if it's your business, and you're proud of it, have some business cards with you. You go to the movies. Hey man, do you have any credit repair? Here's my card. Follow me on Instagram to credit Do you get gas at the gas pump? Give the guy a couple dollars. Hey man, thank you so much. Here's my business card. If you ever know anybody that needs credit repair, let me know. You go to the library. You get some books to library and Hey, thank you so much for these books. Here's my card. If you have any credit repair, you go to a mortgage company you go to this you go to that you sponsor every single event when it comes to literally, to peewee football to cheerleading booster clubs. You really have to embed yourself as if you're a mayor. What does the mayor do? The mayor wants to make sure that he has the support of every single citizen in that city. That is what you have to do. You have to make sure that everybody in your town I'm in Jackson, New Jersey, so I had Neptune in Long Branch, where I'm from pretty much on lock, like everybody knew who I was. So now I moved to Jackson and I had to kind of like start all over again because now I'm in a new city. Jackson is huge. So now I have to make sure that now I take that mentality and now do it here and because if not, you're missing an opportunity because you don't know if your neighbors a police officer, if your neighbors a mortgage lender if they're an affiliate if their own a car dealership, so just being here in this new town. At my daughter's school, I met a loan officer to realtors on finance manager for a car dealership. I met someone that has connections with like a local pizzeria. Right. And the pizzeria always does stuff like events or whatever the case is. So it's like, you never really know who you're going to meet. But if you're the shy person, just like sitting back and just waiting for the business to come to you, like I was when I first started, it's gonna take a long time. So get out there, meet people give everyone your business card, like was crazy Daniels, I have all these business cards that I still have to go through. It's probably like 300 business cards of people that I've met in the last like two months that I still have to follow up with and stuff like that. But every single person that you meet in your town, give them a card. If you have T shirts, like these t shirts, how you have the Credit Hero, if you have T shirts for your company, give them out. If you have hats, give them out. You want people wearing your brand, like every time I seen you, Daniel, you always have a Credit Hero shirt. You always have the credit pair cloud hat, you always worrying something with your company. So when people see you, oh, wow, that's Daniel Rosen. He owns Credit Repair Cloud. You don't mean and that's how You want people to look at you, is when they see you. And at the same time, don't just say hey, credit repair, credit repair, you also when you're sending them to your Instagram or your Facebook now was a time for you to educate because now you're giving them the card you're giving them information. Now when they follow you, and they see you, and then you go to why while you go to the pizzeria again. They're like, Hey, man, I saw your video on credit cards. You know, I had a question. And then now, that's when you know what you're doing is working because now when they see you, they're gonna ask you a question. Hey, man, I have a cousin who just went to college, he has some credit questions. Is it okay? If I give me a card? Absolutely. Here's four more just in case you need them for some more people. So if you're not to that level, you need to be at that level when it comes to credit repair because there's a lot of business in your hometown. And then once you once you're done with being the mayor and town, move to the next town, move to the next County, move to the other county and just keep you know, branching off, believe it or not. Now you have thousands of people That are rooting for your credit repair company, regardless of what they see elsewhere. You know, I hope that makes sense. 


Daniel Rosen  18:06  

That makes perfect sense. And what I love about it is, it's so low tech, people think you need to have ads and all this stuff. And what you're talking about really works we can see and it cost close to nothing. It costs peanuts.


Jose Rodriguez  18:22  

Peanuts. Yeah, cuz you're already going out there getting gas, you're doing stuff with other cases. And I'm not sure if you saw my last live video, and I'll reiterate it here is one of the things that I did before I even knew the whole mayor of my town. I went in my yearbook, and I literally went into yearbook, I looked up every single person that I graduated with, and I let them know that I was doing credit. So now every single facilitator every single teacher, Principal, and I got so many clients from my yearbook, and you'll be amazed at how many people will be pleased to know oh, my God, you do credit man. I didn't know where to go like I had all these credit issues. Bah, bah, blah. They don't have credit issues. But hey, you ever thinking about buying a house? You ever thinking about buying a car can refer you to someone now you're building relationships and sending leads to other lenders? You don't mean silly, definitely get a yearbook. Definitely, definitely get a yearbook if you don't have one yet.


Daniel Rosen  19:13  

And those other lenders, you're referring them to, they're going to send you more clients.


Jose Rodriguez  19:17  



Daniel Rosen  19:18  

And around and around. It goes. Super, super cool. I just... I love that so much. Now, I have a very important question. If you could go back in time. What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started?


