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Mortgage Brokers: 7 Reasons to Get Credit Repair Training

By: Keenan Jones Last updated: April 24, 2024

step-by-step credit repair

Your business is moving like a methodical steam engine, remaining predictable and trustworthy—so why not jump onto the high speed rail? Now is the best time to leap into low-risk, step-by-step credit repair training so your loan clients can see credit score improvements in as few as 30 days, and you will have more happy clients with better rates.

Offering to help clients with their credit issues will make you a trusted expert in your field. Here are 7 reasons for mortgage brokers to become a credit repair expert this year.

1. Qualify Clients for Better Loans

A low credit score is a serious roadblock for families looking to buy a new home or refinance an existing mortgage. Help your current clients meet important financial goals like home ownership by:

  • Teaching clients good fiscal habits before they begin a mortgage application
  • Showing clients exactly which item on their credit report is hurting their score
  • Helping client understand what step by step credit repair is so they can re-apply with a better score

A number of mortgage loan clients feel stuck and frustrated by the extensive loan application process and are ready to give up. You can save the day by knowing how to help clients to improve their credit score, resulting in an easier — and happier — application process (not to mention a better rate!) for the client and a swift close for your business.

When you learn how to to help your clients with credit issues, you get the benefit of closing a loan, and by going the extra mile, you provide a valuable service to your client.

2. Beat Out Your Competition

Improving a client’s financial well-being will positively change their life, and they won’t forget that you were a helping hand. Your expertise in mortgages, housing, and the credit repair process makes you a standout for prospective homeowners. Who wouldn’t want to work with a jack-of-all-trades?

In fact, one of the best mortgage marketing tools you have, and a way to differentiate yourself from other lenders is diversification of services! Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes -- would you rather get a loan from someone who would take your credit score as a given limitation or someone who can help you get your credit score to where it needs to be to qualify for the best possible loan terms?

You will earn more clients than your competition if you offer a free benefit: helping them understand how to work toward a better credit score for a better loan (and life!).

3. Give Your Clients Something They Need

Many people don’t realize the value of good credit. Teach clients the benefits of a better credit score and build a trusted relationship. By getting step-by-step training in credit repair, you can share how a great credit score can help a client:

  • Qualify for the best mortgage interest rates
  • Receive the most affordable loan terms
  • Worry less!

Credit education is something your clients need, and when you’re the one to provide it, they will repay you with gratitude, and loyalty.

4. Retain Clients

Clients may walk away after they realize that their credit score isn’t what it has to be for the home loan they need. Keep clients from abandoning your home loan services by helping them repair their credit. This can segue into a smoother transition for you to negotiate for the best loan possible—leaving you with a happy client. A happy client who gives you referrals is one of the best mortgage marketing tools you have. Once a client’s credit score continuously improves over months or years, they will probably be back for a re-fi or at the very least happily give you referrals.

5. Attract New Customers

Mortgage brokers who get credit repair training are better able to help client from diverse financial backgrounds. As you work with clients who would have been turned away from other mortgage brokers, you will earn their referrals and help a hardworking family earn the home they deserve.

Once you understand how many people have errors on their credit report, you will want to help more clients qualify for a loan, and your enthusiasm to genuinely help people will bring you more clients than you could’ve imagined!

6. Add to Your Services with Skills You Already Have

You’re a seasoned veteran in the financial services industry, and your proven expertise has served a number of happy customers. Learning credit repair is a natural expansion of your diverse financial skill sets. You won’t struggle to learn new jargon to offer your clients credit repair services. It’s a logical addition that you can pick up quickly with the right education.

Since you’re already well-versed in personal finances and the loan process, learning credit repair techniques will only give you a more well-rounded financial perspective to offer clients.

7. Quick training with trackable outcomes

Credit repair training is fast, empowering, doesn’t take away time from your clients, and is profitable. You just need to get your foot in the door at the right time. That time is now!

Learn why Mortgage Brokers close more loans when they help clients with their credit.

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