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5 Online Mortgage Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

By: Keenan Jones January 17, 2019

mortgage marketing tools

No matter the age of your mortgage business, you are probably feeling the squeeze of looking for new clients and closing more deals this year. Every site on the web sings the praises of online marketing as the solution to the industry's troubles. Frankly, digital marketing is the key platform for a mortgage marketing system, but you’ll waste hours digging through the same advertisements for content marketing and left wondering where to begin.

With the right tools in hand, your mortgage business can have a more thorough marketing strategy that leads to a boost in revenue. Raise the bar by adopting new tech advancements and leads will start pouring in. We’ve done the research for you and found the top five tools to get your new marketing strategy off the ground and running toward success.


Qualia is designed to simplify the loan closing process. The program is a nationwide network for scheduling, notarizing, retrieving documents, and tracking payments available on a secure online platform.

Some of the major benefits include:

  • Provides secure record keeping for the entire closing process
  • Available to clients on a mobile app
  • Integrates with your current software
  • Receives and tracks quotes and closings
  • Focused on compliance to relieve you of worry
  • Notaries are integrated directly into the platform to speed up the process

Qualia is leading the industry with the recent development of the first electronic signing solution for the real estate market. It is compliant across the title, escrow, and closing platforms and its simplicity will increase efficiency and business development.


If you are looking to upgrade your mortgage marketing system by targeting new movers, new homeowners, or new borrowers, AccuData is a great solution. AccuData helps you create custom direct marketing lists using geotagging, demographics, property data, and mortgage attributes.

The AccData system is designed to create an ideal prospect list and much more including:

  • Analysis of marketing results
  • Management and adjustment of offers to maximize performance and returns
  • Mapping tools to customize your marketing footprint
  • AccuData’s signature real property data solutions are linked to a national compiler of real estate data for more than 60 million properties
  • Provides targeting for new borrowers who have refinanced or received a home equity line of credit (HELOC)
  • Target clients with good creditworthiness associated with a recent purchase

AccuData will help you find the perfect audience for your direct mortgage marketing campaigns and maximize your ROI with solutions based on real-time data collection.

Tavant Technology Velox

mortgage loan advertisements

Tavant Technology is powering Velox, the industry’s only AI-powered digital lending platform made to ease the loan funding and customer self-service.

  • Go live in as little as 45 days
  • 40% reduction in loan origination costs
  • Focused on helping mortgage businesses provide good customer service
  • Combines data and analytics to increase company efficiency
  • Streamlines and automates conditions management process

Velox is a real disruptor in the industry and with this platform in your business’ back pocket, you will capture new leads looking for a fast, paperless experience.


Roostify’s main objective is to take away the burden of shuffling paperwork. The no-nonsense approach of logging onto the system and easily navigating the mortgage application, submitting documents digitally, and the ability to see the loan’s progress at any time will help close innumerable loans.

Customers will be attracted to the Roostify platform that includes:

  • Digitization, automation, and collaboration for submitting documents
  • Fully actionable loan applications
  • Directions embedded within the application process
  • Automated notifications for completed tasks
  • Integration of 3rd parties like real estate agents

With the ease of pulling credit and generating automated underwriting findings, customers satisfaction is likely to soar if you adopt Roostify as your next mortgage marketing tool.

Credit Repair Cloud

A good credit score can make all the difference in a client's ability to qualify for a home loan and adopting Credit Repair Cloud for credit services will have major positive results on your mortgage business. This platform has the dual benefits of improving clients financial health and helping you close more loans.

Credit Repair Cloud will bring your mortgage marketing to the next level with:

  • Tools that help you highlight clients’ credit errors and fix them
  • Software optimized to import and analyze credit health in seconds
  • Additional services that can provide for clients all year
  • The ability to help clients problem solve and improve their loan applications
  • Increased family and friend referrals
  • Providing a service that makes your business stand out from competition

Did you know that 79% of credit reports contain fixable errors and as a mortgage business with the ability to identify and improve credit scores, you will see an increase in customer satisfaction and your business will grow exponentially.

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