Jose Rodriguez  19:34  

I would say was, that is a tough question. Okay. I would say delegate.


Daniel Rosen  19:40  

And the more team members you add, the bigger your business grows. Absolutely. Now, what about people out there who have not started their credit repair business? They're listening to this. They are interested, but they're afraid to start? What's your advice to them?


Jose Rodriguez  19:55  

So my first advice to them is number one, write down the While you're doing it, because I didn't do that, write down why you want to start a credit repair company. And if that y is greater than yourself and greater than your family, then I say go for it. The only thing is, is if you're going to do credit repair, you can't be half foot in and half it out. You know, you can't have your face behind the curtain and your body in front of the curtain. Like you have to be all in. If you're not all in, wait until you have a little bit of money reserved. Wait until you have some cash, set aside some credit or whatever the case is, and then go all in. The reason why I say this is because you're not going to give it your all you're not going to give it your full attention. You're going to work a nine to five job, you're going to come home, six to eight, six to nine burnt out and that might work for a few months. I did it for two years, and I should have quit my government job a year and a half earlier because I'm moving here thinking I'm getting this promotion, and I didn't get it. So I just quit. You don't mean you have to go all in. Make sure you educate yourself too. You can't start this business if you have no idea what the Fair Credit Reporting Act is, if you don't know what CRO is, credit organizations act, if you don't know what Ficker is the Fair Credit Reporting Act FDCPA, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If you don't know those things, don't start because what's gonna happen is, you're gonna start working on somebody's credit report. You don't know what you're doing. You don't know how to do a dispute letter. You don't know what something means a collection, how to read a credit report. So you really have to educate yourself and I think you guys do an amazing job with providing content with providing educational material, YouTube, you know, all the videos you have in the cloud, like, I'm telling you, my mom watched every single video and she started three weeks ago. She's freaking awesome. She's doing awesome. So that is it. You know you want to be able to find your why. You want to be able to go all-in and you want to educate Get yourself like was crazy. I was up until 330 in the morning last night, Daniel, reading the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Like I read that thing, like, I just love like, it's crazy. Like, I'm a nerd. Now when it comes to credit repair stuff, like, I was never a nerd in high school, like my two processes, Sophie and Chandra, they were laughing at me today because I discovered something new with the processing or the cases and just something that we're doing. And I was like, I'm a nerd, I love this stuff. And they just started cracking up it was because I'm very passionate about it, you know? So education with credit is non-negotiable. You cannot expect to enter this industry without reading the Fair Credit Reporting Act back to back four or 567 times, learning and reading like read they have to read your book. I've read your book, my cousin Tony's read your book, you know, I mean, so you have to read, educate and understand what this industry is because if you don't know what a charge off does, or what it is, or how to remove a collection, or how to settle a collection, or what a tenant in it, A cancellation of debt, or how long a bankruptcy is on for, like, you're not ready yet. So if you're not ready yet, take that time to read. And then once you educate yourself, then go all in, you know, then understand, but there's a lot of educational videos that you guys do where I'm sure people can read a book, understand it, read it, and then go in. But don't take a client if you've never seen a credit report, because I see that happen all the time. And if people were just like, how do you remove a collection? How do you get off an injury? How do you know, you should know that already. You should know that.


Daniel Rosen  23:34  

That's really good advice. Okay, important question - Credit Repair Expo. What's the experience been like the last two years that you've come?


Jose Rodriguez  23:42  

Oh, amazing. I mean, I've learned and met. I think my relationships with the credit repair industry and a whole has gotten a lot better. I've built a lot of friendships like Andre Coakley like I knew Andre, but I didn't know Andre. I remember I met Andre the first Credit Repair Expo, we sat down for like I want to have two hours just talking and, you know, I consider him a brother in the credit repair space and in like a personal life, you know, I mean, so the networking there is amazing. The amount of knowledge and information that you guys have with the speakers is kind of crazy because it's kind of like a lot. You know, I mean, like, you guys do so much and you over-deliver, where I've been to a lot of other seminars and it's like, dry. It's like, Man, you guys keep every speaker that has gone up and I actually met what's the guy from ready by what's his name?


Daniel Rosen  24:32  

Oh, Kevin Carroll. He just made it into the Millionaire's club.


Jose Rodriguez  24:36  

That guy is a firecracker. He's definitely destined for a very, very good place when it comes to the credit repair industry. You know, I met him at the Credit Repair Expo. And I didn't know who he was. But it's crazy how when you get to the Expo and you get to learn people's stories, you get to hear them. You get to see what they're all about. It opens your eyes because now you're not looking Someone behind the computer, you're meeting these credit repair and you're able to see okay, what is he doing that maybe I can do? Almost as good as him? What is that person doing? You know, you have people like Keith Neff speaking you have the attorney, you have people just ready to give the information where I used to go to like two-three events a year with credit repair. So like you have to learn you have to be able to always, and to be honest, I think the last like a year because I've been speaking at all these events. Yeah, I forgot what it was like to learn. And I have to make sure that I had to go back to reading I have to go back to watching videos, which is why I was reading the Fair Credit Reporting Act. And if at any point in time, people think they can be in this industry and not attend an event. They have it wrong, you're not going to last. If you think that you don't need to be certified in something. You don't have to attend an industry event. You're wrong. It's not competition. I considered Derek Harper one of like five like people in my life. Derek is one of them. Like there's five people That I go to when it comes to making a decision in my business. Derek Harper is one of them. He owns a credit repair company, I met him at a credit event. So you could be able to build relationships with people that are in the same industry as you and there is no competition. I mean, honestly, Lexington Law doesn't even cover I think it's like 5% of how many people have bad credit and they sign up a 180 thousand people a month. Like there's millions of people with bad credit, you know, mean? So people need to understand, going to the credit PR Expo. It's not a competition. It's not you have to open up and you have to be able to give give give, because you will get something in return and that's why I love your events. And that's why it was like the last two years I made it a family thing my family came to both events and that's what we did.


Daniel Rosen  26:48  

And I love that you and Kelly were on stage getting your Millionaire's club award It was so cool.


Jose Rodriguez  26:53  

I was right behind Kelly. Right right here you see it I don't know if you can see it. 


Daniel Rosen  26:58  

Yeah, yeah, there. 


Jose Rodriguez  26:59  

Yeah. I got a new home office I'm still hanging everything up.


Daniel Rosen  27:03  

Yeah, for people watching on YouTube can you tilt it a little bit so they can see your award? Oh, I was just gonna say your computer. There we go. There it is, the Millionaire's club award. I'm so happy for you guys. And I'm so happy for all of your success. Jose, you work your butt off. 


Jose Rodriguez  27:22  

I appreciate it. 


Daniel Rosen  27:23  

But you deserve all the success you're having. I'm just so happy for you. 


Jose Rodriguez  27:28  

Thank you. 


Daniel Rosen  27:29  

I really appreciate all of your time today. You're so awesome and inspiring. You guys out there. Was that inspiring. And just I want to thank you again for being here today.


Jose Rodriguez  27:40  

No problem. Daniel, thank you so much for having me. Your company has definitely been instrumental to our growth. If I were to sit here and say that it wasn't. It's not a coincidence that our company was able to handle triple the amount of clients with less employees at one point. That's not a coincidence. I think people need to understand that what you guys are doing for the industry is amazing. You guys absolutely have software that allows us to be able to do more, and provide that great customer experience, which is important as well. Customers need to be able to log into a software, that they understand that they know what's going on, they see it, and they know that what you're doing is there to help them. Like, can you run a credit repair company without software? Probably. Do you want to? Absolutely not. And I think if you're listening to this, and you're on the fence about joining, or signing up for Credit Repair Cloud, I mean, take myself for an example. I feel like I was limited. And I feel like I was stuck. My growth was stunted if that makes sense. With the other software I was using, because there was only so much you can do. Now, we're at the point where, you know, I never in my wildest dreams thought I had 3,400 active clients... Like, it's ridiculous and the way that you guys have the automation and you know, we can set everything up and plug them in and send the letters out and do everything. It's so easy. So I want to thank you, you know, because I appreciate you always giving everybody else, you know, thanking them and telling them how great of a job they're doing. But you know, you need to also understand that the great job you're doing to Daniel, thank you and Kenan are definitely setting the bar high. Your credit repair software is amazing. My wife loves it. I love it. My employees love it. Clients love it. So just keep doing what you're doing, we're Credit Repair Cloud users for life, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. And I'm sorry that we didn't make the change sooner.


Daniel Rosen  29:22  

It's all good. I'm just happy. Everything is working out. So well. 


Jose Rodriguez  29:26  



Daniel Rosen  29:27  

That makes me really happy. Well, thank you again, Jose. Have a great day, you guys. Thanks for tuning in and keep changing lives. 


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